The Top 15 Facebook Tools for Marketing Your Business

The Top 17 Facebook Tools for Marketing Your Business

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Most of us can agree on one thing when it comes to social media marketing or digital marketing in general: Facebook has the largest reach. Unfortunately, Facebook’s massive reach means that it can often be harder to navigate for users and marketers alike. It is also full of Facebook features that can confuse both users and marketers. Finding the profiles of potential customers can be difficult without the right tools, and users often struggle to find “organic” pages for companies they’re interested in. Here are some Facebook marketing tools that can help you, as a marketer, find your customers and engage with them in a variety of ways as part of your Facebook marketing strategy.


All you need to hit your marketing goals at a great price.


Make a free project using Adobe Express’s 1000s of templates.


Understand what content generates Facebook Likes.

Facebook Blueprint

Free online learning courses and training programs.

The first tool is the fundamental, free education that Facebook themselves offers that everyone reading this post should go to first to better understand how to use Facebook for marketing:

1. Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint

Facebook Blueprint is exactly what its name suggests: a blueprint to navigate the many different facets of the social media giant. From learning how to effectively use Facebook Messenger to using Facebook business tools, users can learn how to create content for a custom audience, effectively engage in content curation, and consistently use Facebook as a tool for businesses to grow their audience and continue to improve engagement rates. 

Facebook Blueprint is a free service offered by Facebook, and this is part of what makes it so reliable. Rather than serving as a third party with its own biases and suggestions, Facebook Blueprint offers information directly from the source and allows you to focus your efforts on your conversion rate, Facebook marketing tools, and other Facebook tools for businesses. 

Facebook Publishing Tools

I don’t think I need to go into a lot of details about these tools, because if you have been scheduling social media posts, you are probably using one of these popular options that many businesses use to publish content on Facebook:

2. SocialPilot

3. SocialBee

4. Agorapulse

5. SproutSocial

6. Sendible

Facebook Ads

Although they cost money, Facebook ads are one of the easiest ways to reach customers on the platform. Depending on the type of ad, they can be placed in a user’s feed or on one of the page sidebars. No matter what kind you choose, make sure that you deploy effective tools such as these for adequate management.  

Below is just a summary of some of the leading tools currently available. If you do a lot of Facebook advertising, you’ll want to check out my post on Facebook Ads tools.

7. Facebook Ad Library

Facebook Ad Library

The Facebook ad library is essentially a library of all of the ads running on Facebook. The ad library is a useful marketing tool, as it allows you to view your own ads, as well as those of your competitors. Being able to access competitors’ ads allows you to get a feel for the custom audience for whom the ad was created, and determine what constitutes an effective Facebook marketing strategy. 

The Facebook ad library is also valuable because it saves and archives ads from past advertising campaigns. From simple ads designed to effectively target new leads’ email addresses to infographic templates used to deliver information in an appealing and compelling format, the Facebook ad library is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to gather Facebook insights and secure the most effective Facebook marketing tools currently available. 

Although the Facebook ad library is not considered one of the Facebook tools for businesses, it can help businesses identify Facebook trends and utilize that information to leverage their own social content to drive audience engagement. 

8. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager choose a campaign objective

Facebook ads manager is designed to make creating a piece of code an easier process, and is one of the best and most straightforward Facebook marketing tools currently available. Facebook ads manager offers Facebook insights for all ads currently running, and allows you to create an ad from start to finish. Ads can be created via ads manager, whether those ads require simple coding or a more complex structure and contact form, and subsequently scheduled or arranged for implementation. 

Following the implementation of Facebook ads, ads manager then offers Facebook insights as to how your ad is doing. The “manager” portion of this tool’s title is an important component to focus on, as it truly is a robust management tool. Whether you want to send out a preliminary ad as a form of Facebook test to evaluate audience interest, or you are ready to publish your ads to your Facebook newsfeed, manager allows you to create, schedule, publish, and track your ads and their engagement rates and success during their run.

9. AdEspresso


Would you like to create and manage your Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads all in one place? AdEspresso lets you do that with their comprehensive ad management service. On your AdEspresso dashboard, you can leverage advanced analytics to determine what’s working, and what isn’t. You’re also able to do A/B testing, and optimize for each platform you plan on using to increase app engagement. Want to order the ad space for your campaigns in one place? AdEspresso has you covered there, too. Users love the fact that this program is intuitive, and allows agencies to easily add clients to their agency account.

Pricing: starts at $58 per month for a single user spending under $3,000 on ads per month, and increases based on ad spend and number of accounts tracked.

10. Qwaya


Need a good scheduling tool for Facebook and Instagram? Qwaya is a Facebook advertising partner that maximizes your ad spend. This program is full featured: you can schedule ads, do split testing, and take advantage of a comprehensive analytics program. One of the big advantages of Qwaya is that it lets you set rules on when to discontinue a campaign, and when to double down on more effective advertising. This way, your business can save money by only continuing ads that are successful. Another awesome feature is the dedicated links for each advertisement. This helps your outside analytics track which ads are driving the most traffic, taking the metrics beyond simple engagement numbers. Not convinced yet? Qwaya works with Google analytics, too.

Pricing: $149 monthly for a one-user license, with pricing increments based on users only. No limit on spend at any level.

Facebook Analytics

No matter how hard we might try to hide from the numbers, marketing on Facebook is all about the numbers. After all, creativity only goes so far when trying to sell products and services. For example, your message might not be received the right way, or may fail to get your point across. To counter those problems, you need Facebook tools for analytics. Many of these analytics work across all Facebook-owned socials and can even measure Instagram engagement. 

11. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo is a social engagement and creation tool that doubles as an analytics tool. BuzzSumo is a well-known campaign tool because it offers far more than insights into creating your content strategy. With different ways to find your content inspiration, from searching for specific authors or sources, to identifying what is going on in your brand’s niche or among your competitors, 

BuzzSumo is a valuable business tool from four different angles, including the discovery of content, the tools to adequately research content and trends, connections to identify the influencers most likely to positively impact your brand, and ongoing evaluation of posts to determine what does and does not work for your brand (and your competitors). 

Pricing: BuzzSumo does have a free limited service (10 searches per month), and goes up in tiers from there, ranging from the lowest tier ($99 per month) to the highest ($299 per month). 

12. FanPage Karma

fanpage karma

FanPage Karma allows you to schedule posts, develop your content strategy, and track all of your progress in one platform. Like other social media management software, FanPage Karma is a third-party tool that allows you to manage several different platforms from a single interface. From video content to user-generated content and basic photo ads, FanPage Karma can help you develop and manage your marketing skill set. 

FanPage Karma sets itself apart from its competitors through its inbox management; to truly make working across different platforms simple and easy, FanPage Karma combines all of your platform’s inboxes, allowing entire teams to parse through and manage those inboxes. What it lacks in content tools, it makes up for in discovering shareable content, social media management tools, and ease of use. 

Pricing: A limited free option, followed by price points of $69, $199, $299, and $799.

Facebook Contests

Those of us who like to create buzz in a competitive way sometimes enjoy doing contests. After all, who doesn’t like prizes and free stuff? Doing this requires careful planning and a way of ensuring the contest is fair, however, which can prove difficult. Here are some tools to help conduct fair and effective giveaways and contests.

13. Heyo


Heyo is a contest tool dedicated entirely to different types of contests and sweepstakes. While many creative tools focus primarily on creating images or videos to sell a specific product, sweepstakes and contests are far more likely to be used to increase exposure, and allow for a different kind of creativity. Used by brands as varied as Victoria’s Secret and PetSmart, Heyo makes creating contests and sweepstakes easy by dividing the different types of contests available, and providing ready-made templates and guidelines to follow for each different content type.

 Part design tool and part organization tool, Heyo allows you to develop contests with photos, video content, quizzes and more, all of which may be used to grow email lists, increase the reach of a brand, and improve engagement. Adding contests and sweepstakes to your social media calendar can help expand your audience and is an excellent part of many successful social media strategies. 

Pricing: Heyo offers a free trial, followed by 4 tiers coming in at $25, $84, and $100 per month, as well as a custom tier. 

14. Shortstack


Shortstack is a broad social media marketer’s tool that includes sweepstakes and contests within its offerings. Using Shortstack, you can create social posts (including sweepstakes) and develop campaigns to extend your reach across all of your social media channels. Shortstack has a plethora of options for publishing, offering numerous different types of pop-ups to either encourage visitors to remain on the page and enter the contest, or to provide more information about the contest rules in order to effectively inform visitors and potential customers about rules and guidelines. 

Shortstack allows you to customize everything about your contest, from the number of winners to be selected to the precise format in which it is displayed and marketed, Shortstack provides a highly customizable interface from which to plan and execute contests and sweepstakes across social media platforms. 

Pricing: There is a limited free trial, followed by $99, $249, and $499 per month, as well as a customized plan.

Facebook Content

As the old saying goes, if you’re going to do it, then do it the right way. Creating organic content is the perfect example of this, because it’s the content that provides a draw for customers. Ineffective content is just words on a page, and often wastes valuable resources. Here are some tools to help make the perfect content, whether that content is designed for an email list in an email marketing campaign or a standard Facebook or other social platform ad.

Note that if you are looking to convert content into video for Facebook, you should check out my recommended video marketing tools. Also, you might want to check out this post on how to write a post on Facebook that gets engagement.

15. Adobe Express

adobe express

Adobe Express offers superlative tools to create content to fit your particular brand’s marketing strategy. As is the case with most Adobe suite products, Express has been tried, true, and tested for quality for years, and is one of the Adobe suite’s most powerful products to create high-quality visual content. From a library of fonts to create something wholly your own, to intuitive creation tools, to a thorough library of high-quality images, Adobe Express is an ideal tool to create evergreen content to share across a variety of social platforms, including Facebook and all of its products. 

Adobe Express is often preferred by those who have experience working with other Adobe products, as its user interface is easy to use and is extremely intuitive for those familiar with the suite. It is also frequently preferred by people who want a tool with a long history of use, and with plenty of use from graphics professionals. 

Pricing: Express does have a limited free option, and prices begin at $9.99 per month. 

16. Canva


Canva is a commonly used social media tool, because it offers a plethora of ready-made templates users can plug their own information, color preferences, and images into. Canva is preferred, too, because it provides high-quality results for those who are wholly experienced with graphic design and art. Whether those results come as a product of using the ready-made template or comes from using the basic design tools provided by Canva, this tool is beloved by many, but is perhaps most frequently lauded by amateur designers. 

Canva allows you to customize your colors, and saves all of your creations, with both the paid and free versions, allowing you to maintain consistency throughout all of your designs, in terms of color, font, and more. 

Pricing: Canva offers a free version, though many of the images offered through the free version are watermarked. Font options are also significantly limited on the free version. A premium version may be purchased for $119.99 per year for one person, or $149.90 per year for a team.

17. Post Planner

Post Planner Facebook posts scheduler

Those of us who need to supplement our own content with proven posts love Post Planner. This is a social media application that helps you get inspired by the success of others, and even adapt pre-published content to meet your own goals. You’ll never run out of ideas, and you’ll have an idea about how well something will perform before it’s published by easily making company knowledge discoverable.

Pricing: As little as $3 per month.

What are your favorite Facebook tools? Let me know in the comments!

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Facebook Tools FAQs

What are the tools on Facebook?

Here are some of the top Facebook Tools for your business:

1. Facebook Ads Manager
2. AdEspresso
3. Mobile Monkey
4. Promo Republic
5. Pagemodo
6. Buffer
7. Gleam

Where is Facebook tools located?

To access Facebook tools, you simply need to log into your Facebook account and navigate to the top right-hand corner of the screen, where you’ll find a small arrow pointing downwards. Click on the arrow, and you’ll see a dropdown menu that includes a range of options, such as your profile, groups, and pages. From there, simply select the tool you need and start using it to optimize your Facebook presence

How do I get monetization tools on Facebook?

Here are the steps on how to get monetization tools on Facebook:

1. Make sure you meet the eligibility criteria. This includes having at least 10,000 followers on your page, adhering to Facebook’s community standards, and having a certain amount of activity on your page.
2. Once you’re eligible, you can apply for monetization through Facebook’s Creator Studio.
3. From here, you can access various monetization tools such as ad breaks, fan subscriptions, and brand collaborations.

How can I get free FB ads?

Facebook offers the option to receive free advertising through their Facebook Ad Credits program. This program is designed for non-profit organizations, though it may also apply to small businesses and startups. The program works by providing selected applicants with a certain amount of free ad credits, which can be used towards advertising on Facebook. To apply, you must submit an application and meet the eligibility requirements outlined by Facebook.

How does Facebook serve as a tool for?

Facebook is a powerful tool for businesses, individuals, and organizations alike. From advertising and marketing to research and networking, Facebook has a wide array of features that can be leveraged to achieve a range of goals. Whether you’re looking to increase your brand visibility, connect with new clients, or conduct market research, Facebook provides a platform for achieving your objectives with ease and efficiency. In this sense, Facebook is more than just a social network – it is a tool that can be put to work for a range of purposes.

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