33 Leading AI Marketing Tools to Explore

33 Leading AI Marketing Tools to Explore

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Unlike ten years ago, marketers and entrepreneurs alike now have the option to automate – or at least have an intelligent assistant on call – for just about every marketing process with the help of AI tools. From email marketing campaigns to search engine optimization and online advertising, there’s little you can’t do with these fantastic programs which we now call AI marketing tools.


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Most importantly, using an AI-powered tool will help you carve a place in the market, beating competitors with deeper pockets. However, that doesn’t mean your marketing strategy will benefit from every platform. Some of the AI products on the market provide limited functionality and might even lead you down the wrong path.

To separate the wheat from the chaff,  I’ve made a list of the best artificial intelligence platforms for various digital marketing tasks.  Besides improving numerous internal processes, this type of software can provide better customer experiences, increase conversion rates, and, ultimately, increase return on investment. 

While some of these AI marketing tools you have undoubtedly heard of, I did my best to try to recommend some tools that you might have never heard of. The idea here is to understand what is possible and experiment with some of these tools to see if they can help improve your marketing processes.

Content Editing

Given the importance of blog posts, videos, and podcasts, it makes sense that content marketing tools are at the forefront of all marketing activities. Editing software, in particular, ensures that your content is well-put, engaging, and error-free. 

1. Grammarly


Grammarly is the essential AI-powered marketing tool for any content strategy and one of the oldest editing programs on the market. As you can guess by the name, this nifty platform helps marketers check grammar in their articles, social media posts, product descriptions, and other written content.

Besides basic corrections, Grammarly also makes suggestions on how to make the text more engaging and modify your style. Nowadays, the marketing AI tool also comes with a text generator allowing writers to create posts from scratch. 

Textual Content Creation

Speaking of text generation, this software category allows you to pump out thousands of words within seconds. These generators use natural language processing and AI technology to create quality content with minimal human intervention. 

2. ChatGPT


ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that brought a revolution to marketing, but also other industries. The technology allows marketing teams to generate text by relying on machine learning and artificial intelligence. All you have to do is leave a short prompt, and the platform will create a text based on your input.

ChatGPT technology is the backbone of numerous modern other text generators and is single-handedly changing the outlook of the SaaS industry. 

3. Jasper


When it comes to text generation, Jasper is no joke. This powerful tool can whip up any type of content in mere seconds, ranging from social media posts to long ultimate guides and short product descriptions. 

The platform can assist with numerous repetitive tasks, making your day a breeze. Then again, don’t overdo it with automated texts, as it might come back to bite you. What I like the most about this artificial intelligence marketing tool is that you can feed it information about your brand, so it customizes text according to your mission and vision. 

Here’s a quick overview of Jasper for the curious:

YouTube video

4. MarketMuse

MarketMuse is a top-notch content editor you can use for just about any creation or optimization process. The intuitive platform is fantastic for newbies and experts alike, and you can use it to skyrocket to the top of search engine results. 

Its main selling point is keyword optimization; the program will generate a list of suggestions, so all you gotta do is follow its simple instructions to reach the top of SERPs. If you have doubts about how you’re doing, you can always check the score in the upper corner – it serves as a benchmark against the top-performing pages. 

5. Phrasee


If you’re looking for a way to boost engagement, you should definitely consider using Phrasee. Its powerful analytics is no joke, helping you tackle otherwise tedious tasks and eliminating the guessing game. 

The coolest thing yet is that Phrasee works for different formats. When I tested it, Phrasee showed fantastic results for different content strategies, so I could easily recommend it to anyone looking to make a splash with their digital marketing. All you gotta do is type in a few sentences, and this fabulous software will pump out text according to your brand mission and vision. 

6. Copy.ai


Copi.AI is another incredible generator for creating various marketing materials. The software works for just about anything from Google Ads to email subject lines, blogs, social media posts, and eCommerce posts. 

Similar to other marketing tools on the list, even complete beginners can use Copy.AI. All you have to do is type in the basic description, main talking points, and assign style, and you’ll receive an engaging piece to lure potential customers to your brand. 

7. Tailwind Ghostwriter

Tailwind Ghostwriter

Saying that Tailwingd Ghostwriter is an AI generator is an understatement. This comprehensive marketing suite consists of 50 tools and functionalities that can significantly improve the customer journey. A business owner can use it to optimize hashtags, convert followers, and team up with other entrepreneurs.

Although content marketers can use the generator for just about any channel, it works best for social media platforms. Aside from creating and scheduling posts,  social media managers can use the tool’s sentiment analysis to asses their marketing effort.

Intrigued? Check out Tailwind Ghostwriter in action below:

YouTube video

8. HubSpot Content Assistant

HubSpot Content Assistant

HubSpot is a platform from which every sales team can benefit, but in this particular case, I wish to focus on its AI content assistant. 

The software is fantastic for generating content ideas, articles, paragraphs, emails, and social media posts. I especially like the tool’s analytics suite that allows users to create a more personalized experience for their readers. 

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Visual Content Creation

Like text tools, visual generators are blowing up all over the internet. Marketing experts can use this software to save money on designers by creating quick images for their blogs and social media posts. 

9. Craiyon (formerly DALL-E mini)


Craiyon works under a simple premise; all you have to do is input a keyword or description, add phrases to avoid, and generate content. Digital marketers can also choose between several styles, including art, drawing, or photo so that the image fits well your branding style. The best thing yet, if you like an image but are looking for something even better, you can browse similar creations. 

10. Midjourney

Right now, Midjourney might be the best visual creator on the market. Although it’s a bit bulkier than Craiyon, and you can’t generate images right away, I still like the results. The AI software uses a similar premise to other generators, relying on your main keyword to return results. 

Video Content Creation

From the digital marketing perspective, video content creators are mainly used for introductory and explainer videos. While they’re not as flexible as content or video generators, you can use these tools to boost landing page conversion and for sales and outreach campaigns. 

11. Synthesia


Using Synthesia can significantly cut your video creation and editing costs. The platform uses advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence to create human-like avatars that can reproduce textual input. After choosing a language and inputting text, your avatar recites the content while standing against a customized background. 

12. Lumen5


While Lumen5 doesn’t have the same avatar feature as Synthesia, it still does a fantastic job of creating engaging video content. 

Digital marketers can add premade backgrounds, overlays, and videos to a built-in editor to create a perfect mix. By analyzing your textual input, the software synchronizes your message with the action happening in the video significantly increasing your conversions. 

Website Development

AI website development is one of the last artificial intelligence frontiers. While I think these platforms need much more polishing, they can provide solid results nonetheless. Basically, you can use these platforms to create a perfect site and start your digital business on a high note. 

13. 10Web


My main concern when I first used 10Web was that the software would create a nice visual solution while omitting the best optimization practices. Luckily, with this program, not only can you create a digital company profile, but you can also optimize page speed and add relevant widgets while paying attention to mobile design.

The final result is a well-working platform ready for SEO optimization, page indexing, and visitors. 

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Email Marketing

Doing outreach via email is one of the most tedious marketing processes requiring extensive target audience research and customization. Fortunately, there are a few platforms that can streamline this task.

14. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is an AI-powered email marketing tool that puts emphasis on conversions. The software studies engagement patterns to create messages that the target audience will most likely engage with. Not only can the tool discover the best time to send emails, but it can also avoid common spam filters. 

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Search engine optimization is heavily dependent on analytics and making informed decisions. With AI tools like SEMRush, you get relevant information in real-time to maximize your marketing effort. 

15. Frase


Frase.IO is a platform I use on a daily basis. It allows teams to dissect the top-ranking pages in Google and find content patterns. This incredible digital solution gives you a breakdown of top-performing pages, showing what you need to do to overtake top results in Google. 

Your writers can create content within the dash and compare the scores to those of competitors. If you ask me, pretty easy and intuitive system!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to use Frase:

YouTube video

16. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

This marketing tool shares numerous similarities to Frase.IO and MarketMuse and is often mentioned in the same breath. Like the other two entries, it provides a list of keywords and other suggestions allowing marketers to optimize their pieces. While I think this platform is somewhat inferior to Frase.IO, it can still provide good results in conjunction with other SEO tools.

17. SEMrush

For many SEO experts, SEMRush is the first program they use when they wake up and the last before going to sleep. You can use the comprehensive platform to execute every optimization process ranging from market research to link monitoring, technical audit, social media marketing, and advertising. 

The platform’s real-time insights can’t miss, and you can use them for just about anything from analyzing your tweets to improving your link quality. While some of its features are not elite (for example, there are much better social media tools), SEMRush still rocks the casbah. 

If you haven’t been using SEMrush for your SEO, learn how I use them for my entire SEO process!

YouTube video

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How many times you’ve seen users posting their fun interactions while using chatbots? However, there’s much more to these tool that simply joshing around on the internet; they have a real commercial value that you can benefit from! 

18. ManyChat


This incredible tool allows marketers to automate their communication with leads and existing customers. You can use ManyChat to generate leads, engage prospects, and ultimately, drive more sales. The chatbot works for all major platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and SMM. 

Among others, the software is fantastic for collecting leads’ numbers, sharing coupons and promotions, and booking. The numerous integrations with tools such as MailChimp, HubSpot, and Klaviyo significantly increase its usefulness. 

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Social Listening

Social listening is vital for collecting web feedback and understanding customer sentiment. By using marketing tools from this category, marketers can better control the online discourse and address remarks regarding their product or service. 

19. Brand24


In the last few years, Brand24 has emerged as one of the best, if not the best, tools for social monitoring. The platform is extremely popular among PR teams, allowing them to track all web posts that mention their brand. 

The AI platform gives you a comprehensive breakdown of customer sentiment, tracking changes over time. Aside from prevention, Brand24 can be used as a growth solution, allowing you to benchmark reach and awareness against competitors. 

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Social Media Marketing

For the most part, social media programs allow marketers to post and schedules messages across different platforms. The more advanced solutions also have fantastic analytics suites that measure your performance over time. 

20. Flick


Flick’s AI assistant is excellent for creating and repurposing social content. Once you create new posts, you can schedule them for later use and add hashtags relevant to specific platforms. Flick also comes with a comprehensive analytics suite, which marketers can use to assess their past performance and tweak their approach. 

21. SocialBee


SocialBee provides numerous advantages to SMM teams. Like other platforms on the list, this nifty digital solution is tailor-made for running several accounts simultaneously. 

The thing I like about the program is that it allows you to create numerous posts in advance. By using its AI writer and Canva integration, you can make images and text within seconds, even if you have subpar content creation skills. Lastly, its analytics is a fantastic addition to tracking performance.  

Check out how SocialBee’s AI can empower your social media marketing here:

YouTube video

22. Tweethunter


As you can guess by the name, Tweethunter is a fantastic solution for Twitter. The platform has recently introduced an AI writer that simplifies post creation while scheduling allows you to create a plan weeks ahead. However, out of all the features Tweethunter provides, I liked auto DMs the most. 

Learn more about how to use Tweethunter here:

YouTube video

23. ContentIn


ContentIn specializes in LinkedIn social media management. Besides the usual AI writer and schedule, the digital solution offers fantastic post templates so you never run dry on ideas. You can also use ContentIn to quickly add multimedia and remake your most successful LinkedIn posts. 

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Digital Ads Management

Similar to SEO, you can’t execute an efficient digital ad campaign without appropriate tools. These marketing platforms are fantastic for tracking the performance of your advertisements, making sure you get the most from every click. 

24. Albert


Albert provides several major benefits, allowing marketing teams to optimize their ad design and execute marketing across several platforms. You can integrate Albert with Bing, Google Marketing Platform, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Tiktok to monitor across the board. 

25. Revealbot


The first thing you’ll notice when using Revealbot is that the AI platform allows you to introduce your metrics. Besides optimizing posts, the tool enables customer segmentation, helping you discover worst-performing audiences. The audience testing also comes in handy, while integrations with major ad platforms make your life that much easier. 

26. AdCreative.ai


AdCreative’s main selling point is marketing material design. The platform excels at creating visual brochures and similar content that you can use for traditional and digital marketing. AI insights help you discover user trends, improve conversions, and get the most from every post. 

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While YouTube isn’t ideal for all businesses, it’s one of the channels that can attract the biggest audience. YouTube tools are excellent for adding the right tags, benchmarking against competitors, and reaching a wider audience. 

27. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy relies on AI technology to discover the best titles, generate content ideas, and improve thumbnails. The keyword explorer feature does wonders during the initial stages, ensuring that your posts are not in vain. 

Among different functionalities, TubeBuddy’s bulk tool is fantastic for tackling repetitive tasks. You can use it to manage comments, replace thumbnails, modify titles and tags, and remove demonetized posts. 

Check out TubeBuddy’s AI functionality here:

YouTube video

28. VidIQ


This nifty YouTube solution works on micro and macro levels. It’s fantastic during the early account stages for monitoring subscriber count before you can monetize. The platform provides several channel-wide metrics, such as total view count, watch and retention rates, and subscriber count. There are also stats that help you track changes. 

Nevertheless, keyword research is perhaps the software’s best feature; the users can see difficulty scores for different phrases and total search volume. 

Here’s a quick look at VidIQ’s AI functionality:

YouTube video

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Video and Podcasting

Creating podcasts takes much more time than some people might think. During the process, a creator needs to consider video editing, transcriptions, and adjusting volume, all of which can be streamlined with video and podcast tools. 

29. Descript


With this fantastic platform, you can manage every step of the podcast creation process. First and foremost, the tool allows you to capture the screen, which serves as the basis for everything else. Then, you can instruct the AI software to remove certain phrases from the video, shorten word gaps, and auto-generate transcripts.

Descript also allows you to change the visuals by tweaking the background color and adding other elements. Lastly, the platform has a few collaboration features helping you work with other creators. 

30. Podsqueeze


The main purpose of Podsqueeze is to create quick transcripts of your podcasts. The digital solution “listens” while you talk and creates timestamps. Later on, you can extract these files and repurpose the texts for your articles, newsletters, tweets, and other content formats. 

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Presentations and Meetings

While not the most popular marketing tools, presentation and meeting platforms are fantastic for larger teams. You can use these platforms to perform various company-wide tasks, create meeting transcripts, presentations, and offer insights. 

31. Beautiful.ai


Aside from assisting you with marketing, Beautiful.AI can serve various other purposes. By utilizing AI technology and a short textual input, the platform can pump out different promotional materials. Companies use it for sales proposals, social media reports, and various marketing reports. 

32. Otter.ai


If your team has a habit of holding long meetings, you should definitely consider Otter.AI. You can use the software to generate full textual transcripts, which can be further processed for other team members and other purposes. For example, Otter.AI can focus on the main talking points and create short experts that you can share throughout the marketing department. 

33. Fathom

I learned about Fathom through one of my Digital First Community members and was intrigued by this free Zoom app’s ability to not only transcribe our hour long calls, but to make all of our conversations searchable.

Seriously, every important Zoom call I record with Fathom, and once you start using it, you will too!

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Today, it’s hard to imagine a successful brand that doesn’t use some sort of marketing automation. This category of software is at the forefront of this technological revolution providing simple yet precise solutions to businesses. 

Like most other entrepreneurs, I use these platforms every day. In fact, I would recommend them to any marketing agency or brand that wants to charge a niche in their respective market and reach prospective clients.

Looking for more AI marketing tools? Check out my video below!

YouTube video
The 40 Digital Marketing Tools That I Recommend to All of My Clients
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