15 Incredible AI LinkedIn Headshot Tools to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

15 Incredible AI LinkedIn Headshot Tools to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

Believe it or not, an increasing number of people are beginning to use the power of AI to enhance their LinkedIn profile photo. These AI LinkedIn headshot tools help you make improvements on your current existing photo and leave a much better impression on people browsing not only your LinkedIn profile, but all of your social profiles should you wish to use that pic elsewhere. In this article, I’ll analyze the best tools on the market and what makes them so great to help you decide on which app to use to help you put the power of artificial intelligence to improve your image (pun intended!). 

What are AI LinkedIn Headshot Tools?

Whether we like it or not, people often judge us based on the first impression. Physical appearance, in particular, plays a huge role in whether we can close a deal, get a discount, or land a well-paying job. That’s why it makes sense that you’d want to have a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile. 

With the right AI editing tools, you can significantly enhance your profile photo, not only for LinkedIn but also for other social media accounts. This software category uses a base photo and boosts its image quality based on your inputs. Even if you’re working with a completely inappropriate image, artificial intelligence can smoothen it so it’s more presentable. 

Why Would I Want to Use One?

If we’re talking about LinkedIn image generators, in particular, here are the most common reasons to use one:

  • Enhanced photos can help us build a network of connections or followers
  • A professional profile picture makes it easier to land good jobs or at least get called for interviews
  • AI-improved images improve your ability to sell online and generate leads for your business 
  • The right software can introduce background improvements
  • You can use AI to change your clothing, making you look wealthier or more stylish 
  • Through advanced machine learning, we can remove any facial imperfections, scars, and moles

Basically, with this type of software, you can make a much better initial impression. By relying on a wide range of filters and photo formats, you can generate a professional setting that will improve your ability to convert. 

Most importantly, AI tools allow you to create high-quality headshots from the comfort of your home without relying on a professional photographer. That way, not only will you save money, but you’ll also save a lot of time. 

As someone who loves tinkering with AI software, I had an opportunity to test the best programs on the market. In the following section, I’ll review the best LinkedIn AI image generators, focusing on their pros and cons. 



Aragon works under a simple premise. First off, you need to select a use case from a dropdown menu (author bio, acting portfolio, job application, networking event, etc.). After that, you need to put a reason why you’re using the tool. This can range from creating an AI-powered headshot for your website to creating a resume or social media image. 

The next step is selecting images from your device. You can also adjust a few settings, such as image size, transparent background, and file compression. Then, Aragon will create various professional-looking headshots and full-body images. While somewhat similar, based on your inputs, these can be used in all sorts of situations. 



HeadshotPro has several great features that set it apart from competitors. The thing that caught my attention is that the tool can produce fantastic LinkedIn photos that use the same pose as your original image. You also have the option of choosing the background and the clothes for your output.

During a single headshot session, the software will generate 120+ images. Users can also select the image size and alternate between three locations. Given all these features, you’ll have an amazing variety to choose from. So, whether you wish to leave an impression of a wealthy individual or a well-dressed artist, HeadshotPro can help you out! 

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Depending on the plan you’re going with, the tool can generate from 40 to 160 professional photos for your LinkedIn profile. However, I have to say that ProPhotos.ai is somewhat underwhelming compared to the previous two options. Even with the most expensive plan, you only get 12 backgrounds and 8 clothing options, which feels somewhat lackluster.

One of the better things about this software is that it allows you to modify the pose. Keep in mind that ProPhotos.ai isn’t the best choice for casual users, though. Even the basic plan is somewhat expensive, so if you’re just looking to generate an image or two for your LinkedIn profile, you might as well go with some free software. 



In my opinion, PFPMaker is one of the better solutions on this list, mostly due to its online editor. With this feature, you can make all sorts of tweaks to your headshot photos, including background removal and replacement, as well as portrait enhancement. The software also has professional templates that you can utilize during AI generation.

When detailing the process, you can choose between professional headshots and creative images. This makes PFPMaker perfect for people working in creative fields and who don’t require your run-of-the-mill LinkedIn profile photos.  The company also provides two free tools: the laser eye maker and the emoji maker. Although these are nice, they are nothing to write home about. 

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The thing I like about StudioShot is that they have 8 specialized use cases for just about any occasion. You can go with Executive, Actress, Dramatic Black, and a few other presets. What’s even better is the fact that StudioShot has a preset for LinkedIn, which generates incredible, professional images for your social media account.

The entire image generation process lasts two days. During that time, your AI photos will be processed by the company’s internal team, adding small details and fixing potential issues. While the software has somewhat limited editing options and presets, they’re looking to improve their offer by adding more variety. 



Dreamwave is a joint project by experts from Google Brain and MIT. So, it isn’t that surprising that this is one of the best software within its respective category. Unlike some other tools, Dreamwave can generate unlimited styles and backgrounds, ensuring that you have more than enough options at your disposal.

The software also has a custom photos suite, where you upload images and introduce textual prompts. Based on your instructions, Dreamwave tries to replicate the surroundings, pose, clothing, and makeup. That way, you get full control over the creative process, allowing you to create the optimal branding for your LinkedIn profile. 

Try It On AI

Try It On AI

This particular software is based on three main features: express AI headshots, Creative Studio, and photo editing. The first feature allows you to generate professional headshots for LinkedIn in just 90 minutes. Creative Studio gives you much more control over the process, allowing for much more unpredictable results. Lastly, the editing suite allows you to make touchups, perfecting your headshots.

Like many other entries on the list, Try It On AI has presets for different industries. You can tinker with Finance, Consulting, Healthcare, IT, and a few other professional setups. The best thing yet is that even if you don’t like the outputs, you can contact the company so they can tweak the pics for your specific needs. 

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Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Fotor AI Headshot Generator

Fotor is one of the most comprehensive image creation and editing platforms on the web. Besides its AI generator, the company offers numerous other tools like logo maker, YouTube cover maker, text editor, image resizer, and so on. The editing features, in particular, go well with the generator, adding another layer of customization. 

As for the AI photo generator, it can utilize your photos or create images from scratch based on textual inputs. That way, you can still have a professional LinkedIn image while staying anonymous. When generating images, you can go with professional pics, creative motifs, or yearbook-style photos. 



AirBrush AI isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for stiff, professional LinkedIn imagery. Nevertheless, it can still do wonders for your profile. The software allows you to mimic all sorts of styles, ranging from realistic to creative, drawings, NFTs, and so on. 

The thing that separates AirBrush from the rest is the selection of the AI engine. You can choose between DALL-E, MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, and many other big names, giving your outputs much more variety. After choosing the image size and inserting your prompt, you can decide on keywords to avoid. As for other features, you can try the image-to-text converter, check image history, and utilize upscaling. 



Media.io is a platform that offers a combination of video, image, and audio tools. Besides some common features, like photo enhancing, you also gain access to lots of revolutionary functions such as a sketch generator and gender swapper. When using Media.io, you can make all sorts of alternations to your images, modifying the scaling and background imagery and removing watermarks. 

Among other things, the company has created a specialized AI LinkedIn image generator, which is perfect for this particular platform. Users can alternate between different templates and change their clothing and pose, as well as facial expressions. You also gain full control over background visuals, which can have a major impact on the end product. 

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Although this software can provide great results for LinkedIn images, it isn’t necessarily a specialized tool. Instead, ProfilePicture.AI gives you access to 357 distinct artificial intelligence styles, which you can use for males, females, couples, dogs, and cats. 

It’s worth noting that the program has a specialized pack for LinkedIn, which allows you to focus on a few styles. That way, you won’t have to make a hard choice of which preset to use. Instead, you can simply choose from a list of appropriate templates and utilize them for your visuals. Aside from specific styles, you can also select from a list of 6 backgrounds and 6 clothing options. 

Headshots by AI

Headshots by AI

Headshots by AI uses a combination of Dreambooth and Stable Diffusion technology to deliver high-quality AI photos for its clients. Before you can use the software, you need to upload at least 20 images. Then, the program will analyze your facial features and process them for further use.

It takes approximately 6 hours for the program to deliver results. Depending on your plan, you’ll get from 60 to 180 professional headshots for your LinkedIn profile and other social media. Unfortunately, the tool isn’t one of my favorites, as it has limited editing and customization features. 

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Secta AI

Secta AI

Secta AI stands out from the pack due to its speed of delivery. Unlike most other generators, which take several hours and even days to provide headshots, this software can generate hundreds of pics in barely an hour. Like most other programs from this category, Secta AI requires your photos (at least 25 of them) as the starting point.

The thing that makes this tool so great for LinkedIn is the fact that all photos look professional. The software doesn’t use a creative approach, making it much better for managers, doctors, IT experts, engineers, and everyone else who wants to look dashing. You can also add color splashes and change your background with indoor and outdoor motifs. 


Hotpot.AI is an incredibly versatile software that can serve various marketing purposes. Aside from creating a LinkedIn profile, the tool allows you to generate banners and covers, Facebook posts, launch screens, app icons, logos, thumbnails, and just about anything else you might need for your business.

Besides corporate images, you can also mess around with art and headshot generators, background and image removals, photo upscaling, and colorizing. 

Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery

Like many other tools, Profile Bakery gives you access to a large number of professional styles. You can tinker with more than 100 presets, ideal for any industry or vertical. When you purchase one of the plans, you also get incredible CV templates, LinkedIn backgrounds, and access to a job kanban board. Basically, you get everything you need to grow audiences and land jobs on the platform. 


Whether you’re looking to boost your marketing via LinkedIn or find a new job, AI photo generators can help you out. These tools can create professional headshots that will leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who visits your profile. Even better, you can repurpose the same images for other platforms, thus streamlining your business efforts. 

Hero Photo by kelisa Bernard on Unsplash

AI LinkedIn Headshot FAQs

Can you use an AI headshot on LinkedIn?

Yes, as long as the image is of high-quality and in line with the professional nature of the platform. However, it is important to remember that a genuine photograph of oneself may enhance the “personal touch” and improve the chances of being recognized as an individual possessing certain professional attributes, and not just as a digital profile.

What is the best AI headshot app for LinkedIn?

While there are plenty of apps out there, choosing the right one can be quite overwhelming. However, after conducting extensive research and testing, we’ve concluded that “Fotor” is the best AI headshot app for LinkedIn. This app offers a range of editing tools, including AI retouching, to improve the picture’s visual appeal while ensuring that it still looks natural. With its user-friendly interface and cross-platform availability, Fotor is an ideal choice for anyone looking to stand out in the professional world.

Can AI create a headshot for me?

While AI can create a headshot for you, its ability to do so effectively may depend on a variety of factors, such as the quality of the input image, the complexity of the desired output, and the specific algorithms used by the software. As with any AI application, it is important to approach with caution and ensure that your expectations align with the capabilities of the technology. Moreover, it is always advisable to seek the expertise of human professionals who can offer personalized guidance and an artistic touch to ensure your headshot reflects your unique qualities and personality.

What is the AI tool to create LinkedIn profile photo?

There are several options available that utilize artificial intelligence to help you improve the visual aspect of your profile. One popular tool is called Photofeeler. It uses AI to analyze hundreds of data points, including facial cues and expressions, to determine which photo will make the best impression on your target audience. Another option is the LinkedIn Photo Analyzer. This tool assesses the strength of your current profile photo and suggests changes based on facial recognition technology.

Can LinkedIn detect AI photos?

As a professional networking platform, LinkedIn has implemented advanced tools and technologies to identify and combat the use of AI-generated photos. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, LinkedIn can detect images that are not consistent with a user’s natural behavior, flagging them for further investigation. As a result, the platform remains a trusted space for professionals to network and connect without compromising their privacy or security.

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