7 WordPress AI Website Builders to Experiment With

7 WordPress AI Website Builders to Experiment With

If you’re looking to create a new business website, or even if you want to update your current WordPress one, you should definitely consider using a WordPress AI website builder. These programs utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning to hasten various processes in developing a high quality website without losing any quality. What’s even better, they don’t require any coding skills, making them a perfect solution for inexperienced digital entrepreneurs. 

Is It Possible to Use AI to Develop a WordPress Website?

Yes, I asked myself this same question!

Intuitive website builders are nothing new. The market is saturated with powerful drag-and-drop software where your only job is to pick a template, tweak a few images, and introduce desired add-ons. Although this is a progressive tool vertical, I was still pleasantly surprised by all the improvements brought about by AI.

This new technology can generate layouts from scratch with minimal human involvement. It can also create text for landing pages and add images, all of which you can modify on a whim. AI coding was another interesting functionality, allowing users to create lines of code within seconds.

To answer the question, AI is a fantastic ally when developing a WordPress site. With it, you can expedite the entire process, creating wholesome sites within mere minutes. 

That is, if you are using the right tools to help you!

How to Choose a WordPress AI Website Builder

Based on the website builders I’ve tried, these platforms can differ significantly from one another. You’ll likely have to slowly test and analyze different solutions before figuring out which one is the best for your business. Anyway, here are the main things you need to check before purchasing one of these solutions:

  • AI text generation
  • AI image generation
  • AI coding
  • Generating on-brand content 
  • Other advanced AI features 
  • Simplicity of use
  • Editing features
  • Creating layouts from scratch 
  • Template, element, and add-on library 

Ideally, you should look for software that can generate text, images, and code. Auto-generated layouts are another major perk, as they can save you a lot of time during the designing process. If I were in your shoes, I would also pay attention to special AI features (like generative fill or on-brand AI content) when choosing a program. 

7 WordPress AI Website Builders

In the following sections, I’ll break down the 7 best AI site builders on the market. It’s worth noting that many of these tools have been around for a while and have just recently added artificial intelligence features. In that regard, many of them might be lacking in one way or another. 



10Web.io can simplify your development process while providing the same performance as traditional website builders. After answering a few simple questions about your business, the software will generate professional images and appropriate text for web pages.

While the AI-powered site builder will do most of the heavy lifting, you still have the option of introducing various edits. For example, you can alter color schemes for customizable design elements and change website font. You can also choose which pages you wish to feature on your platform.

As for the artificial intelligence features, they’re mostly used for text and image generation. On top of that, you can also use the technology to ideate your business name as well as your marketing strategy. The AI-driven solutions can also be used when creating blog posts and optimizing your pages for search engines.

Pricing: AI Starter for $10/mo (5,000 AI words, 10,000 monthly visitors, 10GB SSD storage), AI Premium for $15/mo (50,000 AI words, 150,000 monthly visitors, 15GB SSD storage), AI Ultimate for $23/mo (unlimited, 200,000 monthly visitors, 120GB SSD storage, multisite support)



This powerful tool is classified as an AI code generator for the WordPress platform. By relying on the power of artificial intelligence, you can instantly create numerous lines of code for various apps and custom sites. As such, the long-running site builder is a perfect solution for new developers who don’t feel confident enough to create an entire platform from scratch.

Having a clean UI and various customization options are the two main reasons why AI-powered website builder is so popular. For example, the company provides custom AI modes geared toward specific apps and platforms. That way, you can rest assured that every block of code is accurate and suitable for a particular software.

Although mainly promoted as a tool for plugin development, CodeWP is also one of the most popular choices for building sites. With it, you can create a responsive design for search engines, having full control over fonts, color palettes, and layouts. It also helps that you get numerous pre-designed templates that make the entire process a breeze.

Once you’re done building sites, you can ideate creative blog post ideas and generate blog posts from scratch. Keep in mind that the creation process is somewhat limited by the underlying AI, and you might have to put in some manual work here and there.

Pricing: Free (100 actions per month, 1 project, only free modes), Pro for $18/mo (10,000 per month, 4 projects, 28+ plugins), Agency for $48/mo (unlimited actions, unlimited projects, 3 team members, custom modes, collaborative features) 

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Elementor AI

Elementor AI

Elementor AI is an all-in-one solution that gives you full control over the website development process. This software is among the best content generators for WordPress and WooCommerce, and it also allows you to create your own code snippets. I also like the fact that Elementor AI has a massive library of plugins that will meet all your specific needs.

With this visual builder, you can generate full layouts by simply typing in a short prompt. Alternatively, you can utilize the existing website designs you’ve found online and modify them through the power of AI. And if you ever think your design elements are too shabby, you can use the prompt enhancer so you can give the tool better commands.

Out of all the things I’ve seen in Elementor, AI-generated images stand out the most. By simply inputting your prompt, image style and type, and aspect ratio, you can generate professional images within seconds. The visual builder’s editor can further enhance these pictures by changing color schemes, positions, and backgrounds and by using generative fill.

The software also has a wide range of features for text. The AI writing assistant can generate compelling content for landing pages, contact forms, pop-ups, and long-form content on your blog. Another nifty thing is that the program can follow your trail of thought and provide suggestions accordingly. Lastly, I’d like to mention grammar correction, tone of voice, and translation options. 

Pricing: AI Starter for $2.99/mo (18,000 credits, 30-day history storage), AI Power for $8.25/mo (50,000 credits, 90-day history storage) 

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Divi AI

Divi AI

Divi AI is a recent addition to the company’s existing website builder, which adds AI functionality to the mix. The basic builder works under a drag-and-drop premise, allowing you to tap into a vast library of templates and elements to create a perfect site for your company.

As for the AI features, they are primarily utilized for coding, text, and image generation (the company has an AI layout generation tool in the works). Although the platform still feels a bit incomplete, you can still get fantastic AI-generated content for your blog category and other pages.

An interesting thing about Divi AI is that it analyzes your current content and content settings to deliver even better results. By providing some context about your platform, the tool can generate images and text with a single click, ensuring that your message is always on brand and on point.

Perhaps the feature I enjoyed the most was the image generator. The software can create compelling content from scratch or by using other web materials. You also get access to a wide range of editing features that will make the initial design that much smoother. 

Pricing: Divi AI Unlimited for $18/mo (unlimited AI generation), Divi + Divi AI for $245/year (unlimited AI generation, Divi themes and builder, 300+ website packs, unlimited website usage) 

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If you check the Appypie website, you’ll notice that the company provides all sorts of AI solutions for no-code development. Besides creating sites, you can use the platform to generate various apps, workflows, chatbots, and platforms with little to no coding. 

Appypie utilizes drag-and-drop functionality to generate sites for various industries and verticals. The software is especially great when creating online stores, as it simplifies payments, coupons, gift codes, and product reviews. On top of that, commercial sites built with Appypie consume minimal resources, providing much better performance in search engines.

The thing I appreciate about this software is that it holds your hand during the process. You start by inputting your business name, after which you choose the appropriate website category. Once you choose your color palettes, the software will send you the main dashboard where you can create different pages and introduce extra features.

Like all other builders, Appypie provides customizable design elements. Paired with marketing features, you can rest assured your platform will be well-optimized for the target audience and search engines. One of the things that people praise, which I haven’t tested, is customer support. Apparently, the company’s call center is almost always available and willing to give you a full breakdown of the tool.

Pricing: Start for $18/mo (50GB storage), Grow for $36/mo (unlimited storage, premium features, premium integrations, advanced analytics) 



An interesting thing about ZipWp is that you require minimal input before the tool can generate a new site. Aside from the brand name and business description, all you need to do is insert a few contact details, and the software can create a new platform from scratch.

In other words, you don’t have to go through the long process of creating layouts and designing elements, as the platform can do all of that for you. The site will create a few main landing pages, such as About Us and Contact, and introduce specific categories common to that type of site.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t modify the output. After generating the site, you can alter the colors, font, and logo and make text and image modifications within the WordPress CMS. Like with any regular site, you have full control over each page, changing different elements the way you see fit.

If you don’t like the website layout and think that it’s missing some information, you can always generate another one from scratch. Keep in mind that the tool is rather new, so there’s a lot to be desired. Among other things, the company is currently doing its best to introduce new WP plugin integrations and Chrome extensions.

Here’s the pricing list for ZipWP: Free (3 AI sites per month, site expires in 24 hours), Business for $399/year (10 AI sites per day, 20 permanent sites, 20GB disc space, 10 team members, 100,000 credits per month) 

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WP Bakery

WP Bakery

Even before the introduction of AI features, WP Bakery was considered one of the best website builders on the market. Like other entries on the list, the platform requires minimal (if any) coding expertise, covering both the front end and back end. If you choose this program, you’ll have access to a massive library of templates, add-ons, and site elements.

While WP Bakery is fantastic in terms of its overall functionality, it’s somewhat lagging behind other AI builders. Specifically, the software allows you to create text and code, but you can’t use it for artificial intelligence images. On top of that, there’s a limit to how much credit you can spend on auto-generating text.

As for the text features, you can use them to improve your existing content, create new articles and pages, and translate them into different languages. When creating blog posts and other content, you can change the tone of voice, insert keywords, and make other small alterations. Content improvements are especially great, improving optimization and readability.

In general, WP Bakery is a solid choice for users looking for templates, add-ons, and a large number of customizable elements. Unfortunately, I would love it if the tool had a bit better AI features.

Pricing: Regular for $59/lifetime (1 site), 5 Sites for $256/lifetime (5 sites, same features as regular plan), 10 Sites for $499/lifetime (10 sites, same features as regular plan) 

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AI website builders are just the thing every small business needs. By using these programs, companies with limited budgets can save money on expensive designers and, instead, develop sites from scratch without requiring any technical knowledge. 

Many of these companies have recently introduced AI functionality and are still working to improve the features of their respective tools. That being said, this article might feel a bit obsolete six months from now. So, I suggest you test these tools beforehand to ensure that a program is just what you need. 

Hero Photo by WebFactory Ltd on Unsplash

WordPress AI Website Builder FAQs

Can AI build a WordPress website?

Yes. AI technology has advanced so much that it is capable of handling tedious tasks like website building. The introduction of AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants has paved the way for intelligent algorithms to take over previously manual tasks like web design. AI can now generate website layouts and even design elements like color schemes and fonts. However, it’s important to keep in mind that while AI technology can certainly help with the technical aspects of building a website, a human touch is still necessary to ensure the website aligns with the brand’s vision and goals.

Can AI build a website?

While traditional website design typically involves coding and programming languages, AI-powered web design tools are challenging this approach. These tools utilize machine learning algorithms and natural language processing to create websites that are visually appealing, functional, and responsive. AI-powered website builders are fundamentally changing the landscape of digital design, and their potential applications are vast and diverse.

Is Elementor AI free?

Elementor AI does not come for free, however, it is affordably priced in comparison to its rival tools in the market. The tool’s pricing is based on a yearly subscription model, which is currently starting at $49 per year, making it quite accessible for most website builders. The subscription includes regular updates and access to a global support system that ensures all clients’ questions are answered promptly.

What is the best AI website builder?

From our extensive research, we have found that the best AI website builders primarily include Wix ADI, Bookmark AI, and Firedrop. Each of these platforms offer unique strengths, including their affordability, user-friendly interfaces, and AI-powered capabilities that streamline the website building process. Ultimately, selecting the best AI website builder is contingent upon your specific business needs and goals.

Which is better AI builder or WordPress?

The advent of AI builder and WordPress enables companies to create customized websites with ease. Both platforms have their respective strengths and limitations, making the choice of one over the other quite challenging. However, it’s crucial to weigh the advantages and disadvantages to determine which one suits your business needs. While WordPress offers great flexibility and functionality for content management, AI builder provides personalized visitor experiences by utilizing data-driven insights.

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