15 Powerful AI Content Generators to Test Out

15 Powerful AI Content Generators to Test Out

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If you have tried ChatGPT and given it a prompt to answer a question for you, you have already experienced the power of an AI content generator. The content it generates will solely be based on how you instruct the AI, and the possibilities are literally endless. However, ChatGPT is only one example of an AI content generator in an exploding industry of competing technology. Most people who have little experience with AI generators believe that all these tools are the same. However, this can’t be farther from the truth. Not only do these generators differ in terms of output quality, but they also support different formats and languages and have their own unique features. 


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Let me help guide you through some of the famous AI content generators that have already appeared on the scene, their main features, and the type of content they can produce. I’ll also do my best to give you some tips on how to maximize their value and choose the best tool for your brand. 

What is an AI Content Generator?

As the name implies, an AI content generator is a tool that creates various forms of content such as ad copy, social media posts, blog posts, etc. with the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. These programs have become better at figuring out how real humans interact, which makes them such a make-shift replacement for human writers. While the technology is still in its early days, I’m quite impressed by everything I’ve seen from tools like Jasper and CopyAI.

Whether it’s blog post titles, meta descriptions, digital art, email subject lines, or social media hashtags, there’s little these content creation tools can’t do. All you have to do is input a few basic prompts, set up the tone and style, and voila! You will be able to enjoy “original” content with minimal effort. 

How Can an AI Content Generator be Used?

Everybody knows you can’t have a successful marketing campaign without high-quality content. Unfortunately, the content creation process is often long and arduous, forcing you to fork out massive amounts of money before seeing any results.

Luckily, with AI-generated content, we finally get a much-needed breather. These AI-powered tools can tackle all sorts of writing tasks in just a fraction of the previously required time. Each software on this list can pump out tons of social posts, sales emails, and blog posts with minimal human interaction.

All in all, these content writing tools can save us a bunch of time and money without endangering our productivity.  

15 Powerful AI Content Generators to Test Out

Without further ado, here are the 15 best content-generation tools currently available on the market:

1. CopyAI

Without a doubt, CopyAI is one of my favorite writer tools. This incredibly dope software can assist with all sorts of posts ranging from long-form content to product descriptions, social media posts, sales and ad copies. As such, CopyAI works as an SEO tool, social media and e-commerce software.

The thing that separates this program from the pack is the multitude of natural language processing technology. CopyAI uses a combination of several artificial intelligence models, like GPT-4, Anthropic, and Claude. Human writers can even choose the right tone of voice to represent the company, which will be henceforth used for all copies.

Unfortunately, while this writing tool offers some incredible integrations, I didn’t like the fact it lacks a Google Chrome extension. The second issue I had with the app is that it sometimes needs extra time for fact-checking. 

2. Jasper


For all intended purposes, Jasper AI is neck and neck with CopyAI. The software has one of the pretties interfaces within the niche, which is especially useful for newbies using AI technology for the first time. 

You can use Jasper AI for various types of content, including blog post outlines, cold emails, case studies, Facebook image ads, Twitter threads, and press releases. The thing I like is that the platform can generate content from project briefs, ensuring that each post is on point with your brand values and messaging. 

Out of all the tools on the market, Jasper AI uses most language models combining Bard, GPT-4, Claude 2, Huggingface, and Stability. Boss Mode is another unique feature, allowing content marketers to input keywords to generate well-optimized articles for search engines. If I were to complain about something, that’s the fact that the company charges you for all sorts of extra features, like the plagiarism checker. 

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3. Rytr


When I first checked the Rytr homepage, this tool didn’t look as much. But as usual, the devil is in the details. Rytr can assist you with all sorts of content types, allowing you to generate fast content ideas, business pitches, landing pages, social media ads, metadata, and emails and instantly reply to messages. 

The main reason why you should give Rytr an advantage over other content tools is the vast number of integrations. I was shocked when I first realized that you mix and mash this platform with just about any communication tool, including Messenger, Gmail, Slack, and Outlook. SEMrush integration, in particular, makes your job much easier as it allows you to create better SEO content.

My main issue with Rytr is it’s article generator. Basically, as the posts increase in size, the tool starts making hiccups, losing the context. So, when I used the article writer, I had to backtrack to fix all the blunders.

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4. Writesonic


Writesonic is a perfect assistant for any content writer who needs to automate daily tasks. The software can tackle most content types, creating blog outlines, social media content, YouTube titles and descriptions, landing pages, Quora answers, product descriptions, real estate descriptions, and so much more.

In fact, this versatility is the main reason why you should give it a chance; the tool works for more than 50 content formats. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a free plan that allows you to take the software for a spin. Unfortunately, as you’re limited by the credits, you probably won’t get much value out of it.

Like many other AI-driven generators, Writesonic sometimes struggles with content quality. The credit system can also be annoying if you’re looking to generate unlimited articles. 

5. AI Writer


Although one of the less popular content generator tools, AI Writer has a few features worth your money. Unlike the previous entries, this one focuses on long-form marketing content, providing little value for social media channels, email campaigns, and paid ads.  

The thing I liked about this one is the citation generator. Basically, the program retrieves a list of sources it used during the content creation process. So, you can analyze the AI-generated text to figure out whether or not this information brings value and if there’s something even better on source pages. 

Among others, the tool offers an SEO editor, which you can use to generate new content ideas related to your main keyword. While this function isn’t that bad, it can’t compare to what major marketing software offers. 

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6. Scalenut


Scalenut is an AI content generator that advertises itself as an AI blog post generator. While you can use it for content formats like product descriptions, Facebook headlines, and Google Ads, most of its features revolve around long-form articles, SERP research, and keyword optimization. There’s even an analytics suite for tracking the performance of your blog content!

Overall, the platform is a fantastic purchase for SEO teams, although it might not be the best for marketers who work with different channels. I also liked the template library, which can save you a lot of time. As for the flaws, the software lacks branding and tone of voice.

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7. Frase


If you’ve been following me for awhile, you know that I am a big fan of Frase and will not publish a blog post here without using it.

Frase shares numerous similarities to Scalenut. It started as an SEO content platform, and in time grew into a full-scale AI generation tool. Frase is excellent for content ideation, scraping search engine results, and creating a draft based on your input. As I’m using this software all the time, I’m inclined to recommend it to anyone looking for a content optimizer. You might also want to consider it as an AI content generator.

The process of using Frase looks like this: After creating an outline, the tool will create a list of all the keywords you should include to best optimize the article for search engine rankings. You also get a score based on your performance, showing you how far (or close) you are to a perfect copy. Unfortunately, while the tool is fantastic for blog articles, it doesn’t work for other content types. 

8. Copysmith


If you’re looking for AI-powered content for your ecommerce website, you should definitely check out Copysmith. The software doesn’t generate a wide range of posts; instead, it focuses on highly converting product pages.

The reason why Copysmith is so great is that it allows you to transfer your entire product catalog in one click. Furthermore, it also allows you to create content in bulk, which is vital for large online stores with thousands of items. Through API access, you can integrate the tool with Shopify, Amazon, and other ecommerce giants. 

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9. Simplified


Unlike the previous entries on the list, Simplified is much more focused on graphic design. The image generation feature makes it a must-have for just about any marketing team, while its AI writer can make long content for blogs. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also play around with its video generation suite. I’ve tried it out for several marketing materials, and I was pretty satisfied with the returned results. 

I don’t think that Simplified is necessarily the best content or idea generator; some other tools on the list make much better blog posts and images. Nevertheless, the program is perfect if you wish to generate different content types from a single dash. 

10. GrowthBar


Most guys who buy GrowthBar do so to boost their SEO content writing process. The software skims through search engine results and creates blog outlines while also retrieving relevant keywords. All you gotta do is follow its instructions, and you’ll create a perfect post for your website. On top of that, you can also use the tool for product descriptions, emails, metas, and chat. 

The thing that took me by surprise was the tool’s custom AI model feature. Basically, you can upload articles into the software, and GrowthBar can generate a brand voice based on your writing style. That way, you can keep on working on your old projects without missing a beat. 

11. Anyword


Anyword is a program tailor-made for large marketing teams. It can assist just about any department in your company, from SMM to SEO and sales teams. Aside from blogs, the tool also does a great job with ad content and emails. 

The thing that separates Anyword from other programs I’ve previously mentioned is its predictive performance feature. The app compares your copy with similar posts from that category and assigns it a score. Among others, the program can asses your previous posts to discover which messaging can work the best for specific channels. 

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12. ChatGPT


For most people, ChatGPT is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to AI generation tools. This program isn’t bad for experimenting but is a far cry from well-structured software like Writesonic and Jasper. Overall, ChatGPT might be good for casual users, but most marketing teams will require something a bit more comprehensive. 

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13. Peppertype


With Peppertype, no content format is out of reach. The software can help you create customer responses, product descriptions, blog content, Instagram captions, and even bullets and headers. You can also mess around by expanding sections, rewriting them, and switching up the style.

Peppertype is the optimal choice for teams that want to combine AI writing with human input. As the tool allows numerous small modifications, you can update and improve various sections of the text for optimal performance. 

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14. ContentBot


Whether you’re a digital marketer or a casual blogger, you can have lots of fun with ContentBot. Aside from your usual blog articles, this software also works well for product descriptions, ads, social media posts, and other channels. Use the platform to rephrase awkward-sounding sections, expand paragraphs, or change the tone of your copies.

An interesting thing about this program is that it works under a drag-and-drop premise. It uses a less structured process than some other AI writers, giving you much more freedom when generating pieces for your marketing campaigns. 

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15. Article Forge

Article Forge

Article Forge is a straightforward tool geared toward articles. All you have to do is type in your topic, choose content length and language, and produce the piece. Unfortunately, that’s about that for different content formats. 

The tool isn’t bad if you’re looking for bulk AI generation and expending the previously created posts. According to creators, Article Forge can bypass the biggest AI checkers, which is another plus.

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Hopefully, after reading my post, you’ll have a better understanding of the AI generators that are currently dominating the software niche. As I’ve had lots of opportunities to test them out, I’ve pointed out the most important features which should be enough for you to make an educated purchasing decision. 

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