The Best SEO Game Plan Strategies Include Twitter SEO

The Best SEO Game Plan Strategies Include Twitter SEO

We all know how vital SEO optimization is to the success of your website and brand. Having the best game plan is critical to achieving the desired outcome from your SEO efforts. However, writing quality content and promoting your site aren’t the only methods you should use to improve website SEO. It’s vital that you are also leveraging Twitter SEO for marketing success.

If you didn’t already know, Twitter and Google have a strong partnership. This relationship allows Google to access the Twitter stream and index the results for search traffic. With this combined effort, Twitter plays a key role in your company’s search engine optimization.

What is the Twitter-Google Partnership?

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Many people see Twitter and Google as two separate entities that have nothing to do with one another, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Back in 2015, the two companies formed a partnership that changed the way SEO works.

With this relationship, Google has access to the Twitter stream and it now indexes the tweets in search results. Google doesn’t index every tweet, so it’s important to understand how your brand can show up in the results, especially if you want more recognition.

What did Google get out of doing this? The search engine wants to provide real-time information to users because nobody wants news from four hours ago. With access to what’s happening on Twitter, Google remains one of the top sources to find information. 

Thankfully, there are ways to improve your Google rankings by creating a game plan and using your Twitter account. Here are some ideas to consider.

Share Your Blog Posts Automatically

There are now more than 350 million monthly active Twitter users. With this large of an audience waiting to learn about your brand and service, there are plenty of opportunities to grow. If you want to tap into this massive audience, you must share your blog posts.

When you are consistently tweeting links to your website, this action signals Google. The search engine giant sees that your website is active and naturally ranks it higher. However, not everyone has time to tweet out links to their website every day. After all, running a business can be time-consuming. Sure, you could hire someone to take over the social media management for you, but that’s not necessary.

Instead, consider automating the Tweet sharing with a helpful plug-in. You can easily connect your WordPress with your Twitter account through the help of a plug-in. Automated tools make it seamless to publish every blog post on the social media platform. Use JetPack or IFTTT to get started. 

However, you don’t want to simply set your Twitter management on auto-pilot and neglect to nurture your relationships. You must still engage with your followers and maintain a strong presence on the platform. The plug-in is only meant to make your posting easier and less time-consuming.

The biggest question you will face is when to post on social media. While you don’t want to be too rigid and you should do your own experimentation, studies show that 12 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm seem to be the most effective times of the day. 

Re-Share Evergreen Content

Tweeting blog posts is the first step to generating social signals and letting Google know that you are active, but it’s not the only practice worth following. If you want Google to believe that your links are worth ranking, you need to prove consistent interest. To do this, you want to re-share your evergreen content regularly.

Again, you don’t need a social media manager to handle this job for you. Simply pick the best evergreen content you can find and schedule tweets throughout the month. Consider using a Twitter client to help keep you accountable and on track.

With these tools, you can schedule the blog posts to publish on Twitter and Facebook. We recommend sitting with a calendar and mapping out your posting schedule to ensure that a day doesn’t go by without some form of content being shared. 

If you want to share the same content more than once, make sure you spread it out accordingly. Your followers won’t appreciate seeing the same tweets from you day after day. 

In fact, you should do some research about how often to post on Twitter. Some studies suggest that engagement begins to drop once companies post more than three times per day. Again, you will want to do your own research and see what works with your followers, but you must schedule enough content to keep your customers happy and engaged. 

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Leverage Your Profile Bio and Twitter Handle

Leverage Your Profile Bio and Twitter Handle

Don’t underestimate the power of your bio and Twitter handle when it comes to improving your website’s SEO.

Anyone interested in following your company or brand on social media might search for your Twitter account on Google. For example, if you want to know more about Uber, you might type “Uber Twitter” into the Google search engine. The same goes for people looking for your brand.

Google then uses the brand name as the keyword to search Twitter, looking for similar accounts with that handle. Because of this, you want to make sure that your Twitter handle isn’t something generic, but rather incorporates your brand name.

Aside from this, you must also focus on your profile bio, profile picture and Tweet quality. If you want your Twitter page to rank higher with Google, you must optimize the bio accordingly. Start by utilizing an effective summary of your business or brand, using the correct keyword hashtags to stand out further.

With each update you incorporate, your Twitter profile becomes easier to find and more user-friendly.

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Measure What Works

As with any marketing strategy, you must be willing to measure and track the results. Start keeping track of your Twitter efforts and make a note of everything that seems to work for your brand. You want to reuse these strategies to boost your ROI in the future.

As you continue to align your social media efforts with your website, Google will take notice. You will begin to see the fruit of your labor and your strategy will pay off in sales. 

Moving Beyond Twitter: Strategies to Boost Website SEO

Getting Twitter followers and boosting your social media pages is a great place to start, but if you want marketing success, you need to work at the strategy from multiple angles. The best SEO game plan incorporates many levels of functionality to achieve the online recognition you desire. 

There are three main avenues to creating a quality game plan.

#1: Content Strategy

Content Strategy

To boost the rankings of your website, you need to perform detailed keyword research and analytics. You must think like Google. After getting a detailed analysis of what Google sees, it becomes simple to make the adjustments needed to start ranking. 

When you know what keywords to target, you can also curate the content that boosts your traffic. In addition, this extra content will give you more to post about on Twitter and your other social media pages, further expanding your reach on these platforms as well.

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#2: On-Page SEO

As a website viewer, it’s difficult to see the inner workings of what’s happening with your website. As you start to uncover underlying issues, you can see what’s holding you back from the ranking you deserve.

A technical SEO audit spots what others can’t see. Thankfully, most technical issues aren’t that difficult to fix, once you know what they are.

In addition, you must focus your attention to on-page optimization. This ensures you are using the right meta, H1 tag and more to appeal to the search engines. If your site is easy to crawl, it will also be easy to navigate by your users.

On top of that, as you learn more about what your visitors want, you can curate more content that converts. You won’t have to struggle to find content to post on Twitter either.

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#3: Off-Page SEO

Probably the most overlooked aspect is the off-site SEO strategy. By running a backlink analysis, you find out who is linking to your site and where your traffic comes from. This information allows you to craft a solution to gain more traffic and rank even higher.

Link building is also an essential aspect of SEO. You have to build relationships and perfect this scientific art to get ahead of your competition. With the right connections, there’s no limit to the ways you can market your website and Twitter account. 

Achieving Long-Term Marketing Success

Achieving Long-Term Marketing Success

While many people assume that an SEO strategy only includes working on your website, we’ve proved today that growing your Twitter following is just as valuable. If you want long-term success, you must have a powerful SEO strategy that incorporates all of your channels, including Twitter.

Keep in mind that changing your SEO strategy isn’t something that happens overnight. You have to commit to the long-term change if you want to pull ahead of your competition. By investing time in your on-site SEO, Twitter marketing and other strategies, you are sure to find the success you desire.

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