Due to the popularity of my Fractional CMO services, I have now consolidated all of my social media marketing consulting, PDCA Social agency work, as well as influencer marketing services into this offering.

You can learn here as to what exactly is a Fractional CMO, but a Fractional CMO is a unique type of marketing consultant that works for you, on your time, as if they were your employee.

Known also as an Outsourced CMO, a Fractional CMO has the expertise of a marketing leader that joins your company team, but in a part-time fashion. What makes it different from a part-time CMO is the fact that a Fractional CMO will share their time among several enterprises, benefitting each company with the wealth of varying experiences and expertise that a Fractional CMO acquires over time.

Investing in Fractional CMO Services by Neal Schaffer will expedite your strategic goals vis a vis the digital transformation of your sales and marketing. Whether you are a large enterprise, small business, or a startup, I can help you with your digital and social media marketing strategies and help you achieve your goals in search engine optimization, email marketing and marketing automation, content marketing, influencer marketing, employee advocacy, and social selling initiatives to ultimately help launch a new brand or grow your business to new heights. 

Why Hire Neal Schaffer as a Fractional CMO

Utilizing my more than decade long experience in consulting for dozens of clients, teaching executives at multiple universities, speaking in front of tens of thousands of professionals around the world, and writing 5 marketing books, I can provide your business with a uniquely holistic and experienced perspective to help create or optimize your digital marketing strategy.

Leveraging my leadership, I can help your business to grow and increase profitability regardless of the product or service you provide from branding to marketing technology selection, from messaging to proper channels to promotional strategy and ultimately to conversion optimization.

Some of the experiences I have as a Fractional CMO include:

  • Strategic Marketing Assistance for Multiple New Brand Launches for a B2B Company
  • Strategic Marketing Consultancy for CEOs of Multiple Online Brands
  • Digital Marketing Transformation For Ecommerce Companies
  • Social Media Marketing Strategy Creation and Revision for Global B2B Enterprises
  • Strategic Leadership for Implementation of Employee Influencer Programs for B2C Enterprises
  • Redesign for the Digital Content Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses
  • Creating Strategy and Implementing Executive Online Branding
  • Replacement of Reliance on PPC Ads with Inbound Content Marketing Strategy Creation and Execution
  • Launch of Overseas Sales Territories for B2B Brands Using Only Digital and Social Media Marketing
  • Management of B2C Brands Influencer Marketing Program

Benefits of Hiring a Fractional CMO

The key benefit of this type of outsourced service is that I will become as dedicated as if I were a full-time CMO but without costing you what a full-time marketing executive would charge. As this is still a new concept to many businesses, here are some ideas which show you a range of benefits you can enjoy when hiring a Fractional CMO:

  • You are in full control of my working agenda, which will be aligned with your strategic objectives, not mine
  • Whether you want to hire me to run your marketing, become a strategic project manager, collaborate with your team, or teach new hires, a Fractional CMO comes with the flexibility of providing you any strategic or tactical services you might need
  • You can utilize me to ensure that I am a part of your daily operations and become integrated with your decision-making process and activities
  • I can bring incredible marketing experience to a team that might be less experienced an in need of a mentor
  • I can provide expert-level input if your business does not benefit from internal CMO-level experience

Signs Your Company Might Benefit from a Fractional CMO

If you have never heard of a fractional CMO before, how would you know that your business needs one?

To find out if hiring a fractional CMO could be a right fit for your business, here are a few signs to check:

1. Your Early-Stage Business Isn’t Prepared to Onboard a Full-Time Marketing Executive

If you’re a startup or a small business looking for marketing leadership, a full-time hire can’t be supported by work or budget. A fractional CMO provides a competitive advantage for early-stage companies.

2. Your Company Has Been a Player in The Market for Some Time, But You Lack Marketing Leadership

Maybe your company brand was established before the days of intricate digital and social media marketing channels and marketing automation. To keep up with your competitors, digital marketing transformation is required to implement up-to-date strategies, tools, and tactics. A fractional CMO can lead late-stage companies in digital marketing transformation.

3. You Don’t Have Any – or Enough – Content

Content is the currency of digital and social media. Many companies looking to embark on more sophisticated digital marketing strategies soon realize they simply lack the content in order to do so effectively. A Fractional CMO can help you create a content marketing strategy and help with its effective implementation to ensure the highest of ROI.

4. You Lack Marketing Insights For a Well-Informed Decision-Making Process

Do you feel that all your marketing efforts are in vain? A well-intended person states that you need a new website, so you invest in a new one. And then you want to leverage the potential of pay-per-click ads. Further down the road, you introduce a junior resource to handle your social media presence. Next, you sponsor events and pay for branded merchandise. All these expenses and for what? 

Here is where a Fractional CMO can help you create the reporting on which you will base your decision-making process that will increase your ROI and growth.

5. You See Great Value in an Interim Executive or Consultant

Maybe your business needs a marketing executive to fill a vacant position until you find the perfect candidate after a talent search. Or maybe hold the job during a leave of absence. Some businesses require an outside professional to audit the current marketing team and provide some guidance. A Fractional CMO comes with practical solutions for a variety of marketing needs.

As we are witnessing the emergence of the post-pandemic economy and continuous digital disruption, this only reinforces another reason to opt for a Fractional CMO. 

Your company needs skilled leaders who follow the trends in digital and social media marketing and who can accelerate progress for your enterprise and keep up with your competitors.

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A Fractional CMO can become a competitive advantage to companies who need the marketing expertise they lack to thrive in the current Digital First business environment. If you’re considering the fractional CMO model for your firm, you’ve come to the right place.

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