The 13 Best Infographic Maker and Graphics Tools

The 13 Best Infographic Maker and Graphics Tools

Looking for the best infographic maker? You’re not alone.

We all know that infographics are a power tool for content marketing, social media marketing, and even blogger outreach to enhance our SEO backlink building efforts.

That’s why infographics are so powerful as a marketing tool. Unfortunately they are also very difficult to create unless you are a proficient graphic designer. And if you need to purchase infographics from an agency, they can be very expensive.

But do they need to be expensive?

The last several years has seen a plethora of websites appear that allow us marketers to easily create infographics to empower our marketing, giving us full control of the creative, editorial, and budget aspects of infographics creation.

Here’s my definitive list of the 13 best infographic makers that you should be checking out if you want to truly scale your infographic creation efforts. Make sure that you check out the specific tools you are looking for and investigate:

  • the volume and quality of their infographic templates,
  • intuitiveness of their editing,
  • website speed,
  • special functionality,
  • as well as pricing.


Adioma user-generated infographics

For infographics-only functionality, check out this app.

Adioma is distinguished from other infographics apps with its instantly adaptable templates. Most apps have templates that are set in stone, but these can change depending on the amount of information you need to put into them. Another thing that’s different is the huge library of icons and symbols. These can be used to convey information to people who don’t speak much English, or just to give your infographic character. You can even add illustrations and switch between templates to find the best look for your text. In addition, the infographics generated are really easy to export to other applications.

Pricing: Free trial, then $39 monthly for a pro version. Also available are expert plans ($69) and business (300).

Adobe Spark

free infographics templates from adobe spark

Adobe spark is a lot more than just an infographic machine.

In fact, this is only a small portion of its capabilities. There are tools specifically for social media posts, short videos, and even entire web pages. Overall, Adobe Spark is a versatile design tool for this reason. You could use it in your content studio as a whole, not just the social media people. Even the web design department can benefit. Once finished, your graphics can be exported and emailed to anyone on your team that needs them. Best of all, it’s easy to use. For iOS users, all parts of the app can be used. Android users are limited to the social media functionalities.

Pricing: There’s a free limited version. Paid individual plans are $9.99 per month. Team plans cost $19.99 monthly.


Canva infographic templates

Canva is a simple drag-and-drop application for graphic design that has also added infographic templates that you can use to use the same tool you use to create social media designs to craft your next infographic.

Canva is highly versatile, in that you can use it for any kind of designs, including marketing and social media. However, they don’t stop there. One example of enhanced options is business cards, education lesson plans, and even t-shirts. Pay Canva some money, and they’ll even print the t-shirt for you and pop it in the mail. In this sense, they’re a lot like Vistaprint. Canva also has collaboration tools in paid versions. Buy the professional version, and you can even schedule social media posts.

From an infographic maker perspective, the ability to include the other graphics that you are already making into your infographics is a plus.

Pricing: Free version. Then, professional-level plans starting at $12.95 monthly. There are also discounts for nonprofits and schools.


DesignCap infographic templates

If you need a simple flyer or poster, then check out DesignCap.

They have thousands of templates for this kind of document, and many others. You can even do an infographic or report on DesignCap. More recently, they have added some social media-related offerings. Instagram is the only one where you can do a post, but for YouTube and Facebook you can add some design elements. While this app does have infographic maker functionality, the app overall is an easy way to make print assets to match online advertising, or vice versa.

Pricing: very limited free plan. Paid options cost $8.99 per month for lower usage, and $12.99 for the plus version. There’s also an annual pay discount. infographics examples is a way to “easily” make infographics.

In fact, their whole premise is that this is the easiest way to make an infographic. Just use their templates to make something eye catching. You can add images from their library, or upload some of your files. However, you don’t necessarily have to DIY. Instead, there is an Easelly design service that can make custom templates for a fee. From there, you can add information to the template several times over. The business version allows for real-time collaboration and group use. Best of all, it’s affordable.

Pricing: there is a free version, but also easelly professional. This is paid for monthly on a sliding scale. Students pay just $2.00, individuals $4.00 and businesses $5.00.


Genially graphics examples

Unlike most other graphics tools, genially has a built-in word processing function. For this reason, it is an efficient way to edit text while you are designing an infographic with it.

With most, other options, you have to ensure your text is error-free before adding it. Another awesome feature is that you can add animations to the infographic or presentation you’re working on. It even lets you add interactive features, which is unusually flexible for this kind of graphics tool. Genially also integrates with a wide variety of other applications, allows for collaboration, and works from the cloud. Finally, there are built-in analytics tools to help you know what’s working best.

Pricing: Very limited free plan. Then, a pro plan for $9.99 per month, master at $39.90 and team for $79.15. Customization is also available.


Infogram infographics examples

Infogram is another easy-to-use graphics tool that promises to allow you to create engaging infographics in minutes.

Like Genially and some others, this one includes some more traditional functionality. In particular, you can make a slideshow with this program. It also lets you prepare reports to show to your upper management team. However, probably the best feature is the ability to include sales trackers in your graphics. These can be posted on your website, and let you gather more information than you would be if the whole graphic was click-through. Best of all, the statistics can be added to a dashboard in real time. Before Infogram, this functionality pretty much required programmers to do some coding.

From an infographic maker perspective, Infogram has dozens of pre-made infographic templates to allow you to easily integrate these interactive features.

Pricing: the most basic level is free. Paid plans range from $19/month to $149/month for the most advanced features and multiple users.


PicMonkey infographic templates

PicMonkey does one thing very well: edit photographs and turn them into something you can publish.

Since those early days, although “picture” is part of their name, they have become an all-in-one graphics creation tool and deserve mention in this best infographic maker list.

But, clearly, photo editing is their strength.

In particular, they let you take a photo and remove the background, add filters, retouch, and more. With PicMonkey, you can also add stock photos, corporate logos, and other branding. Collages and video are supported, too. Results are high-quality, and you can print finished products, post them online, or both. In addition to the traditional picture editing, you can make social media posts. There are templates and support for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram content creation. That isn’t to say, however, that you can’t adapt PicMonkey-edited content to work with other networks.

Pricing: After a free trial, there are three options. Basic costs $7.99/month, Pro at $12.99 and Team at $33.99.


Piktochart online infographic maker

If you want a graphics solution that can replace some functions of traditional software, including but not limited to an infographic maker, check out Piktochart.

They have a functionality that produces slide decks you can use for presentations and sales pitches. Another option lets you make reports of the type that includes pure text boxes in addition to graphics. This goes further than many other graphic design solutions that don’t do much more than let you edit text. Here, rather than creating the graphic and then exporting it to a word processor, you can add the plain text within the app itself. Infographics are supported, as are posters and social media posts. Finally, with some versions you can get in-app real time collaboration on your team. One solution, many functions.

Pricing: Free trial version. Then, individual plan at $29 per month and team starting at $99 per month. Additions to team plans are per seat.


Snappa infographic templates

Want basic design tools and social media integration tools together in an infographic maker? This is an easy one to try.

They have a tool to crop images, with preset dimensions to match each intended use. That could be a social media post, some kind of an icon, or banners for web pages. Then, they have basic special effects including background removal. There’s a large stock photo library to use, as well. However, this isn’t a flashy app. It’s easy to use and has basic features for everyday content creation. Finally, the app can let you post creations to social media. Want to schedule ahead of time? You can do that through Buffer right in the app.

Pricing: Limited free, then a Pro plan ($10/mo, one user) and team plan (5 users, $20/mo). Need more users? Contact for details.


stencil visual content creation tool

Bloggers rejoice: this graphics tool has a WordPress plugin and browser extensions. So, you won’t have to go into a totally different program and download the graphics before uploading.

Unfortunately, while you can technically create an infographic using Stenil, their template library didn’t contain any legit infographics, so you’re on your own.

That being said, Stencil is an awesome graphics tool that deserves mention as part of this article.

For social media people, there’s a bitly feature and Buffer integration. Besides these features, there’s the ease of use. Upload something or use one of their millions of stock photos. These are brought in from providers like Pexels and are licensed for commercial use…free. In addition, there’s the live post preview and a send-to-phone feature for easy Instagram posting. Finally, they have templates for easy drag-and-drop finished products.

Pricing: “Hobbyist” is free but limited. Pro is $9 per month, and Unlimited costs $12.


Venngage infographic templates

For a graphic design tool that helps you make anything, including infographics, of course, check out Venngage.

In fact, you can even make things like resumes which will capture the attention of your target recruiter. If that isn’t your thing, check out the brochure and ebook templates. With Venngage, you are mostly limited to templates. However, there’s a template to suit just about every situation. There also aren’t any integrations with other programs, so you’ll have to download everything before using it. Simplicity of use and versatility are good tradeoffs, however.

Pricing: Free limited plan. Then, Premium costs $19/month/user, Business at $49, and enterprise on request.


visme infographics templates

At first blush, Visme looks like most other graphic design tools aimed at the business world.

It has the ability to make relatively elaborate presentations and publications, in addition to the standard infographics and edited photos. However, what sets this one out from the rest is the huge number of integrations that it supports. Some competitors include YouTube or social media managers. But, they don’t generally work with your email client, file storage, or survey tools.

In addition, you can integrate Visme with Slack, allowing for plenty of collaboration. Social media posts other than video must be uploaded separately, however. This app is geared more towards users outside of social media marketing. However, it is still a solid choice for content marketers due to the wide variety of content types available.

Pricing: Limited free. Then, choose an individual Standard plan for $15/month, or Business for $29/month for each user. Custom options are available.

The days of graphic design being difficult are long gone. As a result, there is an increasing expectation that business documents will have some form of graphics or pictures. In addition, the world of social media is graphics heavy. Fortunately, with one or more of these best infographic makers, keeping up with the trend has never been easier.

If you want to see the type of visually rich infographics you can create using one of the above best infographic makers, check out this infographic from my How to Become a Social Media Influencer post made using Visme.

how to become a social media influencer infographic by neal schaffer made with visme

Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

Best Infographic Maker FAQs

Where can I make infographics for free?

Creating infographics nowadays is easier because there are lots of free software available on the internet. Here are the recommended best free infographics maker you may check out: Adioma, Adobe Spark, Canva, Stencil DesignCap,, Piktochart, Infogram, PicMonkey, Snappa, Venngage, Visme, and Genially. Some of them have limited free versions so be sure to check their features, functionality, pricing, and quality.

How do you make an amazing infographic?

The essential parts of infographics make an amazing and winning infographic. A high-quality infographic should have a powerful intro that automatically captures your audience’s interest, a well-structured body with readable information, professional images and icons, a consistent theme that blends well with other visual elements, and your logo or social media accounts to boost your social media presence.

How can I create my own infographic?

There are three things you need to keep in mind when creating stunning infographics for social media. First, the platform you are creating the infographics for, second, the main message or data you want to present, and lastly, how to put the information in the best layout of the infographic. Knowing these important points will help you create compelling images for social media in minutes.

What is the best free infographic software?

The best infographic software offers the best features and functionality and produces high-quality images at a reasonable price. There is plenty of free/affordable infographic software available online, but the commonly used software are Adobe Spark, Canva, PicMonkey, and Visme.

Can you create infographics in PowerPoint?

Yes! Most people might now know, but you can create an infographic in PowerPoint. Start with a blank slide and change the orientation to Portrait as PowerPoint defaults for landscape slides. Then you can proceed with choosing a background, putting the title, the body, and other elements such as logo, images, and icons. Once done, you can save the infographic by clicking File and Save As.

Looking for the best infographic maker or graphic tools for your digital marketing? Look no further: Here's the top 13 for you to choose from!
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