How to Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

How to Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform

Today I was finally given access to the new LinkedIn publishing platform so that I start blogging with LinkedIn, and as a result, published my first post on the new platform on the same day entitled “How Will YOU Use the LinkedIn Publishing Platform?” To all those who have asked me how they can apply to be an Influencer on LinkedIn, the answer is now clear: Share your expertise and let the LinkedIn community decide. (Note: Every LinkedIn user will be able to access the platform soon, and when you can, LinkedIn will send you an email telling you as such and a pencil icon will appear in your status update box that you press to start publishing on LinkedIn.)

If you have never blogged before, the LinkedIn publishing platform gives you an extremely way to share your story with the world. You don’t have to worry about signing up on another website or dealing with complex issues like launching your own website. Furthermore, the process of publishing was extremely intuitive and easy to understand. In other words, there is no excuse NOT to use the LinkedIn publishing platform.

The challenge becomes the following:

  • If you have never blogged before but you want to improve your professional branding on LinkedIn, what should you blog about?
  • As a company, how can you leverage this new publishing platform for your social media marketing, social selling, or employee advocacy efforts?
  • If you are already a blogger or content creator, should you publish unique content on LinkedIn or … ?

The answers to all of these social media questions I have included in my first LinkedIn post. And, after you read this blog post, you will realize why I am not disclosing the answers in this blog post: I really want you to follow and engage with me both on my own website as well as within LinkedIn.

That should give you as good of a hint as any as to how to use the new platform!

Please read my LinkedIn post and then tell me: How will YOU use the new publishing platform?

And if you’re looking to get started blogging on LinkedIn, check out my video showing you how here:

Hero photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator on Unsplash

How To Publish On LinkedIn FAQs

How do you publish an article on LinkedIn?

Here are the steps on how to publish an article on LinkedIn:

1. On top of your homepage, you will see a field for Start a post and find the “Write article” option below.
2. You will be redirected to another page with fields where you can put your article.
3. Once you have placed your headline, body, and images of your article, click Publish.

Should you publish on LinkedIn?

Yes, you should. Publishing content on LinkedIn increases your credibility in your niche/industry. Posting quality content regularly is crucial because it creates trust with your network. And when your connections trust you, they will see you as an expert in your industry because you are giving value to them. Moreover, it increases the potential of reaching a larger audience every time your connections engage with them.

What is the difference between a post and an article on LinkedIn?

One of the key differences between a LinkedIn post and a LinkedIn article is its length. A LinkedIn article can be up to 40,000+ characters, hence, often referred to as a “long-form post”. It also has publishing tools you will need to make your article look great. Meanwhile, a LinkedIn post is only limited to 1,300 characters, therefore, it is called a “short-form post”. LinkedIn posts are more popular than articles because they are easy to create and get more views.

How do I post content on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps on how you can post content on LinkedIn:

1. Select the Write Article option located below the Start a post field on your homepage.
2. Add your header image first.
3. Then continue with putting the title on the headline field, and the article body.
4. Once everything looks good, hit Publish and Share.

What should I publish on LinkedIn?

Here are the best content types to publish on LinkedIn:

1. Blog posts
2. Detailed How-To and List style posts
3. Tips
4. Company Updates
5. New studies, reports, and research related to your industry

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  1. Hi Neal,
    Today is ” Autumn Equinox”. Equinox comes only twice in a year.
    Please, be in touch till next equinox.

  2. I have Linkedin platform in Spanish, so I know all the new features come late for me, but this new feature is still absent in my profile. I am eager to use this tool.

  3. Congrats Neal . looking forward to your postings there ..

    You say:
    If you have never blogged before but you want to improve your professional branding on LinkedIn, what should you blog about?

    That is for me hard to understand, that people get access to the publishing platform and have never posted or written any blog. Here I doubt LinkedIn to see their writings as helpful for others.
    People may have an expertise, but being able to write should be a prerequisite here.

    Best regards

    • Thanks Karin – and I agree 100%! It’s time for professionals to voice their experience and expertise to help others and improve their personal branding!

    • I know you Mr.Karin. My memory is so sharp that if i interact with some one and after a long time his recorded voice is broadcast ed i can immediately recollect the person. Have you read about Prithee RAJ cHAUHAN . he had a poet friend who had a gifted quality to locate the voice from a distance that is known as shabad bhedi ban on this concept drone missiles are fired.

  4. The best way to write a blog about your business is to be honest about the work your company does and describe it in your own words. Nothing customers like more than real things.

  5. Thanks Neal. I just got my approval today. As a blogger and speaker, I find this very exciting.

    Question, As someone who already does about three new blog posts per week, can I publish my blog post on the LinkedIn site, or should I only put exclusive content on this platform?

  6. I am thankful to my coach/peer by introducing me to your link. Since many days i was shooting arrows in dark to know more about LinkedIn. I enjoyed in formations given by you. I would like to be in touch with you to learn more from you.I’ll be heartily grateful to you if you help me to keep abreast regarding various innovative developments.

  7. Thanks Neal, I am very intrigued by this Linkedin tool, and looking forward to using it.

    • Thanks Michael. I’ll continue to update my experience with the tool as we move forward!

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