LinkedIn Ads Manager: The Definitive Guide

LinkedIn Ads Manager: The Definitive Guide

If you’ve only been advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and.or Twitter you really need to consider delving into the world of LinkedIn Ads. For that purpose, I have written this definitive guide to the LinkedIn Ads Manager and LinkedIn Ads in general.

Most people think LinkedIn is only a professional networking platform, but that’s simply not true. Today, marketers do not use it only to develop professional connections, but they find that LinkedIn is a perfect place to create and promote valuable content. As per research, now LinkedIn has become the top advertising channel for B2B marketers and an increasing number of B2C marketers are taking advantage of the platform as well.

which of the following social media channels are a part of your advertising strategy
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Marketing on LinkedIn is no different when compared to other social channels. You only need to start your marketing campaign by setting up your goals. You only need to set your goal and ask yourself what you are hoping to get from this marketing campaign. Many people do not show a lot of attention to LinkedIn for marketing and advertising as compared to Twitter and Facebook. According to aged yet still relevant research, it is found that LinkedIn generates more visitors to customers with a rate of 2.74% that is 3 times higher than Twitter and Facebook.

LinkedIn best social network for lead generation
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Importance Of Linkedin Ad Campaigns

You all know LinkedIn is a valuable networking tool and connect you with professionals across industries. Now, this platform plays a pivotal role in the lead generation process. There are now more than 740+ million active users on LinkedIn. And, about 94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content, and it is one of the best sites to drive more traffic through both organic posting as well as promoted LinkedIn Ads campaigns.

94% of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to share content
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However, creating LinkedIn ads might be the number one choice for some businesses that lack organic promotion capabilities. This. is because LinkedIn Ads campaigns can help you:

  • increase brand awareness
  • generate proficient leads
  • engage your audience
  • build brand value

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8 Linkedin Ads Types

When you decide to start advertising on LinkedIn, first you should know the different LinkedIn Ads Types. Once you fix your ad type, it will become easier to achieve your goals and objectives. Let’s get into it!

8 LinkedIn Ads types
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1. Single Image Ads 

Simple Image Ads

Single image ads are usually known as sponsored content. It includes an ad copy with just one image. These ads appear on the user’s home feed. The single image LinkedIn ads get more views and blend with an organic post.  

These ads can be used for any type of promotional event and webinars. You can even introduce newly launched products and services. The aim of these ads is to increase brand awareness, website conversions, and website visits. These ads look like a regular post, but the difference is these ads are paid for promotional purposes. 

Note that in most cases the image comes from the featured image of the link being shared but you can also post a separate image and custom link here if you choose to do so.

2. Video Ads

Video Ads

Videos are one of the best ways to grab the user’s attention. Using Video Ads to promote your brand on LinkedIn is one of the effective ways to generate leads. With video ads, you have the opportunity to highlight your customer experience and give insight into your company culture.

Moreover, you have the opportunity to discuss your brand products appropriately. It even allows you to focus on your brand’s story. Make sure you plan your video specs before uploading on LinkedIn. You can even read different LinkedIn guides to craft captivating videos.

3. Carousel Ads

LinkedIn Carousel Ads

This ad style on LinkedIn uses a swipeable array of cards to showcase your brand story, products, and services. The Carousel Ads give you the opportunity to share insight and help to engage readers by showing them strong visuals.

You can add two to ten images in a row to draw visitors’ attention. Visitors are usually attracted to these images and love to swipe them, helping increase engagement for your content.

4. Event Ads

LinkedIn Event Ads

Event Ads generally used once to promote the new events that your company offers. This ad type appears in the LinkedIn home feed that provides necessary information about the event, such as; time, date, and location and are based on your creation of a LinkedIn Event.

5. Message Ads

LinkedIn Message Ads

LinkedIn Message Ads are a unique way to begin a conversation with a prospect by literally showing up in their InBox as a sponsored InMail. These ads work best for lead generation when you are able to offer some sort of lead magnet or incentive for the readers to engage with you. You can also utilize lead generation forms that LinkedIn provides you together with these types of ads.

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6. Conversation Ads

Conversation Ads

Same as Message Ads, Conversations Ads are also sent directly to the user’s Inbox. These LinkedIn ad types allow people to choose their aspects on their own. It allows them to click on the response button to engage prospects.

These ads are the perfect way to engage more customers. They are even considered as the most interactive ad format to display brand products, drive new leads, and engage older ones.

7. Spotlight Ads

Spotlight Ads

When you open the LinkedIn open homepage, these ads appear on the right-hand column. This ad format adds a personal touch and automatically extract the user’s profile and dynamically places it in the ad. The main purpose of these ads is to announce job openings, gain website traffic, and boost brand awareness.

However, when people click on the ad, they are directed to the website and landing pages. The spotlight ads add an effective light on your brand product and the services you offer.  These ads are also used for personalized contact with your targeted prospects.

8. Text Ads

Text Ads

Text ads are the least visual type of LinkedIn ads. These ads are generally viewed at the right corner of the LinkedIn Home page. They are still one of the effective ways to enhance brand awareness and reach a new audience. These ads are considered a budget-friendly tool for advertising.

How To Create Linkedin Ads For Your Business  

Once you decide to integrate the LinkedIn ad campaign to promote your brand services, you will first need to sign into the LinkedIn Ads Manager account. If you don’t have your account, you need to create it.

So, follow the steps discussed below;  

Step #1: Create A Linkedin Ads Manager Account 

Create A Linkedin Ads Manager Account 

To sign in to LinkedIn, you need to create a LinkedIn ad account. Once you create your identity LinkedIn ads manager campaigns account, then you have the authority to perform all your advertising activity efficiently. This activity enables you to set up your ad account, manage your budget, and run marketing campaigns efficiently.

Step #2: Consider Your Ad Objective 

Consider Your LinkedIn Ads Objective 

The next stage you need to take into consideration is to decide what your objectives and aims are. At this phase, you have to think about what type of actions you can take to inspire your targeted audience. Once you set the objectives, it helps LinkedIn to understand what ad format will be perfect for your needs. Bear in mind, the ads’ objectives are categorized into three that include a consideration, conversions, and awareness.

Step #3: Define Target Audience 

Define Target Audience on LinkedIn

The most important thing for a LinkedIn ad campaign is to define who your target audience is and where they locate. Choosing a location is best for your ad campaign. It helps you to refine your audience by company name, industry type, job title, professional and personal interest.

Step #4: Select Your Ad Format 

Make sure the ad format you choose depends on the objective you focused on. Once you develop an understanding of your objectives, you need to pick a single image, video ads, text ads, message ads, carousel ads, event ads, and conversational ads. Each type is discussed above.  

Step #5: Set Your Budget 

set your budget

After completing the above steps, the LinkedIn Ads Manager campaign account provides you with a budget range for the ad format selection and target audience. This might be based on other competing bids that are perfect for your target audience.

However, this process takes 2 to 4 weeks to get the complete experience and figure out what things work. Usually, LinkedIn suggests a daily budget of $100, and $5000 for a monthly budget. You can definitely start with a lower budget, but like any other social media advertising platform, the more iterations that LinkedIn can display your ad and see who engages with your ad in what way, the better they will be able to serve them for future audiences.

Step #6: Set the Ad Campaign Time 

The next step is to choose how long your ads campaign should run. You have to choose in between two options. One is to opt for the fixed start-up to the end. The second is to select the continuous campaign until you manually end it. For this, you can view the LinkedIn guidelines.

Step #7: Start Your Ad Creation Process

Whether you choose text ads or sponsored content, the LinkedIn app manager shows the previews. These previews will give an idea about the final look of your ad.  

Step #8: Confirm Payment

confirm payment for your LinkedIn Ads campaign

Make sure that you enter complete payment information before your ad is ready to meet with the target audience. Once you are done with this, then you are ready to launch your ads across the globe.

Step #9: Monitor Your Ad Performance

monitor your ad performance

When you log into the Campaign Manager, you will see the reporting dashboard of your LinkedIn ads. On this, you are able to review the performance of your metrics, check demographics, and access the charts. This is the place where you go for conversion tracking.

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Why Linkedin Marketing is More Valuable Than Other Social Channels

  • After emails and telephone, LinkedIn is the most reliable way to help your sales reps connect with the right prospects.
After emails and telephone, LinkedIn is the most reliable way to help your sales reps connect with the right prospects.
Image Source
  • Many people think LinkedIn Ads are more expensive compared to other channels such as Facebook and Instagram. But LinkedIn marketing is highly cost-effective.
Many people think LinkedIn Ads are more expensive compared to other channels such as Facebook and Instagram. But LinkedIn marketing is highly cost-effective.
Image Source

4 Creative Ways to Use Linkedin for Advertising Campaigns

If you are looking for ways to create a creative LinkedIn advertising strategy, then combine the tips mentioned below;

1. Find targeted customers

Marketing on LinkedIn is not too different from other social channels. You have to begin by setting your goals. Make sure you use suitable metrics to measure your marketing campaigns. You can use the SMART strategy to create effective marketing goals. They even help you to run successful ads.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timely

Finding target customers helps to outline the marketing goals, so you can make the right efforts and focus on your objectives. This will help you to create interactive content. If you are looking for ways to create a creative LinkedIn advertising strategy, then combine the tips mentioned below;

2. Work With Influencers

If you want to tap into influencer marketing, then LinkedIn is the right place for it. You can reach the right influencers and share your brand voice through them. There are a number of LinkedIn Voices that are gaining more worth and convenience to create.

When you work with an expert or influencers, it helps to widen your audience. The followers of an influencer regularly watch the live streams and posts will help to grow your brand.

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3. Share Customer Success Stories 

Sharing customer stories is one of the best ways to develop the brand image in the mind of targeted customers. It is considered an effective tool to create awareness and highlight the customer response. Inspirational stories add more value to your marketing tactics

When you create consistent testimonials, it gives authority to strengthen the brand credibility and develop trust. Moreover, you can also share the customer’s story in the form of video ads or with a mini-blog post. Bear in mind, effective communication is an amazing way to increase your audience.

4. Post actionable content 

When creating ads for marketing, you can add infographics, images, and stats to value your content. These things prove that your content is reliable and help to develop better insight into it. This is a great way to indulge leads into your brand.

However, when you create articles, videos, and blogs use captivating elements that surely grab the visitor’s attention. It encourages them to read your article. The actionable content can convert your prospects into regular customers.  Suppose you don’t have the brand data; you can create a short eBook to guide your leads.

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The Final Word on LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn advertising allows brands to approach the right audience and increase the customer retention rate. With LinkedIn ads, you can nurture more valuable customers and build a better brand identity.

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LinkedIn Ads Manager FAQs

How do I get an ad manager on LinkedIn?

Here are the ways you can get an ad manager on LinkedIn:

1. Post a job listing.
2. Search for ad managers on LinkedIn by using the search function.
3. Try contacting ad managers through LinkedIn groups

How do I run ads on LinkedIn?

When running ads on LinkedIn and creating your campaign, you will need to select your objectives, target audience, budget, and schedule. You will also need to create your ad copy and choose an image or video for your ad. Once your campaign is created, it will be reviewed by LinkedIn before it is approved and launched. LinkedIn Ads is an effective way to reach out to professionals on the LinkedIn platform and promote your brand, products, or services.

Which is better Google ads or LinkedIn ads?

Google ads and LinkedIn ads are both effective tools for marketing your business, but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Google ads are typically more affordable than LinkedIn ads, and they reach a larger audience since most people use Google search engine. However, LinkedIn ads may be more effective for B2B businesses since the platform is used primarily by professionals. LinkedIn users are also more likely to click on an ad if it is relevant to their interests and profession.

Is LinkedIn Campaign Manager free?

While LinkedIn does offer a free version of Campaign Manager, it is fairly limited in terms of features and flexibility. For example, you can only create one campaign at a time and you are limited to 10 ad groups. In addition, you cannot track conversions or use some of the more advanced targeting options. As a result, most businesses will want to upgrade to the paid version of LinkedIn Campaign Manager. However, if you are just getting started with LinkedIn advertising, the free version may be a good way to test the waters.

How much does it cost to boost a post on LinkedIn?

The cost of boosting a post on LinkedIn varies depending on a number of factors, such as your target audience and the amount you are willing to spend per day. However, businesses can expect to pay somewhere in the range of $10 to $100 per day for a boosted post on LinkedIn. While the cost of boosting a post may seem high, it is important to remember that LinkedIn is a powerful tool for reaching new customers and growing your business.

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