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The 20 Best Twitter Tools for Marketing in 2023

For many years, Twitter has been an excellent tool for marketers. After all, it’s older than many of the other networks. But more importantly, Twitter is one of those places where people all over the world can broadcast their thoughts in a manner that’s largely uncensored. Sure, there are trust and safety rules, but political debates and all-out flame wars are common. As marketers, this is a great tool to leverage, as we put our client’s thoughts out there for everyone to see. Here are some of the best Twitter tools I’ve selected to help you improve your Twitter marketing.

Note that I have a separate post on the best Twitter clients and dashboards for you to consider to manage your everyday Tweets, which features tools such as TweetDeck, Buffer, Hootsuite, Social Oomph, AgoraPulse, Crowdfire, SocialPilot, SproutSocial, Sendible, etc. You can find that post here: The Top 15 Twitter Clients Used by the Top 35 Social Media Influencers

The Twitter tools listed below are for those Twitter marketers looking for more advanced analytics and functionality than provided in a general social media tool or, more specifically, a Twitter tool.

Twitter User and Influencer Analysis Tools

First, Twitter is more effective when you know which audiences to target. General statistics are useful, of course, but it’s also important to know who follows your type of product. Somehow, you need to cut through the noise, and that’s where user analysis tools are most useful.



If you’d like an analytics provider that also gives actionable insights, Audiense is a great option. While some programs give you the numbers without telling you what to do with them, Audisense lets you have it all. With a clear activity dashboard that lets you manage campaigns at a glance, the application is easy to use. But Audisenses’ strength is by far the analytics. They’ll give you a comprehensive view of who is looking at and interacting with your Twitter feed. This gives you an idea of who you need to work harder to reach, or if your actual audience is meeting its target. Who knows? You might even discover a hidden constituency. Audisense is a Twitter specialist, but offers analytics for other platforms, as well.

Pricing: limited-feature plans for this Twitter tool are free, with paid plans starting at $79 per month.



BuzzSumo is a four-pronged approach to managing your social media accounts. These four prongs include exploration, analysis, influencers, and tracking. The exploration aspect of BuzzSumo allows you to tackle popular hashtags and relevant tweets in order to effectively leverage popular and trending topics. This allows your brand to stay on top of current events and trending topics, in order to keep your name in the mix. 

The second prong, analysis, evaluates your follower count and engagement to help you determine which of your posts are effectively garnering likes and shares, and which are hopelessly uninteresting to your followers. This analysis will help you create posts that consistently engage with your tweets, whether those tweets are retweets of trending topics, links to your blog posts, and more. 

Influencers and tracking components allow you to identify influencers you can use to improve your social media platforms and develop relevant content while maintaining engagement. 

Pricing: BuzzSumo offers 4 pricing tiers. The first tier is free, but is extremely limited. The second is $99 per month, but focuses entirely on Twitter. The third is $179 per month, and offers more functionality, but still focuses more on Twitter. The final tier is $299 per month and offers tools for multiple social media platforms.

For those needing a Twitter engagement tool geared toward small business owners, is a tool to consider. More than just an analytics service, also helps you automate and maximize your Twitter presence. In other words, it isn’t enough to simply know how your account is performing, because you can improve it with careful management. Get mentioned? knows and will record the event in your Inbox. They’ll tell you about who is following you, and who won’t reciprocate if you follow them. Another feature is information on when people read your posts, which allows you to optimize your audience with timely posting. Scheduling tweets can help you make sure you maintain engagement and follower counts. Too bad it’s only for Twitter accounts! 

Pricing: Freemium software.



Would you like to increase the number of followers you have, while also following new people? How about finding influencers to engage with? Then you should give Followerwonk a try. One of the great features of this service is that it’s designed to help you find new potential followers, and especially influencers. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I’m a big believer in engaging with influencers long before you ask them to do a campaign for you. After all, too many influencer relationships are purely transactional.

There are other ways in which Followerwonk helps, too. Analytic tools let you see where your followers are located, which is great if you’re trying to figure out where to expand next, and who else they follow. As an added bonus, Followerwonk will give you an eagle-eye view on what your competitors are doing on Twitter. This type of market research is invaluable and can offer far more insight into your marketing strategy than even the best keyword search tools. 

Pricing: Limited-feature plan is free, comprehensive accounts start at $29 per month.

Klear Twitter Influencer Analysis Tool

Klear Twitter influencer analysis tool

Klear is a Twitter influencer analysis tool that offers detailed analytics regarding Twitter influencers and engagement. Klear is a simple tool, focusing its efforts on identifying social profiles that best align with your brand messaging. With Klear, you can engage with Twitter followers and influencers to make sure that you are encouraging the maximum engagement on your tweets and with your brand. One of the few free comprehensive management tools, Klear provides a consistent Twitter marketing strategy to identify Twitter profiles that will align well with your brand’s needs and your management goals. 

Pricing: As mentioned above, Klear is a free tool. Despite its status as a free tool, Klear is among the most straightforward social media marketing tools.



Feel like you need to “manage” your large following on Twitter? As they say, there’s an app for that: SocialRank is designed to help you do more than just expand your following or know who they are. Those of us like myself who have a large enough Twitter following might find that it’s hard to keep track. This is especially a problem for influencers who get paid in part based on how many followers they have: Potential partners are looking to see who engages, and who doesn’t. So, many of us use SocialRank to shed the dead weight zombie Twitter followers. On the other end of the spectrum, you can find out who is especially valuable as a follower, and discover what industry influencers are already following you. Bottom line: SocialRank offers a great way to help keep your engagement up through user insight.

Pricing: Freemium.



Especially if you’re new to Twitter, it can be hard to build a following and find relevant people to follow. That’s where Tweepi comes in. Just log into your Twitter account, tell Tweepi what you’re interested in, and let the artificial intelligence do the rest. They’ll send you recommended profiles, and offer insight into who’s currently following you. Have someone following you who you really don’t want around? Tweepi will let you know, so you can kick them off and improve your Twitter experience.

Pricing: the more basic plan is $12.99 per month.



Want to know where your followers are located, what their opinions are, and how they feel about your company? It’s easy to get this information with Tweepsmap. The idea here is that you can jump into discussions and control the narrative about your products, or simply answer consumer questions that haven’t been answered on other forums. They’ll even provide information about your followers, and let you perform research on topics. Another advantage with Tweepsmap is that the geolocation information helps you know when to schedule your Tweets to maximize the number of targeted followers who are likely to see them. Tweepsmap essentially offers Twitter bookmarks to maximize the efficacy of your Twitter marketing efforts. 

Pricing: limited-feature plan (no scheduling) is free, then paid plans start at $14 monthly.


If you are looking for Twitter tools for user analysis, one of the objectives you might have is to grow your Twitter following. Rather than analyzing users one by one to find people to follow like the other tools on this list, Twesocial offers a Twitter growth management service based on the users that you want to target. While this is not something that everyone might want to use, there are some people and companies who enjoy mixing organic activities with the convenience of a growth service.

Pricing: Two tiers that are priced at $49 and $99 per month.

Twitter Tools for Hashtag Analysis

What do the hashtags people are using to Retweet your stuff mean? What’s the best set of hashtags to use on your next Tweet? What’s trending right now? These questions and more are answered through proper hashtag analysis. Here are some resources.


hashtagify influencer marketing hashtag analysis

Especially if you are in an industry that relies on trends, knowing what hashtags are popular can be a major help in campaign planning and developing a solid social media management platform. That’s where Hashtagify shines: finding out what’s trending. However, this app doesn’t just tell you what’s trending generally: it gives industry-specific insights into the hashtags that are commanding consumer attention. They’ll even tell you what hashtags are best to use for your account, and what are useful choices for the next campaign. Over time, this should increase engagement and sales leads. Think about Hashtagify as tagging made easy.

Pricing: Personal accounts start at $29 per month, and $89 for business.



If you just want help choosing the right hashtags for your picture or individual Tweet, RiteTag is an excellent choice. This service is no-frills, but it’s also super easy to use. Just upload your item to the server, or identify the Web item you’re interested in, and they’ll tell you which tags to use. RiteTag is available as a browser extension, mobile apps, and from the Website.

Pricing: $49 per year.


Trends24 trending hashtags for the United States on September 11, 2021

Trends24 analyzes social media posts to identify the top trending topics on Twitter in a given day. This is considered a social media management tool, because social media marketers rely heavily on hashtags to stay relevant, and make sure their message is being hard. Having the best possible hashtag allows relevant users to identify at least your target audience and the hashtag strategy of your competitors. Being able to track keywords via hashtags allows you to continually remain relevant, even if you must schedule tweets based on the previous days’ highest-trending topics. 

Trends24 pulls double duty. Knowing the best hashtags for your niche helps in successfully promoting your content, and can also help you determine content ideas for your social media pages. 

Pricing: Because Trends24 is not a specific or targeted program, it is currently offered for free. 

Twitter Utilities Tools

You do need a multifaceted automation tool, right? If you have more than a few followers, chances are you need to automate some or all of your accounts. Here are some tools to help accomplish this.



Have you made a big mess of your Twitter account? Does it need more than a bit of maintenance? With Circleboom, routine account maintenance is a snap. Like many of the other tools we’ve discussed here, they do offer user analysis. Yet, Circleboom goes a lot further. They’ll help you find zombie accounts, scammers, spammers, and other undesirables so you can delete them. However, you can also use this utility to find your old friend from high school, that girl who was kind to you at your lowest point, and cousins you didn’t even know had a Twitter account. In other words, Circleboom will help you grow your Twitter community organically.

At the same time, you can use this application to manage past Tweets, reuse content, and delete stuff that’s no longer relevant. Overall, a nice multipurpose Twitter utility for busy people who need an assist in creating viral content for potential customers and securing a robust range of services.

Pricing: there’s a limited free version, with paid plans starting at $7.99/month.



Need a free snapshot of your Twitter statistics? TweetStats is a quick tool that gives you basic statistics in graph form. Enter your handle, and they’ll give you daily and hourly tweet totals, historical data, and a list of who you reply to or retweet the most. It’s a nice little snapshot, and its range of services is offered for free.



Especially if you and your company do a lot of influencer marketing, it’s important to know how many of an account’s followers are real, and how many are fake. That’s why TwitterAudit was created, all the way back in 2012. Those were the “wild west” days of influencer marketing, so a lot of people were doing crazy things to get paid. With TwitterAudit, you can have an account analyzed to determine what kind of followers they have.

Within certain parameters, it’s likely that the follower is both active and genuine. On the other hand, there are activity patterns (or lack of activity) that flag an account as likely fake or inactive. If it’s your account that’s being audited, you can remove and block the inactive users relevant to your campaign or fakes easily. For third-party accounts, you can get an idea of how many “real” followers they have, which helps evaluate a potential influencer for engagements in individual posts and post schedules.

Pricing: Limited free, then premium services start at $4.99 monthly.

Twitter Analytics Tools

Even after you’ve done all this work to make sure and know your audience, it’s important to ensure your own Twitter performance is up to snuff. After all, you can send Tweets at the right time and geared towards the right people, and still miss the boat. Here’s what to use when measuring your success.

Need analytics data about a particular Twitter user? is a great way to take a look at the competition, or to narrow in on an influencer. Just plug in their Twitter tag, and will give you less available information like time zone, join date, and more. They’ll also give you insight on what popular words and hashtags you’re using. For companies with a strong competitor, this is a great tool to try and “best” the competition in Twitterland. The developers also point out that this is a good tool for spotting spammers.

Pricing: Best of all, it’s free.


mentionmapp twitter analysis of @nealschaffer Neal Schaffer

As its name suggests, Mentionmapp creates a detailed overview of all of the most pressing conversations and occurrences on Twitter. This tracking tool can help you improve your engagement on your profiles and sites, as it provides a way for you to hop into the conversations that are most pressing in your specific area of interest. This particular tool can help you build a list of loyal followers and, perhaps more importantly, engaged followers, who interact with your social accounts on a regular basis and do so in a way that is productive and encourages additional conversations amongst your followers and influencers.

Although Mentionmapp may not technically fall under the umbrella of management apps, it can successfully search Twitter to determine which topics are most in need of consistent mentioning and ongoing conversation. 

Pricing: Free! 


tweepsmap united states map of trending hashtags on september 11, 2021

Trendsmap offers Twitter insights designed to help you identify the Twitter activity that is most likely to earn you additional followers and a wider audience. Trendsmap can be used to target a specific region or area of interest, both of which can be useful to build a more substantial audience across your social media channels. Trendsmap allows you to set alerts for Twitter activity in your area (both geographically and topically), to make sure that you are consistently on top of engagement and trends. 

Trendsmap offers analytics in comprehensive and visually appealing ways to make sure that the brand or company in question is truly understanding Twitter analyses and making the necessary changes to improve engagement and audience building. 

Pricing: There are three tiers for Trendsmap, starting at $145 per month and reaching $645 per month, depending on the size of your team and needs of your mapping practices. 

Twitter Analytics

twitter analytics

Twitter Analytics is near the conclusion of our list, but is one of the simplest tools. After all, Twitter analytics are created and maintained by the company itself. Twitter’s analytics tool focuses on the impact your page is having on your audience by evaluating your audience, your activity, and Twitter cards. Because Twitter Analytics is perfectly integrated into Twitter, as its own unique analytical tool, many people who utilize Twitter turn to this simple tool to evaluate their own Twitter followings and feeds. 

Pricing: As a dedicated Twitter tool, Twitter Analytics is free. 


Twitonomy Twitter tool

Need deep analytics on your followers and competitors? Twitonomy gives information about any Twitter user you choose. At the same time, they’ll tell you how well your own Twitter account is performing over time, including hashtags and all the standard data. A gold mine for those in competitive industries.

Pricing: freemium.

What are your favorite Twitter tools? Let me know in the comments below!

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Twitter Tools FAQs

What tools does Twitter use?

Here are some of the best Twitter tools you can use for user analytics:

1. Audiense
2. Followerwonk
4. Tweepi
5. SocialRank
6. Twesocial
7. Tweepsmap

Which is the popular Twitter tool?

There are a couple of popular Twitter tools depending on their purpose. If you want to do some user analysis you can use Audiense and For hashtag analysis; Hashtagtify and RiteTag, for Twitter utilities; Circleboom and TweetStats. Meanwhile, and Tweetreach are good for Twitter analysis.

Is TweetDeck owned by Twitter?

Yes, it was acquired by Twitter on May 25, 20211. It was previously an independent application that was later on incorporated by Twitter Inc. Since then, TweetDeck’s features were integrated on Twitter where it does real-time tracking, engagement, and organizing. Moreover, it helps Twitter users reach their audience and know more about the best features of Twitter.

What apps does Twitter own?

As of January 2021, here are the apps/companies that Twitter owns:

1. TweetDeck
2. Gnip
3. MoPub Advertising Solutions
4. TwitterHistory
5. Periscope
6. TellApart
7. Magicpony Technology

Is Twitter owned by anyone?

Twitter is a company owned by several investors. It was initially created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Even Williams, and Biz Stone. However, the biggest shareholder is Jack Dorsey, the company’s current CEO.

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