19 Incredible AI Content Writers (2024)

19 Incredible AI Content Writers (2024)

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Content is the currency of digital and social media, so content creation is something that every company must do, and do a lot of. Content writing just happens to be one of the most demanding and time-consuming marketing processes that you truly can’t live without. Informative blog posts and catchy ad copywriting are some of the important ways that content can help differentiate your brand from you competitors. Thanks to advances in Generative AI, there has been an explosion of the AI content writer that can help your marketing team with these textual content creation tasks. 


Supercharge copywriting with the power of AI.


Smart AI for Smarter SEO. Write content that ranks.


Get work done with Generative AI that sounds like your brand.


Generate quality content that mirrors your tone.

Most of these AI content writers can create posts based on limited keyword input and without any human engagement. Even better, many of them come with added optimization features allowing your articles to be optimized for Google’s ever-changing algorithms.

If this type of content creation tool sounds intriguing, keep reading for more details and recommendations.

What is an AI Content Writer?

The term “AI content writer” is somewhat of a misnomer. Modern artificial intelligence technology can’t create blog posts out of the blue. Instead, it uses what other people wrote on the web and repurposes these articles for its own purposes based on your prompt or whatever “recipe” these tools create that you provide input into.

AI-powered writing tools use a technology called natural language processing to better understand human language. Based on that, the software can figure out how to interpret information found online. Then, it repurposes existing texts to generate new pieces based on your input.

While these AI content writers aren’t necessarily bad, they’re a far cry from what human writers can do. I personally use this software for minor tasks, such as short-form content or ideas for content outlines, but I suggest against using AI-generated content as is for long-form blog posts. 

What Types of Content Can You Use an AI Content Writer For?

AI content writers are versatile tools that can be used for virtually any type of writing task that you might have. While marketers are the target audience for these types of tools, but they can also be great for authors, publishers, and academics. Although you might not be able to write the next great best-selling fiction novel with these apps, they can still serve for minor tweaks at the least but also provide an incredible amount of ideas. 

From a marketing content perspective, you can create just about any piece of content with an AI content writer. They’re fantastic for long-form content but also for short social media posts, emails, paid ads, and so on. Many tools come with numerous features, such as plagiarism checkers, so you won’t have to spend extra money after buying one of these. 

To help you out, I’ve decided to test some of the most popular writers on the market as well as share with you my experiences in using them. Here’s my report for you to consider: 

1. Jasper

Jasper AI content writer

Jasper is every marketer’s best friend. The software can simplify your writing process, allowing you to pump out long, high-quality content on a daily basis. What’s better, the software can also generate awesome ideas if you’re having major writer’s block.

Jasper has a unique “brand voice” functionality that will read your content and create your brand’s tone of voice to utilize with every prompt, ensuring that each piece resembles the previous one. Based on what I’ve seen, this makes it a perfect content creation tool for companies with lots of employees or high turnover. No matter what happens with your team, you can rest assured that all future pieces will follow the same formula.

I also have to mention a large number of integrations. By combining Jasper AI with Surfer SEO and other content writing tools, you can create a powerful juggernaut suite to trump your competition. The AI-powered tool combines several language models, ensuring every piece has a unique ring to it.

2. Rytr


Since its early days, Rytr has been one of my top picks out of all writing generators. This software is smooth and intuitive and can provide marvelous results for all sorts of content. According to the creators, Rytr comes with more than 40 templates that would allow you to generate all sorts of marketing posts.

The content generation platform shines for international teams. Besides the fact it covers 30+ most common languages, it also gives you a choice of over 20 brand voices. If you’re focused on Google, you’ll be glad to hear that Rytr can create content briefs that include relevant keywords and can significantly boost your placement within the SERPs.

3. Copy.ai


Copy.ai isn’t a slouch and doesn’t trail the previous two entries. The software combines several language models to provide users with engaging, original content. The nifty marketing solution is perfect for any convoluted writing process, from social media marketing to SEO and sales. 

Copy.ai creators provided API for its users, allowing seamless integration with other copywriting software. Like other AI-generators, this platform allows you to simplify and streamline your writing workflow with its powerful features. The thing I especially liked was its title generators, which can help you ideate powerful catchphrases for your marketing campaigns. 

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4. Writesonic


When I first checked Writesonic’s homepage, I was blown away by all the advanced features that the software offers. The tool can boost the legitimacy of your posts by accessing other reputable web resources and citing them within long-form articles. The integrated SEO features are especially nifty, helping you save money on otherwise expensive marketing suites like Ahrefs and SEMRush. 

Writesonic’s AI rocks the casbah when it comes to maintaining a consistent brand voice. Users can choose between 1,000+ prompts that can serve for all sorts of posts, from blog content to product descriptions, sales copies, and emails. As for other key features, I also need to mention that the content generation tool supports 30+ languages and includes chatbot personalization and privacy management. 

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5. Frase


If you’re serious about SEO and blog writing, you should definitely introduce optimization software into your workflow. Given the steep competition on Google, brands can’t survive without programs like Frase, Surfer SEO, and MarketMuse. While some naysayers doubt their efficacy, I’m here to tell you that the programs are more than worth their money. 

The reason why I choose Frase for my content optimization is that it provides much better results in search engines. The tool generates a layout for your blog articles, showing you the main keywords you need to introduce to your posts. Marketers can also use the platform to generate quality outlines from scratch.

Recently, the creators have introduced an AI writing feature that seamlessly fits the existing content optimizer. Nowadays, marketers can use this software not only to check the content quality but also to automate their blog creation. So, if you’re looking for a smooth SEO process plus the added AI generation feature, this is the horse you should bet on.

6. AI Writer

AI Writer AI content writer

While there are a few things I’ve hated when using the platform, Anyword is still much better than your average AI generator. The thing that separates this awesome generator is that it can create factual content and add sources to back it up. Furthermore, all pieces can be instantly published within WordPress, which makes it awesome when doing bulk tasks. 

The platform also does miracles, creating 1st and 2nd-ter suggestions. This makes AI Writer one of the better content assistant tools for clusters. Aside from the usual AI generation, the software also has other features like shortening and rephrasing. This makes it a perfect assistant for cutting through unnecessary fluff. 

7. Anyword


If you’re into paid advertisements, you should definitely give Anyword a go. While the platform can create content for blogs, it excels at paid ads, product descriptions, and social media content. Like other tools on the list, I’ve tested it a bit, and gotta tell you, the results are awesome! 

This magnificent app has a feature similar to Google Analytics 4, where it assesses the conversion rates before a user publishes a post. That way, marketers can easily predict how much money they’ll make from an ad and, if necessary, use the platform again to boost results. Keep in mind that the tech is somewhat new, so be ready for some major blunders. 

The platform has numerous key features geared toward brands. For example, you can add target groups, pain points, and tone of voice and eliminate keywords to get the most bang for your buck. This is especially awesome when creating ads, as it can significantly improve your conversions. 

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8. INK


Nowadays, it isn’t enough for a platform to generate engaging content ideas. It also needs to come with various added features to boost its performance. SEO functionality and optimization options are especially common, and you can find them in various tools, including INK. While I didn’t test the product enough, some of my buddies told me it could significantly boost placement in Google. 

After performing the basic keyword research, marketers can use this software to generate clusters based on returned phrases. After that, the content tool can pump out awesome pieces and will provide an optimization list within the same dash. I especially liked the art generator, which can come in handy for just about any type of post.

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9. Long Shot


One of my main issues with AI generators is that they tend to produce irrelevant, incoherent content. Sometimes, the articles are all over the place, and you can’t make heads or tails. So, Long Shot decided to put a stop to this malpractice by creating FactGPT, a funky-named technology that focuses on quality information.

Long Shot allows marketers to create custom templates, which they can repurpose for future pieces. With this dazzling feature, users no longer have to backtrack their work and recreate the same inputs and settings over and over again. To make sure that the articles gel with the audience, Long Shot has added semantic features that can boost SEO experts’ performance. 

All in all, a fantastic value for the money! 

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10. Growth Bar SEO


Growth Bar SEO has numerous features that remind me of Frase and Surfer SEO, with a scoring system for each piece. After generating your post, you can fine-tune the piece to meet the optimal word count, keyword, and readability criteria. Basically, the entire process is streamlined making it easy on marketers who already have too much on their plate. 

The software can create posts in more than 20 languages and, if we were to trust the company, can generate a 1,500-word piece in 2 minutes. The software comes with a powerful competitor analysis feature, allowing you to execute all SEO tasks from the same dashboard. You can also integrate Growth Bar with WordPress to simplify the process. 

11. ChatGPT

ChatGPT AI content writer

ChatGPT was never a popular choice among marketers. Although companies used this technology to build their own systems, the tool itself never had the same functionality as Jasper or Rytr. Most notably, ChatGPT was never modified to encompass various marketing tasks you might have to tackle on a day-to-day basis.

Nevertheless, many people still swear by this program. The thing that makes the software stand out is that it’s still free and can serve as an introductory lesson to AI writing. As such, ChatGPT is a perfect solution for casual users but also smaller teams that can’t survive massive tool expenses.

In the end, given that all other tools use this technology, you won’t get much better output with Rytr or Jasper.

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12. Quillbot


Quillbot is a specialized tool that feels and works differently from most other entries on the list. The thing that separates this program is that you can mainly use it for rephrasing. Still, the other added features can make it worthwhile. While Quillbot isn’t a complete suite, it still can automate your marketing writing. 

Specifically, Quillbot comes with a plagiarism and grammar checker, allowing you to make all the necessary modifications within the dash. There’s also a co-writer feature, where AI continues your sentences. In other words, if you wish to use this platform, you need to have at least some basic writing skills. 

13. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Everything I’ve said about Frase can be applied to Surfer SEO. Most people buy this software so they can optimize the word counts, headings, links, and insert related keywords. For the most part, the program is utilized during the post-writing phase to add a cherry on top of your article.

Like many competitors, Surfer SEO has been rushing to introduce new artificial intelligence features. Nowadays, you can also use the platform to create posts from scratch, turning newbies into modern-day Tolstoy’s. The thing that I like about this platform is that the company did a helluva job of introducing numerous integrations, effectively increasing the tool’s usefulness. 

14. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge works under a simple premise. All you gotta do is input your desired keyword, choose a length of up to 1,500 words and language, and you’re set. For the most part, the app forces on blog posts, leaving little room for creating emails, social media posts, and things of that kind.

Despite the fact that the software doesn’t have as many features as, let’s say, Writesonic, it can be of great help for bulk generation. With Article Forge, you can generate numerous articles for your blog while you’re elsewhere enjoying your morning coffee. 

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15. Writer


I was pretty taken when I first used Writer. This AI content writer has one of the best proprietary technologies within the niche, combining 14 language models that process 43 million different parameters. The sheer technological versatility ensures you can always get beautiful, intriguing pieces during content production.

The software relies on the company’s use cases to generate customized posts. You can create a list of approved and disallowed keywords for each piece, which works like a charm for your optimization. Writer comes with an open API and has a Google Chrome extension and Word integration. 

16. Grammarly


Whether you’re a professional marketer or writer or just doing business correspondence for your boss,  you can benefit from this stunning software. Grammarly is, first and foremost, a grammar checker, ensuring you never suffer due to hastiness. It controls stuff like punctuation, writing errors, and style, boosting your grammar consistence across the board. 

My first impression of Grammarly’s AI generator is that it isn’t as impactful as some other entries on the list. As it turns out, I was wrong, and the platform can do a good job as long as you don’t force it to generate long posts. Nevertheless, I have to mention that the generator is still a bit glitchy at this point.

17. Scalenut AI


As the Scalenut AI creators kindly remind us, with this tool, you get a complete SEO suite. The software’s selling point is that it can generate long keyword lists and categorize these phrases into clusters. If you’re a pillar page nut (no pun intended) like me, you’ll get a lot of value out of this feature.

Once the tool generates relevant keywords, you can check them individually for volume and difficulty. This is similar to what Writesonic AI offers, allowing you to circumvent other SEO tools. There’s also an optimization feature similar to that of Frase, where you can see the optimization score and what needs to be fixed to rank higher. 

18. Copysmith


Copysmith’s Describely is just another in a long line of content generators. The software is ideal for people who want to make big bucks via e-commerce, specializing in platforms like Shopify, Wix, and Amazon. It’s worth mentioning that the same company also made Frase and Rytr, both of which I hold in high regard. In fact, I’m willing to bet good money they’ve used the same algorithms for all programs. 

Describely instantly creates product descriptions for your webshop items, ensuring that each piece has a unique specification. You can directly introduce and publish this content within your CMS, which can be a lifesaver when tackling large e-commerce projects. The best thing yet is that the tool has bulk features that allow you to generate dozens of pieces with one click. 

19. Peppertype


Peppertype is a perfect solution for marketers who want to automate their writing process. This versatile tool can generate just about anything from blog posts to headings, emails, social media posts, and ads. Furthermore, you can use it from the very start of the campaign to ensure high client satisfaction.

Similar to SEO tools, Peppertype breaks down different relevant keywords, giving you insights into volume, difficulty, and trends. Then, the platform creates an outline, all with headings and required keywords. After generating the piece, you can add various elements and increase its word count for better optimization. 

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AI Content Writer Conclusion

Although I’ve tried to be extensive with this list of recommended AI content writers, it’s really hard to say which software would work the best for your company. Many use proprietary technology, so the generated content can vary significantly from platform to platform. 

My suggestion is to take advantage of free trials to perform slow testing. Only when you’ve analyzed the field should you commit to one of these awesome solutions. Then again, I implore you not to use generative software for all your writing; this might lead to a massive Google penalty pushing your site into oblivion. Use these for short-form content generation as well as content ideation in the form of an outline or rough first draft for best results.

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