11 Free AI Facebook Post Generators to Try

11 Free AI Facebook Post Generators to Try

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Do you sometimes have trouble thinking about what to publish on Facebook, whether it is your business page or your personal profile? Join the club. That’s why I am a huge fan of generative AI, and these free AI Facebook post generators will solve your writer’s block AND potentially create something more engaging than you might have thought of!

While there are many ways to use AI, I prefer to leverage them for short-form content like social media. Specifically, I would never use artificial intelligence tools to create articles for my blog, but a social media post to best introduce my blog post to the world on social media is a perfect use case scenario.

Luckily, most social networks also use shorter text formats, so the majority of AI outputs are coherent and well-placed. With a quality product, you can simplify your content creation and get more from each Facebook post.

What is an AI Facebook Post Generator?

With these AI-powered tools, you can create high-quality content without breaking a sweat. Like any other artificial intelligence software, these generators rely on your prompts to create engaging posts for social media channels, in this case, Facebook. Depending on a marketing tool, a user can also choose tone of voice, type of content, and style options to create outputs suitable for your brand. 

Even better, some of these programs work for several social media platforms, allowing you to run a full-fledged marketing campaign on a budget. They adapt to each platform’s format and hashtags, ensuring that the text is short enough to fit. With these powerful tools, you can build your account, generate brand awareness, and increase sales without hiring a full-time content manager. 

The Best AI Facebook Post Generators

Social media content creation on a long-term basis can become challenging. If you’re continuously posting about the same topic, you’ll eventually run dry of ideas, something that your followers will quickly notice.  Luckily, with the following programs, you can create engaging headlines for your target audience without having to rely on a specific writer’s inspiration. 

The main reason why I added these exact social media management tools is because of their simplicity. None of them requires a login, so you can test all these apps in just an hour or two. While some of them also work for other social platforms, each one of them has unique features for producing specialized, attention-grabbing Facebook posts. 

1. SocialPilot


Like many other entries on this list, SocialPilot is, first and foremost, a comprehensive social media tool meant to streamline your team’s communication, publishing, and social media engagements. The company’s flagship product can be used for just about any channel, allowing you to streamline content marketing activity from a single dashboard. 

As for its AI-driven tool, it works for Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, X, and LinkedIn. First off, you need to introduce your main keyword, explain the topic, choose a language, and set the tone. By clicking on the “Generate Post” button, you’ll get quality AI-generated text in mere seconds.

What’s even better is that this valuable tool is completely free, and there’s no limit as to how much you can use it. As you can presume, the generator is a perfect addition to Social Pilot, allowing you to automate the creation of social media content. 

2. SocialBee


As a SocialPilot’s competitor, SocialBee is mostly known for its comprehensive social media management platform that allows digital marketers to streamline their activities on Facebook and seven other networks. The program allows you to create a comprehensive plan for future activities, access amazing images with Canva, and engage with loyal fans.

I have to say that SocialBee’s generator is much better than the previous entry. The thing I love is its large template selection, which allows you to switch between different formats and platforms and create specialized social media posts for certain businesses. Whether you’re a realtor, accountant, restaurant, fitness trainer, or social media marketing agency, you can create captivating posts for your target audience.

The social media content generator also has 10+ styles, an approximate word count setting, and the number of high-quality posts to generate. Users can also include relevant hashtags and emojis for even more customized content. 

3. SEMrush


When we talk about SEMrush, most people think of a comprehensive platform for search engine optimization. Although the platform initially specialized in SEO and eCommerce, over time, they added many social media functions. Their latest addition is an AI-powered content generator that can be utilized for just about any format.

The same tool can also be utilized for Facebook, X, LinkedIn, Threads, and Instagram. The AI-driven content generation is pretty straightforward, as you need to adjust only a few settings before creating social posts. 

The thing that separates this program from other custom post makers is that it connects trending news with your brand. After inputting your domain URL, you need to select one of the hot topics published online. Then, you need to choose the tone of voice and content type so that the tool can produce a long, auto-generated post connecting your business to the burning topics. 

4. Vista Social


Using Vista Social is one of the best ways to boost your social media presence and simplify your marketing activities. The platform can be used for online content publishing, engaging with fans, monitoring web mentions and reviews, and monitoring performance. Besides simplifying your social media strategy, Vista Social can also be of great assistance for reputation management.

Over time, the company has added various artificial intelligence solutions as a way of increasing the platform’s functionality. Its AI-powered writing assistant is the latest innovation, allowing businesses to create social media captions with ease. Besides the Facebook post caption generator, you can also tinker with the Instagram post generator and LinkedIn post generator. 

In my opinion, this tool is rather mediocre, especially compared to other entries on the list. While you can adjust the language and tone of voice, as well as introduce the topic and keywords, you don’t have unique features that would make the app stand out. 

5. StoryLab.ai


Unlike most other entries on the list, StoryLab can only create AI-generated content. Aside from social media post generator, you can use it to automate blog posts, emails, eBooks, and Google and social media ads. Nevertheless, based on my testing, I can confirm that you’ll get compelling posts for your account. 

Users can choose between six available social media platforms (including Facebook, of course) and choose from a list of 10+ styles. Like other programs, all you need to do is provide basic info about the company, product, or specific task. The program is initially free, but you’ll have to pay for unlimited uses.

6. Mention


Mention is another program that needs no introduction. While the software has many features for social media managers, it is mainly promoted and sold as a brand awareness marketing tool. You can use Mention to monitor audience interactions and general sentiment toward your brand.

Besides AI-generated Facebook posts, this tool also works for Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, Threads, and X. While this valuable tool is free, you need to leave an email address to use it. Unfortunately, the AI-powered social media post generator is rather rudimentary, leaving many things to be desired. Aside from choosing a specific tone of voice, it doesn’t have any other customization option. 

7. Hootsuite


Another SMM powerhouse, Hootsuite is mainly known for its extensive functionality. Social media marketers all over the world utilize this program for their campaigns, significantly reducing the time spent to create and schedule posts. Business owners can also benefit from its analytics suite, which includes various organic, web, and paid metrics, giving you access to vast amounts of real-time data. 

Recently, the company has introduced an artificial intelligence generator dubbed OwlyWriter AI. The technology relies on OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 for its Facebook AI-generated posts but also other AI-created content. Despite the cool name, I wasn’t particularly impressed by its functionality – aside from setting your language and style, the program doesn’t offer many extra features. 

8. AI Tools Free

AI Tools Free

If you’re looking to create various AI-generated social media posts, AI-generated hashtags, and similar content, you should definitely check out Aitoolsfree.com. The platform has a wide range of tools that can be used for SEO analysis, keyword research, blogging, online selling, meta descriptions, post ideas, and various other marketing tasks. 

Unfortunately, as it usually goes with domains that offer lots of free, simple programs, most of them aren’t that good. Their Facebook post generator creates outputs that resemble articles, which is less than ideal for the short social media format. And while you still get original content according to your input, there aren’t any customization options that will make the piece relevant for your brand. 

9. Cookup.ai


Cookup.ai is a website where you can find all sorts of artificial intelligence tools. Although many of them are rather simple, with limited customization options, you can still use them on a daily basis to execute your marketing strategy. With this platform, you can generate awesome content ideas, meta descriptions, various email templates, popular hashtags, and so on.

Unfortunately, when I tried the tool for organic posts, I was less than happy with the results. First off, Cookup.ai doesn’t give you any customization options, which are otherwise common for social post generators. In other words, you can’t change the tone of voice and language or make other alterations.

In fact, in my particular case, the tool didn’t even work! Although I believe this was a temporary glitch, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Furthermore, I also had to log in before the use, which is another barrier you need to hassle with.

10. LogicBalls


Similar to Cookup.ai, LogicBalls offers a wide range of AI software to its users. Besides social media post generation, you can also dabble with various SEO and marketing tools, sales programs, help desk software, and other business apps. After testing them, I have to say there’s little difference between the outputs of the different tools. 

As for the Facebook post generator, the content creation process is rather basic. After inputting your prompt, you need to select the tone of voice, and the tool will pump out a well-crafted Facebook post. Keep in mind that the paid version is much more potent; it allows you to generate rich content and AI-generated images as well as utilize brand voice. 

11. Scrip


Scrip is a platform that offers numerous small AI programs. The majority of them revolve around social media, but you also have a few tailor-made for blog creation. The thing I liked is that the platform has different tools for different post elements, such as paragraph writer, topic creator, bio and hashtag generator, and so on.

The Facebook generator has a few nifty options, making it better than the average Facebook AI software. For example, you can choose your language and tone of voice and even insert the main keyword (besides inputting the main topic and description). 


AI Facebook post creators will significantly change how companies manage their social accounts. These products are usually made by the same companies that offer social media software as a way of increasing the usefulness of their flagship program. 

Like all other artificial intelligence programs, these tools are still in their early days, so the outputs might sound a bit wonky. Nevertheless, the potential benefits significantly trump the disadvantages, which is why they’re definitely worth a try! 

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AI Facebook Post Generator FAQs

How do I create an AI post on FB?

Here are some steps on how to create an AI post on FB:

1. Creating an AI post on Facebook involves first determining the objective of the post and the target audience.
2. Next, select an appropriate AI tool or platform that aligns with the post’s objective.
3. Using an AI-generated image or caption can make the post more visually appealing and engaging.
4. Finally, evaluate metrics such as engagement and click-through rates to gauge the success and performance of the AI post.

Is there an AI to create social media posts?

Yes, there are AI-powered tools now available that can help create social media posts. These tools use algorithms that analyze various data points, like trending topics, user behavior, and demographics, to generate posts that are tailored to your target audience. While it may not replace human creativity entirely, AI has certainly revolutionized social media marketing by making the process more efficient and effective.

How do I use AI on Facebook?

When it comes to Facebook, there are different ways to utilize AI. Perhaps one of the most prevalent is through the site’s News Feed, where AI algorithms work to curate content specifically for individual users. Additionally, AI helps Facebook identify fake accounts or spammers, handle unwanted posts and inappropriate content, and provide advertisers with useful demographics and data analysis.

Is there AI for Facebook ads?

Yes, there is AI for Facebook ads. In fact, Facebook has been using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for several years now to optimize its ad targeting capabilities. This technology allows the platform to analyze and understand vast amounts of data, including user behavior, interests, demographics, and more, to deliver highly personalized and relevant advertisements to individual users.

What AI app is everyone using on Facebook?

With the vast amount of applications available on the internet, AI-powered Facebook apps are currently dominating the social media network. One such app that has gained immense popularity is the “Replika” app, which uses machine learning algorithms to create a chatbot that mimics human conversation. Users can have meaningful and deep conversations with their AI-powered chatbot while learning about themselves in the process.

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