AI Content Assistants: 13 Tools to Assist in Your Content Creation

AI Content Assistants: 13 Tools to Assist in Your Content Creation

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AI content assistants have become so common that you can find them in just about any popular software. Among others, this feature is integrated into popular messaging and email apps, making your business communication and content creation that much easier. Of course, you can also subscribe to specialized generation programs that can streamline your daily blogging. 

In this article, I’ll explain what makes AI assistants so awesome and how you can benefit from their use. I’ll also introduce a plethora of recommended AI content assistants based on your specific needs.

The Rise of Human AI Content Assistants

Before going any further, I should make a distinction between human and robot assistants. The robot assistant is a phrase that mainly refers to autonomous software that can create AI-generated content (i.e. generative AI) with minimal outside involvement. They utilize prompts provided by humans to generate posts in a short amount of time. 

On the other hand, human AI content assistants, also referred to as prompt engineers, are a type of content writers who specialize in tools like ChatGPT, Jasper, and CopyAI. Their main role is to write prompts, which will then be fed into the software so it can create just the type of blog posts the client needs. 

In other words, human content writing assistants can squeeze the most value out of these AI-powered tools. They can train software how to write so that every piece of long-form content and social media post fits the brand’s identity. When and if necessary, they can also proofread the articles to ensure the software hasn’t messed up anything. 

Given the rising popularity of AI content writing tools, there’s a good chance that these professionals will soon replace traditional writers. Then again, this makes sense, given how quickly you can pump out content with artificial intelligence software. 

What Can AI Content Assistants Help You With?

The concept of AI assistants was first introduced in the 1960s when IT experts started exploring different uses of natural language processing. The tech experts were contemplating how robotic systems could take notes from meetings, potentially replacing secretaries. 

Fast forward,  these programs have become vital for the marketing and sales content creation process. Here are some of the most common reasons businesses use them:

  • Expedite content production process
  • Hasten repetitive tasks
  • Collect user-generated content from the web
  • Ensure the highest possible grammar accuracy 
  • Eliminate lack of inspiration
  • Improve optimization during blog writing 

The use of writing assistants is no longer limited to writing tools. This type of technology is now integrated into various messaging systems and other programs, expediting official communication between users. With it, entrepreneurs can write emails in a fraction of the time and automatically respond to buyers, thus boosting customer satisfaction. 

How to Choose Which AI Content Assistant to Use?

These are the main things a content marketer has to take into account when choosing software:

  • Content accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Specialized features
  • Team features
  • Types of content supported
  • Available integrations
  • Security 
  • Pricing

Although relying on human writers is still your best bet for creating high-quality content, AI assistants are not that far behind. The programs rely on sophisticated language models and can learn from information on the web and provided by human prompt engineers. 

The 13 Best AI Content Assistants

In this section, I will go through the 13 best assistants on the market, their key features, and what separates them from the pack:



Jasper is one of the most complete AI content creation tools within its respective category. You can use it for just about anything, from sales and marketing emails to product descriptions, meta descriptions, long-form articles, and social posts. You also get access to various templates and presets that will further boost your content creation efforts. 

The software relies on a deep learning model to generate posts according to your brand identity and target audience. Jasper can scan your existing pieces and use them as a blueprint for future content. Alternatively, you can instruct the tool on what kind of posts to generate. That way, you can create content for a variety of channels that will always feel as if written by the same person.

My favorite thing about the content marketing software is the analytics suite. It assesses all your pieces and ranks them based on search engine rankings. It also provides a list of suggestions as to how to make these posts better. 



Unlike Jasper, Rytr has a much more simplistic yet user-friendly interface. The software is perfect for international teams as it gives you access to a wide range of languages and accents. You can also tinker with more than 20 tones of voice, significantly altering the feel and flow of every piece. 

Rytr supports the most common formats, such as sales emails, social media content, articles, ads, and more. The content tool also has a few fantastic editing functions, like expanding and shortening paragraphs or sentence rewriting. Every post is run through a plagiarism checker, thus ensuring there’s nothing similar posted online.

Lastly, I have to mention a wide variety of integration options that will significantly increase the software’s functionality. You can use Rytr in conjunction with MS Word, Gmail, Slack, Facebook, Instagram, and other major platforms. 


Copy AI

If you’re looking for a program to create complex content workflows, CopyAI might be the right thing for you. The software is fantastic for automation, allowing you to create long-form content by relying purely on keywords. You can also use it for a few other cool things, such as automatic post updates, repurposing, and automatic linking. 

CopyAI is also excellent for running several projects concurrently. It allows you to save several brand voices and select the right one from the list. You can also create numerous prompts and switch them up for different formats and situations. The software provides some of the better, more accurate outputs, allowing you to create relevant content for your blog and social media accounts. 



The first thing you’ll notice after opening the CopySmith website is that the software specializes in product descriptions. The AI assistant can create compelling content for your online shop and instantly export it to CMS. Every piece is optimized for Google and other search engines, ensuring that you get the maximum boost from these platforms.  

CopySmith excels at content planning and bulk creation. It allows you to create numerous pages with a single click and import catalogs, making it an ideal solution for stores that often change their offering. Another thing I liked is that the software can generate keywords in the blink of an eye without additional research, allowing you to skip all the heavy lifting. 



Most people recognize Grammarly as a software that can fix your grammar and other writing mistakes. The tool integrates with all major writing and communication programs, including Google Docs, MS Office, and Messenger. 

Recently, the company introduced an AI assistant that allows you to generate high-performing content on the go. The assistant is more of an extra feature than a self-sufficient platform like Rytr or Jasper. Having that in mind, its functionality is rather limited. Nevertheless, when we also consider the program’s basic functionality, the content generation function is a perfect addition that provides nice added value. 

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While most tools on this list provide fantastic content quality, some of them might feel a bit limited in terms of added features. So, if you’re looking for something a bit different, you should try out Wordtune.

The thing that separates this program is the type of information you can include in the post. A content marketer can introduce jokes, emojis, and statistical data that will enrich the piece. This is a far cry from what other AI assistants do, generating noticeably different outputs. 

Besides giving you granular access, Wordtune also uses automation workflows. You can use it for summaries, which is perfect for repurposing long posts for other channels. There’s also an option to create a knowledge base, saving you even more time during content creation. 

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Frase is another tool that wasn’t initially intended for AI generation. Content creators use this platform to check their blog posts and optimize them for search engine optimization purposes. Among others, you can use it to create SEO briefs, check top competitors, introduce links, and perform other modifications.

Its recently introduced assistant uses short prompts to generate new sections. You can add a tone of voice, keywords, and length for fine-tuning. While the generation feature isn’t as sophisticated as that in other tools, it still goes well with the program’s basic functionality. 

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A great thing about Writesonic is that it can automate just about every part of the content creation process. The program can tap into trending online keywords, eliminating the keyword research process. You can also introduce brand guidelines, analyze best-performing pieces, and add extra instructions for software to follow.

Writesonic goes through various pages in Google to provide the most accurate, most relevant information. It can integrate this information in the form of statistical data and other trivia, further enriching your AI-generated article. There are also built-in SEO tools that will analyze how the article performs in search engines and provide suggestions for improvement. 

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Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is one of the more simplistic programs on the list. Although it doesn’t have the same advanced features as some other entries, it still has a few interesting functions, such as plagiarism checker and bulk creator.

One of the best and worst things about the tool is that it doesn’t use complex prompts like other assistants. All you have to do is choose the article length, main keyword, and language, and the software will produce a relevant piece. Unfortunately, this can be a bit tricky if you have special requirements, as you can’t modify the text like you can on other platforms. 



The thing that separates Sudowrite is its focus on long-form content. The program specializes in the creation of novels, helping you generate thousands of words in a few minutes. 

My favorite thing about the software is that it can use complex descriptions for certain sections. The generator can tap into human senses, such as smell and hearing, providing a more intricate reader experience. If you like certain paragraphs, you can expand them. Similarly, you can delete and rewrite parts that you don’t like. 


Paragraph AI

Right now, ParagraphAI gives you a limited number of free daily uses, and you can add it to Google Chrome. The software integrates with all major online tools, such as Gmail, Apple, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Word, allowing you to streamline communication whether you’re on a phone or laptop. 

Entrepreneurs can use the tool to simplify their article, ad, and social media creation but also to hasten business communication. It’s worth noting that the program doesn’t have that many features – you can only change the tone and format. Nevertheless, many people will appreciate its simple interface and ease of use. 



The feature I love the most about Peppertype is the analytics. The software is perfect for entrepreneurs who chase top search engine rankings, giving a breakdown of every keyword’s volume, difficulty, and trend. Peppertype also gives you a breakdown of commonly asked questions, all of which can be incorporated into future pieces.

The software can create comprehensive outlines that can be modified in a few clicks. You also check the keywords that need to be added for an even better Google performance. Although the program focuses on blog writing and SEO, Peppertype can create all sorts of formats for different marketing channels and tactics.  

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Narrato is a comprehensive AI generation platform that comes with 100+ tools and templates. One of my favorite things about it is that it can also create artificial intelligence images crucial for your conversion rates. 

On top of that, users can save their website and social media URLs, after which the program can periodically generate posts for these channels. Narrato also has a comprehensive collaboration interface where you can track what your team is doing in real time. 


By using these content editors, you can streamline any writing process. As long as you know how to create fantastic prompts, you can generate posts similar to those of human writers. This, in itself, makes it worth subscribing to one of these platforms.  Some of them also come with advanced templates, workflows, and analytics tools, making your daily processes a breeze. 

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