How to Create a Killer Company Page on LinkedIn in 12 Easy Steps!

How to Create a Killer Company Page on LinkedIn in 12 Easy Steps

These days, social media is one of the most important places for businesses to reach customers. This is true even though most social media networks are increasingly paying to play. However, on LinkedIn, the situation is a bit different. Not only is LinkedIn a great place to recruit new employees, but it’s an advertising goldmine. Every business should have a Company Page on LinkedIn. Period. It is free advertising. With that in mind, here’s how to create a company page on LinkedIn.

Some Reminders of Why LinkedIn is So Important for Business

As our world gets more digitized, businesses must do more and more advertising online. For many businesses, LinkedIn started out as a place to recruit new employees. But it wasn’t the site of a lot of commercial activity per se. However, this has changed. LinkedIn is still a great place to find new employees, but it’s also a great place to see and be seen, gathering leads in the process. 

It is the best place for B2B leads

LinkedIn is the best place for B2B leads

As hinted above, LinkedIn is the best place for finding B2B leads. This contention is born out of several marketing statistics. For instance, did you know that LinkedIn is the source of 80% of sales leads among B2B brands? Similarly, it has been found that LinkedIn is considered a great source of leads among 79% of marketers. This staggering percentage suggests that there are significant sales benefits among B2C brands as well.

Finally, we also know that LinkedIn is a much more effective source of leads than both Twitter and Facebook. In fact, LinkedIn is a staggering 277% more effective than the competition. In a world where Facebook seems so dominant, this is a stunning survey finding. With that said, if you consider that LinkedIn is primarily a business network, it makes sense that they’ll be highly effective at lead generation. Knowing how to create a company page on LinkedIn unlocks more of this lead-generating capability.

It is the best place for B2B content marketing

Secondly, as everyone knows I am a big fan of content marketing. This is especially true because it works, but I also find that the customer education aspects of content marketing are a great way to be a good neighbor. People feel the best about doing business with companies that demonstrate that they are valued. 

For B2B brands, LinkedIn is the place for content marketing. In fact, more than half of B2B social media traffic to websites or blogs is generated by LinkedIn. Similarly, 94% of business-related content marketing is distributed, at least in part, via LinkedIn. This distribution can happen as LinkedIn blogging, the posting of links on executive/management profiles, and company pages. If you know how to create a company page on LinkedIn, it’ll be easier for you to distribute this type of content.

Where to Begin to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Where to Begin to Create a Company Page on LinkedIn

Find the link to create a company page on LinkedIn under Work in the righthand side of the top menu bar and at the bottom of the menu. Note that currently Company Pages on LinkedIn can only be created on the desktop, not their mobile app. Luckily, the process of how to create a company page on LinkedIn is super easy once you find the right link. Once you have found it, follow these steps.

Step 1: Choose Your Company Page Category

choose your LinkedIn Company Page category

After clicking the link, you will need to choose a category for your LinkedIn Company Page. Choosing the right category helps LinkedIn populate the right options for your company. They offer four basic categories of LinkedIn company pages.

  • Small Business (fewer than 200 employees): Typically, these are mom and pop shops or professional service providers with one location, or perhaps a couple of smaller ones in a specific geographic area.
  • Medium to Large Business (more than 200 employees): Here, you have a very large range of company sizes. These can be small regional chains all the way to multinational corporations. It’s interesting that there aren’t any more detailed size-based classifications.
  • Showcase Page – these are sub-pages associated with a current Company Page and thus outside of the scope of this post, but the process is easier as fewer details are needed for a Showcase Page because they are already included in your Company Page.
  • Educational Institution: LinkedIn classifies educational institution as encompassing institutions of learning for any age, ability level, or type. In other words, this could be a preschool, grade school, vocational training center, college, or anything else that teaches.

The process for each of the pages is fairly similar, but we will use small businesses as an example for this blog post. This is because the small business category is easy to understand, and the other categories build on this type. After selecting your category, you will then be able to set up and launch your page on the next screen, where you will need to follow the next steps.

Step 2: Set Your Page Identity

set your LinkedIn Company Page identity

Next, you want to tell LinkedIn which company you want to identify. These are fields that will show up on the finished page, so it’s important to ensure everything is accurate and proofread. First, include the company name. This can be the “doing business as (DBA)” or any subsidiary of a larger company. The important thing is that the company name is what people will recognize you as. 

Then, you set the company page URL. In this case, you’re making a LinkedIn custom URL that’s similar to the ones available to individuals. Typically, you want to use an easily recognizable version of your company name. You might have to be somewhat creative, though, if other companies have similar names and have claimed a URL already.

Finally, you need to add the company website URL. Because of the frequency with which landing pages change, don’t use one for this field. Instead, use your homepage for the display address. You can always use landing pages in LinkedIn postings or other content.

Step 3: Enter Your Company Details

enter your LinkedIn Company Page company details

Another important aspect of how to create a company page on LinkedIn is mastering the company details. Here, LinkedIn wants to “sort” your business into the right category: What kind of services do you provide, how large is the business, and what kind of company? This information is also helpful to potential customers and job seekers, especially if they have preferences like company size.

On LinkedIn, the fields that populate are industry, company size, and company type. The industry is self-explanatory: if you fix automobiles, or if you sell them, you’re in the automotive industry. However, an individual auto repair shop might have 20 employees and one location, while many car dealerships are in multi-location corporations and might well meet the definition of “medium” for LinkedIn. However, you can get more specific for company size if you want. 

Finally, there’s the company type. This isn’t as obvious upfront as the other two categories, but part of how to create a company page on LinkedIn is properly stating your company type. For small businesses, it’s often an LLC or partnership. Larger companies tend to be corporations. So, select the one which is most appropriate for your business. 

Step 4: Promote Your Branding

promote your LinkedIn Company Page branding

Once you’ve finished with the basics it’s time to add your branding to the LinkedIn company page. Your first task is to add a logo. This should be uploaded in the formats currently accepted by LinkedIn, often jpeg. As a rule, the 300×300 size is recommended for most logos. This way, your logo will look its best. Once the logo has been uploaded, add your company tagline or motto. By doing this, you’ll both promote your branding and tell people what your company is all about.

Refining your LinkedIn company page

refining your LinkedIn Company Page

Once done with these 4 steps your page will be created and then you progress to the refinement stage of Company Page creation. This is done by editing the following items on your newly created LinkedIn Company Page. In order to reach these settings, click on “Edit Page,” which appears as a button underneath where your cover image will soon be added! Here are the more detailed instructions on how to create a company page on LinkedIn.

Step 5: Add Overview Info to Your Header

add overview information to your LinkedIn Company Page header

This is all done on the screen that appears next, which is equivalent to About –> Overview in the edit popup menu.

  1. Add an up to 2,000-character description – This is good for SEO! Be sure to choose a couple of great keywords for your overall company description.
  2. Add a phone number– In most cases, this should be your 800 number for the corporate office if you’re a large business, or the location phone if you’re smaller.
  3. Add what year you were founded– Don’t turn down an opportunity to crow about your years of successful business.
  4. Add up to 20 specialties – Also good for SEO! You should be able to add more keywords here.

Step 6: Add a Custom Button to Your Company Page

add a custom button to your LinkedIn Company Page

You’ll next navigate to the Header –> Buttons area of the menu popup that you edited information in Step 5. You won’t need to bother with Header –> Page Info because you already filled that out when creating your page.

This custom button will be featured prominently under your cover image so use it strategically! Add button names from the preselects that LinkedIn allows you to choose from. These are descriptive of what part of your website you want people to go to, such as the sales department. Then, add the URL to your button and click save.

Step 7: Add Locations

add locations to your LinkedIn Company Page

Since you already completed the About –> Overview step you can now navigate down to About –> Locations to add the full addresses of any office locations that you have, which will make it easier for your company to appear in local searches. If you’re in a service-related field such as auto repair or plumbing, this is especially important. For multinational corporations or larger companies, you might list the major offices or national headquarters.

Step 8: Add Strategic Hashtags

add up to 3 hashtags to your LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn Company Pages can’t engage as a person on LinkedIn unless someone replies to one of their status updates. However, LinkedIn gives Company Pages the ability to engage in trending content if it contains one to three strategic hashtags that you determine to be strategic to your company. This is where you enter them, by navigating on the same pop-up menu down to Community –> Hashtags. Be sure to do hashtag research as appropriate to pick the best ones.

Step 9: Add LinkedIn Groups

add LinkedIn Groups you want to showcase

If you have a LinkedIn Group, LinkedIn gives your Company Page visitors the ability to join it directly from your page. Enter it under the final menu item in the pop-under Community –> Featured groups. By the way, having a group is a smart choice for most businesses.

Step 10: Add a Cover Image

add a cover image to your LinkedIn Company Page

Once you complete Step 9 you might think that you are done as you have completed all of the items in the edit popup menu. However, there is something strategic not in the edit menu that you should do: Add a cover image! By clicking on the pencil icon in the top righthand corner of where your cover image should be, you will have the ability to upload it. Note that the recommended size is 1,128px x 191px. Of course, this is a rather large image, so you have a significant amount of flexibility. Just make sure it reflects your company.

Step 11: Post Your First Status Update!

post your first status update

You can’t complete the creation of a Company Page on LinkedIn until you post your first status update from your page, so go for it!!! Remember, you can and should change the status fairly regularly to reflect company events. For instance, if you’re going to hold a hiring event, brag about it so relevant talent will see it. Or, if you’re launching or promoting a particular product, invite people to check it out. And as always, add hashtags as appropriate.

Step 12: Invite Your LinkedIn Connections to Follow Your new Page!

how to invite your LinkedIn connections to follow your LinkedIn Company Page

Don’t forget to click on the Invite Connections to Follow area on the right-hand side of your Company Page under your cover image. This begins the process of inviting your connections to follow your page. You get 100 credits to invite your connections every month, and if a connection accepts your invite, your credit is returned to you allowing you to invite more of your connections. If you do this right, then you can add connections rather quickly. In this way, you can be sure to get the most out of knowing how to create a company page on LinkedIn.

For most business owners, learning the value of LinkedIn and how to leverage it for staffing needs is just the beginning. In fact, LinkedIn is a major driver of sales leads, especially in the B2B space. Fortunately, LinkedIn is also easy to leverage in this manner, and one of the best free ways to promote your business is with a company page. Knowing how to create a company page on LinkedIn is a critical part of unlocking your business’ potential.

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How To Create A Company Page On LinkedIn FAQs

How can I create a company page in LinkedIn?

Here are the steps on how to create a company page on LinkedIn:

1. Go to the LinkedIn website and click the Work dropdown located at the top right corner of the page.
2. Click “Create a Company Page” and choose the category of your company page.
3. Fill out your company’s details.
4. Start adding your company’s branding
5. Fill out the remaining items like your company’s location, cover image, hashtags, and overview info and you should be all set!

Is it free to create a LinkedIn company Page?

Yes, it is free to create a LinkedIn company page. In fact, anyone that has a company email address or with a company name can create one easily in a few minutes. LinkedIn has been the place for professionals and it is no surprise that the platform has 55 million company pages.

Why can’t I create a company page on LinkedIn?

There are several reasons you cannot create a company page on LinkedIn:

1. Your LinkedIn profile isn’t showing that you are a current employee.
2. Your email address is not a company e-mail.
3. You don’t have enough first-degree connections

How do I create a company page on LinkedIn?

Follow these steps on how to create a company page on LinkedIn:

1. Log in to your personal LinkedIn profile and at the top right corner of the dashboard, click the Work icon.
2. Add your company information.
3. Polish your company page by adding a cover photo, summary, and location.
4. You should be all set!

How do I manage my LinkedIn Company Page?

Here are the tips on how to manage your LinkedIn company page:

1. Make sure all fields are filled out.
2. Regularly publish content.
3. Establish company page goals.
4. Make connections.

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