The Top 15 Facebook Ads Tools

The Top 13 Facebook Ad Tools You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Many people think that Facebook Ads Manager is the only Facebook Ad tool you need. But did you know that there are a host of other Facebook Ads tools that can help you improve your ad spend ROI?

Especially if you are a large company or are simultaneously running multiple ads campaigns or have a larger agency and work with a lot of clients, keeping track of your Facebook ads as part of your Facebook marketing can be a challenge. After all, there will be a wide variety of campaigns and each of these require careful planning and execution. Here are some Facebook Ads tools that can really make your job easier – and improve your bottom line.


With Madgicx’s power of AI & Ad Management, you can ensure maximum return on your ad spend.

Facebook Ads Library

Get information about the ads you see by searching them across Meta technologies.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express makes it easy to create stand-out ads and graphics from its thousands of beautiful templates for free!


Easily analyze the performance of your Facebook ad accounts and campaigns with AdsReport. It’s a breeze and completely free.

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Facebook Ads Management Platform

Do you have a large team that you coordinate with? One way to make this easier is with an ad management platform. Depending on the program, you can share many of the tasks with others. At the same time, the security of your business financial information is maintained. Here are some examples:

1. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager

This is the default advertising management tool within Facebook itself. The tool also works on Messenger and Instagram, since Facebook owns these brands. At the heart of the tool is its analytics: Facebook will give you a wide variety of metrics that tell you how effective the current social media sites campaign is. Another aspect of this tool is that it allows you to create the ads in a user-friendly manner straightforward enough for even first-time users. Lastly, Facebook Ads Manager allows you to retarget and adjust your Facebook marketing strategy to secure a more promising audience.

In case you didn’t know, Facebook is investing a lot into helping you use their tools more effectively. Check out their Facebook Blueprint for FREE Facebook training to help even an experienced user!

Facebook Ads Manager is still a very complex tool to completely master, but Facebook has been working hard to make it simpler. For those companies who felt Facebook Ads were too complex or didn’t have the robust Facebook features they were looking for, a number of private companies developed Facebook Ads tools that were in many ways more robust. If you are spending over a few thousand dollars a month on Facebook Ads, you owe it to yourself to check out the following platforms:

2. AdEspresso


Prefer to work with an ad manager that collaborates with other advertising vendors? If so, then AdEspresso might be a great choice. That’s because they are an advertising partner with Facebook and Instagram, but they also work with Google-based services. This provides you a greater amount of flexibility on where you place your AdEspresso-managed ads and can improve your design experience.

AdEspresso specializes in PPC priced ads. You can determine how much to bid for Facebook and Instagram space. But before you get to that point, check out AdEspresso’s A/B testing. This feature is great, because it helps you decide what advertising approaches are most likely to succeed before the first dime is paid to the advertising vendor. An added plus: AdEspresso helps you collaborate, not just with your team, but your clients as well. One of the great things about AdEspresso is how easy it is to use for a business owner.

Pricing: starts at $58 per month based on your monthly spend instead of the size of your team. Those who spend more, pay more.

3. Hootsuite Ads

Hootsuite Ads

Running an enterprise-level agency? Have really large businesses for clients? If so, then Hootsuite Ads might be the best choice. Why? Well, AdEspresso was bought by Hootsuite back in 2017, and it is really meant for small and medium-sized businesses. Hootsuite Ads, on the other hand, was turned into an option for larger businesses. The difference is significant: Hootsuite Ads is less self-service than its smaller-business counterpart. They also have better security features, and a full range of ad planning and execution tools. Lastly, the platform is intended to support all kinds of advertising.

Pricing: starts at $29 per month, and is based on the number of social profiles you’re managing and how many people use the account.

Facebook Ads Retargeting

Let’s face it: most of the time potential buyers don’t purchase something the first time they see an advertisement for a product or service. In order to get a greater ROI, consider a quality retargeting campaign. Here are some resources to help, in addition to launching retargeting campaigns inside Facebook Ads Manager or leveraging some of the other Facebook Ads tools mentioned above.

4. AdRoll

adroll facebook ads retargeting tool benefits

AdRoll is a great way to turn great first impressions into the sales you need. At the heart of retargeting campaigns is the browser cookie: place a cookie on their browser, and show your ads on other websites. AdRoll claims that they have relationships with a large variety of ad vendors, giving you many different options on where to place those ads above and beyond Facebook. Central to AdRoll is their AI approach: computers decide what ads to place, and where to place them. Just give AdRoll a budget, and it goes to work.

Pricing: AdRoll is free to start, with additional featured plans starting at a mere $9 (Essentials plan) and $19 (Growth plan) per month.

5. Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience

Losing a lot of smartphone and tablet users? Perfect Audience does retargeting for more than just desktops. In fact, they specifically mention their ability to retarget the same customer, no matter which of their devices they’re using at any given time. They’re able to do this retargeting through more than just your main website, as well. For example, they can connect with your customers through Facebook, Twitter, and Shopify ads. This service is very versatile, so you can reach a wide variety of customers with your brand message and improve your ads performance.

Pricing: is “pay as you go.” New customers get a free trial worth 14 days’ service or $100 ad spend, whichever comes first.

Facebook Ads Automation

If we’re honest with ourselves, we will admit that too much time with analytics reports can really keep us from doing other things. Unfortunately, placing ads individually all of the time is tedious. You can reduce the time spent on ad management with automation services. Here are some good ones:

6. RevealBot


For those trying to automate more than just Facebook ads, RevealBot is a great option. In addition to the Facebook platforms, RevealBot works with Snapchat and Google. Basically, the idea behind a RevealBot-moderated campaign is to spend less money on non-performing advertisements. They do this by helping you generate a set of rules for the ads. For example, ads generating a lower-than-desired click through rate can be delisted, and a new one put up that conforms to your ideals. This frees you up to plan more campaigns, or to fine-tune that awesome new advertisement, and allows ad spend to be allocated more efficiently.

Because RevealBot is so sophisticated in its functionality, it can provide robust automated reporting on what works and what doesn’t that will delight you.

Pricing: is based on your monthly ad spend, and starts at $99 per month. There’s a free 14-day trial available, and 2 months free per year with an annual subscription.

7. Madgicx

Madgicx facebook ad tool

Madgicx is a marketing tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to effectively optimize existing and upcoming marketing efforts, in order to focus on what matters. Madgicx’s claim to fame is its ability to increase return on ad spend (ROAS) simply by optimizing your ads. This is accomplished by regularly tracking and measuring your ads in order to determine which ads are performing the best, and which ads are in need of altering or letting go altogether, all using AI and without having to go through and complete the tasks yourself. Marketing teams can rest easy while using Madgicx, as their reporting tools are simultaneously sources of measurement and responsible for automatically updating your company’s advertising images. 

Pricing: exists on a scale, according to your monthly ad spend. The lowest tier is $44 per month, and Madgicx does offer a free trial.

Facebook Ad Creation

All of this talk about how to manage your ads and save time for fun stuff is worthless if you can’t create the ads in the first place. Here are some tools to help with this important task.

8. Facebook Ads Library

facebook ads image library example for soccer balls

The Facebook ads library is an interesting tool, because it is designed for transparency rather than utility. Nevertheless, it can be an extremely useful tool, because it offers a searchable database from which to determine which ads are currently being run on Facebook. Using this tool, you can successfully determine which ads are common, which ads are unusual, and more. It can function as a market research tool in that respect, as well as an idea generator for services and products that fit within your industry or niche.

Researching the advertising campaign of your biggest competitor (or competitors) stands out among your other marketing tools. Facebook ads library is one of the simplest and most effective Facebook advertising tools currently available, as it allows you to evaluate social media accounts’ advertising campaigns and determine how you can capitalize on the work and techniques of others.

9. Canva


Canva is a great graphic design tool for the creation of ad images. With its various features, Canva allows you to create company logos, advertising flyers, social media stories, and more. They have a huge collection of clip art available to premium users. You can also use the software for photo editing, and even create advertising goodies like infographics. Need to distribute something offline? Canva has a printing service, as well.

Pricing: there are both paid and free options. Pay for the pro version annually for $9.95 per month.

10. Adobe Express

adobe express facebook ad creation tool

Adobe’s suite is among the most well-known and oft-used software options currently on the market and with good reason. Adobe Express is often used specifically for ad and graphics creation, because it has a hefty library of free templates and images from which to choose, in order to create graphics and advertisements that grab the attention of potential customers and maintain clean lines and consistency. Adobe Express is often preferred by those who already use other entries into the Adobe suite, and can provide a similar experience as Canva, but with the same high quality photo and editing tools expected of an Adobe product. While Express is billed primarily as a source of digital advertising materials, it can also be used to create PDFs and other print materials, as well. Adobe Express rounds out their offerings with intuitive photo editing tools. 

Pricing: Adobe Express offers both a free tier, wherein you are able to use 2 GB of storage, 2,000 fonts, and thousands of stock photos, and a more comprehensive tier that can be used for either $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year. 

11. Unsplash


Sometimes, the stock photography and clip art in your other programs aren’t enough. When that happens, Unsplash is a great place to find every type of stock photography to use in your ad images. Their licenses allow commercial use, derivatives, and other goodies. Best of all, it’s free! Really. I was always a user of a few different stock photo sites until I standardized by using Unsplash on this blog and all of my presentations from the advice of branding guru D.P. Knudten. I haven’t looked back.

Facebook Ads Reporting

Facebook ads reporting allows you to use the social media platform to create custom reports to specific audiences. In a vein similar to Google analytics, ads reporting is one of the manager tools that makes it easy to create custom audiences for social media management reports. This is one of the more important Facebook advertising tools, because it allows you to distribute different pieces of data to different people on your team. Some departments or team members, for instance, are involved in the customer journey aspect of a business, while others are tasked with bringing in potential customers.

Using Facebook advertising tools like reporting allows you to create customizable dashboards, schedule reports, and differentiate the data on those reports to make sure your team is working as cohesively and effectively as possible. Reporting is one more automation tool to add to your advertising and analytics tools arsenal, in order to cut down on the amount of time you spend poring through ad campaigns and conducting your own analyses.

12. AgoraPulse AdsReport

AgoraPulse Ads report best performing ads group example

Additional tools can help you complete your advertising tool and campaign evaluations to determine how well you are reaching your target audience. AdsReport is specifically designed for social media marketing through Facebook, as it is used entirely to evaluate the social media ads you run through Facebook. Developed as a powerful tool to take the place of Facebook’s own in-house analytics tool, AgoraPulse allows you to evaluate your ads campaign performance without investing a great deal of time or money. AgoraPulse is an effective social media strategy tool for people who want to focus their marketing campaigns on Facebook and are in search of marketing software that makes evaluating existing campaigns easy and straightforward.

13. Driftrock

driftrock lead capture library

Driftrock is a more comprehensive offering that focuses on developing leads, but it does come equipped with a tracking and reporting service that helps marketers keep a close eye on all marketing campaigns and practices, and keep an eye on conversions. When using Driftrock’s overall software, you can set aside a space for reporting and tracking your existing campaigns and leads. Driftrock’s tracking and reporting software is designed to be highly customized, with the ability to determine what exactly is being identified and recorded, and how those insights are expected to be delivered to marketing teams. 

Driftrock is also designed to function as part of a larger team framework, with the ability to share all insights and tracking reports across the company or brand, in order to make sure everyone is kept in the loop. It also allows you to determine where your best leads are found, in order to focus on those clients or accounts. 

Pricing: Driftrock does offer a free service for small start ups and those looking to evaluate the benefits of the service. From there, plans start at $49 per month, $249 per month, and $1,950 per month, depending on company size and needs. 

What are your favorite Facebook ads tools? Let us know in the comments.

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Facebook Ad Tools FAQs

What tools do you use for Facebook ads?

Here are some tools you can use for Facebook ads:

1. Facebook Ads Manager
3. Hootsuite Ads
4. Perfect Audience
5. AdEspresso
6. Social Pilot

What are the 6 tools of advertising?

These are the 6 tools of advertising:

1. Email Marketing
2. Social Media Marketing
3. Display Advertising
4. Blogging
5. Search Engine Optimization
6. Search Engine Marketing

What is Adchill?

Adchill is an automation and scaling tool created by The Chill Project in 2017. It allows users to shorten 8 hours of Facebook ad work into just 10 minutes and lessen the cost of getting buyers at the same time. Adchill also helps in driving a great amount of traffic whether to users’ games, applications, and even e-commerce stores.

What is the best format for Facebook ads?

The recommended size and format for Facebook ads image is at least 1080 x 1080 pixels. Just like other platforms, it is also recommended to use the highest resolution image since there is no limit when it comes to the maximum resolution. In terms of aspect ratio, the recommended size is 1.91:1 to 1:1.

What is an advertising tool?

Advertising tools are a must-have if you wanted to do digital marketing. It is a big part of your social media strategy. Advertising tools help your brand be successful in your online marketing activities, increase sales, and improve your brand’s online visibility.

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