13 Effective AI Instagram Caption Generators (incl. Image-to-Text)

13 Effective AI Instagram Caption Generators

Like any other type of content nowadays, Instagram captions can be generated with AI tools. Most of these apps are part of larger platforms, allowing you to create all sorts of content on top of social media posts. In this article, I’ll review some of the best programs on the market, their main features and plans. 

Why Use AI to Generate Instagram Captions?

For many people, it’s much easier to create and upload images than to write catchy captions. Even if you have great writing skills, finding inspiration isn’t always easy, which is why influencers often use AI-powered caption generators.

This kind of software allows you to generate descriptions for your Instagram posts. Besides text, the online tools can also generate mentions, hashtags, and emojis, helping you to hit the sweet spot with your target audience. Some of them also have advanced features, such as choosing the tone of voice, which is another major perk. 

For the most part, AI generator tools work like many other artificial intelligence writers, using your textual inputs to create well-written captions. Some cooler programs can also generate relevant hashtags with images alone, which further simplifies the process. 

AI Tools Which Generate an Instagram Caption from an Image

The great thing about these generator apps is that you don’t even need to type anything to create compelling captions for your fans. All you have to do is upload the latest photo, and the software will generate a description through image analysis. That way, you don’t have to worry whether the caption is suitable for a wider audience. 

1. Copy.ai

Copy AI

Copy.ai is one of the most popular tools for generating social media posts and other types of content. Among others, the company also offers a high-tech Instagram generator that comes with two distinct features: POV and tone.

With POV, you can explain whether the description should be in the first or third person. The small distinction can be important for seasoned content creators, ensuring all posts are written from the same perspective you used in previous posts. The tone feature further refines your captions by defining the writing style. 

It’s worth noting that Copy.ai requires that you post an image online before it can generate its clever captions. So, you will have to survive a few moments without a quality description until you can introduce the new, AI-generated text. 

2. Ahrefs


The Ahrefs’ AI-powered tool allows you to create one, three, and five variants for each pic. Although it uses images to generate captions, it has an optional feature that allows you to add written instructions. The content creators can also choose one of the 14 tones of voice and add emojis and hashtags to their social media captions. 

The thing I like about Ahrefs is that, unlike Copy.ai, it doesn’t rely on URLs and, instead, allows you to copy-paste photos from your device. You don’t have to post images on Instagram or some other site before creating relevant captions, which can be important if you have a lot of fans. 

In other words, it saves you the embarrassment of posting a photo without creative captions. Ahrefs can generate all elements of your description beforehand so you can post complete content on your account.  

AI Tools Which Generate an Instagram Caption From a Text Prompt

These tools are much more traditional in the sense that they use written instructions to generate content. Like image generators, they come with a plethora of features that allow you to create killer captions for your fans. 



If you’re looking for a specialized Instagram caption generator, StoryLab might not be the ideal software for you. The tool has universal functionality, creating a wide range of captions for all major social media. Nevertheless, despite its flaws, StoryLab can provide great textual outputs for your account.

StoryLab’s extra features are rather rudimentary. After choosing your platform, you need to type in the description and choose from a list of 13 writing styles. The thing I liked about the software is that it generates 25 high-quality Instagram captions, giving you freedom of choice. Another nice perk is that it supports 17 languages, making it perfect for international content creators. 

The tool has free (three months) and premium plans. 



Like most software on the list, Copysmith is a comprehensive AI text tool that also comes with a plethora of functions. Among others, it has social media tools that allow you to create descriptions for all major platforms.

After inputting your instructions, you have several neat features at your disposal. The tool allows you to choose the number of variants, output language, tone of voice, and creativity level. As if that wasn’t enough, each caption can be edited to your heart’s desire. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have an option to generate hashtags and emojis automatically. 

The Instagram generator is free for the first seven days, after which you need to get the paid plan. 

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Hootsuite offers a small, simple tool that works from your browser and doesn’t require registration. Besides the standards description section, it also allows you to introduce your main keywords and select the style and language. 

The software takes just a few seconds to generate three caption variations. One of the things I love about it is that you can press the “Need more ideas?” button to create a few extra descriptions if these don’t fit.

As for the outputs, they’re on point in terms of style. Another major perk is that the software automatically adds emojis and hashtags, but this might vary depending on your preferred tone of voice. The tool is completely free and can be used without limitations. 



The thing I appreciate about Pally is that you can jump right into things. The artificial intelligence software works like any online tool, allowing you to generate quick and captivating Instagram captions from your browser. As you can presume, you can integrate the caption generator with the Pally platform, allowing you to schedule posts, track various metrics, and use social inbox. 

Once you write instructions, you can choose between short and long content formats. Like most of the entries on the list, Pally comes with 12 styles, each noticeably different from the others. The tool also allows you to select the number of hashtags for each post, although some of these options are a bit excessive (for example, it can add 30 hashtags, which is over the top).

The tool has free and premium plans.

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Jasper’s Instagram caption generator isn’t a stand-alone tool. Instead, it comes as one of the numerous options within this comprehensive AI platform. That being said, it might not be the ideal option for Instagram creators who need a simple tool for their descriptions.

Like the entire Jasper platform, the Instagram tool utilizes your brand settings, allowing you to build upon the same marketing strategy. As for the tool itself, it’s rather basic; you can only select the tone of voice. The good thing is that, unlike other apps, you can type in the writing style (other tools use drop-down menus with a limited number of options). 

The descriptions are relatively short and might include emojis depending on your tone of voice. To access the tool, you need to buy the platform plans. 



In terms of features, Anyword might be the most comprehensive AI software on the list. You start the creative process by inserting your industry or topic, as well as your textual instructions. After that, you can add main keywords, which will be used for hashtags.

However, the real magic starts once the tool creates captions. Each output comes with comprehensive analytical data, which is characteristic of the Anyword platform. You can see the ideal audience for a specific post and assess the gender voice of writing. Every caption comes with a quality score, which can tell you if the description will hit its mark. 

Aside from rewriting posts by hand, you can also utilize the tool’s rewriting features. You can access various options that allow you to make your captions more masculine, feminine, engaging, or appealing to a certain age group. The caption generator is a part of Anyword, and you have to buy one of the platform’s plans. 

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Hypotenuse AI


The company’s Instagram generator is one of the numerous tools that you can find within the Hypotenuse AI platform. I, for once, was pretty impressed by the app’s features, which allow you to insert keywords, select the target audience and a number of drafts, and introduce brand settings. 

Among other things, you can choose between four premade writing styles and two custom ones. Besides choosing the branded writing style, you can also introduce a custom tone of voice. The outputs include hashtags, partially based on your keywords, as well as emojis. You can also preview the captions, to see how they would look on Instagram. 

To gain access to the caption generator, you need to pay for the software. 



The thing I like the most about this tool is its intuitiveness. The AI generator guides you through the process, helping you generate comprehensive posts for your account. 

The creation starts by inserting the description into the box. Unlike other tools, Mention forces you to provide a bit longer instructions so it has enough information to start with. Then, you choose from a list of 10 writing styles, each with a noticeably different focus. The output includes hashtags and emojis, giving your captions a beautiful visual appeal. 

The software is independent of the Mention platform, and you can use it for free without any limitations. 

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Rytr is a comprehensive AI platform with numerous use cases that can be used for various marketing purposes. Among others, it also includes a caption generator, which, besides Instagram, can be used for all major social media.

My favorite thing about the tool is how much freedom it gives you. You can select the language, one of the 22 writing styles, the number of variants, and the creativity level (post being more or less factual). The output is sent to the word processor, where you can further edit the text like you would in MS Word or Google Docs.

The outputs are rather lengthy, including several hashtags and emojis. Rytr allows you to use AI for rephrasing, shortening, expanding, and other editing purposes. The software comes with free and paid plans. 



Another comprehensive platform on the list, Simplified, is the perfect solution for social media managers who need marketing automation. The software’s Instagram AI generator builds upon existing functionality, allowing you to generate and edit your online posts. 

As for the features, you can provide two sets of instructions that encompass the main topic and talking points. After that, marketers can select the language, the number of drafts, the tone of voice, and the creativity level. It’s worth noting that the tool felt a bit generic when I used it, although I’m certain many people will find value in it. 

The tool is only available with the paid plans. 



Flick is among the better tools on the list and one of my favorites. What I specifically like about this AI generator is that it specializes in Instagram, which can easily be noticed in the outputs. During my tests, the software gave me a few really inspirational captions that lit Instagram on fire. 

The program allows marketers to create single lines of text and short or long captions. The “Included content” feature is one of the tool’s main selling points, allowing users to add lists, quotes, anecdotes, facts, and CTAs into the text. You can also change the tone of voice and the point of view and make various alternations to the finished captions.

The Flick Instagram generator is free, although it has a limited number of weekly uses. 

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If you’re just starting your social media career, you might as well check some of the free tools on this list. As for larger brands, investing in a more comprehensive solution to maximize engagement levels and conversions might be a better solution. I always like to recommend tools that have some customized Instagram features, as these will provide the most value. 

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