15 Legit Ways How to Get More Views on TikTok

15 Legit Ways How to Get More Views on TikTok

TikTok is thriving as a social media platform. Being the most downloaded app of the year gives it a great advantage over the competition. The app has more than 1 billion global active monthly users, which is a convincing number for any content creator to jump in and start producing. 

In this article, we will dive deep into this topic and talk in-depth about the most effective tactics on TikTok to get more views and build your online presence.

What exactly is a “view” on TikTok?

“View” on TikTok is straightforward. The very second a video begins to play, it’s considered a view. If you’re the video creator, the views won’t count.

Should you purchase TikTok views?

No! You shouldn’t purchase TikTok views! That is why we will only suggest “legit” methods in this article.

It’s impossible to buy social media followers to achieve results. Perhaps your metrics for views will rise. However, your engagement rates will fall, you will not gain followers, and TikTok will eventually wipe out the people you’ve hired to view.

Save money, and put your time into following these tips to build an authentic, long-lasting relationship.

15 methods how to gain even more TikTok views:

Although you cannot always ensure TikTok success, a few techniques will aid your videos in gaining more views and increasing engagement. This platform will always help people to make money on TikTok. 

Check out these strategies for going popular on TikTok without running TikTok advertisements.

1. Use hashtags

use hashtags

Hashtags can be helpful tools in the TikTok arsenal

The robust TikTok algorithm determines what you’re posting about and who may be interested in seeing it. Hashtags also help find your content through search. Creating TikTok hashtags relevant to your target audience and topic is an excellent option. 

Evidence suggests that trending topics tend to be featured on the For You page. It could be worth keeping an eye on the latest trends and then jumping into the conversation by sharing relevant information that’s true to your brand. 

2. Write captions that are funny (and quirky)

TikTok allows you to enable captions for the videos you make. It has a feature that enables TikTok instantly adds captions by scanning your videos and audios. 

Captions function as hashtags the algorithm uses as they “read” your video and determine which person is most beneficial. Captions provide the app with an additional perspective on what’s happening in your video. 

However, making captions manually to record what you’ve said or to add more style and a little personal style to your clips is possible.

The most crucial aspect of making your content the next big thing on TikTok is making the correct type of content that is in line with these trends. 

TikTok is heavily focused on popular content. Trends are the things that users are looking for and interacting with the most. If you can jump on a trend right now, many people will look for your content to see what it’s about. 

This is a lot of engagement right off the start, which will assist you in breaking the TikTok algorithm. Specific trends last a few days, while others last for months and never appear to go away. As trends fade and come back, they’re the most effective way to get your video to be seen by many people.

4. Let your creativity shine

Let your creativity shine

If you’re hoping to become a household name on TikTok, it is essential to make yourself stand out. With all the material flooding into this platform, it’s crucial to show your personality and develop unique ideas for your videos. 

If you have fun performing a stunning dance routine, seriously expressing your thoughts, or simply having fun, try to incorporate your unique elements every time you upload videos. You can also try the best shirts for sublimation which will help to gain more attention. Whatever content you make, strive to make it original and enjoyable. 

This might sound cliche, but being you is the best method to achieve this. There is no one else with your style; take advantage of it on your TikTok videos. This will help your videos get a wider audience.

5. Use sound effects and music

There aren’t any hashtags in your TikTok arsenal to increase the number of views and engagement. 

Similar to hashtags, TikTok audio has its current trending cycles. The various sound effects featured on TikTok sound also go through cycles of popularity. Keep an eye out for sound clips that you can remix. 

Another way to identify popular sounds is to tap the “Create” (+) button within the app, then click the button to add a sound. This will display the most well-known audio clips.

6. Upload your videos at the right time

One of the most effective ways to gain more views is to share videos on TikTok video content at just the correct timing. It is essential to publish your content when your intended audience is the most engaged on TikTok. 

This will ensure that you receive an increase in engagement immediately and help the algorithm improve the reach of your video. If you publish your content at random times, your audience could be sleeping. 

This means that nobody will be able to see your content immediately, which means it will see lower levels of engagement, making it difficult to make it viral.

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7. Invest in promoting your videos

Invest in promoting your videos

Once you’ve made the video and posted it to TikTok, you must make sure you promote the video. TikTok has introduced its Promote feature, which allows users to promote their videos naturally to attract new and relevant viewers similar to Facebook’s Boost feature.

Finding your natural audience using the Promote feature won’t be restricted or result in your being suspended or shadowbanned, and TikTok may reward those who join this new trend swiftly. TikTok Promote can be used to advertise to any users who use the platform.

This is an essential strategy to increase your reach on TikTok just like social media advertising is on any other platform.

8. Find your audience

The user base on TikTok is segmented well and can become hyper-focused. It can range from a literary audience who are on BookTok as well to an active rug-tufting community. 

If you’ve got an exciting video, there’s an audience waiting for it. The trick is identifying the right niche audience that connects your created content. Check out some videos in your local community and determine the people you’d like to hang out with in that niche. 

Look at the most popular accounts in these communities. You can pick up on the hashtags, the types of content reference, content, and formats that received high engagement. Take that information as a source of inspiration for your videos.

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9. Pay attention to the frequency of uploads

There’s most essential and successful secret is that the creators on TikTok regularly posted their videos. The best of the creators uploads up to 3-4 videos daily. 

If you want to be a hit through your videos, creating enough content to upload it regularly by using the TikTok calendar is essential. We’ve already mentioned that you have spent time making a name for yourself on TikTok. 

There is no shortcut here. The most effective TikTok accounts will post several videos each day at the appropriate times. Although that could be beyond the reach of a single creator posting at least once every day is essential. 

If you have an unassuming profile and only publish 1-2 videos per week, your posts are unlikely to appear in other users’ For You feeds.

10. Be consistent

Be consistent

Keep your content consistent and post from beginning to end. Ensure you maintain a consistent tone, content type, and quality of your videos. 

Ensure you are compatible with your posting schedule and how you utilize audiovisual elements of your video. The goal of your video is immediately recognizable to viewers. Consistency can give your channel notice and gain recognition among the users and TikTok’s algorithm.

11. It’s all about the quality

TikTok prefers videos with high quality for inclusion on the For You page. Most videos on TikTok are made with people’s phones, but there’s no reason to reduce the quality of your videos. Let’s split the rate into two distinct parts. 

The first is the technical aspect. Be aware of the most important elements like ensuring you have the correct framing, the proper lighting, and external microphones to get the highest quality sound. And second, tipping those boxes on these crucial technical details will keep your viewers entertained.

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12. Create short videos

Video length plays an essential part in how engaging your content is. You could certainly make a video that is three minutes long and make it popular on TikTok. 

However, this isn’t as simple. Shorter videos are more enjoyable to watch, more engaging, have a longer watch time, and also improve the likelihood of viewers watching the same video again. These are all essential aspects that make viral video content. 

This is the reason why videos that are shorter tend to attract more views and greater engagement. There isn’t a perfect length for videos. It would be best to keep them in less than one minute. 

The shorter videos will help you enhance your creative skills and is a significant advantage.

13. Engage with the public

Engage with the public

Concentrate on your audience and followers. In responding to comments, you create an interaction with your followers. 

When you interact with the same viewers across multiple videos, The TikTok algorithm considers that to be an interaction with the viewer, making the video likely to be featured on its For You feed. 

The more you engage with your viewers, the more likely your videos will show up to them on your For You pages. Be sure not to use words like buzzwords in your conversations.

However, the best way to engage with the public is to bring them into your content itself. This can be done by duetting videos or reposting videos to your own channel (with permission from the original poster, of course). If someone creates a video in your niche, drawing attention to it can help bring added views to both yourself and the original video.
This can work especially well for brands who boost videos posted by their customers. For example, you can regularly boost content created by your brand community, which can result in increased views for both the brand and their community. 

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14. Do something controversial

One of the most efficient ways to ensure that your content is the most viral across any medium is to post anything controversial. 

Be assured that we’re trying not to offend anyone or break any law. When we refer to something as contentious, we mean saying or doing something people don’t agree with or have an opinion about. 

What’s the most effective method to consume Oreos? Oreo Cookie? What’s the most flavorless M&M color? Do you like or hate Friends? Who is your favorite character on the show…or who annoys you the most?

Be a sentence that entices people to read it. Perhaps they are angry, or your views are so attractive that they’d like to comment. 

These are popular with TikTok users who rush into the video to share their opinions. This is a great way to showcase your personality and gain a following.

15. Do your proper research

Not to be left out, we’ll talk about research, which can be the most vital and most challenging aspect of the process of creating content.

As you gain experience creating content, you’ll discover how to generate more interactivity-based content as time goes on. You’ll soon realize that only a tiny portion of your content is favored while the rest gets lost in the sea of information.

Please use the information and knowledge obtained from TikTok to improve your content and enhance its appeal. Begin by identifying the content that resonates best for your audience and gets the most interest.

Expanding the scope of your research to your customers can assist you in developing a persona for your customers, which includes your target audience’s psychographic and demographic information. This includes information about their interests and habits. 

However, these analytics and insights are only available on the pro accounts of TikTok. Therefore, it is best to upgrade the status of your account from “free” to “pro” once you have reached a certain number of followers.

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TikTok is about fun, entertainment, and having fun sharing creative ideas of content. There’s a place and a market for you on this global platform, regardless of your area of expertise. 

How to increase views and followers on TikTok is about finding the appropriate format for content and the latest trends that align with your message. It doesn’t require film or digital marketing education to be a TikTok phenomenon. 

Anyone can earn millions of views on their video if they make content people want to watch. Remember these guidelines when creating new videos, even if you’ve only a few or no viewers. It will be easy to see the change it makes.

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