How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Facebook Page

How to Improve the Google Ranking of Your Facebook Page

Have you ever thought about how you might be able to drive more traffic to your Facebook Page – from Google? If so, read on for detailed advice on how to improve your Facebook Page ranking on Google.

Facebook is forever changing, and its continual updates can be frustrating.


When using Facebook we often can be so consumed with the algorithm and trying to get maximum results that we forget that Facebook is another social media website that can be found in search engines like Google. That’s why it’s important to consider our Facebook Page ranking on Google.

Google is also forever changing and most savvy business owners know the importance of having your business rank on the first page. Better still if you don’t need to use Google Adwords to appear on the first page.

With my own business, I am always optimising my website, writing blogs, using Youtube to upload videos that are rich in keywords to get maximum results on the front page of Google. Now, what about Facebook?

Disclaimer: I don’t think a Facebook business page will replace the benefit of having a website. However, if you don’t have a budget for a website just yet, a Facebook business page will be a great start!

Using these simple tips, you can maximise the SEO ranking of your Facebook business page on Google.

1. Create a Facebook Business page

Create a Facebook Business page

There can be confusion around a Business page, a profile, and groups.

A Profile is the account you create for you personally.

You will have a friends list, people will add you as a friend and you can add others. You have a maximum of 5000 friends. By filling out your details on your own personal profile, you will be able to rank your name. When someone googles you they will find your Facebook Profile. Be sure to address the information you post on your profile page. If you’re in business and looking for prospective clients you may wish to filter the images and information you share.

A Facebook Business page is for your business, your fans will like your posts and you have no limit on the number of likes on your page. With a Business page you have many options. Use a template to suit your business, create video content, whether it is live, pre-recorded or the new premier option. Use advertising to attract your target market, Facebook messenger bots and much more.

A Facebook Group may be something you’re considering also. I believe that a group is complementary to your business, giving you the chance to connect with your fans and add maximum value that sometimes can be lost in a Business page. You can have an open, closed or secret group.

Focusing on your Business, we can start to maximize the SEO of your business page.

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2. Fill out all the information on your page

This is crucial for your success, make sure your keywords are in the description and anywhere else you can appropriately add them. Add your open and closing times, your contact details and your website.

You will find 3 sections in the about us section:


Select your category – Claim your unique URL – Your business name (use location if you can)

Claiming your username, be sure to make it short and the same as your business name. When directing people to your site you don’t want a large URL. Also, consider your keywords.

If applicable, make sure your business name has a location, especially if you are a local business. Many people search Google for local businesses and services and this will help Google serve up your business in the search results. For me, I used my personal name and my business name conjointly e.g. Leanne Peard Social Media Specialist

Researching for this blog post I found this on the front page of Google “50 Mistakes Businesses Make Using Facebook”. When I clicked on the link it took me to a Facebook page which was called 50 Mistakes Businesses Make Using Facebook. Just shows how powerful your business name is when ranking on Google.

Let’s look at the information about your Facebook Business page:

Business info

Business details – Business opening/closing – Mission statement

Additional information – email – website and other social sites.

More Info

Allows you to add additional information about your business (Make sure this is keyword rich content.)

Your Story

It is very important to fill out this section as it will be displayed on the right-hand side of your profile once completed. Add an image and be sure to use your keywords here.

If you are unsure what your keywords are, use the google keyword planner tool or the chrome extension Keyword Everywhere to validate them.

3. Verify your business with Facebook

Verify your business with Facebook

Verifying your business with Facebook shows you are a legitimate business. Once verified you will receive a green tick on your profile. Google has not indicated that having a verified page will increase your rankings, however, it does show that you are authentic. It will help your search results inside of Facebook.

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Google loves links in to and out of your website. Once you have completed your Facebook Business page make sure you have links to the business page. It can increase your SEO and boost your Facebook Page as Google sees links as an authority. There a number of local sites that will allow you to put in your Facebook Page URL, Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow pages, true local. If you do have a website, you can add the Facebook link from the home page.

5. Post timely and engaging content

Post timely and engaging posts

This is where you will need your magic wand. As we all know the recent Facebook updates earlier this year make organic engagement quite difficult. However, using keywords in your post and directing traffic from your other social media sites may help. As Google favours pages with engagement and Facebook is no different.

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6. Reviews and testimonials

Facebook reviews are a great way to showcase that your business is authentic and providing quality of service to your clients. Google reviews are great, however, whilst trying to rank your Facebook page on Google, using the review area inside of Facebook will show Google that people like your business.

A recent update in Facebook messenger will allow you to have an automated message to those that leave you feedback. Check out the messenger automation.

7. Check your privacy setting

Check your privacy setting

Go to accounts settings, privacy and check the box that allows your business page to show up on Google. Many times business owners are unaware of this setting and your Facebook page will not rank if this is not checked.

In Conclusion, these are a few steps to help you rank your Facebook business page on Google. Both platforms have their own algorithm and functions. We as business owners will never know exactly what we need to do in order to rank organically, however, this is a guideline that will help you get started.

We also know that at any given time one or both of the platforms may choose to change the algorithm and everything above may become null and void. With this in mind, I believe that these principles will always ensure a good Google rank.

  1. Keyword rich content and descriptions
  2. Engagement
  3. Authenticity

If you focus on always adding keywords to your content online, you will always have a better chance to rank for those words.

Providing massive engagement (easier said than done now) will show Google that your product and services are authentic and you are providing value online.

Being authentic should be a given. We should strive to work as authentic business owners, providing massive value to our audience. Word of mouth marketing is the best form of marketing a business can have. Using Social Media sites like Facebook Business pages is a form of word of mouth marketing as people finding us after they have heard about us and connect.

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Take Action TODAY!

I hope that you take action today, check out your Facebook business page details, update where necessary and then check using the “incognito” function of Google search to see if you’re ranking.

If you are unsure how to use “incognito” or what it is all you need to do is to press Ctrl + Shift + N to open an incognito window if you’re using Windows. Your search results will not be affected by what you have been searching for in the past which gives you a true result.

Happy SEO of your business page. As business owners, we can only keep moving forward and doing what the platforms what us to do. At the end of the day, both of these giant platforms are free to use, so why wouldn’t you take the time to effectively add all the information that you need to make maximum results.

I guarantee you that only a small percentage of business owners are doing this, making you a leader in your niche.

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Leanne Peard

Leanne Peard is an expert on Facebook, and recently won the Best Social Media Educator for 2019, Australia and New Zealand. Leanne is the creator of Become a Social Media Manager a certified accredited training program available in Australia and now available online. With 12 years experience in the world of social media, she knows first hand how important it is for small to medium businesses to adapt a social media strategy, either small or large, to stay in front of their competitors and attract new leads and sales. Developing the skill set to utilise social media is essential for the businesses to grow. Her passion for small business comes from her own experience in the business sector for over 30 years. She is extremely passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to assist the business sector.

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  2. This is such an interesting article, Leanne. It is an undeniable fact that having a good ranking on Google will drive more traffic to your site. In fact, statistics show that over 90% of online searchers do not venture beyond the first page of search engine results. And, one thing that can help you rank higher is high quality content that is shareable. Not just articles, but videos, infographics and more are needed. And, an appealing Facebook Business page can be where you start sharing all this content.

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