19 AI Video Editors to Scale Your Video Marketing

19 AI Video Editors to Scale Your Video Marketing

Similar to other digital marketing tasks, AI-powered technology is already having a major impact on video creation and editing. These types of video editor software tools can automate various processes that would previously take you hours upon hours to finish.


Turn your text into videos in minutes with natural-sounding AI voices in 120+ languages and 140+ AI avatars.


Easily create and edit videos for the brand, marketing, social media, family, and any other purpose.


With Wisecut, you can easily turn your long-form talking videos into short, impactful clips with music, subtitles, and auto reframe.


A new way to make video and podcasts. Simple, powerful, and fun way to edit and share your videos and podcasts.

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Aside from simplifying the creative process, these programs can help amateurs polish their low-quality content and turn it into professional-looking videos. Some of the tools’ features, such as color correction, allow you to automatically adjust the palette without human interference. In other words, you no longer need an artistic eye to create stunning videos (although it would certainly help to have an artistic eye!).

What is an AI Video Editor?

AI video editors rely on machine learning and artificial intelligence to make and modify pieces of video. The fantastic thing about this software is that you can use it every step of the way, from pre to post-production and even to re-generate videos. Although AI editors still need a human behind the wheel, they can help a lot in automating repetitive mundane tasks. 

For example, these tools can help with facial and object recognition, adjusting color schemes, video stabilization, creating special effects, and much more. Nowadays, people use professional video editors for all sorts of content. Aside from high-budget movies and series, you can use them for simple explainer videos, social media video clips, b-roll footage, and onboarding videos.

What are the Benefits of an AI Video Editor?

This type of software can help your creative and editing process in numerous ways:

  • Increase overall efficiency of managing video projects
  • Introduce new and exciting features through AI that you might not have used before
  • Integrate new elements into finished video content
  • Simplify custom branding
  • Eliminate human errors

The best thing about AI video editing software is that everyone can benefit from it. This is a huge deal for marketers and businesses who are always looking to cut down on production costs. It can also be fantastic news for young content creators who don’t have the necessary skill levels to tackle large projects.

In fact, you don’t have to be a marketing or video professional to use these platforms. Even small mom-and-pop shops and local handymen can benefit from this innovative technology. They can use these magic tools to create short posts for social media platforms and their own site. In fact, even students can use these platforms for school projects.

The 19 Best AI Video Editors

Finding the right video editing tool can be a time suck. There are so many quality programs on the market nowadays, so most users struggle to find the perfect platform for their business. To help you out, I’ve analyzed the top tools on the market, placing emphasis on their main features and selling points:

1. Synthesia

1. Synthesia

Synthesia is probably the most famous tool on this list for their cutting-edge technology of being able to create a human-looking and human-sounding video from mere text.

So, if you’re looking to create top-notch corporate explainer videos, you can’t go wrong with Synthesia. Despite having numerous features, this cloud-based AI video editor is relatively simple to use and has a polished UI.

The tool excels at creating voiceovers from plain text in more than 120 languages. You can add more than 150+ human avatars, of different ethnicity, to your content. They serve as presenters, reading the text input, and can use several gestures to look more humane.

Synthesia is perfect for creating introductory, explainer, and training videos. Most importantly, it allows companies to save money on voice actors.

2. Wisecut

2. Wisecut

Wisecut is the perfect solution for creating short marketing videos for websites and social platforms. As its name indicates, the tool allows you to cut long-form content into smaller bits, ideal for YouTube Shorts, Instagram, and TikTok.

Among others, the video maker allows you to add background music and subtitles and remove pauses. The software uses motion tracking to eliminate fillers in your content, resulting in better, more condensed videos. The jump cuts can have a major impact on user experience, thus helping your social media posts go viral.

3. Lumen5

3. Lumen5

Like a few other programs, Lumen5 has a massive library of video templates that can expedite your content creation process. The tool is simply incredible for making videos at scale, relying on a simple drag-and-drop concept to create engaging posts for your fans, partners, and employees.

Although not as revolutionary as some other entries on the list, Lumen5 is still a major timesaver. Once in the dashboard, you can access a wide range of video templates and stock photos. Furthermore, you can also add your own footage and mix it with available elements to create simple yet effective marketing material.

4. Magisto (now part of Vimeo)

4. Magisto

One of the industry’s heavy hitters, Magisto AI Video Editor is similar to Lumen5 as it provides users with pre-made video templates. Once you find the right background, you can then add text and audio effects, change style, and format, and introduce stickers.

Besides these intuitive features, you also gain access to cropping, merging, and conversion. Given the intuitive user interface, it won’t take you long to get acquainted with the platform and start making amazing videos.

5. InVideo

5. InVideo

The best thing about this awesome, AI-powered video editor is that you don’t need great video editing skills to use it. Once you get the standard plan, you gain access to an enormous library of templates, which you can use as the basis for your social videos.

However, the thing that separates InVideo from the competition is its ability to convert text into video. Just post your articles and other content on the platform, and watch as AI generates incredible posts for your brand.

6. Wondershare Filmora

6. Wondershare Filmora

Another tool that doesn’t require an introduction, Filmora, has been around for quite a while. The newest version of the tool integrates AI functionality, allowing you to save time on processes that would previously take hours to finish.

Specifically, this excellent video generator allows you to make smart cutouts by removing objects and adding them to different backgrounds. Filmora Wondershare helps you stretch any audio track to fit the video length and remove background noise. Lastly, you can play around with the reframing feature, thus modifying content to any file size and file format.

The company has several levels of pricing, including a free plan with a watermark, a cross-platform plan, and a one-time payment.

7. Rawshorts

7. Rawshorts

Rawshorts is a perfect tool for companies that want to create simple yet effective marketing videos. Although the software doesn’t have the same video editing capabilities as, let’s say, Filmora, it can still help you bring various marketing ideas to life.

8. Adobe Premiere

8. Adobe Premiere

As one of the industry’s best, Adobe Premiere Pro can be a huge time saver for any business owner. The tool relies on Adobe Sensei AI to improve color matching, properly introduce stock footage, and create AI-generated captions and visual effects.

Adobe Premiere is specifically geared toward large companies that want to create videos in minutes. Although its business plans don’t provide any special advanced features, they are fantastic options for large teams.

9. Veed

9. Veed

Veed is one of the better platforms for making talking head videos and also for creating any type of feature-length film. The users can choose between available templates and using their own clips. Veed also has an integrated webcam feature that allows you to shoot content on your computer and immediately add it to the dashboard.

Among others, the platform allows you to add subtitles, motion graphics, audio enhancement, filters, transcripts, and other relevant assets. The users can even shoot content behind a green screen and then use templates to make funky and engaging videos.

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10. FlexClip

10. FlexClip

FlexClip is fantastic for editing video content. This simple yet efficient software has an enormous database of preset templates, textual backgrounds, dynamic elements, and overlays that will help you create videos with ease. The company collaborates with Unsplash, GIPHY, and Storyblocks, so you can rest assured that you’re getting the best assets on the web.

11. Pictory

11. Pictory

Pictory can automate your entire process of video creation. The platform excels at extracting snippets from long, raw footage and packaging it for social media and blogs. You can also input scripts and music tracks into the platform to create stunning videos with ease.

12. RunwayML

12. RunwayML

If you’re looking to make high-quality videos for your company, you can’t go wrong with RunwayML. The tool’s artificial intelligence algorithms can help you with every aspect of content creation, from synthesis to reimagining to erasing.

Basically, you can create an artificial intelligence video with little to no resources. By simply typing commands into the box, you can perform numerous actions, such as expanding videos, giving motions to photos, removing backgrounds and elements, and so on.

13. Descript

13. Descript

Besides helping you create everyday videos, Descript is a fantastic tool for podcasting, screen recording, AI voicing, clip creation, and transcription. Its artificial intelligence capabilities are second to none, making the software extremely popular among content creators with complex tasks on their hands.

The best yet, Descript integrates with some of the major platforms, which significantly increases its functionality. Furthermore, you can try out this incredible software today – no credit card needed!

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14. GliaCloud

14. GliaCloud

If you’re looking to make videos at lightning speed, you should definitely try GliaCloud. With this platform, companies and individuals can create incredible AI-driven video clips with minimal investment. GliaCloud consists of AI text summarization tools, a template library, and various editing features.

15. Rephrase.AI

15. Rephrase.AI

Rephrase.AI allows you to make fantastic videos with minimal input. Like a few other platforms on the list, such as Synthesia, this tool utilizes realistic-looking human digital avatars. These computer-generated characters appear in your clips, voicing the sentences that you feed them.

Although this software isn’t ideal for filmmakers, you can use it to create stunning demo videos, explainers, and presentations.

16. Synthesys

16. Synthesys

This cloud-based program utilizes deep learning technology to provide companies and marketers with fascinating results. It works similarly to Rephrase.AI, allowing users to cast avatars as the main actors in their videos. After you’re done “shooting,” you can add a perfect music track, interactive elements, and visuals with animation effects to enrich your content.

The voice AI platform can help you create several videos per month, making it ideal for teams that tackle numerous projects simultaneously.

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17. Movavi

17. Movavi

Novice video editors can have a lot of fun with the platform. Movavi allows you to create professional-quality videos even if you have limited technical knowledge. While the platform isn’t that great for making content from scratch, it compensates by having various nifty editing features.

Movavi provides an AI-enhanced video editing experience allowing you to cut, trim, crop, resize, and stabilize your posts. In terms of advanced features, you can use the platform for color grading, adding transitions and intros, editing sound, and performing slow motion and motion tracking.

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18. Elai

18. Elai

Like a few previously mentioned AI programs, Elai helps you create impressive videos by utilizing computer-generated avatars. Once again, your job is to feed these characters with scripts, so they can deliver your corporative message to potential leads.

Elai supports 8 languages making it a perfect choice for international brands. The software also allows you to add subtitles in 75 languages and create templates to fit your company’s image. Elai is a perfect choice for corporate training videos, but also other types of simple video content.

19. DeepBrain

19. DeepBrain

DeepBrain uses advanced AI algorithms to create near-human avatars. By feeding these characters with text, you can get incredible videos for your users. These robots rely on custom voice models to deliver your message and help you connect with the audience. If you wish, you can also add personalized music and various design elements to your content.

DeepBrain offers several pricing options suitable for small entrepreneurs and large corporations. Some plan holders also gain access to online support.


Artificial intelligence technology has completely changed how we look at video production. Long gone are the day when you had to spend hours upon hours fixing small editing errors. Instead, you can now expedite the whole process with a simple click of a mouse. 

These platforms rely on AI robots to deliver your corporation’s message and generate video content from scratch. The editors also allow you to tinker with pre-made content by adding colors, sound effects, and all sorts of cool visuals.

If you are creating videos for your brand or yourself but are not using any of these tools, stop what you are doing and start researching which ones best fit your needs today!

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AI Video Editor FAQs

Is there an AI that can edit a video?

Yes, there is an AI that can edit a video. In fact, there are a handful of choices available such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Synthesia, Lumen5, Descript, Wondershare Filmora, and others. While AI has shown promising potential in the realm of video editing, it is important to recognize its limitations and not overlook the essential role that human intuition and skills play in the creative process.

What AI is best for video editing?

Several AI tools are now available in the market that cater to various aspects of video editing, making the process smooth and convenient. Examples are Lumen5, Synthesia, Adobe Premiere and others. However, choosing the best AI tool for your video editing needs can be a daunting task. It’s crucial to determine what specific functions you require the tool to perform and consider factors such as the learning curve, interface, and cost.

Is there any AI video editor for free?

While there are numerous paid AI video editing tools available in the market, there are free options as well. One such option is OpenShot, a free, open-source video editor that utilizes AI technology to offer editors enhanced functionality. This AI video editor lends itself well to beginner and intermediate editors, as it features a simple interface alongside advanced tools for experienced users.

Can I make a video with AI?

With the rapid advancements in technology, it is no surprise that artificial intelligence can now play a major role in video production. In fact, AI has revolutionized the way videos are made. From pre-production to post-production, AI can assist in various aspects of video creation, such as video editing, scene recognition, and even scriptwriting. The use of AI in video production not only enhances the efficiency of the process, but also allows for greater creativity and personalized content for audiences.

Is CapCut AI powered?

CapCut utilizes AI technology to allow users to effortlessly edit their videos with special effects, filters, and other enhancements. With AI technology, CapCut can identify and analyze various elements in a video to provide a more refined editing experience. The result is a seamless process that allows users to unleash their creativity without being bogged down by technical complexities. CapCut’s AI-powered features have made it a top choice for video editors worldwide.

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