B2B Marketing Videos: How to Sell B2B Products and Services with Video

How to Sell B2B Products and Services with B2B Marketing Videos

B2B marketing videos just might be the key to your digital marketing success, especially if you have neglected them as part of your B2B marketing strategy.

B2B companies are late to the table when it comes to using video as a selling tool.  B2B companies have sold their product the same way for many years and it works. Why change what works?  Well, 2020 came along and, in many states right now, you’re not able to get out to visit your clients and prospects. Because of this, many B2B companies are scrambling to figure out how to sell remotely.   Using video won’t instantly make all your sales close. People aren’t going to watch one video and suddenly purchase from you.  However, using the right sequence of videos at the right time in the selling process will make your sales process more efficient and help you close more sales.

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People do business with other people.

Video is a powerful and often overlooked sales tool. In-person communication is always best but when that isn’t possible, video content will help to continue to build the relationship in a way that other types of content, such as text, cannot.   What makes video so powerful is its ability to make human connections and the fact that it brings clarity to your sales message.  Even before COVID-19, the entire sales process for B2B companies started online.  No matter what you sell, people tend to go online to find solutions, even if you are a B2B company.  However, most B2B brands fail to use the online tools, such as their website, social media, and video as part of their sales process.  There is this belief in the B2B world that their website isn’t important for sales. That it’s just there for some sort of digital credibility; which, even if that was true, you would think they would set the site up in such a way that it would build credibility.  Unfortunately, most often these companies spend 10 pages talking about how great they are and how long they have been in business.

Sales funnel

It takes more than creating just one video for B2B companies to sell their services or products. When was the last time you called someone who knew nothing about your company, and they purchased right then and there?  In the B2B world, people go through a process before they buy. Your videos should guide them through every single stage of the sales funnel.  A good sales funnel has at least 4 steps.  The 4 steps are awareness, consideration, decision, retention. Without the retention step, you are missing out on new business from referrals; which are the easiest of all leads to close.  Beware of “experts” who talk about the funnel as having only 3 parts.   That might have been true once, but the internet has made the funnel as we know it today more chaotic and you need more information than will fit into the traditional 3 step sales funnel model.   It is even possible for your sales funnel to have as many as 12 steps. It just depends on what you sell.

Types of B2B marketing videos

Combining the right sequence of videos with the right system is the key to success with video.  Don’t spend any money on videos if you are not sure where they fit into the sales funnel.  Also, make sure these videos are properly scripted to help you clearly explain how your product or service will solve their problem.  There are too many video options to talk about them all here. You can watch my free video sales training on how to use video to increase leads and sales to learn more, but let’s talk about a few of them.

Thought leadership videos

These are one of the most versatile types of videos and can often be used in different parts of the funnel.   They are often a person talking to the camera, providing valuable information that relates to the problems your target audience have that your product or services solve.  These videos don’t just talk about frequently asked questions. They challenge your industry to think differently, setting your company up as the go to expert who has their pulse on the industry.

Testimonial videos

Testimonial videos are important for building the credibility of your brand.  A happy customer or client can say things about your products or services that, if you were to say it yourself, it would seem like bragging. Your testimonial needs to show what life was like before your company’s solution and how the problem they had is now solved, thanks to working with you.  Showing this transformation is key to a good testimonial video.  I think good testimonial videos are the most valuable type of video your company can create because it is like taking a happy customer with you to every sales meeting.

Company introduction

These videos should not focus on your company but on your ideal client’s needs. You need to make it about them and how you help them solve the problem that makes them consider your product or service.  This video should include a short testimonial and call them to take action.

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Animated explainer video

Amiation can be applied to any type of video but is most common with explainer videos.  They have become popular in the last fifteen years.  However, we have hit a point where they all look alike.  What has caused this is that a lot of companies are making cheap explainer videos.   Animated videos are not good for the awareness phase of the sales funnel.  People don’t connect with them as well as they do videos with real people in them.  I recommend that, unless you have a product or service that is really hard to explain, you avoid animated videos.  If you do need to create one, try combining real people with the animation for extra impact.

Sales video

What makes a sales video different is it is more direct than the other videos.  This video is used when you know they are ready to move into the final stages of the entire sales process.  You can also have each member of your sales team create a video like this to help them better connect with prospects.

Video ads for social media

For your brand to succeed on social media, you need to use ads so that people can see your videos.  Getting people to watch your videos organically is almost impossible.  Using your videos for ads will allow you to attract new people and also allow you to stay in front of your current customers or clients.  Retargeting ads are a very powerful tool that will help your B2B company get the most out of social media marketing. Retargeting is a way to remind people you are there.  Any time someone interacts with your brand on your website or social media, whether they are a customer or not, you can share more information with them without your sales team having to make a call or send an email.  Calls and emails are still an important part of the process, but your sales team can’t check in every day.  This is another way to remind people you are there so when they are ready to buy, you are top of mind.

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Email sequence

Create a series of emails that can be easily shared by your sales team. These emails should include videos from your funnel.  You can also set this up so that the video player tracks if they watch the whole video and how many videos they watch.  This will allow you to set up an automated series of emails that your CRM can send out on a regular basis.   In most cases, your video will not play directly in the email.  This makes your video thumbnail very important. You can also add a play button to the image to help make the image more clickable.  Make sure you send your list an email at least once a month, ideally more often if you can. This will help you stay top of mind.

Your sales team

These videos live online, but they are a sales tool for your sales team.  Teach them how to use the videos as part of your sales process.  Make this as easy as possible so it doesn’t give them one more thing that takes them away from selling.  You can also feature your sales team in the videos to help get buy in.

Your website

Your website is an important part of this process. The videos need to be on your website, but more importantly, your website needs to be set up so that it is a self-guided sales presentation.  Video helps prospects move through the process at their own pace.  Most B2B websites are not part of sales process. This is an opportunity for a competitive advantage.

This is a complicated process but B2B companies that take the time to implement B2B marketing videos will be able to sell, no matter what.  Don’t fall into the trap that because you are a B2B company, you only sell to the C-Suite and therefore you don’t need any of this.  The buying process changed years ago. Take this as an opportunity to use all the sales tools that are available to your business.

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If you're a B2B company, you need to better leverage video. This guide into creating B2B marketing videos will help you at every step of the way!
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