15 Ways How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

15 Ways How to Get More Likes on Your Facebook Business Page

There’s little question that Facebook has been around a long time. And, like some other social networks, it’s a great place for people to hang out, keep track of family or friends, and exchange ideas. Even in the face of censorship allegations and other scandals, Facebook remains a powerful force in the American social scene. Facebook marketing is the dinosaur of social media marketing, but so long as you are still present on Facebook, you should be striving to get more likes rather than fewer likes. 

Despite declarations that Facebook is dead, the truth is that the platform still has a future. While others focus on the shiny new object of TikTok or even Instagram, there is still a LOT of relationship building – and thus business development – that can be done organically through building a larger and more relevant community on Facebook. In turn, these relationships can generate business and lead to referrals.

Why Facebook Likes Still Matter

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Before we get into how to get more likes on your Facebook business page, let’s talk about the importance of Facebook marketing in general. The truth is, even with shifting customer tastes, they are at the top of the organic social media marketing funnel and allow others to build like, know, and trust with your brand.

Additionally, Facebook business pages allow you to build trust with the Facebook community, still the largest social media network in the world with billions of members. Especially if your business has expanded beyond the US, either with employees or customers, Facebook marketing remains a “must” because Facebook is nearly ubiquitous globally.

Business pages also allow you to build a targeted custom audience who also has some affinity with you on Facebook. These people will often buy from your company before they purchase competitor’s goods and might talk about their positive experiences with your brand. Especially in a highly competitive industry, any kind of advantage you can get over the competition can be valuable. Even though not everyone in this group will buy from you, name recognition can pay off down the road.

Finally, Facebook is one way you can reach people even in an era when people are pushing back against constant sales pitches. With iOS14 and other privacy efforts on the Internet, you still have control over your Facebook Page and the ability to advertise to your fans. This is true both through paid social and organic messaging from your business Facebook page.

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15 Ways How to Get More Likes on Facebook Business Pages

Of course, no matter how you cut it, social media marketing is a virtual arms race. Everyone is advertising this way, and in turn, social networks are trying to boost revenue by making organic engagement more difficult for business pages to achieve. With the above in mind and knowing that you might have used some of these tactics before but not all of them, here are some ideas on how to get more likes on Facebook business pages.

1. Run Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach

Run Facebook Ads to Expand Your Reach

Although Facebook ads cost money, most businesses still find they have a favorable ROI. This is especially true if you know how to target your ads for maximum conversion rates or optimal brand awareness. These ads help new people to find your brand and, hopefully, like your Facebook page. In addition, it’s possible for people to “like” the in-feed Facebook ads, such as boosted posts.  You’ll get more likes almost immediately!

Let’s look at a quick example. For many eCommerce brands, buying Facebook ads to publicize their sale is a common tactic. However, these don’t always have to be “percent off” sales. Rather, a product launch promotion can frequently provide great ROI. In turn, a lot of viewers will “like” the ad or share it with people they know would like the product, increasing your following.

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2. Post Relevant, High-Quality Content

There’s the old saying, “if you build it, they will come.” In this case, if you create quality content, people will consume it and share it with others. And because Facebook is very accommodating to long-form content, this is a great place for interviews, live streams, articles, and other goodies. Generally speaking, well-constructed content elicits a lot of likes and other positive feedback, reinforcing your marketing message.

One place you’ll see high-quality content used successfully on Facebook is with book releases. One type of special Facebook page that the network offers is an author page. If the publishing company made an author interview and posted it, they could also link to the author page. Those two pages could feed on each other’s audiences. In addition, the interview would be there for people to enjoy. Interviews give a face to an author, and they can also help people decide if they want to read the book. Better yet, sharing this way elicits likes.

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3. Host Facebook Contests and Giveaways

Let’s be honest, contests are fun. So long as you follow the rules and ensure that the contest is fair. Plus, they tend to drive a lot of engagement. Simply put, a contest is a Facebook event that’s only available on business pages. In most cases, you’ll reward a small prize at the end of your contest, just like you would in other kinds of contests. Just be aware that Facebook has specific rules for how you can run the contest. 

A great time to use this method how to get more likes on your Facebook business page is when you’re launching a new product. After all, when a product is new it’s really important for people to try it out and put reviews on social media and retail sites. While Facebook won’t let you require a purchase to enter the contest, you could give away free samples of the product in return for some engagement. Then, you can encourage the winners to leave a review, which will help more people decide if the product is something they’ll benefit from.

4. Show Your Facebook Feed on Your Website

Show Your Facebook Feed on Your Website

Many website visitors don’t think about the company’s Facebook page. After all, they usually have arrived another way, such as through search engine activity or navigating to your site because they’ve bought from you before. However, even though these website users are already on your site, they are valuable in terms of how to get more likes on your Facebook business page. If you place an applet or extension on your site that showcases that Facebook feed, you can encourage them to visit you there.

Fortunately, Facebook makes this a snap with their Page Plugin. You can use this tool to display any Facebook page, including personal ones, on any website. The only exceptions are pages where there’s a legal restriction of some kind. This is useful for all site owners because it makes sharing a snap. You can share a brand page or, if you have one, a product page. 

5. Cross-Promote on Other Social Platforms

Not all methods of how to get more likes on your Facebook business page involve Facebook or website activity. Instead, you can cross-promote your Facebook page on other platforms. This tends to work well with Twitter, where you can link to a Facebook post with ease. In addition, B2B brands and companies with recruitment needs can cross-post on Facebook and LinkedIn. You can, of course, use this technique on almost any platform.

One of the best ways to do this is by using the other platforms to promote the content you’ve hosted on Facebook, or that will occur in the future. For instance, if you have a Facebook Live event coming up, you can post a link to Twitter and a promotional picture (with the link) on Instagram. The same goes for pre-recorded material. Likewise, you can make related LinkedIn blog posts and Facebook events, then cross-promote with links. This way, people from your other networks will visit Facebook.

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6. Invite Your Existing Community and Contacts to Like Your Page

This answer to how to get more likes on your Facebook business page is almost intuitive. Many people have social media buttons on their Facebook pages, and companies do this too. These widgets invite people to check out social media. However, there’s a more direct way: straight up asking people to like your page. You can do this in transactional emails, with links in your newsletter, or even offline methods such as a sign in your shop.

I’ve seen this technique used quite a bit. Many businesses like car repair shops and barbers ask people to like them on Facebook. Usually, they’ll also ask for a positive review on forums like Google My Business, as well. This is a very effective technique for building brand awareness overall since lots of people turn to Google for Facebook to find a good service professional.

7. Use Facebook Live to Your Benefit

Use Facebook Live to Your Benefit

Facebook Live has been having a moment lately. In particular, during the lockdowns, a lot of houses of worship and similar institutions used Facebook Live to broadcast their services. Many businesses leveraged it for online events too, thereby bridging the gap between people isolated at home and the brands we chose to support in other ways. However, Facebook Live is still a great way to reach out to customers, because of the ubiquity of Facebook. Anyone with a smartphone can watch your content inside the app.

Here’s a great way to use it. Brands that sell hobby products can easily hold live demonstrations of their products on Facebook Live. And, since this option doesn’t offer the opportunity for people to interrupt the stream by taking it over, it’s easy to control interaction. Simply appoint some moderators to monitor comments and chats, and you’re good to go. Meanwhile, viewers can share the stream with other people, thereby increasing your viewership.

8. Engage with Other Brands and Communities on Facebook

Not everything you do on Facebook needs to be on your business page. In fact, one of the best ways how to get more likes on your Facebook business page is by engaging with people outside your immediate community. So, it’s entirely appropriate to post relevant content from your business account onto a related page or to “like” a competitor’s post. In both cases, you’ll produce brand impressions in places you might not get them otherwise.

A great example of this is giving advice. If your company sells haircare products, then you might join a hair-related community page on Facebook through your business account. Then, when someone discusses a particular hair problem, you could suggest one of your products as a possible solution. This will help the original poster while also raising brand awareness and (hopefully) getting more likes from people who have similar issues.

9. Create a “Like Us on Facebook” Popup

For a simple method of how to get more likes on your Facebook business page, popups are a great option. These are exactly what you’d think: a window that pops up when people visit your company website and invites them to like your brand on Facebook. I recommend that people use MiloTree [affiliate link] for this since it is an easy tool to use. As an added plus, you can use it for other social media networks – it is what I am using for that YouTube popup if you happen to be viewing this content on a desktop or laptop computer.

10. Include Your Facebook URL on Emails

This is one of the easiest ways to get more likes. Most brands send out emails at regular intervals. In addition, you probably have a company email if your firm is larger than one or two people. You can add your Facebook URL in your email signature so that it’s included in all emails you send. In addition, a URL or button can be put in the footer of automated emails, such as transactional messages and newsletters.

People in the professional services field can benefit from this on many levels. For instance, most accountants have clients that they only hear from at tax time. By adding a Facebook URL in their emails, they do more than increase the number of likes. Rather, they get the opportunity to market more services, like payroll, to clients over Facebook. In this way, they can increase the number of services purchased by each client.

Repurposing Content: 15 Specific and Popular Methods

I’ve talked about evergreen content for a long time. These items are well-crafted and relevant over a long period of time and can be posted over and over again. In addition, it’s possible to repurpose content so it can be used on a different social network, a podcast, or a website. One answer on how to get more likes on your Facebook business page is the repurposing process. In this case, I’d recommend using content that has great analytics data on other sites.

How well can this work? Very. If you’ve watched my blog long enough, you’ll see that I reuse some podcast episodes into blog posts by taking the main points and giving them a somewhat different spin. For other brands, like travel companies, repurposing is pure gold: videos produced for YouTube can easily become compelling stills for Instagram or shortened into a testimonial for Facebook. Either way, every time you repurpose the content you can get more engagement out of it.

12. Use Videos in Your Posts

There’s no argument here: people love video. This is one reason why YouTube has developed Shorts, Instagram came up with IGTV, and TikTok is massively popular. To take advantage of this trend on Facebook, consider using videos in your posts. Here, you can embed the video in the post itself, or you can use a link to the video on another site like YouTube or Vimeo. Either way, people will get a thumbnail and will be enticed to like or share.

This is a great technique for tutorials. While I mentioned that these work well for Facebook Live, they’re also successful as links from a YouTube tutorial. People love to see products used, so this is a highly effective strategy with any product that isn’t self-explanatory.

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13. Put Your Facebook Page on Your Newsletter

As I’ve mentioned before, email newsletters are a great place to distribute a link to Facebook. But have you thought of adding your Facebook page to printed newsletters? A lot of nonprofits use this technique to encourage people to visit, and for a good reason: it works! If people are going to consume your written content, then it’s worth encouraging internet involvement with your brand, as well. To deploy this technique, use the Facebook logo and list your Facebook URL next to it. 

14. Use the Facebook Invite Button

Use the Facebook Invite Button

Facebook has a button on groups and business pages that offer you the opportunity to invite people. If you click on this, you’ll be able to select people in your contact lists, such as an email list or CRM results, to your Facebook page. Facebook will send them a notification, and they can decide if they want to like your page. It’s an easy way to boost likes, especially since anyone you invite has some brand awareness or affinity already. If you already have a large contact list, then this is a very efficient answer to how to get more likes on your Facebook business page.

15. Offer a Coupon or discount for Liking Your Facebook Page

Last but not least, there’s the incentive. Companies have been using this technique for years as a way to encourage email signups and, before that, mailing list subscriptions. To leverage this technique, you’d need to leverage your social listening software. When someone likes your page, you’ll send them a message with the coupon code. Alternatively, you can use a popup on your website, where the browser redirects after a Facebook like. Either way, you have more visibility.

If you’re in retail, this is especially effective. People don’t like getting bombarded with excessive advertisements. However, unlike most paid social, organic posts from brands are often worthwhile in that they can be uplifting or useful. In addition, for many people, a discount is just what it takes to convert a lurker into a customer. Hopefully, you’ll make a lot more money over time by using this approach.

Learning how to get more likes on your Facebook business page isn’t hard. In fact, many of these techniques are either common sense or a variation of methods we use on other social networks. Try a few of these out today and see how much it impacts your sales.

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