19 Engaging Real Estate Blog Ideas to Grow Your Realtor Business

19 Engaging Real Estate Blog Ideas to Boost Your Realtor Business

Real estate blog ideas can begin to feel stale extremely quickly. Far too many realtors recycle old ideas, or offer the same stripped-down market analyses that leave very little to compel readers to carry on reading. How, exactly, can real estate agents develop blog ideas to boost their business and keep their audience coming back?

First, let me tell you why you should make a blog your priority, and how you can create a series of posts to drive more traffic to your site. 

What are the benefits of having a real estate blog?

Real estate blogs are a valuable source of drawing in potential clients, because they can help set you apart from the countless other realtors in your area, and can help the difficult concept of real estate seem far more accessible and comfortable. Real estate professionals are familiar with the complicated ins and outs of the real estate industry, but even those who spend some time in the industry may not always feel comfortable with the topic.

Real estate blog topics can help dissect some of the more complicated or challenging aspects of the real estate industry, identify hotspots in a given area, and even highlight local businesses to help home sellers and buyers feel more confident in their decisions.

How can real estate agents attract more clients through blogging?

Real estate agents can draw in potential clients through blog posts by offering hot-button topics found in their area. Searches like “real estate professionals near me” are obvious tags to include in blog posts, but potential clients can also arrive at your site by searching about the local area, and trying to determine whether they’d like to live in that area.

The real estate business is a booming one, and some agents find it difficult to set themselves apart from their peers and stand out to potential buyers and sellers. Blog posts on real estate topics, housing trends, and even real estate terms can help bridge that gap and set agents apart from their competition.

19 Real Estate Blog Ideas

Now that you know the “why” of real estate blogging, let’s get to the “what” and “how”. Potential buyers and sellers are typically looking for an agent to work with, and for some indicator that the agent in question is trustworthy and reliable. I have put together some blog ideas below to help you stand out as a trustworthy source of information and searching for any potential clients looking for real estate services.

Market Trends and Updates

Market trends and updates are often a mystery for potential buyers and sellers, so creating a post demystifying them and detailing what buyers and sellers can expect from their local market can help your audience immensely. A national real estate market overview can help identify real estate trends on a large scale, while local updates help people looking to buy or sell locally.

In these posts, you can also include predictions for future market trends, to help your audience or clients make informed decisions and determine the best time to buy or sell. The impact of economic factors on real estate can be immense, so by providing this type of information, you can effectively share tips with potential clients to help increase their odds of jumping into real estate successfully.

2. Home Buying Tips

Home Buying Tips

From a luxury property, to a small starter home or townhouse, navigating buying a home and making informed decisions can be difficult. Going over a step-by-step guide to buying a home can help your target audience feel more confident in their choices and your expertise.

You can also share tips for home buying, whether that is helping first-time homebuyers understand how to make informed decisions and choose the home that is best for them, or the home most likely to show the best return on investment, or helping seasoned homebuyers navigate an ever-changing market.

Additional tips you can develop a real estate blog post on include how to get pre-approved for a mortgage, common mistakes to avoid during the home buying process, and how to find the right real estate agent for you.

3. Home Selling Advice

Home Selling Advice

Home selling can be just as fraught as buying, so it is important to create real estate blog posts targeting home sellers, as well. Some important topics for sellers (and search engine optimization, as well) include how to prepare their home for sale, how to effectively stage your home, how to price your home correctly, and the value of home inspections.

Real estate agents often focus their high-quality content on home buyers or hone in on first-time buyers, but there are many valuable insights you can provide home sellers, and these can be a great resource for developing real estate blog post ideas.

4. Neighborhood Guides

Neighborhood Guides

Neighborhood guides can be great to help buyers get a feel for a neighborhood and help them determine where they want to live. There are different ways to approach developing neighborhood guides, from the types of day trips available from your neighborhood to detailed reviews of different neighborhoods. Additional ideas include:

  • Pros and cons of living in various areas
  • Local amenities and attractions
  • School district information
  • Upcoming developments in the area

Neighborhood guides can also include virtual tours of the neighborhood, allowing potential buyers to get an actual idea of what the area looks like, and how walking or driving through that neighborhood every day will appear.

5. Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment is a concept even the least seasoned investor can wrap their head around, though the exact way to go about investment can be more difficult. Staging tips can be useful for seasoned investors looking to flip homes, while new real estate investors can benefit from an online presence that focuses on how to step into the world of real estate investments.

One invaluable topic is how to identify profitable investment properties. Real estate advice often encourages newcomers to the field to focus on purchasing low and selling or renting high, but not all homes can successfully follow this pattern. Understanding rental income and ROI and avoiding common pitfalls are both key to understanding the real estate process on the investment end.

6. Client Success Stories

Client Success Stories

Some real estate blog content focuses a lot on fluff and offers little in the way of valuable content, instead focusing on selling for real estate agencies. Case studies of successful home purchases can be useful for prospective customers looking to replicate those successes.

Real estate websites can also feature stories involving challenges that have been overcome in unique real estate transactions. Although most people would like to enjoy a smooth transition into home ownership, or a smooth transition selling their home, that is not always the case–and may even be the minority. By highlighting a unique challenge that was overcome, you can help your audience develop a basic real estate plan to make the selling or mortgage process easier.

Legal and Financial Advice

From property taxes to the generalities of real estate investing, there is plenty of room to touch on legal and financial advice when it comes to real estate. Some real estate blog post ideas regarding legal advice include:

  • Understanding real estate contracts
  • The role of a real estate attorney
  • Tips for securing a mortgage
  • Tax benefits of owning real estate
  • How to avoid common legal issues in real estate

Because the legalities of real estate can differ so dramatically from state to state, it is important to make sure all of the information you provide on your posts is optimized for local information. This type of advice should also contain a disclaimer regarding the necessity of actual legal advice for complicated contracts and transactions.

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8. Home Improvement and DIY Projects

Home Improvement and DIY Projects

Real estate blog content does not have to focus entirely on buying and selling; instead, you can also provide some information regarding different ways to improve your existing home and ideas for DIY projects. Detailing popular home improvement trends and DIY projects to increase home values can also be a great part of your real estate marketing plan, because it can keep you top of mind for people who have not yet begun the buying or selling process.

Budget-friendly renovation ideas, choosing the right contractors, and seasonal maintenance tips for homeowners can also keep you top of mind, and help you reach wider audiences than just current buyers and sellers, and first-time home buyers.

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9. Seasonal Real Estate Tips

Seasonal Real Estate Tips

Real estate is a seasonal game, and seasons can play a significant role in finding affordable properties. A post can touch on the best times of the year to buy or sell a home, and different seasonal ideas to boost curb appeal.

Apart from ideas directly related to real estate, you can also use the heralding of new seasons to detail how to prepare a home for winter, offer spring cleaning tips, and suggest ideas for summer home maintenance tasks. All of these can reach a wider audience, and help people maintain their home to more effectively sell down the road. 

10. Green and Sustainable Living

Green and Sustainable Living

While this topic may not resonate with everyone, as awareness of sustainability increases, many homeowners are looking for ideas to increase their own sustainability practices, and home buyers are looking for homes with sustainability opportunities built in.

When looking into green and sustainable living blog post ideas, consider covering benefits of green homes, how to go about making energy-efficient upgrades, eco-friendly home improvement tips, and the future of green real estate. All of these can benefit people who are actively looking to buy or sell and those who are simply interested in sustainability. 

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11. Relocation and Moving Tips

Relocation and Moving Tips

Relocating and moving can be stressful, no matter the financial situation involved. Realtors can share stories about how to successfully plan a move, how to move with pets, how to select a reliable moving company, and even how to settle into a new neighborhood. 

Realtors frequently help ease some of the financial decisions that accompany moving, as well, by offering options for power companies, utilities options, and even local options for internet and tv service. These can also be included in moving tips, to help identify any price reductions or deals homeowners can pursue. 

Home Design and Décor Trends

Touching on home design and decor trends can be a great tool in your marketing strategies toolbelt, because highlighting popular styles and how to incorporate those styles into your own home can bring in fresh audiences and help any existing clients maintain their home in a way that will be easy to sell or stage. 

To increase your audience, you can also offer budgeting tips, such as how to decorate on a budget, pricing strategies for making large purchases like furniture, and even the impact of interior design on home values. The housing market is frequently flooded, so learning how to use tools like virtual staging software and how to make your home visually appealing can be invaluable. 

13. Financing and Mortgages

Financing and Mortgages

Navigating financing and mortgages is difficult for even the most financially savvy individuals, so learning the different mortgage options and how to find your ideal mortgage lender can be a great way to bring in an audience. 

Another great topic for people who are not yet looking but are developing an interest in real estate is credit scores. Learning how they work, what they entail, and how to successfully improve your credit score can all be great topics. 

Refinancing is also a common topic of choice among realtors and investors, as is understanding mortgage rates and terms. Choosing the right lender can bring in audiences interested in refinancing and purchasing, alike, and can increase your audience base. 

14. Property Management

Property Management

Real estate is not only for potential homebuyers; property managers need content, too. Current market conditions can impact effective property management practices and tenant acceptance, so creating blog posts with tips for effective property management, tips for screening tenants, and suggestions for regular property maintenance can draw in another audience you may not have considered. 

To fuse property management and legality, you can also develop guest posts on how to handle tenant disputes professionally, how to safely increase rental property values, and more. 

15. Home Safety and Security

Home Safety and Security

Real estate is not all homes for sale and market trends; real estate agents can also offer informative content regarding home safety and security. A realtor can offer tips for securing your home, including which are the best home security systems on the market, how to prevent common household accidents, and the value of home insurance. Safety tips can also include what to do (or not do) during natural disasters. 

16. Foreclosures and Short Sales

Foreclosures and Short Sales

No one’s real estate goals involve being foreclosed on, but plenty of real estate goals involve taking foreclosures and short sales and morphing them into single-family homes or other properties that can bring in revenue. Unfortunately, to be able to do this effectively, you must understand the foreclosure process, including how to buy a foreclosure property, the risks and benefits of short sales, and even tips for selling a home in foreclosure. 

Real estate agents can also offer prospective clients ideas for avoiding foreclosure. While you, as a real estate agent, cannot guarantee the avoidance of losing your home, you can offer insights into real estate and mortgages, and how foreclosures can most effectively be prevented or avoided. 

17. Home Appraisal and Value

Home Appraisal and Value

Home appraisals are essential for a property sale, but much of what goes into an appraisal remains shrouded or uncertain for people who are not actively involved in the industry. A realtor can craft a blog post to discuss how home appraisals work, how to prepare a home for appraisal, and how to challenge a low appraisal. 

Posts can also tackle the many factors that influence home values, for sellers who are not yet putting their homes on the market, and the role a real estate agent plays in the creation of a home appraisal. 

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18. Real Estate Market Analysis

Real Estate Market Analysis

Expensive homes and affordable ones alike play into a market analysis, and your audience is going to benefit from an in-depth market analysis that demonstrates the direction of trends as they come and go. Blog posts can be as technical or as basic as you prefer, or can be a mix of both. 

Some posts, for instance, can dive deep into how to conduct a comparative market analysis and detail the different tools used to analyze real estate data. These can be for investors, or other realtors who may not be as in tune with analyses. 

Other posts can offer simpler insights into trends, including the importance of local market knowledge, and how to use the data already provided to predict future market trends. 

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19. Homeownership Benefits

Homeownership Benefits

Although many people list owning a home as a life goal, that is not necessarily a result of the many financial benefits of owning a home. Many of the benefits of homeownership are not touched on by realty professionals on a regular basis. Some valuable benefits of homeownership that you can touch on include: 

  • Financial benefits of owning a home
  • Emotional and psychological benefits of homeownership
  • How homeownership builds community
  • Long-term investment benefits of owning a home
  • Homeownership tax deductions and how to make the most of them

Although not all of these may apply to each and every one of your audience members, they can demonstrate to a reluctant audience why the investment of homeownership is a worthwhile endeavor.

Next Steps

Developing your own real estate blog can be a challenging task, as at first glance, it can seem as though you will run out of topics quickly. When you take into account the many possibilities, however, many of which move from season to season and trend to trend, you can have a litany of possible topic options.

Have you used any of the ideas I put together for your own real estate blog? Let me know in the comments!

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