The Top 15 Influencer Marketplaces for Your Next Influencer Campaign

The Top 15 Influencer Marketplaces for Your Next Influencer Campaign

For those of you who have read my post on influencer marketing tools, you may have been surprised that I included influencer marketplaces in that article as a type of tool.

You see, there are many ways to find and activate influencers as part of a comprehensive influencer marketing program, but if you think about it, it really comes down to these three methods:

  • use various influencer marketing tools to find influencers and engage with them yourself (takes time)
  • hire an influencer marketing agency to do all of the work for you (costs money)
  • use an influencer marketing marketplace to find influencers and engage with them yourself (more limited supply but quick to market)

If you want to experiment with influencer marketing and want to activate a campaign to see what is possible, using one of the influencer marketplaces below is an easy way to get started.

That being said, it’s still a tough area to navigate, because there are so many potential influencers out there, including ones that you will find in these leading influencer marketplaces. Ensuring the right “match” takes a lot of time and effort, and this is tough for those of us who have heavy workloads. While these influencer marketplaces can help with discovery and engagement, there is still a lot of work to do.

I have tried to compile this post of the leading influencer marketplaces that exist in hopes that these will provide you your greatest chance for influencer marketing success. I have also scoured the Internet looking for as many tutorial videos on each marketplace that I could find.

Happy influencer hunting!


How would you like an all-in-one influencer marketing solution? With ACTIVATE, you can do a lot more than just meet influencers.

Certainly, matching influencers and brands is one of the main activities of ACTIVATE, but they go far beyond this basic task. Search for influencers in your field, and the Activate search engine will return relevant results. In fact, they brag that there are some major influencers here, such as Olympic athletes.

Once you find an influencer that looks suitable you can negotiate directly with the influencer, and pay for their influencer marketing services through Activate’s online payment portal. With their campaign measurement and analytics, Activate will show you how effective your campaign has been. This saves time, and cuts through a lot of the confusion surrounding influencer marketing.

Major brands use this service, including Reebok, Olay, and Walmart.

Influencers: over 150,000.


Are you looking to do package deals with influencers?

You know, something like:

  • Delivery Within 1 day
  • Post a Photo & Video of Your Product on [pick your social networks]
  • Tag Your Social Media Account on Each Post
  • Swipe Up to Your Product on [pick your social networks]
  • Leave It Forever on Facebook
  • 3 Free Revisions

Brybe is one of the only marketplaces I know that allows influencers and creators in their marketplace to create these custom gigs which they appropriately call “brybes.” This allows influencers to create a packaged solution to your needs based on how they want to work with you. It is a great way to start a friction-free relationship.

Brybe also has a transparent business model of allowing for direct communication between Brands, Influencers and Creators.

Major brands: Adidas, Garnier, Cadillac, GMC, Adobe.

Influencers: around 8,000.


Want to create an influencer marketing campaign that’s totally cash free?

On Dealspotr, you have the opportunity to meet influencers who are willing to engage for just the cost of the product. Other influencers will charge fees on Dealspotr, and in that case you pay the influencer through their platform.

The catch: In return for access to Dealspotr’s influencer marketplace, you have to offer discount codes on your site. To be precise, it needs to be your best deal on the Internet. You might say that Dealspotr is doing influencer marketing the old-fashioned way: give something away for the privilege of getting publicity and promotion.

Major brands: Adidas, Too Faced Cosmetics, Pier 1.

Influencers: around 4,000.


Tired of seeing supposed “influencers” who know nothing about the type of products and services you’re selling? With ExpertVoice, you won’t have this problem.

That’s because ExpertVoice is an influencer platform that “qualifies” potential influencers on various topics. Potential influencers join communities of experts, which in turn have access to brands within that specialty. This way, brands are only introduced to people in the right field.

Think about it: everyone you’d come across is somehow qualified to work with your brand and boost your success. Then, you give experts discounts on your products hoping for their recommendations. Best of all, they’ll give you metrics on your campaigns, so you know your efforts are working.

Major brands: Mammut, Lenovo, Skull Candy.

Influencers: over a million.


Like to know exactly who you’re dealing with?

Fohr was started in New York City back in 2013. As a company based in NYC, they’re all too familiar with the types of things people will do to be famous. So, they created a platform that vets influencers thoroughly. According to their website, they get everyone’s name, address and phone. Plus, you can find out up front how many followers they have (real ones, Fohr checks) and how much money they make. In other words, you have a pretty good idea how much to spend on an influencer before you even contact them.

While the platform was originally self-service only, Fohr now will do campaign management for you, with a minimum spend of $5,000. Certainly this isn’t the cheapest option out there, but hey, at least it’s convenient. If you’re using the self service option, Fohr still provides analytics and detailed information on who does what.

Influencers: over 80,000.


Want access to influencers with followings of all sizes?

With Fourstarzz, you pay a monthly access fee and then get to talk directly to influencers. The deals struck stay between you and the influencer, so there are no further fees for you or the influencer. In other words, the price you agree to is what you pay, with no commission or limits on usage. Other options include paying Fourstarzz to manage the campaign for you, and an automated influencer marketing tool. This makes Fourstarzz a unique choice with a wide variety of options.

Brands: BMW, Expedia, Philips.

Influencers: Over 750,000.


Those of us who love Instagram campaigns should check out iFluenz.

This platform only facilitates Instagram campaigns, although many of the influencers you meet here can have a presence on other social media sites.

Perhaps the best feature though is its automation: iFluenz brags that you can use their platform to manage 100 influencers in the time it once required to manage only one. Why? Because many of the influencer results are tracked online in real time, so there’s very little guesswork.

Another feature is that you can propose campaigns to influencers, but they can pitch you as well. This way, you might meet a successful influencer you didn’t even know was interested in your products. Best of all, you only pay for the content used, and not a bunch of overhead. Cool, huh?

Brands: Porsche, Uber, Yves Rocher.

While the majority of influencer marketing platforms are more brand-centered, is made for the influencers. In part, this is because influencer members are allowed to talk to each other and network. At the same time, businesses and agencies can go onto and strike deals with the influencers.

Essentially, the idea here is that influencers and brands can all learn from each other, and jointly profit. Businesses can get either free basic service, or a paid plan with more features and access. All business members get an influencer’s profile and knows how much they charge upfront.

Major brands:, Dyson, Ralph Lauren.

Influencers: over 20,000.


Want to pay just a monthly fee to pitch your campaigns to influencers?

With Intellifluence, brands pay for access to the influencer network. Brands can search the influencers available, and find great matches. Pitches are made through the platform, as well. In return for the fees, you get analytics for your campaigns, and a promise of safer transactions. That’s because Intellifluence collects the agreed-upon contract amount and won’t release it until the influencer can demonstrate the campaign has been accomplished. Of course, it also means your work won’t begin until you’ve funded the campaign. Bad actors are removed from the platform. This way, nobody gets scammed and there’s a referee if needed. Influencers are vetted, and Intellifluence campaigns can be on a wide variety of forums.

Major brands: 1-800-petmeds, HomeAdvisor.

Influencers: 50,000.


Not sure how much support you need starting out? With a large network of influencers and a wide variety of services available, Izea is a great place to start out in the world of influencer marketing.

From the brand or agency point of view, Izea has three service options.

First, their creator discovery software allows you the most self-service features. For a monthly fee, you can search the Izea influencer and creator catalogue, and negotiate directly with them. However, you’re going to have to do most tasks manually.

Second, the Unity Suite allows you to manage those influencer campaigns within the Izea ecosystem. Most of the manual tasks become more automated, and it’s easier to see what’s working best for your company.

Third, Izea offers managed services. These can include everything from full-blown influencer campaigns to smaller initiatives like an occasional sponsored post. With managed services, you basically tell Izea what to do (and your budget) and they’ll take care of the rest.

Brands: Wendy’s, NBC, Petco.

Influencers: over 4 million.


Algorithm-driven influencer marketing? It’s possible with Linqia, a completely AI-based influencer discovery and management platform.

One of the features of this platform is that there’s an algorithm that helps you know which influencers are right for you, taking much of the guesswork out of influencer selection. Then, the platform tracks the campaigns for you, with analytics data produced in real time. They’ll even help you with legal compliance by monitoring influencer-generated content. This ensures that if they fail to put the required disclaimers on branded content, that you’ll find out and be able to address the issue.

However, Linqia isn’t exclusively self-service. If you feel it’s necessary, they have humans available who can help you achieve success. In addition, much of Linqia’s information is provided by third parties, making their analytics more powerful.

Major brands: Hain Celestial, McDonald’s, Kotex.

Influencers: 100,000 from the “power middle.”


Ever feel like you’re wasting your time on the wrong influencers?

As a newer entrant to the influencer marketing world, Perlu wants to return influencer marketing to its relationship-based roots. While many other platforms are interested mainly in facilitating the transaction, Perlu (in addition to myself…) believes that long-term relationships are the best way to ensure success.

At the same time, they vet influencers to make sure they don’t have huge fake audiences that won’t do you any good. One way they facilitate relationships is with “packs.” These are groups of influencers that interact with each other and with brands. Here, you can engage more than one influencer for the same campaign. At the same time, because you can see the influencer’s profile, you can determine who is really competent in a given area.

Best of all, they have advisors available to both influencers and brands, who can help you to build great relationships.


Unlike most influencer marketplaces, Shoutcart works by using content you’ve already generated and is really focused on Instagram shoutouts.

Its tagline is that you get a “shoutout” from selected influencers. Basically, you log onto the platform and find influencers that interest you. Then, you provide the influencer with your advertisement, and tell them when you need it published.

One advantage of this approach is that you don’t have to worry that content an influencer creates doesn’t meet your standards. You’re also able to get multiple influencers to publish the same content, which isn’t generally done if the influencer creates the content. After content is published, the Shoutcart platform gives you analytics data about the campaign, so you can see how well it worked for your company.

Major brands: Microsoft, The North Face, Garmin.


Think product reviews are awesome? So does Tomoson, so they created an influencer marketing software that’s based on reviews.

Generally, brands provide product for free or at reduced prices to influencers, who then agree to post reviews on their social media. Another way you can leverage this platform is by finding and reposting material that influencers have already created, and by taking advantage of the content crawler.

Want to have custom content created? Tomoson offers an escrow payment service, as well as verified influencer information, to keep everyone safe.


For a unique “content first” approach, try Tribe, where brand owners create a campaign and solicit content. Then, influencers will create content and pitch it to the brand. Influencers whose content is chosen will be paid a license fee by the brand, and then post the content to their social media channels. The approach is unique, because it allows brands to choose influencers based on the quality of the content. They also offer the option of buying content from the creator, and publishing it on your own channels. Cool.

What has your experience been with any of the influencer marketplaces above? Any influencer marketplaces missing? Please let me know in the comments.

Hero photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

This is a post created in collaboration with one of my marketing partners.

Influencer Marketplaces FAQs

What are some top influencer marketing platforms?

With so many potential influencers out there, it can be tough to know where to start finding the right influencer for your brand or business. Here are the Top 15 Influencer Marketing Platforms (click on the link to read more about them in detail): Activate, AspireIQ, CLEVER, CreatorIQ, ExpertVoice, Find Your Influence, Heepsy, Izea, Klear, Linqia, Mavrck, Shoutcart, Socialbakers, Tagger, and Upfluence.

What platforms do influencers use?

Influencers use different platforms according to their niche and content type. The top social media platforms influencers use are Facebook, the king of social media; Instagram, the best platform for engagement; YouTube, the second most popular search engine; TikTok, the newest kid on the block, Twitter, with 330 monthly active users; and LinkedIn. Many influencers also have their own blog and/or podcast.

Who are the top 10 Instagram influencers?

According to Pressboard, the top 10 Instagram influencers in the world as of April 2020 are Cristiano Ronaldo, Ariana Grande, Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Neymar Jr., Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Kendall Jenner. They are the most followed Instagram accounts worldwide.

Who are the top 10 influencers in social media?

Here is the list of 10 influencers that have large followers across several social media platforms. First on the list is Cristiano Ronaldo, followed by Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian West, Beyonce, Felix Kjellberg, and Kylie Jenner.

Who is the richest influencer?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s reported average price per advertised post is $975,000, making him the highest-paid influencer in the world. He has a massive 238.89 Million Instagram followers which explains why brands are willing to pay huge money to reach his audience. Some of the big brands he represented are Nike Football, Clear Haircare, and Six Pad Europe.

Looking for an influencer marketplace for your next influencer campaign? Check out this definitive list of the top 15, including details on how they work.
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