8 Ways How To Make Money on TikTok in 2023

8 Easiest Ways How To Make Money on TikTok in 2024

TikTok, the short-form video platform owned by Bytedance and known as Douyin in China, has been around for a while. But it wasn’t until April 2019 that TikTok really started to blow up in the US.

TikTok’s success in the US has been driven by a few things. First, it’s become an outlet for brands and celebrities to reach younger audiences who are increasingly hard to reach via traditional media. Second, TikTok is wildly popular among teens and young adults, which makes it a natural fit for influencers looking for new platforms on which they can build their followings.

With this, a lot of people have started making money on TikTok and the opportunities for monetization are only getting better. In this article, we’ll look at some of the ways you can make money on TikTok, what types of content are most likely to be monetized, and how to get started.

Note that while these are the easiest ways to make money on TikTok, you still need to build an audience by consistently creating and publishing engaging content, but keep reading for additional advice on how to do just that!

8 Easiest Ways How To Make Money on Tiktok

So, what are the easiest and best ways to make money on TikTok? There are a few different paths you can take, but we’ll look at the most popular ones:

1. Affiliate income

One of the most popular methods of making money on TikTok is through affiliate marketing. There are a number of different ways to earn affiliate income, with some being more lucrative than others. The first way is to recommend products and services on your videos. You can do this by linking out to any online store in your video description and using an affiliate link when you do so. If someone makes a purchase after clicking on your link, you’ll earn a commission.

2. Sell Through TikTok Shopping

Sell Through TikTok Shopping

TikTok shopping was introduced in 2021 and it has revolutionized the way people shop. The platform allows you to buy products directly from TikTok, which makes it easier for people to purchase items. The platform has millions of users and is growing by the day. As a result, brands are now eager to sell their products through TikTok. If you have a brand that sells merchandise, then it’s a good idea to sign up for TikTok shopping and promote your products on this new platform.

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3. Live streaming

TikTok Live streaming

You can use the app’s built-in live streaming feature to broadcast yourself and make money whenever someone watches your stream. Whenever someone tunes into your stream, they can send you coin donations which you can then exchange for hard cash.

The amount of money you earn depends on how many people are watching your stream; the more viewers, the more money you can make! But don’t forget – it is against TikTok’s policy to actively ask people for donations or gifts. 

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4. Sign Up to the TikTok Creator Fund

tiktok creator fund dashboard

One of the best ways to make money in TikTok is to sign up for the TikTok Creator Fund! This fund was established by TikTok to reward creators who post original content that follows the platform’s best practices and community guidelines.

To be eligible for the fund, you must be 18 years or older with at least 10,000 followers and your TikTok video must have garnered 100,000 views over the last 30 days. That’s a great way to get some extra cash for your hard work!

The TikTok Creator Fund is an excellent way to monetize your videos and make money from them. Not only will you be properly compensated for your creativity, but you’ll also be contributing to the growth of the platform.

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5. Start a Patreon

Start a Patreon

Patreon is a platform that lets your followers support you with monthly payments. Depending on the type of content you create, and the number of patrons you have, you can charge any amount you like. By offering exclusive rewards to those who pledge at different levels, you can incentivize people to support you more.

For example, if you’re creating content on TikTok, then you could offer behind-the-scenes footage of your work, live chats with fans, or even one-on-one time with yourself as rewards for those who pledge more. Your followers are sure to appreciate the extra effort and will be more likely to support you in the future.

6. Sell Merch To Your Followers

Another great way to make some money on TikTok is to sell merchandise to your followers. Whether it’s custom t-shirts with your username or brand, hats, phone cases, or any other item, you can make an easy profit from selling these items. Plus, since these items are usually low-priced, the profit margins are high!

With a little creativity and some hard work, you can make a nice income from selling merchandise on TikTok. It’s an excellent way to interact with your fans while monetizing your content. 

7. Get Brand Deals/Sponsorship

Brands are always looking for influencers to partner with, and TikTok isn’t any different. If you have a strong following on the platform, you can use that to get brand deals. These deals can be anything from free products to cash.

The key to getting brand deals is building a solid relationship with the brands first. You can send an email but don’t just send them a DM asking for money; instead, create content that features their products and share it on TikTok. This will show them how valuable you are as an influencer.

8. Make TikTok Accounts and Sell Them

You can build and sell TikTok accounts as well. In fact, this is a great way for you to make money on the platform. The key to doing this is building accounts with strong followers, likes, and views. For instance, if you have a large following on TikTok, you can sell your profile to other influencers.

This will allow them to expand their audience base and brand awareness. There are also some brands that are willing to pay for these accounts. This is because they want to reach a bigger audience and become more visible on the platform.

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7 Tips for How To Create TikTok Content That Gets Monetized

We tackled ways to make money on TikTok but what about the content itself? How can you create a good Tiktok video that gets more views, monetized and shared on this platform? Here are some suggestions to help you get started:

TikTok is a platform that’s constantly changing, which means you need to stay on top of trends. If you want your videos to get traction, then it’s important to create content that aligns with what people want at any given moment. This can be done by monitoring what’s popular on TikTok and then creating content that’s relevant to trending topics. Using hashtags is a good way to find out what people are talking about on the platform. If you want to make money on this platform, then pay attention to the latest viral trends and use them as inspiration for your own videos.

2. Plan Your Content

If you want to make money on TikTok, then it’s important to plan out your content. It can be tempting to just go with any social media strategy, start recording and hoping for the best, but this often leads to eventual failure. Instead, take some time out of each day to think about what kind of videos you want to create and how they fit into your overarching business strategy. This way, you can avoid wasting time on content that’s not going to be profitable for you. You might be asking, how do I know what kind of content is going to make me money? Well, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Tutorials – This can be anything from a how-to video that teaches someone how to do their makeup, cooking a special dish, or how to find contacts using a bulk email finder. Tutorials are great because they show people exactly what they need in order to accomplish something. They’re also usually short and easy for viewers to digest—which means it doesn’t take much of their time away from doing other things.
  1. Life Hacks – Similar to tutorials, life hacks are quick, easy-to-use tips that help people get more done in less time. They can be really fun to create as well because they’re usually a combination of two different ideas that you put together, which is why they work so well!
  1. Daily routine – These are videos that show people what they should do every day in order to be successful. They can be very helpful for viewers who are looking for guidance on how to start living a better life, or just need some inspiration.
  1. Product demos – These are videos that show people how different products work. They’re usually pretty short, but they can be very helpful if you want to learn more about a product before buying it.

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♬ Ultimate life hacks – The Life Bath
  1. Behind-the-scenes – These are videos that show people what goes on behind the scenes at different places. They can be interesting to watch because they reveal details that most people don’t know about, and they give viewers a better appreciation for the work that goes into something.
  1. Explainer videos – These are videos that explain a concept, process or product. They can be helpful if you want to learn more about something, but they’re also entertaining because they often use animation and humor to make things easier to understand.
  1. Q&A – This is a type of video that asks viewers a question and then answers it. If you have a large following , this can be a great way to get people involved with your brand and give them a chance to participate in the process.
  1. Music and lyric videos – These are videos that feature music and lyrics to the song. They can be entertaining and fun, but they’re also a good way to promote artists or songs you like.
  1. Duet and stitch videos – Duets are collaborative videos in which you add on to another user’s existing video, while Stitches take clips from other users’ videos and incorporate them into your own. This allows content creators to be creative, and it’s a great way to collaborate with other users.
  1. Product unboxing – These are videos that show someone opening a new product or package. They’re fun to watch because people like seeing the surprise of what’s inside and hearing about the features and benefits of whatever it is you’re unboxing.

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♬ Snowman Snowed In & Slowed Down – Sia
  1. Dance covers – There are trending songs on TikTok that are perfect for dance covers. If you have a good sense of rhythm, this is an easy way to show off your talent and make some money from it.
  1. Educational videos – TikTok has a large audience of young people, so educational videos are always in high demand. You can make videos on any topic, from basic math to history and science and even complex ones such as how to start in freelancing, AI, cybersecurity and more.
  1. Before and after videos – These are also popular on TikTok. The idea is simple: You make a video showing how you did something and then show the result. It can be as simple as making a sandwich or cleaning your room or something more complicated like fixing an engine or building a house.

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3. Make Sure That It’s Entertaining!

TikTok is a short-form video platform which means that you have to make sure that your content is entertaining. You need to keep people watching, or else they will just skip to the next video on their feed. If you want to make money on TikTok, then it’s important that your videos are engaging and interesting enough for people to want to watch them from start-to-finish.

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4. Record and Polish Your Video

You need to make sure that your videos are high quality and polished before you post them. Don’t just record your videos on the fly, then upload them to TikTok. You should spend some time editing them and making sure that they look good before you post them. This will help people to watch your content from start-to-finish and it will also make your videos more entertaining for those who are watching them.

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You can add trending sounds to your videos on TikTok. This will help you to make the most of the sound effects that are already trending, and it will also help you to attract more attention from those who want to watch funny videos. Just take a look at what’s trending in the app and try adding some of those sounds into your own content.

6. Add Value To Your Videos

How many times have you watched a TikTok video and thought to yourself, “Why did I just watch this?” If you want to make your videos more valuable for the people who are watching them, then it’s important that you ask yourself this question before publishing anything. If a video has no value then it will not be watched by many people.

7. Be Consistent

The more consistent you are with your video content, the better. This is especially true if you are creating a series of videos, such as vlogs or product reviews. If people can count on you to deliver fresh content each week, then they will be more likely to stick around.


There’s no denying that TikTok is one of the biggest social media platforms today. With over 800 million active users, it’s not hard to see why it’s such a popular app.

If you want to take advantage of this, then it’s important that you understand what makes TikTok so special and why many people are looking for ways to tap into the platform. The good news is that there are many ways to make money on TikTok, but it all comes down to one thing: being consistent. You don’t need millions of followers or millions of views every single day in order to make money off of TikTok; you just need to be consistent with posting videos and growing your audience over time. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been lurking on the TikTok subreddit, and some users are making crazy RPMs on their content. The most I’ve made so far in a month is just under $300. I’ll keep at it and appreciate the different revenue streams that you mentioned. Appreciated!

    • Glad to hear! Keep going my friend! Consistency and leaning into your analytics and tweaking your content strategy will become your best friends on the journey!

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