Twelve Evergreen Ways to Increase Blog Traffic TODAY!

Of course you want to increase blog traffic: Website traffic is what holds the success of any business online. Take me to the Moon, I will still say this.

It’s easy to setup professional websites with present-day technology. Everything you need to create a full-blown eCommerce business is available clicks and a few dollars away. But success lies at being able to get the right visitors to your website.

If your blog isn’t for you and your family alone, one of the things you should be worried about everyday is how to get more readers.

There are many ways to increase blog traffic but let’s deal with something very important first:

You don’t really need everyone on your blog

When it comes to increasing traffic to your blog, you should pay attention to the type of readers you attract. Not everyone is relevant.

There are generally two types of readers:

  1. Targeted readers
  2. Untargeted readers.

Targeted readers are visitors who actually are looking for the information you share. They find value in your content and are ready to take action. More definitely, you should be focusing on this category of readers

Untargeted readers are everyone else who for some unfruitful reasons find themselves on your blog. For the most part, these are friends or followers who are around just to see what you are up to. In some other cases, if you use misleading titles, you drive irrelevant traffic to your blog.

When driving traffic to your blog, it’s important to focus on driving targeted traffic. Let’s now see two types of traffic you will always have to deal with.

Two types of traffic to your blog

1. Paid Traffic

Do you care about buying traffic to your blog. As a matter of fact, the most common ways are:

  • Search PPC (Pay Per Click), Google, Yahoo, etc
  • Social PPC (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Banner ads placements

There are other ways to buy traffic. While this method of driving traffic is super efficient (especially if done well), it fully depends on the availability of funds. As soon as your allocated funds run out, the traffic flow ceases instantly.

2. Free Traffic

This is traffic you drive to your blog without directly spending money. What it means is you don’t pay for each visitor you get.

It does not really mean you do not spend money completely. You may spend on campaign packages or hiring specialists do some sort of promotion. But you are not billed per reader you get from these campaigns.

Some examples are when you spend on SEO tools, Email Service providers, experts, etc. Though you are spending money on these tools and expertise, the traffic you get from them isn’t charged accordingly.

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12 ways to increase blog traffic in 2020 and beyond

Now, let’s examine some of the ways you can increase traffic to your blog for free.

1. Attract the traffic by creating shareable contents

The best way to drive free sustainable traffic to your blog is to create shareable content. This is the type of content that prompts the reader to click the social media buttons and tell their followers about it.

Avoid writing just to meetup with your schedule. Why it’s important to maintain a frequency, I’d recommend you focus on the value of what you publish.

If there is something that has overgrown in recent times, it is information. As a matter of fact, this is an information age. Readers are inundated. But you must stand out to provoke shares and tweets from your readers.

Vinay Koshy wrote a great post on this blog on how to create shareable content. I also recommend Qhubekani’s post on shareable content and I think it’s a great piece to mention here. In that post, he came up with 9 easy ways to write content that gets shared like crazy.

2. Create SEO friendly articles

Search engines are the best source of targeted free traffic today. But it’s also the toughest part of driving traffic without spending per visitor.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has grown so much that most of what we read today is outdated. Google and other search engines now focus on content quality based on user satisfaction.

The only search engine ranking factor is search intent. Everything else revolves around this. Content length, keywords, backlinks, mentions, etc are just parameters Google uses to measure the level of satisfaction your readers get.

Here are the two main things to focus on when it comes to SEO:

  1. Create in-depth content that has on-point value for your readers.
  2. Help Google discover that your readers are happy with the content.

If Google understands that your readers are happy with your blog posts, the search giant will send more of those readers your way.

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3. Guest post on relevant websites

Guest posting is an exciting blogging exercise and I love it. That’s why I’m here writing for Neal and bloggers guest-post for several reasons:

  • SEO backlinks
  • Indirect traffic
  • Branding
  • Networking

For me, the worst reason to guest-post is SEO backlinks. If you focus on this, your approach will be defined by it and many top marketers are able to fish you out and trash your pitches.

But if you want to increase traffic to your blog, focus on guest posting for indirect traffic. The point is simple; if you want to really drive traffic from your guest articles, you are going to focus on pouring out value. That way, readers of the guest posts will always want to click your links and connect with you.

Creating valuable guest content will always fetch those backlinks for you.Whether from the bio zone or content area, you will end up with dofollow and nofollow backs. Note that these all contribute to balance up your SEO link profile.

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4. Be active on Q&A platforms

Question and Answer sites have come up to be a powerful source of useful answers to many and one of the most popular of these platforms is Quora. All it takes you to do is provide helpful answers to questions on the platform with links to your blog.

But you have to also be careful to follow platform rules.

Beside providing answers and driving traffic to your blog, Quora will help you will post ideas. Pick some of those questions, create completely guide to answer them on your blog. This will help you drive more traffic from the platform and search engines.

One of my blogging friends, Anil Agarwal has created a detailed guide on how to increase traffic from Quora. I recommend that article to help increase your knowledge on using the platform.

5. Take part in roundup posts on other blogs

One of the ways I increase blog traffic is to submit my opinion to be published on other websites. These has always generated business and SEO backlinks for my benefit.

Make sure your contributions stand out. Link to relevant articles on your blog if allowed. Avoid copying and sharing other’s opinions. Where  needed, add statistics and graphs to your input. This will always hook the reader who is spinning through the long post.

6. Publish roundup posts on your own blog.

Expert roundup posts types have proven to have a viral power that drives insane traffic. If you are able to get influencers to submit their opinions on a topic to your blog, don’t hesitate to do it.

This roundup post I created on my blog triggered over 1000 social shares and hundreds of comments:

roundup blog post example

I was able to get top names in the industry to share their opinions on the topic. Once the article was published, these contributors shared, mentioned and some linked to the article. From the stats on this image, you need not be told how  popular this content has become.

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7. Get interviewed

When you take part in roundup posts, you are actually lined up with other contributors. But we also have opportunities where you are invited to answer a series of questions to  be published somewhere else.

This gives you more room to create an impression and drive more traffic to your blog. When you this opportunity, give out your best.

Getting interviewed or invited to take part in a post compilation requires you being invited by someone. What if you don’t get the invitations?

Ann Smarty has a platform called MyBlogU, which is one of the communities where you find interview and roundup post questions. You may want to check that out for details

8. Drop comments to network

Blog commenting has always been a good way to increase blog traffic from one blogging generation to another. However, in recent time, this activity has been abused by SEO backlink mongers.

But you can still do it to network with blog owners, stand out and attract clicks. Here are some tips to do it efficiently:

  • Read the article to be commented properly.
  • Drop a valuable comment
  • Format your comment in paragraphs
  • Ask relevant questions in comments to provoke discussions
  • Reply to replies on your comment
  • Avoid dropping links in your comments
  • Be personal and real

9. Syndicate your contents

There are many content sharing sites out there and many of this can add value to your blog. By sharing your blog post links and short descriptions on some of these sites, you stand another chance to increase your traffic.

Some of these platforms are:

  • Medium
  • Reddit
  • Etc

10. Build an email list

Not collecting your visitor’s emails and creating an email list is an error. Any reader who subscribes to your list gives you a chance to turn him into a repeat reader.

There are 3 simple steps to start building an email list for your blog:

  1. Decide what to offer your subscribers to encourage them to submit their contact addresses to your list. You may want to simply ask them to signup for your next blog post
  2. Chose a reliable email marketing service provider.
  3. Add signup elements to your blog

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11. Build a solid social media presence

When it comes to increasing traffic to your blog, Social Media can not be left behind. The reason is that it’s where connected people spend a huge portion of their times online.

Different social media platforms have different terms and facilities. Let me give you some tips to help you succeed on these platforms:

  1. Respect platform rules
  2. Build a targeted following.
  3. Be careful when using bots or scripts to run your social media accounts
  4. Engage with your followers
  5. Avoid posting irrelevant content
  6. Avoid posting more than required by your followers
  7. Be polite and respect others on these platforms

12. Attend offline blogging events

Offline blogging events give you the opportunity to connect with real people and bring more exposure to your blog. Almost everywhere, there are blogging conferences, seminars, training, meetups etc. I know blogging is purely an online business but these events give us the opportunity to interact in real world with fellow bloggers.

Whether you are attending as a speaker or participant, it is often an opportunity to get more eyeballs on your blog.

After speaking at a WordCamp event in my country in 2018, there was a remarkable spike in traffic and list signups.

During these events, bloggers connect with each other, exchange contacts, share experiences and business ideas, etc. If you don’t have an event in your area, go ahead and organize one.

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There are actually many ways to increase blog traffic and these are just some of them. I encourage you take action and implement these methods to see improvement in your exposure.

Do you want to increase blog traffic? Here's 12 evergreen ways to increase your website traffic and build your business. If you take action you WILL succeed
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  1. Hi Enstine, wow, nice to see you here at Neal’s site! I like all of your ideas but do have one question. What do you mean by the word snydication? Is it making the same article over again on Medium or writing about the ariticle on your blog post on Medium? And how would you syndicate on Reddit? I’d love to know more on that one. I do use Reddit but mostly to answer and ask quesitons.
    Most of these methods do take a lot of time but if you can spend a limited amount on each they will bring results in time.
    I hope you are well and have a nice weekend!

    • Hi Lisa,
      Good to see you hear and thanks for the comment. I apologies for replying this late ;)

      As a matter of fact, there are these platforms that allow to group content from different sites. It’s not about re-posting the articles like fresh content but sharing the url of the existing piece. Medium for instance will actually grab the full content from the source url automatically and re-post making some SEO additions to avoid duplicate.

      Reddit allows you to syndicate content as well but it’s not one of the platforms I’m active on.

      Yes it takes time to syndicate content but you have to choose a few of the popular platforms and be active on it.

      I hope you are having a wonderful week

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