15 Powerful AI TikTok Video Generators to Simplify Video Creation

15 Powerful AI TikTok Video Generators to Simplify Video Creation

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Would you like to work harder or work smarter? I’m assuming the latter, and if that’s you, it’s time to open your eyes to the latest AI-driven video makers which can help simplify your content creation process. With them, you can create captivating videos in a fragment of the time it would previously take you. 

What is an AI TikTok Video Generator?

The field of AI TikTok video generators is a diverse one. Most of them rely on some sort of textual input to create engaging videos. Depending on a specific video tool, they might require prompts to produce avatar or stock videos. Some of these content generators are more akin to video editors, primarily serving to modify longer videos into social media posts. 

Here’s the basic classification of these programs: 

  • Text to AI Avatars: As you can tell by the name, the tool category uses text inputs and human avatars to create realistic videos. The end product is fantastic for explainer videos, training videos, or just about any other sort of educational post
  • Text Prompt to Stock Video: Video makers from this category utilize premade visual elements to create high-quality videos. With these artificial intelligence programs, you can create videos in the form of stock photo or video compilations 
  • Blog / Script to Stock Video: These AI-driven video generators utilize blog posts or scripts to create TikToks comprised of stock photos and videos. They’re somewhat more complex compared to the previous group of software as they utilize longer inputs for video production
  • Long Video to TikTok Video: These tools use AI to analyze your current long, horizontal videos and automatically generate short-form, vertical videos for TikTok and other social media platforms

An important thing about these programs is that they’re not exclusive to TikTok. Although they optimize video features for this particular social network, they also allow you to create posts for other platforms. This makes them ideal for complex video marketing campaigns and SMM brands. 

With that out of the mind, let’s roll to the reviews!

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Text to AI Avatars

While not ideal for comedy skits and other entertaining posts, these programs are a solid choice if you wish to create professional-looking video clips. By utilizing premade avatars, you can add a human touch to your videos without having to spend hours upon hours stuck in a studio. 

1. Synthesia


If you’re a professional video creator using TikTok, you should definitely check out Synthesia. Users have access to an extensive media library consisting of 140+ avatars speaking 120+ languages. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also create a digital clone, making TikTok posts more suitable for your target audience.

Another nifty feature is the video script generator. By introducing the topic and target audience, this complicated editing tool can create different scenes for your post. On top of that, you can also alter background music, introduce pre-designed templates in the back, change the color palette, and make other alterations. 

2. Elai.io


Elai.io allows you to utilize all sorts of written content for your viral videos. The presentation to video tool can tap into your blog posts and eCommerce product descriptions to generate TikTok scripts. Of course, you can also create scripts from scratch by typing them directly or utilizing the GPT3 text generator. 

The thing that separates the AI-powered post generator is its studio creation option. Basically, you can pay the company’s team to create a customized avatar in your likeness. Users have access to 100 video templates for the background and 80+ avatars. There’s also an interactive storyboard that allows you to tweak every millisecond of your video. 

3. Veed.io


Although Veed.io has a nice selection of premade avatars, this isn’t its main selling point. In fact, the thing I’m most excited about is the vast library of premade short videos that can cut your content creation process in half (if not more!). If we also consider the large voice library, this means that the AI-powered video editing tool allows TikTok post creation without any recording.

The reason why Veed.io is perfect for TikToks is because it allows you to resize videos, so they’re suitable for this social media. You can also tinker with well-designed text boxes, emojis, shapes, and GIFs to add some originality to your content. And if everything else fails, there’s an online video recorder that allows you to create projects from scratch. 

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4. Colossyan


Colossyan has a large library of avatars and also allows you to create custom avatars of your own. The thing that separates it from the pack is the clothes-changing features, ensuring that each digital presenter feels unique. This is vital for longer social media campaigns, as you want your avatars to feel different each time.

There’s also an enormous library of background templates, and you can choose between 120+ languages for your avatars. Like with other video editors, you have access to numerous sound effects and video filters. Marketers can use AI technology to create scripts, as well. 

5. Deepbrain AI

DeepBrain AI

Using this video editor is rather straightforward. You start by selecting from a list of avatars and introducing your main topic. The software instantly generates content for a wider audience, which you can improve with a personal touch. Among others, you can tap into a large library of audio, video, and image assets, thus increasing your creative possibilities. 

The thing I liked about Deepbrain AI is the number of modifications you can apply to your avatars. Besides the basic stuff, such as changing their body position, gestures, and language, you can also introduce pauses, change video speed, and alter technical settings. With 100+ avatars and 80+ templates, your TikToks will become a massive hit. 

6. HeyGen


For the most part, HeyGen is similar to other AI video platforms. First off, you start by choosing from 100+ avatars, then you insert voice for video (whether premade or self-made voice files) and select a template. HeyGen’s unique feature is photo avatars, allowing you to replicate different art styles for your presenters. 

As for sound effects, you can choose from a library of 300+ voices. Alternatively, you can utilize a voice generator to create a unique brand identity. With all these features, HeyGen AI-generated TikTok videos will feel significantly more realistic compared to what some other tools provide. 

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Text Prompt to Stock Video

These programs utilize stock media for their video creation process. Most of them integrate with sites like Shutterstock and Storyblocks to provide access to numerous digital elements. 

7. InVideo


The best thing about InVideo is the sheer number of user options. By subscribing to this online service, you’ll get access to 16+ million stock photos, audio, and videos that will instill life into your video footage. Even better, the software can produce great content based on just a few lines of text.

Aside from TikTok, the video platform also works for YouTube and other social media. The company is currently working on complex collaborative tools that will make InVideo perfect for large marketing teams.

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8. FlexClip


FlexClip combines three artificial intelligence technologies: text-to-video, script generator, and image generator. Together with the enormous number of stock assets (over 4 million, to be exact) and 1,000+ smart presets, users can make TikTok posts with minimal financial and time investment.

I especially liked the transitions. They are pretty smooth, ensuring that shots seamlessly change from one to another. When using this tool, you can also generate motion graphics, compress videos, record screens, add subtitles, and perform various other tweaks. 

9. Fliki


This particular software can utilize content from various sources. Besides inputting text by hand and uploading a blog post, you also have the option of using PPT files and tweets. Its main selling point is the voice selection; there are 2,000+ premade voiceovers that cover 75 major global languages.

You have several stock sources at your disposal, adding enormous variety to your content. If you don’t like what the tool generates, you can turn to human avatars to create TikToks from scratch. 

Blog / Script to Stock Video

Perhaps the trickiest thing about AI TikTok editing is turning long-form content into short videos. A lot of valuable information can be lost along the way, altering your final message. Luckily, with this type of software, you can convey the meaning of your textual posts and instill life into them with stock media.

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10. Pictory


Most content creators recognize Pictory as a tool that can process long, textual content and turn it into actionable stock-driven media. However, the thing that piqued my interest was the software’s ability to regurgitate long videos and turn them into TikToks suitable for the social media platform.

Its notable features are video editing with text, creating video highlights, turning scripts into videos, auto-summarizations, auto-captions, and auto transcriptions. The high degree of customization makes it perfect for just about any brand that wants to create customized messaging for the target audience. 

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11. Lumen5


Lumen gives you access to a vast number of stock media via Shutterstock and Unsplash. Aside from that, you can also explore existing templates that can serve as a background throughout entire videos. Lumen5 also has a nice selection of custom avatars, which can be utilized with stock media and templates for more personal messaging.

If you’re a blogger who also posts on TikTok, you should definitely check out its blog-to-stock video feature. The software auto-generates videos with little to no human interference. Among others, Lumen5 adjusts scene length based on text quantity while highlighting important keywords. The tool can even determine the optimal position for placing your text. 

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Long Video to TikTok Video

Another common issue content creators face has to do with video length. If you have an active blog, YouTube channel, and several social accounts, you’re probably struggling to repurpose all this content. Luckily, the following tool can help you solve this riddle. 

12. Vizard


The fantastic thing about Vizard is that it can take a lengthy video and turn it into 10+ clips. The software analyzes engagement to determine the most important talking points. Then, it cuts them into smaller pieces, ideal for TikTok and other social platforms.

On top of that, Vizard can reframe long videos into shorter, vertical videos. It can find dynamic elements and, most importantly, currently speaking humans and zoom camera on them. Lastly, the software creates transcripts, which you can then repurpose for your website. 

13. Designs.ai


Designs.ai is an excellent multipurpose tool that relies on AI technology to quickly execute various marketing tasks. Besides social media posts, you can use the program to generate text, logos, images, voiceovers, and videos.

When talking about TikTok functionality, specifically, users get access to 10 million video clips, 500,000 audio files, and 170,000 images. By utilizing these assets, influencers can create engaging posts for their accounts with a single click of a button. Alternatively, they can use editing features to shorten long videos and turn them into TikToks.

14. OpusClip

Opus Clip

OpusClip has some similarities to Vizard. It can analyze longer videos, detect hooks and highlights, and reuse them for TikTok clips. The thing I like the most about it is the AI virality score; the platform uses available data to assess the potential results your clips will achieve.

The AI technology also dissects content based on timestamps and utilizes keywords to focus on specific areas of the video. Active speaker detection is another nifty feature that focuses the frame on a person leading the conversation. 

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15. Wisecut


Besides cutting longer pieces, Wisecut can also introduce subtitles and music. Like other products from this category, the tool can reframe the shot so it focuses on the most active elements. I also found the auto-cuts feature extremely useful, as it can eliminate all the empty, meaningless parts of your content.

To boost engagements further, Wisecut adds translations and subtitles, both vital for people with disabilities and for foreign speakers. 


Just by going through my list, you should have a much better understanding of premium TikTok AI tools. This software category can significantly reduce the time needed to create and repurpose clips while also introducing much-needed additions to your posts. As such, it can be a potent ally for developing your online brand. 

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