15 Powerful AI Copywriting Tools That Will Transform Your Writing

15 Powerful AI Copywriting Tools That Will Transform Your Writing

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AI copywriting tools have become the focal point of marketing automation. These platforms simplify and streamline your content creation process, making sure your investment bucks are better spent. Although these platforms lack the human touch, they make up through fast content generation.


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What are AI Copywriting Tools?

AI copywriting tools are a group of software I use every day. They allow me to generate, optimize, and fix all sorts of texts, from articles to social media posts. I especially love their optimization functionality, which helps me improve blog posts for Google and other search engines.

General AI Copywriting Tools

If you wish to supercharge your content creation, you simply can’t go wrong by using any of the apps that I am about to list. They really are amazing if you’re looking for some basic help with your writing, and really only your imagination in how you use the tool can limit your results!

Chat GPT


Chat GPT is the alpha and the omega of copywriting software. This is one of the first artificial intelligence platforms that hit the market and attained wider media coverage. Furthermore, many companies borrowed the Chat GPT technology for their writing tools, which is why many of these programs provide similar functionality. 

Unfortunately, I understand why many marketers won’t get any value from this AI giant. If you ask me, Chat GPT is pretty bare, providing limited functionality to its users. While you can still rely on the software for creating high-quality content, it doesn’t have the common features of other platforms. For example, you can’t change the tone of voice or writing style, and you can’t choose between different content types.

Initially, there was limited access to the tool but since February 10th, 2023, you can use ChatGPT Plus outside of the US. 

Google Bard

Google Bard

We all know that Google has been developing AI technology for some time, and although Chat GPT beat them to the punch, using Google Bard has its own advantages because it was developed by Google themselves.

While Chat GPT seems to have become the default AI chatbot, Google Bard is another option that long-time Google users might find easier to use. And it is completely free, meaning that you can use it straight away without leaving a credit card or any of that nonsense.

At the end of the day, Google Bard is essentially a chatbot, providing answers to any question about anything that you might have and type into its input box. The thing I like about it is that you’ll get additional reading suggestions and sources for your queries. However, if you’re looking to create social media posts or long-form content, while Google Bard might be a great place to start and sufficient for some, at some point you’ll want to check out the other tools on this list.

AI Copywriting Tools for Marketing

These are the platforms that aim to literally become your platform for content creation.



Now that we have these two programs out of the way, it’s time to tackle the first serious AI-powered copywriting tool – Copy.ai. The main thing I have to mention about this software is that it’s based on several language models, providing much cleaner, much more polished copies. 

Copy.ai works as a search tool, allowing you to browse queries and brainstorm content ideas. After finding your ideal topics, you can decide which types of content you wish to generate. You can do all sorts of cool things, such as writing social media posts for LinkedIn, creating SEO-friendly content for your blog, or creating intricate product descriptions to boost your sales.

Besides the Free plan, you can also go with the Pro version, which will cost you $49 per month. The fancy enterprise version goes with a quote. 



I would recommend Jasper AI to just about all house marketing teams looking to boost their marketing efforts. The copywriting software is perfect for large teams, as it ensures everyone’s on the same page. You can tweak your brand voice and other features so that every piece of blog or social media content resembles the previous.

Unlike Copy.ai and other copywriting software tools, Jasper doesn’t borrow anyone’s technology. It has a proprietary system that makes its AI-generated content noticeably different from the competitors. Aside from its fabulous browser extension, the software also comes with a wide range of integrations, including those with WordPress and Google Docs. 

Besides the free plan, which allows you to try out software for free, you can also go with Creator, Teams, and Business Plan. Creator will cost you $49 per month, Teams is $99 per month, and Business goes with a quote. 

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Writesonic currently uses Chat GPT-4 for its AI-generation process. I prefer its user interface to all the content writing tools on this list; getting around the platform is a breeze, even if you’re a complete newbie.

This nifty platform combines chat and content generation functionalities, giving you a much wider range of options. The creators were super-focused on conversions, helping content writers generate blog posts and ads that would go well with the target audience. All you have to do is input your prompt and choose between a sales email, blog post, Google Ads, or similar format. 

Lastly, I wish to mention that the program comes with Chrome Extension, as well as numerous integrations. The company’s pricing plans are pretty solid, and I was especially taken by all the stuff you get with the enterprise plan. This plan goes with a quote, and you can also choose Business ($12.67 per month) and Unlimited ($12 per month). 



If you’re a serious content creator, it would be a mistake not to give Rytr a go. While the platform isn’t as popular as some other content writing tools on the list, it can still do an excellent job generating top-tier social media posts and blog content. 

It didn’t take me too much time to boost my productivity with this nifty program. After setting your language (more than 30 languages available) and tone of voice, you can choose the format. You can go with one of the 40 formats ranging from short-form content, email subject lines, metadata, cold emails, and so much more.

I especially liked the company’s unlimited plan, which gives you the option to create your own custom template. And yes, did I mention that the platform can also pump out images?

Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy can become the crown jewel of your content creation process. After choosing your copywriting template and adding a few short lines, this beast of a tool can generate original content for your marketing campaign. Whether you’re looking for SEO-optimized content, a single social post, or Google Ads, Smart Copy will surely deliver.

Similar to the previous software, the company’s free plan is nothing to write home about – the real fun starts with the paid pricing plans. The main reason why I used the premium plan while testing the software was to gain analytical insights and unlimited credits. That way, you can rest assured that every piece of content you create hits its mark.

I also appreciate that you receive a Grammarly integration with each version. While most of us are already subscribed to this tool, some writers will welcome the addition. 



Writecream is another versatile AI copywriting tool that can handle everything from personalized cold emails and LinkedIn outreach to social media post captions and a Quora answer generator.

Some of the software’s key features include YouTube voice-over and podcast transcripts. Turn your visual posts into textual pieces with a single click of a button, no hassle, no time wasted! Writecream is a perfect solution for any team that’s looking to create content at scale but also to use numerous distinct formats and combine different types of posts. 

Writecream is really trying to distinguish themselves as the personalized Ai copywriting tool, using your prospect’s website to generate cold email, your prospect’s LinkedIn URL to generate a personal message, or a link from a website to craft a message that will get the attention of the blog author as part of your backlink outreach.

Another thing I liked about the tool is that there isn’t a big drop-off between the basic plan and the paid growth plan. Basically, you get the same copywriting features with each package, with the only difference being credits per month. The Unlimited Plan costs $29 months per month, Standard costs $49 per month, and Extended is $69 per month. 

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Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI

The reason why I like Hypotenuse AI is because it’s incredible for SEO content. Even if you use some other AI-generation software, I’d still recommend that you get this baby. The platform scours all available pieces on the web and retrieves various content ideas for a particular SEO keyword. Then, it will generate the piece optimized around that phrase. 

The content generator comes with a 7-day free trial, which is more than enough through its basic features. Keep in mind that certain standout features, like custom template generators, only come with paid plans. 

It’s worth noting that Hypotenuse AI has integrations with both Shopify and WordPress, Another cool feature is that you also get a built-in plagiarism checker to ensure your every blog post is copy-free. 



AI-Writer is different than most AI copywriters on this list in that it provides you with a list of citations for each post. This allows you check the sources for each output to see if your long-form articles are on point and consist of quality information. I also love its SEO editor feature, which you can use for manual editing and further polishing.

AI-Writer also has some advanced features, such as a rephraser and sub-topic discovery. By combining these two features, you can easily find related, relevant keywords for your SEO content marketing strategy.

If I had to complain about something, it would be their focus on long-form content. AI-Writer is perfect when generating content for SEO, but it doesn’t work as well for short-form content such as product descriptions, Google Ads, and social media posts. 

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AI Rephrasing Tools

Sometimes, you don’t need AI-written content, but you want to use a natural language processing model to improve your own pieces. That is exactly what these AI rephrasing tools are for.



Wordtune is a one-in-all suite that will take care of all your textual generation needs. Besides the usual AI writing assistant, the platform also offers summarizer and rewriter features. While I didn’t use the AI Answers feature too much, I understand that some of you will get a lot of value from this functionality. 

The thing I always praise is the tool’s ability to modify content briefs. You have a few small functionalities that can significantly boost the content quality, such as inserting jokes and statistical data. That way, your article writer can quickly add some engaging stats and punchlines that will increase user engagement and retention. 

The free plan gives you 10 rewrites per day, and it’s a simple way to get acquainted with the platform’s functionality. 

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QuillBot primarily works as a rephraser software, although it has a few other excellent features to boot. For example, you can use the platform to summarize your long, dull pieces or you can use it to create citations in an instant. As if that wasn’t enough, there are also grammar and plagiarism checkers for further polishing the copy. 

The thing that makes it stand out from other AI generators is its translator. While most people will find little value in this functionality, it could be invaluable for multilingual sites. Among others, you can use the feature to directly translate incredible posts in your native language to articles for the US or UK audiences. 

AI Copywriting Tools for SEO

If you are creating content specifically for SEO, then you should use one of these AI copywriting tools created specifically for that purpose.



Among all the tools that I use on a daily basis, Frase is probably the one I’ve used the most. The platform is perfect for just about any SEO content creation process, allowing a professional writer to create a blog outline for each piece.

After typing in your target keyword, the software will create a list of top-ranking posts from Google and will make other suggestions. For example, you can find all relevant keywords to that particular topic, ideal word count, and suggested headings, and you’ll get an optimization score.

The new version of Frase also comes with an AI copywriting tool. That way, you can fully automate the entire process of creating new articles and optimizing them for search engines. From a cost perspective, Frase has a reasonable Solo plan which costs only $15 per month. After that you can choose from Basic ($45 per month,) or Team ($115 per month). 

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Outranking is similar in functionality to Frase. You first enter your target keyword to get a list of optimization suggestions, such as optimal word count and required keywords. The best thing is that you’ll get a score for different blog post sections, helping you optimize outlines, body, title, and meta descriptions.

Outranking comes with an AI generator that will save you hours during blog creation. Each piece is automatically optimized for search engines, ensuring that you never publish duplicate content. It’s basic SEO Writer plan costs $59 per month, SEO Strategist is $99 per month, and Custom goes with a quote. 

AI Copywriting Tools Conclusion

If you haven’t tried AI copywriting tools by now, I suggest you do so today. These platforms will take off the burden from your content writers while also ensuring that all your articles hit their marks. You’ll notice the productivity boost almost instantly, allowing you to efficiently compete against the biggest titans in your niche. 

AI Copywriting Tools FAQs

What is the best copywriting AI tool?

When it comes to identifying the best copywriting AI tool, the most important criteria to consider are accuracy, speed, and ease of use. All of these factors must work together to produce creative and engaging content that captures the attention of your target audience. So if you’re looking for an AI tool that can help you take your writing to the next level, be sure to choose one that strikes the perfect balance between these crucial elements.

What is an AI copywriting tool?

Simply put, it’s a tool that uses artificial intelligence to write engaging content for marketing campaigns. These tools use natural language processing and machine learning to understand the context and the audience and then generate compelling copy that captures their attention. With this tool, businesses can save a lot of time and money while still producing high-quality content that resonates with their target audience. The use of AI in copywriting is revolutionizing the marketing industry, offering new possibilities for businesses to reach their customers and drive growth.

Is it legal to use AI for copywriting?

While AI can certainly help generate written content quickly and affordably, concerns have been raised about the potential loss of jobs and infringement of intellectual property rights. However, with the lack of specific laws regulating the use of AI for copywriting, the ethical implications have yet to be fully explored. As AI continues to evolve and become more sophisticated, it is up to society to carefully consider the implications and determine whether or not using AI for copywriting is ultimately legal and ethical.

Is copy AI free tool?

While it is true that there are some features of Copy AI that require payment, there are also many free features available to users. With its advanced algorithms and intuitive interface, Copy AI has quickly become one of the most popular content creation tools on the market. Whether you are a seasoned writer or just starting out, Copy AI can help you take your content to the next level.

Can I use AI for content writing?

Yes, AI-powered content generators have already churned out blogs, social media posts, and even poems with startling accuracy and nuance. While AI won’t replace human writers anytime soon, it can quickly generate content that humans can then refine and personalize to suit their brand’s tone and vision. Plus, with AI, businesses can streamline their content production, freeing up time and resources to devote to other areas of growth.

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