The 27 Definitive Instagram Statistics for 2021 You Should Know - and Why

31 Definitive Instagram Statistics for 2024 You Should Know – and Why

There are tons of blog posts out there about Instagram statistics for 2024. I don’t intend to add to the noise, but I think that there is some data that is important for every marketer to understand to maximize their marketing. These are the statistics that I bring up in my speeches and classes, so I thought it worthy to create a blog post on the subject.

Instagram continues to boom among consumers and businesses alike in the current time period. There’s no denying that this global platform allows companies and brands to collaborate with influencers, humanize their content, and showcase their products and services in a unique and relatable way. Let me break down some important statistics for 2024 that every marketer needs to understand and help you use them to your advantage

How Big is Instagram? Instagram Statistics Don’t Lie!

To get a sense as to how huge a presence Instagram has, I collected the basic stats that show you why so many brands are investing so heavily in Instagram.

1. Instagram is the 10th Most Googled Term (source)

With almost 340 million searches, Instagram is a global term, with a truly massive host of active users. This is an important metric to consider when you look into how your Instagram is performing; a target audience involving the 10th most Googled term is going to be a substantially-sized one, so it is vital to understand Instagram business practices, and make sure that the types of content you are producing is taking advantage of the truly massive reach of this platform. 

Takeaway: Like its visually-based counterparts, Instagram is highly Googled for its popularity in use, for businesses, influencers, and the average consumer, alike. This means that it is invaluable tool to reach users, focus on your average engagement rate, and come up against your closest competitors. 

2. Instagram Has Been Downloaded 3.8 Billion Times (source)

The number 3.8 billion can be hard to truly comprehend, but it indicates that Instagram is a massive social media platform with enormous reach. To put that into perspective, let’s take a quick look at other download numbers. TikTok has been downloaded 2.6 billion times, while Facebook has been downloaded over 5 billion times. 

The number of downloads is significant, because it provides a window into the popularity and engagement found on a particular platform, including likes per post and other metrics. Twitter, for instance, is enjoying a downward trend in success, which can be reflected in its download numbers. Facebook continues to grow, which is also reflected in its download numbers. While downloads do not guarantee active users, a large number of downloads will more likely support effective marketing strategies. 

Takeaway: The sheer volume of Instagram downloaders means that users will, by default, have more access to their target audience and have a more substantial base from which to operate. 

3. Instagram Has More Than 2 Billion Active Monthly Users (source)

Instagram announced back in late 2022 that their active monthly user base had surpassed 2 billion. This places them well ahead of TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.

Let’s look at this in the context of the world’s population. Given that there are a little less than 8 Billion people worldwide, this is a very large segment of the planet who can be reached with Instagram marketing.

Takeaway: If we take out YouTube, mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat and Chinese social media, Instagram is the second most popular – and active – social media site in the world.

Takeaway: If we take out YouTube, mobile messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and WeChat and Chinese social media, Instagram is the second most popular – and active – social media site in the world.

4. 95 million photos and videos are shared on Instagram every DAY. (source)

95 million photos and videos being shared every single day means a few things: 

1. Your competition is fierce. With that many new uploads occurring each and every day, being active on Instagram is not enough to get your brand, product, or account out there. Instead, you must learn how to use the platform effectively. 

2. You must learn how to stand out. Over time, users and profiles can begin to blur together and everyone and everything can begin to look the same. Rather than adhering to trends and following along with what all of your competitors are doing, you must learn how to make your 1 post stand out among the 95 million photos and videos being shared. Be an Ariana Grande in a sea of pop singers. 

3. The platform is not going anywhere anytime soon. Instagram continues to grow and expand, both in terms of its actual use and in terms of what the platform offers. 

Takeaway: Instagram is a widely-used platform that sees a huge influx of posts each day. Learning how to navigate it effectively is vital. 

5. Instagram Users Spend an Average of 30 Minutes Per Day inside the Social Network (source)

Instagram users do not usually hop onto their phones, check a single post or account (or post their own), and hop off. Instead, they tend to linger. Whether they linger over new Instagram stories, or happily browse through shopping posts or fashion brands, Instagram users are known to take their time on the app. 

Knowing user statistics like how long your audience typically spends on the app on which you are focusing is valuable, because it can help you determine how you develop your marketing strategies. A longer engagement period might prompt you to create image posts, videos, lives, and more, while shorter periods might encourage your marketing team to focus on smaller snippets of news and information. 

Takeaway: Instagram users tend to stick around for a while as they browse, so taking advantage of the many posting options Instagram has to offer, such as carousel posts and reels, is wise. 

6. Stories are HUGE: 500 Million Active Users Daily (source)

If you thought Instagram was just about posting to your photo feed, think again. They have announced that about half of their active users are checking out Stories on a daily basis.

I like to think of Instagram as being two social platforms in one: Static images and videos and Stories. You really can’t maximize your presence on the platform unless you are utilizing both.

Takeaway: Consider Instagram Stories to be a separate social network and make sure you place equal importance in filling out a robust content calendar for Stories.

So Who are Instagram’s Users?

While it is certainly important to understand the value of Instagram Stories and Instagram Reels, and to familiarize yourself with the many different ways that Instagram can help your business, it is also important to understand who is using the platform on a regular basis. The demographics of your audience can better inform your social media content strategy. We have put together the most pertinent Instagram user metrics, to help you better understand who is viewing your Instagram content, and how that content might interact with different members of your audience. 

7. From a Gender Perspective, There are Slightly More Male (51.8%) Than Female Users (48.2%) (source)

Worldwide, there are more male users on the platform on a regular basis than there are female users. From feed posts to Instagram reels, around the world, there are more males on this social media network than females, and recognizing how this can impact your following count and overall social media marketing strategy is vital. After all, marketing very often differs in its approach based on the gender being addressed; if your audience is more likely to identify as male, that can help you further develop content for the social media app. 

Takeaway: The worldwide user statistics differ somewhat from the United States’ user statistics. In the US, there are more female users than there are male users. Female users make up 56.9%, while male users make up 43.1% of overall users. Understanding a general user base can help you more effectively inform your marketing strategy. 

8. Nearly 70% of Instagram Users are Under 35 Years Old (source)

Nearly 70% of Instagram Users Are Under 35 Years Old

This stat clearly shows that while Instagram is not limited to a younger demographic, it is definitely a young person’s social network. That being said, 16% of users being between 35 and 44 year old also hints that older generations are using this social network more frequently than before. This is a natural progression: Just as Facebook began as a college student social network and has now drawn in everyone, Instagram is also moving from a millennial-only social network to one that is growing beyond its original demographic.

distribution of instagram users worldwide as of January 2023 by age group

Takeaway: For many brands, Instagram is their chosen social network to reach out to millennials. User demographics continue to expand to older generations, so don’t limit your marketing efforts to a single generation.

9. 71% of US adults ages 18-29 use Instagram, but only 48% of the 30-49 age group use it. (source)

social media use by U.S. users in 2021 by Pew Research Center

Not only do under 35-year olds dominate the platform, but those that are aged 18 to 29 clearly use Instagram the same way that most other demographics use Facebook. In fact, the 71% of users aged 18 to 29 rivlas the highest demographic using Facebook, which is 77% of those ages 30 to 49.

Takeaway: If you want to reach 18 to 29 year olds, there is no better social network to do so than Instagram. While you might be able to reach other populations, you will clearly be able to easily reach this young demographic.

10. 47% of Millennials Use Instagram as a Messaging App (source)

47% of Millennials Use Instagram as a Messaging App

I predicted back in the day that a movement by social media users to retake the “personal” from social media and move to social networks that are more communication-centric, as opposed to information-centric. The rise of mobile messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, What’s App, and WeChat are an example of how this prediction came true. Don’t stop there: This study indicated that Millennials actually use Instagram as a mobile messaging app 47% of the time, just behind the top Facebook Messenger at 50% and tied with Snapchat.

facebook messenger is still the leader of instant messaging among millennial teens

11. Did You Know that India Has the Most Instagram Users in the World? (source)

While many people associate Instagram with the many US-based influencers and celebrities that occupy the space, the United States does not actually boast the largest active user base. Instead, that distinction belongs to India. Although the reasons for this may be vast, it is thought that the banning of TikTok in India has a hand in having made Instagram the most popular platform. That being said, whether you are in the retail industry, the fashion industry, or another industry entirely, understanding that many of the average users on the platform are based in India can further help you understand how posts are promoted, and where you may need to shift or improve your strategy. 

How Do Instagram Users Use Instagram?

Instagram is a preferred destination for the influencer economy, businesses, and social media users because of its high engagement rate.

12. Instagram profiles have relatively high engagement rates between 2% and 7%, depending on the size of their following. (source)

Smaller profiles have a higher engagement rate, while larger ones suffer. There are likely several reasons for this discrepancy. Small influencer profiles haven’t gotten rich yet, and so they have a more authentic flavor. Large brands, and popular influencers, have a lower average post engagement rate because there are more people following them who are just interested in seeing what they’re up to. In other words, they aren’t necessarily going to act on the recommendations; they just want to know what those recommendations are.

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13. Only 5% of Accounts Post Once per Day or More (source)

Only 5% of Instagram Accounts Post Daily

You would think that you would see more people posting frequently because of how attractive the platform is. The data shows the opposite is true.

One study found that only 5% of accounts post once per day or more. Clearly, companies are having a hard time finding their visual voice and posting daily.

Only 5% of Instagram Accounts Post Once per Day or More

Takeaway: With so few people posting, supply and demand in the newsfeed is more favorable for posting on Instagram than on any other social network at the moment. If you’re still trying to figure out how to promote your Instagram presence to draw in potential consumers, the answer might simply be to publish more frequently there–at least a weekly basis, if not a daily one.

14. Accounts That Posted 7+ Posts per Week Showed the Highest Follower Growth Rate (source)

the more you post to instagram the faster your followers grow instagram statistics for 2019

I hinted above about the concept of supply and demand in the newsfeed. When fewer people post, those that know how to post on Instagram everyday appear more often in the newsfeed and thus reap the benefits of getting more mindshare. Case in point: The same Tailwind study mentioned above also showed that the more frequently you posted, the faster you get more followers on Instagram . This hints that the Instagram algorithm might benefit those who publish often.

Takeaway: What are you waiting for? Create a solid Instagram marketing strategy, build up some content, and start posting more often!

15. Instagram users spend 17.6 million hours watching Reels every day (source)

While Instagram Reels may not perform at the same level of TikTok, 17.6 million hours each day are still spent watching Reels on Instagram. Not matter the precise percentage this is in comparison to competitors, there is huge potential to be had in using Reels in your content calendar. Your advertising audience will use their favorite platform, whatever it may be, to consume content, and using Reels can beautifully complement any feed ads or other dedicated ad campaigns you may have already put into place.

Takeaway: Your Instagram report will likely show that Reels, when used, are a significant type of Instagram post to draw in your audience and encourage engagement. Reels are far more eye-catching than picture posts, and whether you work in the entertainment industry or the e-commerce industry or something else entirely, Reels should certainly be among the kinds of content you are producing on your account. 

16. 30% of time spent on Instagram is in watching Reels (source)

30% is a huge piece of the pie, and the short-form video content provided by Reels is nothing to shake a stick at. Short-form video content has truly taken over virtually every industry by storm, as it brings in views and engagement more readily than simple picture posts. A robust social media plan is one that brings in a Reel audience, in order to take advantage of the many different ways users prefer to interact with their favorite brands and businesses. 

Your Reel audience may not compare to similar formats on other platforms, but knowing that nearly 1/3 of the time users spend on Instagram is spent viewing Reels means that whether you have 100K followers or 500K followers, a significant portion of your audience is looking to Reels to engage with your brand and learn. Potential customers often want to feel as though they have some special insight into brands they are considering purchasing from or have purchased from in the past, and Reels can help bring some of that insight to a substantial portion of your audience. 

How Instagram Users Engage with Businesses and Their Products

Yes, you heard it right. Instagram is one of the places where customers go when they’re trying to decide what to purchase. In fact…

17. There are 200 Million Business Profiles on Instagram (source)

200 million is a large number. If you’ve perused Instagram, you’ve undoubtedly seen the post and Stories ads that have made their way onto the platform. Such a large number can feel daunting, but making sure you toss your hat into the ring–and do it well–is important to separate yourself from the 200 million. Whether you are consistent about your feed posts and display ideal customer service or you commit to posting every day at the same time people will take notice and have a better time connecting with your brand, even with the 200 million other businesses working in the same space. 

Takeaway: Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Cristiano Ronaldo–while these are people on the platform, they are also businesses, building a none-too-small empire by bringing their business to Instagram, reaching a truly impressive audience dictated by high follower counts. 

18. 80% of Instagrammers are Engaging with Businesses (source)

Users are following their favorite brands, with 80 percent of users following at least one business account. More and more businesses are finding a way to create content that Instagram users WILL follow and engage with. Whether that comes from direct business contact or nano / micro – influencers, who then lead users to a business’ official profile.

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19. 90% of users follow one or more businesses. (source)

90% of Instagrammers Are Engaging With Businesses

This could be any type of business, from gaming companies or clothing retailers, all the way to housing developers and major artists. In short, your Instagram profile has the potential to be a major bragging board, and one that people want to see. Artist? You have an awesome place to put a portfolio. Landscaping firm? Get permission from homeowners to put their yard up on your page to promote your skills to Instagram’s user population.

20. 81% of its users research products and services on Instagram (source)

This data point comes directly from Meta. Remember what I said earlier: people like to visualize products and how they work before buying them. It’s kind of like those virtual try-on tools that many e-commerce sites in the beauty and fashion industries use. Instagram users can speak to and interact with professional account users directly.

On a related note, and from the same report:

21. 83% of Instagram users discover new products on the platform. (source)

83% of Users Discover New Products on Instagram

If its users are doing research, you never know when something your business posts on its page will resonate with a potential customer who finds your content through a hashtag search.

22. 70% of the most used Instagram hashtags are branded. (source)

Hashtags are used by every kind of user, from the brands themselves to teenagers bragging about how much fun they had playing their favorite video game or creating the latest makeup look. Even older people can add branded hashtags to their posts and help create buzz. Although the hashtag may have begun on Twitter, the way Instagram users use them brings them to a new level of popularity and dramatically expands their audience size.

Takeaway: While hashtags can help your brand be found, don’t be afraid to use branded hashtags as a normal part of your Instagram marketing. Users on other platforms might not use them, but Instagram users will.

Related stats published by Facebook indicate the following purchasing trends:

83% of Users Discover New Products on Instagram statistics

23. 54% of Millennials Bought Products after Seeing Them on Instagram (source)

A study found that Millennials were the most responsive generation to posts, with a whopping 68% of 18-24 year-olds saying they were more likely to purchase an item if someone they followed shared it. 54% of respondents said they bought products after spotting them in their feed.

An interesting side note is that the same study found that Instagram had the most influence on consumer behavior than any other as follows when participants were asked who influenced them the most:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Partner
  • Customer Reviews
  • Television
  • Instagram

Facebook came it at number 7, while YouTube was 11th, Twitter was 12th, and blogs were 15th.

Takeaway: Millennials aren’t just active on Instagram: a majority of them are being influenced to make purchases. Of all of these statistics, this one should encourage you to accelerate your marketing efforts.

24. 130 million Instagram users tap on shopping posts every month. (source)

Although somewhat new, the Instagram shopping option has truly taken off. While it was once necessary to go directly to a profile, click on a link, and further investigate what it is you are looking for, now it is as simple as tapping a button to find the product you want. Smartphone users and other Instagram users rack up an impressive 130 million hits on shopping posts every month, and adding your products to the platform provides huge potential for earnings and an increased average reach rate. Social media players have largely taken note, and although these may not be the most-liked posts from brands, they certainly provide a useful service to your advertising audience, whether they come from influencers or active brands, Instagram shopping and link stickers are valuable. 

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25. 1/3 of the most viewed Stories come from businesses (source)

Because 1/3 of the most-viewed Stories come from active brands professional account users need to take note: Stories are one of the many ways people use their favorite platform to connect with and learn more about brands and companies, and the 24-hour engagement period offers users something of a call-to-action in and of itself; after all, the Story will disappear within 24 hours. An Instagram engagement report can help determine the precise rate of conversion, but Stories can easier to digest and sort through than Instagram posts, and they can be a great way to introduce collaborative posts, new products, or just brand background. 

Instagram Advertising Statistics

Since Instagram users make up such a large percentage of the US market, it is no surprise that Instagram is a useful marketing tool. One of the great things about a creative platform is that it allows users to see possibilities. Even in the early days of the platform, seeing a magical beach could make another user want to go there, as well. It’s the same thing with products and services: visualizing possibilities sells.

Maybe that’s why:

26. Instagram’s Annual Advertising Revenue is estimated to be $59.6 billion in 2024 (source)

This stat represents more than double of what brands spent advertising on Instagram in 2020 and more than was spent on Facebook advertising that year. While this number is still less than the estimates for Facebook advertising ($75.1 billion), it still represents a lucrative marketing avenue for Instagram and the companies that are finding it to be a profitable place to advertise.

Takeaway: With more money going into Facebook ads, you should be A/B testing to see if Instagram is a more profitable advertising option for you.

27. Instagram has an estimated advertising reach of more than 2 billion people. (source)

In short, Instagram is a great place to find customers that are likely to spend money. And, unlike TV or radio advertisements, Instagram ads are cheap with a larger reach, from grandparents sharing photos of their grandchildren, to ecstatic Kylie Jenner fans. These ads can be viewed at any time of the day or night, and from anywhere in the world. This alone makes Instagram an essential social media marketing platform.

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Instagram is a great place for influencer marketing

Since Instagram is so popular for consumers hoping to make a buying decision, it is worth talking about the third parties who create content: influencers. In short, Instagram is one of the top destinations for influencers hoping to cash in on the latest marketing trend. There is so much potential in this method of marketing. Let’s take a look at why:

28. 72% of marketers use Instagram for influencer marketing (source)

Instagram remains the king of influencer marketing. While other social media platforms might utilize some derivative of influencer marketing, Instagram continues to trump all others. With hundreds of millions of daily users and virtually limitless reach, marketers heavily value the reach of Instagram and the influencing power given to influencers by their audiences. While the photo-sharing app may have started as a way to share with people you know, influencers are a truly massive arm of social media marketing, and Instagram is the platform of choice for them. 

Takeaway: Influencer marketing is an ideal marketing tool if you want to focus your marketing strategy on Instagram. 

29. Researchers estimate that marketers spend $8 Billion annually on Instagram influencers alone. (source)

That’s a huge segment of the influencer market! It’s no wonder that both customers and advertisers like the platform so much. Instagram dishes up content in small, bite-sized pieces that consumers can enjoy in just a minute or two. It doesn’t have to be flashy, just something worth looking at.

We also know that:

30. 78% of influencers prefer Instagram for brand collaborations. (source)

One reason that influencers probably like Instagram is its ease of use. Just take a few great pictures, add some filters and tags, and you have a great little campaign. Or, they can shoot simple videos, no editing required, and post them. Other platforms, like YouTube, often require more effort. Another advantage, of course, is that the stories aren’t “out there” forever. You can say what you want to say, and it’ll disappear. Use YouTube, however, and you have a long-term archive of everything you’ve done.

31. 37% of Instagram Users Interact with Influencers (source)

Interaction is important to make sure that your posts are being seen and distributed. Because a significant portion of Instagram users interact with influencers, you can bet that your post is more likely to be seen if influencers are being utilized. Business account posts can be dry and overtly pitch services or goods, while influencers can make advertisements seem more organic and down-to-earth. 

Takeaway: Because many Instagram users actively engage with influencers, businesses and brands would be wise to utilize influencers in their ongoing marketing campaigns.  

Which of the above statistics did you find especially compelling? Any other takeaways to add? Fire away!

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  1. Fantastic read! I appreciate the depth and relevance of the Instagram statistics for 2024, offering invaluable insights for marketers. Your concise presentation of key data points like user demographics, engagement trends, and the platform’s growing influence in e-commerce and influencer marketing is truly enlightening.

  2. Thank you for providing this information. It’s like gold for me right now. when you say: “180 million users in India utilize Instagram, while 170 million users in the United States employ the app.” Are you referring to any specific difference between the way users in those countries interact with the app? Or just highlighting the differences? Thanks!

    • Hey Caleb, those are just sheer numbers of users. However, since TikTok is banned in India, you can only imagine how Instagram might be more relatively popular in India than in the United States. Hope the background info helps!

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    You have the Instagram ad conversion rate as 3.1%. Many other resources say 1.08%. What was your source? I am trying to learn the latest conversion rate of IG ads. Your article was very helpful!

    • The source is linked to the “lower conversion rate” text right before it. But please note that there are always multiple data points and stats are being updated continuously, so please only use these stats as guidelines!

  4. Thank you for this insight on Instagram! Some other articles that I have read have said that although Instagram is popular, less people have been actively using it than a year ago. Do you think that the loss of engagement from its users is due to changing to the algorithm method?

    • I think it’s a case of having a lot more supply of images with demand not growing as fast, meaning, on average, less engagement for all. I don’t think that the algorithm has changed things much as I saw the less engagement before the announcement.

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