17 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas for When You Have Nothing to Say

17 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas for When You Have Nothing to Say

One of the major principles of social media marketing is that you need to post consistently. By doing this, you keep people interested in what you have to say while building and retaining relationships with your followers. However, this isn’t always easy. Sometimes, like a car that runs out of gas, we simply run out of things to say on our Facebook Page. In this post, we’ll talk about some easy Facebook post ideas when writer’s block strikes. Bookmark this article so if you ever don’t know what to post, you can get some immediate inspiration!

The Importance of Facebook Engagement

what is a _____?

Here’s the thing you need to worry about when posting on Facebook. If you just post the same thing over and over again, people will get bored of your content and stop engaging with it. As the saying goes, you shouldn’t beat a dead horse. Or become a one-subject poster, for that matter.

Not only does repetitive content bore your audience, it also hurts your presence on Facebook. The Facebook algorithm places priority on content that people actually engage with when they see it in their news feeds. Therefore, if your content gets no engagement very few of your fans see it, and fewer and fewer of your fans will see your content if your engagement dwindles. A shortage of engagement feeds on itself.

Generally, the Facebook algorithm is the biggest reason why you need to create content that is engaging and also posts a variety of content in order to understand what content your fans prefer to engage with. Posting regularly and monitoring analytics are some of the best ways to ensure that the content you post is engaging your followers.

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17 Engaging Facebook Post Ideas

With the above in mind, here are 17 engaging and easily implementable Facebook post ideas. They cover a wide variety of themes that you can choose, depending on the circumstances. For instance, some ideas won’t work well if your company is going through a scandal, or during certain major outside events. As always, use your best judgment, both in terms of format and subject matter.

1. Behind-the-Scenes


If you’re an influencer or run a business account, consider a behind-the-scenes Facebook post. These can take several different forms, product types,s and how much work you can put into the post. In short, this is one of the Facebook post ideas that tells people what goes on at your company. For instance, if you run a call center then you could post a picture of a bunch of your employees chatting on the phone. Or, toy companies could do a short video about the production lines in their factory. 

Lots of people enjoy learning how products are made or services provided. Plus, it gives your followers a unique view of your company and the people who work there. In an age where we’re used to having so much delivered in an Amazon box, making a human connection to your brand can be very effective.

2. Ask questions

A great way to connect with your followers is to ask them questions. Here, it can be something that’s brand-appropriate, yet minimally related to your niche, that provides great Facebook post ideas. It could also be the type of question that helps your marketing department, or that sparks a discussion of your products. For me, an example might be “What’s your favorite type of Facebook post,” or maybe, “Summer’s coming. What’s your favorite getaway?” A branded example for me might be, “What’s the number one thing you learned from The Age of Influence?” As people answer the question, they contribute to your engagement rate and brand community. In addition, you can gain insights into your audience that are useful from a marketing perspective.

3. Tell stories

No, I don’t mean fish stories. And I don’t mean child-type fairy tales, either, unless you run a fishing equipment company or sell toys. The stories that you tell should always be compatible with your niche. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. By telling stories, you make a connection with your fans. Make it memorable, and you have some of the best impressions out there.

4. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

No matter what kind of business you have, customer reviews and testimonials are pure gold. They’re also some of the best Facebook post ideas when repurposed from their original form. To use this idea, pick a great customer quote. Then, use a background or picture to show it off. This way, you have an eye-catching display from your customer testimonials. Not only have you told people what a great product you have, but this kind of content often gets good engagement since people look on Facebook for product advice.

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5. Videos

Among Facebook post ideas, this one is amazingly flexible. You can post existing videos on Facebook, or you can link to videos from other sources, like YouTube, Vimeo, and websites. In many cases, this is the easy way to do it. For videos, you can use just about any length and type, especially if it’s linked. As always, pick something that’s brand-appropriate, whether it’s from an external source or something your content studio cooks up. Alternately, this is a great repurposing opportunity.

But what to post? Many leisure brands would benefit from posting people using their products. This can be done through a tutorial or a more commercial-like presentation. You could even interview someone who loves your stuff. In other words, the possibilities are almost endless.

6. Polls

Want something easy and fun? Try making a poll. Polls can be posted purely for fun to get engagement, or they can gather valuable intelligence on your audience. For instance, a lot of brands have gotten feedback on new products or gathered ideas for something in development. Other brands use polls to make people laugh, or just foster discussion.

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7. Blog posts

Most of us don’t associate Facebook with blog posts unless we follow a blogger. Many bloggers have a separate Facebook page for their blog or have an author account, to keep blogging and personal stuff separate. However, for businesses one of the better Facebook post ideas is posting blog posts on their regular page. Why does this work? Simply put, Facebook is a great place to distribute your blog and attract new readers. To do this, simply link to an individual blog post. A thumbnail of the post will show up, along with any comment.

8. Contests and giveaways

Contests and giveaways

Who doesn’t like to have a little fun once in a while? If you’re like many consumers, contests are a fun way to get a little something for (almost) free. Or, for that matter, to get recognition. Contests and giveaways are often very popular, and typically get a high level of engagement in exchange for a little imagination. If your engagement rate is low, this is among the Facebook post ideas that can raise it quickly. Just be sure to have something compelling to post when the fun is over, or people will lose interest.

Need a suggestion for giveaways? Consider sending the winners some of your products or company merch. Or, run a contest that gives someone naming rights for new product color. If you’re creative, the possibilities are endless.

Depending on your brand, talking about trending topics can be among your Facebook post ideas. Simply put, you sometimes can engage your audience by talking about the same things everyone else is and creating a conversation. For instance, most industries have trends and major activities that everyone is watching. Even if you are a consumer brand, there can be real value in discussing the trend on Facebook with your followers. To do this, simply ask what people think about something. You’d be surprised how many people respond to those.

10. Inspirational Quotes

Everybody needs some inspiration now and then. And one of the best ways to strike a chord with an audience is by inspiring them. To share an inspirational quote, you simply need to find a great quote and post it. You can type it plain as a status, or make a graphic out of it using a photo editor and a nice background. Your choice. Best of all, this kind of quote makes great evergreen content, meaning you can use it over and over again. For this one, the quote need not be brand or industry-relevant.

11. Product photos

This is one of the easiest Facebook post ideas out there. Most companies have stock pictures of their products, and it’s easy to post one on Facebook. In this case, you’ll mention what it is in the caption. Bonus if you can briefly tell your audience what it’s used for or who it’s best for. One example would be a company that makes personal care products. In this product type, there are generic products and products intended for people with certain special needs like oily skin. You’d want to mention which group your product is intended for.

12. Seasonal and Holiday Posts

Seasonal and Holiday Posts

Okay, this one probably seems obvious, but seasonal posts are a lot of fun and incredibly practical. After all, everyone enjoys holiday or seasonal posts because they celebrate what’s best about a season or holiday. And, if you’re in retail there’s a high chance that your promotions are built around the seasons. However, seasonal posts aren’t just for these companies or for individuals. Rather, every company has some level of seasonal impact. For instance, an accountant will always have more work in the winter and spring due to tax filing.

Of course, seasonal posts need not be all business. A brand that doesn’t have much seasonal product difference can talk about how awesome it is that the spring flowers are coming up. Or, a business services firm can mention how they care for employees during a holiday-I know of one firm that sent their employees home with a turkey each year for Thanksgiving!

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This is among the better Facebook post ideas for B2B brands. While most companies will post on social media when they have important news, they don’t always branch out and add some industry-wide news or tips. Posting on this topic can be as simple as explaining the difference between indoor and outdoor paint, in 2 or 3 sentences. Either way, this kind of post helps demonstrate that you and your company are subject matter experts and know what’s going on in the relevant industry. 

To deploy this strategy, think about what industry-related happenings have fostered meetings or whispers around the office. You don’t want to break company policy or betray secrets, but if it’s public knowledge then feel free to post. Readers will be impressed with how well-informed you are.

14. Upcoming events

Are you appearing at a trade show? Is your company sending someone else? Especially with B2B brands, this can be important information for potential customers. For B2C companies, relevant events could include a craft show, car exposition, or similar events. Let people know what your company is doing in the near future, and you can get more than engagement. You might have people show up at the event so they can see your display.

15. Discounts, sales, promotions, and offers

Discounts, sales, promotions, and offers

Exactly what it sounds like: publicizing ways that people can get a discount or some kind of free bonus. Most companies publicize this information through paid social and other online ads, but it can’t hurt to also add the great news to your page’s organic feed. After all, doing this allows people who already have an affinity with your brand an opportunity to save money, even if they don’t see the advertisement. Plus, when people “like” the post, they’ll spread the news to people you might not have reached with paid ads because they’re outside your primary audience. In other words, everyone wins.

16. Livestream

Sometimes it’s beneficial for brands to go on Facebook Live and show off their company. For instance, you could broadcast a “day in the life” live stream where people see company employees at work. Live interviews of people who work at your company could turn into a great recruitment tool if your employees love their job. Alternatively, livestream a company event or demonstration of your products and services. While you always need to be careful of business protocol, this can be a very creative way to get engagement from your followers.

17. Fill-in-the-blanks

Letting people’s imagination or creativity run wild on your business Facebook page can be fun. That’s one reason why it’s one of the more popular Facebook page ideas. If you’ve ever seen those posts where you are supposed to pick two items you’d never want to be without or a post that leaves a blank in the sentence, you’ve seen this post type. Fill-in-the-blanks posts let people be creative while also building rapport with each other. As an added bonus, people love to share these posts, which continue to carry company branding.

Writer’s block is impossible to avoid sometimes. So is getting stuck in a rut and feeling unable to come up with new Facebook post ideas. Unfortunately, if you neglect your Facebook page you’ll risk losing engagement and, in turn, ranking positions on the Facebook algorithm. Even though Facebook isn’t as cool as it used to be, you don’t want to be in this position. Fortunately, by trying some of these ideas, you should always be able to post on a regular basis.

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