Facebook Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to the 12 Best Strategies

Facebook Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide to the 12 Best Strategies

Do you keep wondering how to grow your business, create loyal fans, and drive demand on Facebook? If yes, then keep reading this Facebook marketing strategy guide!

Facebook and the idea of growing your business on this social media platform started a long time ago.

However, Facebook has gone through a lot of changes ever since it came into the marketing field. Today, Facebook can do several things that most people would not have imagined ten years ago.

With this social media platform, you can sell your products using a chatbot, host a 360-degree video and do many other things.

This social media platform records almost 2 billion active users every day. This figure is approximately 40% of active Internet users globally.

Now, you can imagine or dream of the social influence you can achieve via this social media platform regarding customer relationships, referrals, peer effects, brand awareness, e-commerce business, reputation, and more.

Besides the sheer number of active users, you can also imagine the extent of our attention this social media platform owns. Research shows that an average Facebook user spends 60 minutes on this platform every day.

If you calculate, you’ll realize that average Facebook users spend seven per cent of their working hours on this social network.

Grow Your Business Using Facebook


Many people consider Facebook as the internet. But is your business maximizing this advantage?

‘Yes,’ should be your answer. But, if not, then what’s the right way of growing your business on Facebook?

Facebook pages remain to be the paths businesses need to use to market themselves to their potential audience. Here, you can treat Facebook pages as personal profiles.

The only difference is that Facebook pages make it easy for the potential audience to ‘like’ the celebrity, organization, cause, company brand, or business.

With a Facebook page, businesses can interact with the potential audience looking for customer service, collect in-depth audience insights, deploy and monitor advertising, and raise brand awareness.

Building a business Facebook page is the right step you can ever take. By taking this step, it means you’ll join over 70,000,000 global businesses that already market their services using Facebook Page.

But, which is the best Facebook marketing strategy? Worry no more! Here is the answer:

12 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies for 2024

So what are the specific strategies that we recommend? It begins with knowing your audience.

1. Know your Potential Audience

Know your Potential Audience

Using Facebook demographics is the way to follow if you want to familiarize yourself with your audience. Your buyer personas keep evolving from time to time, meaning you need tools that can help you measure, update and track all the changes.

When you know your customers’ avatars, it will be easy to focus your promotions and marketing campaigns to target them.

You must know your brand user demographic if you want to know your audience. Here, you must know their income level, age, gender, educational background, and more.

Also, you must know your Facebook campaign’s goals. With this knowledge, you can target the correct audience that can get interested in your brand quickly. Never address all your potential audiences using the same content.

Besides this, you must know your competitive advantage. Know what makes your brand unique from that of your competitors.

Once you know your audience, you can begin to strategize and set goals.

2. Set Goals

Most businesses are likely to focus only on vanity metrics, like shares and likes. However, these metrics won’t mean anything if they cannot help you attain what you want.

Ensure that all paths you follow in your Facebook marketing strategy rhyme with your company/business goals. Remember, these goals vary from one business to another.

For example, you can focus on delivering better customer service, boosting conversions, creating brand awareness, generating leads, and more.

Besides setting measurable goals, ensure that you also keep them SMART. Here, this feature means that every comment, each shared post, or each ad placement must support all your ultimate objectives/goals.

Apart from guiding your Facebook marketing agenda, setting measurable and smart goals will also help you remain consistent.

Now it’s time to optimize your Facebook Page to help you meet these goals.

3. Optimize Your Page

You’ll find it hard to attain your Facebook marketing objective if no individual knows if your FB page exists. Therefore, it’s crucial to attract your potential audience to your Facebook Page before taking further steps.

Always give extra love to your cover image because it’s the first thing your potential audience will come across. Therefore, it’s better to have an attractive cover photo.

Use cross-promotion to attract potential audiences to your Facebook page. You can make this possible by incorporating FB share buttons and Likes on your blog or site.

With an optimized page, you need to now focus on your content.

4. Create Top-Notch Content

Create Top-Notch Content

In 2024, focus on creating top-notch content that can push your company brand forward and keep your customers engaged and interested to learn more.

Never focus only on your brand. Instead, set aside some time to post valuable information that can encourage robust relationships with your potential customers.

Post unique content from time to time to break the boredom on that Facebook page. Inform your potential audiences about something new you’re offering. Also, it’s good to post content at least once per week.

Remember to include beautiful images of your store and pictures of happy and satisfied customers and workers. Don’t forget video marketing.

Always post eye-catching videos that will attract your potential audiences and keep them engaged.

Publishing content on its own, however, is not enough. Consistency is key to help your Facebook marketing strategy go from good to great.

5. Be Consistent

Consistency should be the key if you want to enjoy all the benefits associated with Facebook marketing. But note that it’s about consistent quality content and not quantity.

Never focus on posting good content on your Facebook page and abandoning your account. Let your customers know you’re a dedicated individual and a credible source. Also, ensure that your customers are aware of your business.

Your brand message will be more assertive and more consistent if you remain consistent with your content. Besides this, note that your marketing pattern impacts how your potential audience rates your business.

Prepare to have less engaged audiences who visit your page once at a time if you post content on your Facebook page sporadically. This issue will happen because a sporadic post gives the wrong message.

6. Encourage Engagement

Facebook’s new algorithm ranks high pages that promote engagement. Use conversations to engage your fans/followers if you want to boost your organic reach.

Ensure your post content that can elicit conversations. Also, try to become social because Facebook is a top-rated social media platform. Never ignore your follower/fans’ concerns and queries if you want to grow your business on Facebook.

Remain conversational and friendly, even to negative feedback. Your business will have an interactive, customer-focused and engaged impression if you respond to all queries and remain consistent with your updates.

7. Make Use of Facebook Pixel

Make Use of Facebook Pixel

Facebook Ads we will talk about shortly, but to prepare your website for Facebook Ads, you should make sure that you have installed the Facebook (now called Meta) Pixel.

Installing the Facebook Pixel can help monitor the actions taken by potential audiences on your site. Besides this, you can use Facebook Pixel to retarget your website and visitors.

Several Facebook marketers use the Facebook Pixel feature, but not all have fixed the base code. Setting in place the base code is an excellent starting point, and it always offers valuable information.

However, you must install the event code to determine the critical KPIs, like the cost per lead and cost per purchase. Add the event code to the ‘thank you sections’ where you direct visitors after a particular action.

8. Grow with Facebook ads

Social media has become pay to play, and it is very difficult to have a successful Facebook marketing strategy without leveraging Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads are an incredible tool to help businesses grow and get the exact customers they want. With the power of Facebook Ads, companies today have the ability to target their ideal customer base quickly and efficiently.

 It is a great way for businesses to gain visibility and reach customers that may not even know they exist. 

For those who are new to advertising on Facebook, getting started can be intimidating at first. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available that can help get you up and running in no time. 

From learning how to create effective ad campaigns, setting up tracking systems, and analyzing data from existing campaigns – all the tools needed to succeed with Facebook ads are readily available online or through the platform’s support centre.

9. Launch Special Offers

You can keep your customers more engaged with your content by sharing contests, discount codes, coupons, and many more offers.

For example, you can share a free coupon or ask the followers to share your post for a chance to get a special offer through email. This feature allows your “friends of your followers” to go through your content. Also, the one who shared the post will remain happy after receiving a coupon.

Everyone loves a special offer, and now that you have your Facebook Pixel in place and are leveraging Facebook Ads, you can amplify your special offers to new audiences above and beyond your customers.

10. Take Advantage of Facebook Messenger

Take Advantage of Facebook Messenger

Facebook allows you to engage with your current customers and potential customers.

You can use Facebook messenger to chat with your customers and even answer queries within comment threads.

This feature makes it easy to speak with your current and potential clients/customers online. Always encourage your followers to chat with you through messenger whenever they have queries relating to your brand or products.

Also, Facebook Messenger can work as a customer service that makes it easy for customers to get direct responses or even contact you.

Besides this, Facebook Messenger provides an excellent option for those customers who cannot send their queries through mobile phones.

With Facebook, you can create Messenger campaigns that help you to interact with your potential audience. But remember to provide timely responses if you choose this option.

11. Experiment with Augmented Reality Tools

Augmented Reality Tools should be your top priority if you want to create a deeper relationship with your current customers and potential customers. AR will make this possible by actively encouraging your audience’s participation.

Every user will love to feel involved with your brand and are likely to become customers as a result.

In general, AR will help a lot if you want to show how your product can improve the audience’s everyday lives.

12. Lean into the power of Influencers & Ambassadors

In today’s digital landscape, influencers and ambassadors are playing an ever-important role in the success of a social media presence. 

Increasingly, companies are turning to these influential personalities to reach target audiences on Facebook. From everyday citizens to celebrities, these individuals can help brands create authentic relationships with their followers. 

By leveraging the power of influencers and ambassadors, brands can gain access to large groups of people in a very short amount of time. 

On Facebook specifically, these relationships can be established by creating content that appeals to the individual influencer or ambassador’s audience. Through this method, brands get direct exposure from those who have already built relationships with their fans and followers. This allows for organic engagement and interaction between the brand and its target consumers.

Facebook Marketing Strategy Conclusion

In a social media platform with 70,000,000 businesses and around 2 billion daily active users, you must stick out to grow your business on Facebook.

You must be deliberate, helpful, and inbound to market your business successfully on Facebook.

Thankfully, this social media platform features several analytic tools to help you understand your potential audience before posting anything.

Besides this, the Facebook page insights allow you to see the content that attracts many people and position your advertising to help more instead of annoying.

You can easily access your potential audience on Facebook. Put the above Facebook marketing strategies into practice and maximize this opportunity.

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