12 Bits of Advice to Help You Get Your First 100 Likes on Facebook

12 Bits of Advice to Help You Get Your First 100 Likes on Facebook

Unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you’re familiar with Facebook and you’ve possibly liked a business page or two. Perhaps you’ve wondered how to get 100 likes on your own Facebook Page.

With over 1,700,000 million people using Facebook, businesses are utilizing this platform as a marketing tool. They’re creating awareness of their business using Facebook Pages.

The biggest struggle most business owners have is to get the consumer to like their Facebook page. This has become even harder as the Facebook Algorithm changes. Statistics indicate that only 1.6% of your current fans will see your posts. The question is, if so few fans see your posts how do you grow your brand and business page?

Let me show you how to grow your fan base and the amount of effort you need to do this correctly.

1. Set Yourself Up for Success

Set Yourself Up for Success

The first step, which is often the hardest is the first 100 likes/fans. When you start from zero, how to get 100 likes on your Facebook Page can seem like a daunting task. Make sure your branding is congruent across all your social media platforms. If you’re using Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc, make sure that the branding, images, and the description info is the same. Ensure that all your business details at present, phone numbers, emails, websites and the timeline image sends a clear message of what your business does.

2. Consistency is King

Content is consistent, there is nothing worse as a consumer when you go to a new business page and content is scarce, inconsistent or not educating. Make sure that you’ve created a clear strategy around why you’re on Facebook and showcase your best content. When using images ensure that you have your website or branding on them. This will ensure that when the image is shared you’re getting credit and more likes from this post.

3. Size Images Correctly for Best Viewing

The images need to be the correct size for Facebook. Use video and live videos in your postings (by using live videos your post will go to the top of the newsfeed). For more information on the power of Facebook Live videos, connect with me on Facebook.

4. The Power of Friendship

Invite all your friends. The average Facebook user has 160 friends.Send an invite to all your friends to like your new business page. If you’ve had your page for awhile, send out another request to those friends that haven’t liked your page.

5. Get Some Partners

Get Some Partners

Find your competition and other businesses who target the same clients as you. When you find these businesses, like them as your Facebook Page. Start to like, comment and share their posts (if applicable to your product/service). By doing this, you’re putting your business in front of their clients. If another business has on average 500 fans then your business is now in front of those fans. They may check out your business and hopefully, their curiosity will be enough for them to like your page also.

6. Be Social

Social media is exactly that, Social! Put your Facebook Page information on your website. Download the widget from the Facebook Developers site and add it to your site. When people find you on Google they’re shown that you have a Facebook presence also.

7. Cross Promote

Put your Facebook page on your personal profile,  Join groups as yourself (personal profile) interact, comment, like and assist. There are hundreds of groups in every niche, find these groups and when they come to look at your profile there will be a link to your business page.

Have your Facebook business page in your email signature (along with all your other social media sites). This will encourage clients to like your page. Put your Facebook details on your business card.

9. Remind your Customers

Remind your Customers

If you have a shop, place a sign to remind your customers to like your page. You may want to give coupons or discounts to your Facebook fans to keep them coming back to your page.

10. Everyone Likes to Win

Hold competitions both online and offline to encourage the likes.

11. Use Facebook Ads

If you have a marketing budget, do a Facebook ads campaign to showcase your business and send the traffic back to your Facebook page. This works well and you’ll see an increase in your likes, however, make sure put the ads in front of your identified target market. Using ads for a contest on Facebook to get more likes is another strategy here.

12.Sharing is Caring

Share your Facebook posts with other social media sites, like Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram. Making sure also you have your Facebook profile on these social sites. You may choose to do a post on Twitter sending them back to your Facebook business page.

All in all, you’ll find the first 100 likes will be an uphill struggle. However, once you have received these likes, the next 100 will seem to be easier. Don’t stop there though, keep using these steps to grow your fan base.

Don’t be afraid of cross promoting on your personal Facebook profile. Your friends and family are your best word of mouth advocates, and social media marketing is word of mouth marketing on steroids.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to get 100 likes on your Facebook Page – feel free to like my Facebook Business Page!

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Get 100 Likes On Facebook Page FAQs

How do you get 100 reactions on Facebook?

The key to getting 100 reactions on Facebook is to post something that is truly captivating to your followers. Think about creating visually-appealing content with a strong message behind it, as this immediately catches the user’s attention. Additionally, deploying effective calls-to-action can also draw users in by inviting them to react and respond. Finally, remember that timing is everything when it comes to maximizing engagement.

Can you get fake likes on Facebook page?

Some, unfortunately, have sought the path of least resistance by trying to manipulate the system through buying likes. While this may provide a transient sense of success or inflated self-worth, it will likely cause more harm than good in the long term. Not only are fake likes easily recognizable by posts’ comments and engagement, but algorithms used by Facebook also realize when likes were acquired fraudulently. This could lead to a decrease in reach and your page could be taken down.

How can I increase 1k likes on Facebook?

Increasing 1K likes on Facebook can be easily accomplished if you post content that people are interested in. Trying to engage your existing followers is especially important – ask them questions, put up polls, or comment directly on their posts. Additionally, being consistent with the types of posts you create and making sure to create content regularly will ensure that your followers find interesting things when they check-in.

How can I get 1000 likes on my profile picture on Facebook for free?

To get 1000 likes on a Facebook profile picture for free, it is important to make sure that the content of the photo is engaging. Start by thinking about what would draw people in and make them like or comment on your profile picture. Utilizing hashtags wisely (not too many!) can be extremely beneficial if you want to reach out to other users who may not be connected with you directly, but have an interest in the topics of your post.

How can I boost my FB page?

To boost your FB page, it’s important to curate your content wisely. Focus on introducing interesting characters, creating stories around hot topics, and using humor to drive engagement. Try encouraging user-generated content by hosting contests and leveraging relationships with influencers – these elements can all help increase followers on your FB page. Additionally, expanding the ways people can interact with your page will widen its reach and highlight key content.

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