The 15 Top Influencer Marketing Platforms

The 21 Top Influencer Marketing Platforms

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With influencer marketing becoming so important to the growth of brands, it’s natural that marketers want to find influencers more easily. After all, influencer discovery is one of the more difficult aspects of the business and a searchable database is vital. Not only that, but you have to figure out which potential influencers are genuine, and which ones aren’t. Fortunately, we marketers have a new tool: influencer marketing platforms. Let’s take a look at this new tool, then identify the best online platforms available today.

Shopify Collabs

Find creators and invite them to apply to your affiliate program.


All-in-one solution to empower your influencer marketing.


Find real influencers in seconds. Advanced tools for agencies.


Buy shoutouts from social media influencers.

What is an Influencer Marketing Platform

Influencer marketing platforms are a place where influencers and brands can meet each other. Some act like complete intermediaries, helping you interact with and pay the influencer. A few will even let you exchange all the files through the platform, which lets you avoid giving up your email address and other vital information. On the other hand, others are little more than a database of influencers who offer their services, whether they be micro – influencers or macro – influencers. Each of these platforms have profiles for the influencers listed, no matter their service level.I have also covered a more broad selection of influencer marketing tools as well as those that are specifically influencer marketplaces on my blog, but influencer marketing platforms are usually more sophisticated influencer search engines which also have the option of additional agency services to help you in your influencer marketing campaign management. They usually provide a broader selection of influencers than do influencer marketplaces and can help you in your implementation, becoming a “one-stop shop” for your needs. For that reason, many of them only work with larger brands and agencies and have an enterprise business model versus the self-service influencer marketplaces.

The Benefits of Working with Influencer Marketing Platforms

Working through influencer marketing platforms is beneficial for several reasons. For instance, it reduces your workload in the area of influencer discovery. While you might want to find influencers by going through your social profiles and using other methods, influencer marketing software enhances your efforts. Just look for influencers using keywords, then engage with the ones you think will be beneficial.

Depending on the influencer marketing platforms you use, they’ll also help you keep track of the results. More comprehensive platforms will offer you analytics tools to demonstrate ROI. Who doesn’t like help with the bean counting?

Let’s Take a Look at The Networks

Now that we can see how useful these platforms often are, let’s take a look at my top 21 picks for you. I’ll show you what is unique about each platform, which networks they cover, how many influencers they have, and what it costs to use them (note that most do not list prices on their website so only those that do are noted below). With this information, it should be easier to pick the perfect influencer marketing software for your brand or agency, whether they offer specific influencer analysis tools or function as an all-in-one solution for your influencer marketing needs.

1. Shopify Collabs

shopify collabs

Formerly called Dovetale, this app was developed as a seamless connection port between brands already selling and operating on Shopify and influencers looking to connect with new brands and businesses. Rather than focusing most of its attention on influencers, like most influencer marketing agencies looking to pair influencers and brands, Shopify Collabs focuses on the existing Shopify brands and businesses, and places its emphasis on matching the best influencers to those brands and businesses using audience demographics, niches, and hashtags. 

Its name hits right on the nose: Shopify Collabs is designed to create collaborations between Shopify customers and influencers seeking partnerships with their favorite brands, businesses, and products, rather than focusing on follower count, or even an influencer’s content library. In this collaboration, there is no room for fake influencers or false followers, as influencers have to apply for partnerships, rather than the other way around. 

Pricing plans are not readily discernible, as this particular influencer marketing program is new and as of the time of this writing is only accepting applications for early access. 

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2. influencer marketing platform is a campaign management tool that focuses most of its energy on providing a comprehensive list of influencers to select from, before allowing users to manage and analyze all relevant influencers’ campaigns. allows you to find the perfect partnerships with influencers for all of your projects, and provides plenty of management tools. Maintaining relationships with influencers is vital to make sure that your influencer network is built on mutual interest in your database of influencers. allows you to identify any trends or commonalities between you and relevant influencers to make sure that your influencer relationships are built on far more than passing interest or a split second of connection. offers two tiers: a free option and one that requires reaching out to the company to connect with relevant influencers and start your influencer relationship management process.

3. Klear

For brands that want access to information on a truly massive 900 million influencers for influencer collaboration (who knew there were that many, anyhow?), Klear is a great choice. Not only does the platform help with influencer discovery, but its key features include advanced analytics and relationship management tools. That includes keeping track of all correspondence, including contracts and payments. That way, everything to do with a Klear influencer can be found in one place. Handy. Unfortunately, Klear is limited to just YouTube and Instagram, so it isn’t as versatile as some other platforms for influencer content.

4. TapInfluence

tapinfluence influencer discovery

TapInfluence is an all-in-one management tool that allows you to not only find the influencer you need to partner with, but to also schedule all of your content created in partnership with your influencers, from a blog post to a social post, all within a simple, self-serve platform. TapInfluence also acts as a CRM, pairing brands with suitable influencers, offering detailed reports, and making sure that all relevant aspects of the influencer marketing process are contained within a single program. Suitable influencers can be searched for, communicated with, and managed, all from within the TapInfluence program. Making sure that the influencer marketing process is contained to a single app can help streamline marketing campaigns and ensure that comprehensive reports provide a robust picture of what is and is not working in your marketing efforts and with your influencer audience. 

Like most larger influencer marketing hub options, TapInfluence pricing varies according to individual needs. Reaching out to the company in question will yield a breakdown of potential pricing options. 

5. HypeAuditor


HypeAuditor is an all-in-one solution for influencer marketing with a focus on fraud-free influencer marketing. They started in 2018 by providing Instagram reports with in-depth audience analytics. Since then HypeAuditor has expanded its platform and now it is an all-in-one solution for influencer marketing complete with functionality that supports influencer discovery, account analytics, campaign management, and market research.

HypeAuditor has a robust influencer discovery database with 25 millions influencers from 250 countries. As their roots are in fraud detection, they also have an excellent fraud detection system based on 53 behavioral patterns. This platform’s strength is in helping you avoid collaborating with fake influencers and save more of your precious influencer marketing budget for more authentic and effective collaborations.

Platform access plans start at $399 per month.



With IZEA, you can do as much or as little as you want using the key features of their platform. This is because their services range from just paying for access to their influencer database, all the way up to full-service marketing campaigns made to order. With Discovery Suite, you get access to an influencer database with the profiles of over 5 million influencers. Alternatively, check out the Unity Suite, which is really a form of campaign marketing software. Lastly, you can choose managed services, where everything is done for you. IZEA influencers work on all the major social media networks, TikTok, and blogs. Pricing: Discovery suite is $149 per month, with other services having custom pricing.

7. Upfluence


Want to see who’s already in your corner? Upfluence claims to be the only platform that helps you identify influencers who are already excited about your products and services. This is because they trawl through organic social media content in addition to taking registrations. However, that’s not to say they don’t have a lot of people. In fact, there are over 3 million influencers on Upfluence. Another one of their claims is that they literally work with all popular platforms to some extent, taking registrations from anybody with verifiable influence. After that, analytics help you pick the right people and run your campaigns efficiently. They’ll even give you reports to help you measure your influencer marketing ROI, making this an effective tool for your influencer marketing strategy.

8. Grin

grin influencer marketing platform

Grin’s primary claim to fame is its desire to remove the “middle man,” and make it possible for micro – influencers and other social media influencers to connect with companies and brands without some of the common roadblocks associated with massive databases geared toward mega influencers and massive brands. Grin combines all of the elements of social networks and influencer marketing platforms to connect potential influencers with brands and companies, and help manage influencer marketing efforts from a single, easy platform. Using Grin to manage your social media influencers, from the social influencers who wield tens of thousands of followers, to the micro – influencers who focus on their engagement rate with a smaller audience allows you to tackle all of the difficult issues that come along with influencer marketing, without commissions and hidden fees. 

Unlike most campaign management social platforms, Grin does not offer up-front pricing plans. Instead, people interested in using Grin can view a demo and then request more information from the company.  

9. Traackr

traackr paid partnerships management

Traackr is a solution for influencer marketing that focuses its attention on not only building influencer teams, from celebrity influencers to smaller influencers, but also managing all of the campaign ins and outs, with advanced analytics tools. Although Traackr’s home page is rife with names of big brands that utilize this particular comprehensive influencer marketing platform, Traackr can be used by smaller companies, as well, looking for detailed analytics and advanced filters to manage influencer marketing campaigns from A to Z. 

Traackr does not have a transparent, clear pricing model available to online viewers. 

10. AspireIQ


Like some other services out there, AspireIQ is one of the more complete influencer marketing platforms. There’s a discovery engine for marketers to find influencers, and you can handle payments over the platform for free.

However, AspireIQ is more than just a platform. Their whole idea is to build a community around your brand . This includes brand employees, influencers, and even fans, the very brand affinity model that I wrote about in The Age of Influence . In addition, AspireIQ will let you use their platform to hold brand events, solicit customer reviews, and much more.

Besides having a lot of features, AspireIQ is compatible with many platforms to publish your influencer campaigns. These include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and even blog posts. We didn’t see any evidence they’ve worked with TikTok, LinkedIn, or Pinterest.

11. Mavrck


Unlike some other influencer marketing platforms, Mavrck is designed specifically for enterprise-level brands. They also are comprehensive, with end to end campaign management. They’ll even work to help you find brand advocates that are enthusiastic, but don’t cost much to work with. Mavrck goes beyond traditional influencer marketing to allow for key features like loyalty promotions and referral marketing. It works with literally any social media platform, in addition to industry boards, blogs, and websites. In other words: this thing is comprehensive.

12. Heepsy

heepsy influencer marketing platform

If you’re looking for a largely automated influencer marketing platform, check out Heepsy. This SaaS platform gives you access to over 7 million influencers, and provides their statistics gathered through AI. Made to help the little guy monetize, Heepsy specializes in Instagram micro influencers who are rewarded with free products rather than standard cash or electronic influencer payments. However, the platform is also compatible with other social media networks, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and blogs. As a bonus, it’ll help you with influencer outreach and social listening. In practice, this makes Heepsy a great option for small brands and those who are new to influencer marketing. Pricing is highly competitive: there’s a free version, and then paid plans priced between $49 and $269 monthly.

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TRIBE influencer marketing platform

Efficiency is the name of the game with TRIBE. With thousands of influencers to select from, from YouTube influencers to those who post regularly on Instagram stories, TRIBE helps brands partner with suitable influencers who provide high-quality content with a quick turn-around time, allowing companies and brands to establish a consistent and reliable influencer marketing strategy. TRIBE is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that allows you to see an ROI for all content creators as quickly as possible. Campaign analytics allow you to evaluate all of your channels for influencer marketing and their respective campaigns to make sure that your content creators are continually moving your business forward. By dividing the different affiliate campaigns into specific categories, TRIBE more quickly allows companies and browsers to parse through advanced demographics of hundreds of thousands of influencers to locate the affiliate marketing team that will most effectively drive additional sales to your business.

There are four pricing tiers available with TRIBE, each of them identified and subsequently delivered through direct contact with the company. 

14. NoxInfluencer


NoxInfluencer is a comprehensive influencer marketing software which streamlines the workflow of influencer marketing for both advertisers and influencers. Backed by a global social media creator database which is dynamic and apparently updated in real-time, this influencer marketing platform covers over 30 million influencers across the most popular visual platforms today: YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Features of the platform include social media influencer discovery, marketing campaign management, influencer relationship management, and social media analytics. NoxInfluencer is also unique in providing granular search filters based on its proprietary collection of 65,000 niche tags and 17,000 brand tags. NoxInfluencer does not offer a free plan but is transparent about their pricing plans.

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15. trendHERO


trendHERO simplifies the ‘common’ features of influencer marketing platforms – influencer discovery, fake followers detection, audience analysis, influencer marketing campaign and growth tracking – and adds new ones to make promotion by influencers available for all sizes of companies. For example, there is an Ad Post feature – a huge database of posts with mentions, so you could see influencers’ integrations history or find out competitors’ activities. You can even see your brand mentions from Instagram opinion leaders. These ‘additional’ features are: Ad Post, Audience Overlaps, Ads Effectiveness, and 500 Similar Accounts. So you get an advanced tool with great discovery and analysis + unique features. Pricing starts at $15,99 per month with a free trial available.

16. Shoutcart


Although Shoutcart is more of an influencer marketplace, I include them here because of their sheer popularity and as a way of showing the difference in working with more of a marketplace than a platform for influencer marketing. On Shoutcart, you find an influencer you like using their search engine, place an “order,” and get the exposure you want. It’s kind of like ordering from a catalog. Shoutcart does the payment processing, and holds the money in escrow until the influencer has done what you asked for. Then, Shoutcart keeps track of an influencer’s analytics from purchased services. This helps you and other marketers decide if you want to use that person. It should be noted that Shoutcart is primarily a platform for engaging with Instagram influencers and may not be as useful for brands as other influencer agencies with greater reach.

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17. NeoReach

neoreach influencer marketing platform

NeoReach is a real time management tool that allows brands to target influencers for large-scale marketing campaigns. What sets NeoReach apart from its competitors is its focus on using teams to find a company’s target audience and implement social media post schedules and affiliate links. NeoReach also offers fraud detection and integration options. NeoReach is designed for larger clients, such as established Ecommerce brands and Fortune-500 companies, rather than smaller companies or brands that are just starting out. NeoReach also offers real-time analytics and content performance review tools as part of its key features, all of which are essential for successfully creating marketing campaigns. 

Because NeoReach’s influencer platform is designed to find the target audience and influencers for larger companies, its pricing policy is not immediately transparent. Instead, you must reach out to the company and go over the details of what you might need from your social media management platform. 

18. Influencity

influencity influencer relationship management

Like other social media channels’ management systems, Influencity allows you to manage all of your social channels from a single site. It allows you to browse influencer profile lists, evaluate campaigns by viewing audience demographics and other data points (which can help identify fake followers), and subsequently manage your influencer programs with ease. Influencity offers all of the influencer relationship management tools you need in a single space, and does so without sacrificing ease of use or functionality in its program design. With plenty of influencer lists allowing companies to contact active influencers and begin developing a content library, Influencity can be a truly valuable influencer relationship management tool. 

Influencity has 4 pricing tiers, based on functionality. The program starts at $48 per month, then escalates to $98, $298, and $698. All tiers provide basic management techniques, with the more substantial plans offering more reports and storage for your databases of influencers. 

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19. CreatorIQ


Do you have a larger brand that needs an enterprise-level influencer marketing solution? CreatorIQ is a cloud-based solution for brands that need a lot of influencer marketing support. At the heart of this application is almost exhaustive analytics. These are intended to eliminate many of the problems that surround influencer marketing, such as fraudulent followers, fake engagement, and more.

As for influencer discovery, CreatorIQ focuses on the quality of content rather than simply filling a content library. As important as follower count might be in some situations, it’s ultimately the content that gets people to engage or buy. You can pay the influencers through the platform, collaborate, and join hubs. Meanwhile, the app supports you with CRM integrations and a wealth of API options.

You can use CreatorIQ on a variety of platforms. These include YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, and blogs.

20. Find Your Influence

find your influence

Find Your Influence (FYI) is a full-service platform that lets you run the campaign yourself or let their staff marketers do it. They also have a talent agency for top popular influencers called FYI Talent. With Find Your Influence’s influencer discovery tool, you can locate influencers and benefit from advanced AI algorithms. There’s one which recommends influencers based on your preferences, a pricing algorithm, pre-approval, analytics, and more custom reports. In other words, this is a platform where you can do as much of your own work as you want, but you have digital assistance with influencer selection, engagement, and tracking if that is what you prefer.

FYI is relatively versatile in terms of compatibility. They have API support for Facebook, Insta, blogs, Pinterest, and more. Platform access plans start at $200 per month and go up to $1,500 per month.

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21. Social Cat

Social Cat influencer marketing platform screenshot

Social Cat is a platform that helps small brands and micro-influencers connect and work together on gifted, affiliate, and paid collaborations. Their product is probably one of the newest on this list only having a year or so of history after launching in the United States and United Kingdom, but they have already helped over 1,000 brands collaborate with micro-influencers. They’ve delivered over 5,000 collaborations and have 10,000+ creators signed to their platform. They manually check each influencer account and only approve the best. If you are specifically looking to work with a micro influencer, you owe it to yourself to give Social Cat a try.


As you can see, there is a wide variety of influencer marketing platforms available. Some are little more than a database that helps find verified influencers, while others will do the entire campaign for you. Most are in the middle. By looking through this list of 21 different influencer marketing platforms, you should be able to find one or two that fit your needs.

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Influencer Marketing Platforms FAQs

What platforms are best for influencer marketing?

Platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok have proven to be incredibly effective for this type of marketing. Instagram, for example, boasts a vast user base and offers a variety of features that allow influencers to create engaging content (such as stories, reels, and IGTV). YouTube, on the other hand, is ideal for longer-form content, such as reviews and tutorials. TikTok, meanwhile, is a rapidly growing platform that has become incredibly popular among younger audiences.

What does an influencer marketing platform do?

An influencer marketing platform is a tool that connects brands and businesses with influencers for promotional purposes. These platforms offer various features, such as influencer discovery, campaign management, and analytics. By providing a streamlined process for brands to find and partner with the right influencer, such platforms enable businesses to reach a wider audience and achieve their marketing goals more effectively.

What platform has the most influencers?

According to recent research, Instagram reigns supreme with over one billion monthly active users and a plethora of successful influencers. Its highly visual and mobile-friendly format makes it the perfect platform for influencers to create content that’s engaging and shareable. YouTube, with over 2 billion monthly active users, is also a popular platform for influencers, especially those who specialize in video content. Facebook and Twitter are also home to many influential creators, but they may not have the same level of engagement or reach as Instagram and YouTube.

Which tool is commonly used for influencer marketing?

Some of the most commonly used influencer marketing software platforms include AspireIQ, Grin, and, each with their own unique features and solutions to help businesses navigate the complex world of influencer marketing. By utilizing these tools, businesses can effectively connect with influencers and their audiences, ultimately driving increased engagement and revenue for their brand.

How do I start an influencer marketing platform?

The first step to getting started on an influencer marketing platform is doing your research and understanding the industry and your potential competition. Once you have a solid understanding of the market, you can start to build relationships with influencers, starting with those who are most likely to bring in results for your clients. From there, it is essential to have a strategy in place that helps you effectively match the right brands with the right influencers to maximize ROI.

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  1. Hi Neal,

    A master piece as usual.

    Influencer marketing platforms are vital these days, and I can relate with most of the ones you listed here especially activate. I have been on Activate for quite long when its sole purpose is monetization for bloggers.

    But now, I can say the platform has helped me connect with dozens of influencers in my niche and related niches.

    Do have a wonderful day ahead.


    • Hey Folajomi,

      Thanks for the comment, and I am happy to hear that you have been able to use Activate for success.

      I think one thing people forget about influencer marketing platforms is not only the ability for brands to collaborate with influencers, but the opportunities for influencers to collaborate with each other! I believe that business – and in many ways influence – does come down to relationships and collaboration. It is something I am looking at doing more with, so your comment helps guide me on the right path!

      Thanks again for stopping by!

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