23 Recommended Tools for AI Content Creation

23 Recommended Tools for AI Content Creation

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AI content creation is the latest wave of the AI revolution that will undoubtedly make you more efficient – and better – in your marketing efforts.


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After all, one of the best ways to increase marketing efficiency is undoubtedly the use of AI tools. Even if you’re a relatively new marketer, you can get solid results by using the right combination of software. With these platforms, you can streamline and automate just about any process, from competitive analysis to budgeting.

In the last few years, artificial intelligence also had an impact on how we approach content marketing strategies. Besides using software to simplify our planning and management, we started using powerful tools to execute tasks that were previously exclusively reserved for humans.

Among all the things you can do with these platforms, creating AI-generated content stands out as one of the most intriguing ones.

What are AI Content Creation Tools?

These powerful AI content creation tools rely on natural language processing to ideate short and long-form content within seconds. By relying on user inputs, these platforms can create any piece of content ranging from blog posts to social media posts, meta descriptions, and product descriptions. A content marketer can further polish the posts by adding word count, required keywords, and a few other parameters.

However, AI content creation software works for more than just texts. You can use it for generating beautiful images, turning text into voice (and vice versa), and creating videos with minimal effort. Most of them come with powerful planning and optimization features, ensuring your content reaches its target audience.

Artificial intelligence tools are vital for improving your overall content marketing efforts. With the right content strategy, they can significantly reduce the time needed to produce web posts and marketing materials while also streamlining complex processes.

How Can You Best Use AI Content Creation Tools for Marketing?

Besides text, video, and audio generation, content tools can help you with any related creative process, such as finding content ideas and creating blog outlines. The software can be fantastic for different aspects of the content creation process, from planning to auto-generation, content distribution, and performance analysis.

By integrating your writing tool with appropriate SEO tools, you can even optimize pieces for search engines. While human content writers can still provide a better user experience, the difference in quality isn’t that big. Then again, this also depends on the copywriting tool that you’re using.

Ultimately, content generators give you posts that aren’t that different from what human writers would create, but you’ll have to be the final judge of that after trying out some of my recommended AI content creation tools mentioned below!

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You would be surprised at the diversity of these tools that exist. Finding the right one can be a tall task, especially given how many features some of them have. To help you out, I’ve made a short breakdown of the most popular solutions currently available on the market.

1. CopyAI


When we talk about AI blog content generators, Copy.ai is the first one that comes to mind. After inputting the basic info, such as post format, tone, and main talking points, the software generates an article following your instructions.

Copy.ai is also excellent for short-form content, helping you create email subject lines, short social posts, and other pieces that would entice your target audience. Aside from generating high-quality content, you can use the software for topic ideation and real-time internet search.

2. Jasper


Jasper is one of the most versatile content generator tools that can help you with all types of content. Aside from long-form blog posts and social media content, the tool can generate video scripts, real estate listings, ads, bios, emails, and much more.

The content creator can also edit posts within Jasper’s dashboard, adding links, images, and headings and making other alterations. Rewriter is especially neat as it allows you to quickly change the pieces you don’t like. With Grammarly integration and plagiarism checker, you can get quality and original content.

3. Copysmith


This incredible content generation tool focuses on eCommerce posts. The software can be integrated with Shopify, BigCommerce, Salsify, Amazon, WooCommerce, Google Ads, and other major platforms. Among others, the software creates custom images and optimizes content for SEO, both of which are necessary for online shops.

The thing that sets Copysmith apart from other tools for content creation is its robust product management feature. With its bulk generator, you can create numerous product descriptions in a short amount of time. Furthermore, you can order Copysmith to generate several versions so you can choose the one most suitable for your business.

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4. Grammarly


Over the years, Grammarly has become synonymous with grammar checking. Writers all over the world use this software to check their pieces for grammar errors but also for readability. The tool helps you polish your pieces resulting in more engaging content. Aside from making grammar corrections, Grammarly allows you to perform a plagiarism check.

Over the years, the company has made numerous improvements to its software. Aside from providing numerous integrations, they’ve also added the AI content assistant feature. As the name implies, you can use this functionality to generate posts based on your inputs, create long pieces of content or rewrite existing articles.

You can access the tool’s key features with its forever-free plan. Advanced features, like text engagement and AI generator, only come with premium plans.

5. Writesonic


Writesonic utilizes natural language generation technology for its writing process. The program can be used by just about anyone, from freelance writers to marketing teams and e-commerce stores. It works great for all content types, including landing pages, Facebook and LinkedIn ads, articles, and social media posts.

One of the tool’s more intriguing features is Chatsonic. The AI chatbot combines Google search with ChatGPT to quickly provide answers to all your questions. As if that wasn’t enough, Writesonic provides content templates for cover letters, bios, invoices, and business plans.

Lastly, you can integrate the nifty program with Google Search, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gmail, for a more seamless experience.

6. Synthesia


Unlike the previously mentioned copywriting software, Synthesia focuses on visual and audio solutions. The platform helps you create amazing video content by combining human-looking AI avatars and image slides. Once you create the visuals, the tool can turn text-based content into audio content for an avatar to recite.

The best thing is that you don’t have to tinker too much by choosing avatars and creating images. Synthesia has a massive template library that simplifies the entire process. And if you don’t like the available visuals, you can directly upload media from Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Icons8. Finally, add text to the background and choose the language for your avatar.

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7. Peppertype


Not only does Peppertype produce versatile content at scale, but it can also help generate different sections of posts. For example, you can use it for blog intros, bullet points, headers, social media captions, and review responses.

Before starting AI content creation, you can choose what type of posts you want to create. You can choose between SEO content, website pages, content ideation, and product and sales pages, among others. The tool’s AI assistant can further polish texts, rewriting, expanding, and correcting sentences and paragraphs.

Peppertype also performs automatic audits, analyzing articles’ word counts, plagiarism, and readability levels.

8. Rytr


Rytr is a fantastic AI content writing tool that can generate topic ideas, blog post outline, and perform SEO optimization. You can use it for various formats, including emails, paid ads, landing pages, blog posts, and basically, everything else.

Besides content creation and ideation, Rytr is an excellent choice for your managing your content workflows. The tool shines for larger teams helping marketers coordinate their efforts while providing numerous extra features. Rytr makes your life easier with Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, and Microsoft Word integrations.

9. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is one of the top platforms for planning and optimizing your posts. Although the tool currently doesn’t have an AI generator, it helps you perform numerous other tasks. Specifically, MarketMuse is considered premium software for SEO teams.

With this software, you can research lucrative keywords in your industry while also performing extensive competitive analysis. The tool helps ideate topics and create clusters and outlines for your articles. Once you’re done writing the post, you can copy-paste it into the platforms to find phrases that are missing in your text.

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10. Article Forge

Article Forge

On the surface, Article Forge looks like a generic AI content creator. You create blog posts by typing in your main keyword and choosing the language and length. But there’s more to this software than it meets the eye.

Article Forge can provide rich content by automatically including videos, images, links, and headings. Even better, the software automatically sprinkles relevant phrases throughout the article, so you have a better chance of ranking in Google. Besides various integrations, Article Forge also has automatic scheduling and posting features.

11. Frase

YouTube video

Frase has numerous similarities to MarketMuse. The platform generates keyword ideas and content briefs while helping you optimize content. You can also compare your pieces to competitors’ articles to get a better understanding of how you would match up. Frase also gives you a breakdown of the websites your competitors are linked to.

Frase search engine is one of the tool’s more unique features. The AI chatbot helps you sift through content on specific websites. After fetching the site’s pages, the bot can use the information to provide users with valuable answers.

Check out Frase in action here:

12. Murf.AI


Murf.AI is one of the more unique tools on this list. The software allows you to create incredible voiceovers by processing your textual input. Choose between several default avatars, including animator, educator, marketer, podcaster, and customer support voice. If necessary, you can also change the voice pitch and speed.

Murf.AI has an enormous base of more than 120 voices that support 20 languages. You can further enrich the voice content by adding music, images, and videos, thus providing a much more immersive experience for the users. You can even use your own recordings to convert them into a richer, more professional alternative.

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13. Wordtune


Wordtune is simplistic software that allows you to quickly rephrase your textual content. The tool is free, but you have a limited number of daily uses. With Wordtune, you can completely rewrite your posts, make them shorter or longer, or change their tone.

14. SurferSEO


SurferSEO is another popular tool for content optimization, assisting during keyword research and competitive analysis. The platform utilizes AI technology to create content briefs and generate texts. You can also paste human-made articles into the tool and perform optimization based on SurferSEO’s suggestions.

15. Articoolo


Articoolo is another straightforward tool that works in web browsers. The platform allows you to generate new articles or rewrite old ones in just a few clicks. All you have to do is type in a topic description, choose between 6 available languages, and get your AI-generated content.

16. Kafkai


With this software, you can create posts for specific niches. First, you need to choose between several available industries, including finances, travel, marketing, and dating. Then, you can type in the general topic or copy-paste a paragraph from an online blog post that you liked. Kafkai doesn’t have many options, but it’s rather easy to use.

17. GrowthBar


GrowthBar is a simple browser add-on that you can integrate with WordPress. Like other AI generators on the list, the tool helps you create almost instantaneous posts. Other noteworthy features include SEO optimization, keyword, PPC, and backlink analysis.

18. ChatGPT


Most of the tools on this list rely on ChatGPT technology to generate AI posts. Of course, you can also use the technology in its original form by visiting the official site. While the ChatGPT tool isn’t as intuitive as some other, more polished solutions on this list, it still provides great results.

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19. Adcreative.AI


Adcreative.AI is a perfect platform for large social marketing teams. By adding a company logo, colors, and descriptive text, you can create marketing materials from scratch. Adcreative.AI allows you to alternate between different formats, creating modern, high-converting posts for different platforms.

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20. QuillBot

With this platform, you can perform various content creation and optimization tasks. Besides auto-generating content, QuillBot also enhances existing pages. You can use the tool to research topics, create citations, translate and summarize texts, as well as perform plagiarism and grammar checks.

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21. Otter.ai

Otter AI

Otter AI is a tool that turns natural spoken language into AI-generated texts. The software shines for professors, coaches, and managers who need transcripts of their video calls. Aside from transforming a voice into text, Otter AI can highlight the main talking points making it easier to skim through conversations.

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22. SocialBee


Most top-tier social media marketers have used SocialBee at one point or another. This platform allows you to manage several accounts from a single dashboard while also helping with posting and scheduling. Its newest AI tool allows you to generate various types of social content, including YouTube scripts, TikTok posts, and ads.

Check out SocialBee in action here:

YouTube video

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23. Tailwind Ghostwriter

Tailwind Ghostwriter AI

Similar to SocialBee, Tailwind focuses on social media posts while also adding an email component. Specifically, the software works best for Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, allowing you to create engaging images and texts. However, Tailwind has recently added Tailwind Ghostwriter, which rivals other leading AI content creation tools in terms of functionality.

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Conclusion on AI Content Creation

Whether you need images, videos, or texts, these tools can help you out. AI software can quickly generate immersive content for your website, social media accounts, emails, and other platforms. As if that wasn’t enough, these tools have other features that will help optimize and streamline your marketing strategy.

Looking for more AI marketing tools? Check out my faves below!

YouTube video
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AI Content Creation FAQs

What AI can I use for content creation?

There are many AI tools that content creators can utilize to enhance their work, such as GPT-3 for generating text, Canva for designing graphics, and Hootsuite for scheduling social media posts. These tools can help automate some of the more time-consuming aspects of content creation, allowing writers and creators to focus on what they do best: producing high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

What is the meaning of AI content creation?

AI content creation refers to the process where sophisticated algorithms are used to generate written content that ranges from simple product descriptions to in-depth feature articles. With AI, content creation is no longer confined to human capabilities. In fact, AI content creation has the potential to speed up the content marketing and advertising process by a pivotal degree.

Can AI create social media content?

Yes. With AI, it is now possible to analyze vast amounts of data in a short amount of time, and use this data to generate content that is tailor-made for specific social media platforms. In addition, AI can use machine learning algorithms to understand user preferences and create personalized content. However, it is important to note that while AI can create content, it still lacks the creativity and originality that humans can bring to the table.

Why is AI important in content creation?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming the world of content creation in ways we never thought possible. Not only is it making the process of generating content faster and more efficient, but it is also opening up new avenues for creativity and innovation. With AI technology, businesses can now create content that is personalized, engaging, and effective at driving conversions. AI is becoming a vital tool in delivering exceptional content that resonates with their target audience.

What is the best AI content generator?

Some popular choices include GPT-3, Jarvis.ai, and Article Forge. Each platform offers unique features and benefits that cater to different needs. Ultimately, the best AI content generator depends on the specific goals and requirements of the user. As AI technology continues to evolve, it’s likely that new players will enter the market and existing ones will continue to improve their offerings.

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