15 Video to Text AI Tools for All of Your Transcription Needs

15 Video to Text AI Tools for All of Your Transcription Needs

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Video to text AI tools are among the most popular generative AI solutions today. This category of software is perfect for teams and collaboration, as it creates transcripts from long meetings and other audio/video content. Among others, these tools can highlight the most important sections of videos, putting emphasis on things that matter.

Video to text AI tools are equally important for marketers, as they can help in the creation of on-screen captions and the generation of .srt transcription files.  

What are Video to Text AI Tools?

Video-to-text software is a perfect solution for just about any entrepreneur who uses digital media. Whether you’re a large marketing team or a web influencer, you can utilize a video transcription tool to create an accurate transcription of everything going on the screen. 

On top of that, these artificial intelligence programs can translate your videos into numerous foreign languages. As such, they are perfect for repurposing personal videos or other people’s content. Another benefit of these dubbing tools is that they can change the original video into various file formats, such as long-form articles. 

How Can I Use Video to Text AI Tools?

There are numerous things video-to-text tools can do for your company:

  • Automatic video transcription
  • Accurate translations in various popular languages
  • Adding video subtitles to your content 
  • Creating full video summaries 
  • Highlighting the most important parts of your web meetings 

For the most part, marketers use video-to-text software to reach a wider audience or simplify content use. These are must-have tools for business meetings, online courses, and various lectures. The video transcripts can show you what transpired during a lesson or a call, thus serving various business teams and trainees. 

As these tools generate subtitles, they can also be nice for foreign users who can’t fully understand what’s being said in the original content. In that regard, these fantastic localization tools can also teach people different languages! Another major feature is summaries, which extrapolates the crucial sentences being said during video recording. 

15 Video to Text AI Tools to Check Out

Without further ado, these are the most popular programs within this category. I explained each one’s features and how they differ from other entries on the list. That way, you can make a purchasing decision based on your specific marketing and business needs. 



Sonix is a powerful software that utilizes advanced AI technology to simplify the transcription process. It can auto-transcribe just about any piece of visual content, regardless of the device or format. With its automatic translations, you can reach out to audiences in more than 40 languages.

The software can auto-generate subtitles and add them to your videos. With advanced settings, you can change the number of characters in subtitles as well as their duration. Alternatively, you can utilize Sonix to create quick summaries of your meetings and other video content. 

Besides processing text, Sonix is great for visually impaired audiences, as it creates audio transcriptions. On top of that, by converting video files into audio, you can also help users who prefer reading posts instead of watching them.



The thing I love about Trint is that it can process both video formats and audio formats. Similar to Sonix, this software supports 40+ popular languages, making it perfect for eliminating language barriers between international teams. Even better, you can assign roles and permissions to limit who can see this content. 

Trint also provides a transcript editor that gives you much more control over outputs. With this advanced feature, you can add quotes and mark key moments in your automatic transcription. If you wish, you can add headings and perform formatting to fully repurpose transcripts into articles and other types of readable content. 



Otter.ai is a tool that I have used for a long time to generate transcripts from my podcast audio.

Besides creating auto transcriptions, Otter.ai has a few additional features that make it stand out from the crowd. For once, it serves as a chatbot that you can interact with. The software relies on advanced technology to retrieve various information from the meeting and deliver it to you. For example, you can ask Otter.ai various questions, and it can serve answers by tapping into the auto transcript.

The transcription tool is fantastic for meetings as it integrates with Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. However, you can also use it to enhance your sales process. Its OtterPilot suite can monitor sales calls and convert audio into text in real-time. This feature not only allows you to extract insights, but it can serve as a powerful training tool. 



While Rev is known in the YouTube world for its high-quality human transcription and caption service, a service that I have used frequently for my own YouTube channel, they have also developed a great video text to AI tool.

Rev’s main selling point is their real-time transcribe feature. The software can process audio and video file formats as you’re talking and create precise transcription in nine languages. Of course, you can also use the video translation feature for already created files; in this particular case, Rev can provide transcripts in 36 languages. 

The reason why Rev is such a great tool for content creators has to do with its insights. The software has a fantastic function that can automatically detect up to 23 foreign languages. The indispensable tool can detect main talking points and keywords and mark them within the text.

The transcription service can also perform sentiment analysis, marking sentences with negative and positive sentiment scores ranging from 1 to -1.  

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This AI tool is perfect for processing various business calls with a high accuracy rate. You can integrate the software with Zoom, Google Meet, Aircall, Teams Webex, RingCentral, and many other dialers and conference apps. After processing meetings, you can share the text file in Slack, Google Docs, Notion, and a few other platforms.

The thing I found very interesting is that Fireflies can analyze each video participant. It can break down everyone’s talk time, questions asked, and sentiments and provide other valuable metrics. I also liked the tool’s search feature, which allows you to track down various keywords and topics within the text, such as dates and times, prices, questions, metrics, and so on.

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The thing that sets Scribie apart from other entries on the list is that this is actually a human transcription service. While the company’s freelancers have access to a transcription tool, you can’t subscribe to this software and use it in-house.

While Scribie might not be as fast as automatic transcription software, nor does it work in real-time, the quality outputs make up for it. The fact that this is a human service allows you to avoid common blunders associated with still flawed AI systems. 



TranscribeMe provides a similar service as Scribie. Users can send their content to the company, and the freelancers will provide fast transcripts by using a combination of artificial intelligence and human processing. 

It’s worth noting that TranscribeMe provides different types of services. Besides the cheap auto-transcriptions using machine learning, you can also opt for human-managed transcriptions. Users can also pay for translations, data annotations, and the creation of custom datasets for AI training. 



The online tool is a perfect choice for creating transcripts and subtitles for your marketing content. The software supports various video and audio formats, making it perfect for YouTube videos, online meetings, podcasts, interviews, lectures, and courses. The software works for English, Czech, and German recordings and can translate content into 20+ languages.

The software connects text to different timestamps in the video, allowing you to assess and edit the output. Transcripts will be automatically uploaded into the tool’s dash, where you can add headings and bullets and perform other alterations. Once you’re done, you can export the file in several different file formats. 



MeetGeek is another software on the list that specializes in Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams transcript generation. Besides creating automatic transcripts, the fantastic AI tool allows you to add notes and highlights to the text. You can copy-paste different sections and send them to different collaboration tools such as Trello, Slack, Zapier, and Jira.

One of the features I liked about MeetGeek is the auto-tagging. The software can distinguish between concerns that users raised, their recommended actions, and other suggestions made during a call. The AI program tracks meeting metrics by assessing punctuality, participation, overtime participation, call sentiment, and duration, just to mention a few. 


Verbit allows you to create real-time transcripts, making it perfect for live videos and marketing team meetings. However, you can also use it for post-production and offline captioning. The company works with numerous freelancers who can further process your AI transcripts and improve their accuracy.

The best thing about Verbit is that it provides custom templates that would make content suitable for just about any platform or channel. Besides creating timestamps and identifying speakers, Verbit can also introduce other modifications that would further enrich the text and increase its accuracy. 

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Descript is very different from your run-of-the-mill video-to-text software. This intuitive platform features numerous tools and options that will help you polish the visual content. 

For example, the software comes with powerful video cloning features that can be used to alter your files. With this newly created voice, you can overdub certain words in the video without having to go through extensive edits and additional recordings. Through the cloning feature, you can even alter the sentiment within the post.

As for its transcription feature, it supports more than 22 languages. The software can also identify different voices within the content and use labels to quickly distinguish between them. As if that wasn’t enough, the company also offers assistance from their transcription team (for an extra price, of course). 

Happy Scribe

Happy SCribe

Happy Scribe provides two main functions: transcriptions and subtitles. When choosing between them, you can use machine learning to process your videos, or you can pay the company’s expert to finish the process by hand. 

If you go with the ML option, you have the liberty to improve transcripts upon delivery. The tool will provide a full transcript that marks all potential errors (there are almost always errors when you use auto-generation). That way, you can once again listen to inaccurate sections and fix them by hand. 

Nova AI

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Nova AI

Nova A.I. is one of the best video editing tools that comes with several great subtitle features. Unlike most other entries on the list, the software isn’t ideal for transcribing meetings and courses. Instead, it is much more suitable for video creators who want to add subtitles directly to their content.

Nova A.I. creates text and timestamps for different content sections. If you’re dissatisfied with the output, you can always edit words and sentences by hand for increased accuracy. One of the more impressive things about Nova A.I. is that it allows you to add extra subtitles on top of the existing ones if you wish to emphasize your marketing message further. 

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There’s little this comprehensive platform can’t do when it comes to video and audio processing. The suite offers lots of different functions, including automatic transcriptions, generating text from video calls, and recording sessions. Through this platform, you can also hire professional transcribers for your digital media.

My favorite thing about SpeakAI is its data visualization functionality. The software can analyze the most commonly used phrases within videos and present them in an easy-to-use manner. With SpeakAI, you can also gain valuable insights about speakers’ sentiments and filter this information for different time spans. 



As the name indicates, Transkriptor can automatically transcribe various video and audio content for your marketing and business purposes. The cool thing about the software is that it comes with a chatbot, allowing users to interact with AI to get answers to their inquiries. That way, you don’t have to go through the long and arduous process of going through the transcript and reading every sentence.

Another major perk is video translation. The software supports 100+ languages, making it a perfect solution for global brands. If we also consider collaboration features, it makes it a perfect tool for just about any team, regardless of employees’ locations. 

I have recently experimented using Transkriptor to transcribe my videos and generate .srt files. It is a simple user interface but does the job well!

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Right now, the majority of video to text AI programs focus on creating transcripts for meetings and sales calls. However, as the technology progresses, it will likely become more common for other formats and tasks. 

By carefully going through my list, you can find some gems that will help your daily marketing workflow. Each tool is worth your time and money, so don’t be too hasty when choosing the right solution for your business. 

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Video To text AI FAQs

Can AI Convert video to text?

With the help of advanced techniques like natural language processing, machine learning, and neural networks, AI-powered software can accurately transcribe dialogue from a video into text format in a matter of minutes. This has proven to be a game-changer for many industries, including media, entertainment, and education, as it allows them to create searchable text files of video content for easier accessibility and analysis.

How do I turn a video into a text?

There are various ways how to turn video into text, such as transcribing the video manually, utilizing automatic transcription software, or outsourcing the task to professional transcription services. Each method has its advantages and drawbacks, such as accuracy, cost, and time. Automatic transcription software may be quick and affordable, but often lacks precision and may struggle with various accents or background noise. On the other hand, professional transcription services offer accuracy and quality but may be more costly and time-consuming.

Can ChatGPT Convert video to text?

ChatGPT is a powerful AI-driven platform that can convert video to text with ease and efficiency. With the ability to transcribe audio in a matter of minutes, ChatGPT allows users to focus on editing, organizing, and curating their content instead of spending countless hours transcribing it manually. ChatGPT also offers customizable features that enable users to fine-tune their transcriptions to match their specific needs and preferences. Overall, ChatGPT is a reliable solution for anyone in need of fast, accurate, and affordable video transcription services.

How do I get transcripts from a video AI?

Many AI platforms come equipped with the ability to generate a transcript based on the audio in the video. If this feature is available, simply follow the software’s instructions to generate the transcript. If not, you may need to use a separate transcription service to manually transcribe the video’s audio. In either case, it’s crucial to ensure the transcript is accurate and complete before using it for any purpose. By taking the necessary steps, you can obtain a high-quality transcript from your video AI and use it to your advantage.

Can AI translate a video?

Yes, but with some caveats. AI is capable of providing automated translation services in a video file using sophisticated algorithms and machine learning processes. However, while AI may be proficient in translating languages, it may still struggle with contextual meanings, idiomatic expressions or words with multiple connotations, and usage in different contexts. Nonetheless, with further development and refinement, AI has the potential to be a game-changer in video translation.

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