15 Best AI Email Writers to Check Out

15 Best AI Email Writers to Check Out

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Email outreach was and still is one of the best ways to supercharge your marketing and sales. The best thing about this marketing approach is that you can reach out to hundreds of leads while incurring minimal costs. The AI email writer can only make things more effective for those doing this type of outreach

Despite the major email marketing benefits, many companies avoid this tactic. For the most part, this is because their conversion rates are so bad they can’t justify the effort. Luckily, the introduction of an AI email writer might change all of that.

These tools can significantly improve your messaging while also allowing a high degree of automation. They can also be used for everyday email communication, both on behalf of your business and even those of a personal nature, becoming your assistant.

Let’s take a deeper look at these AI email writer platforms and how they can help your business. 

What is an AI Email Writer?

As you guess by the name, AI email writers rely on artificial intelligence to create perfect email copies. The email writing software relies on natural language processing to generate incredible outreach messages tailored for recipients. Most of these email writer tools are geared toward cold emailing, but they can also create other types of high-quality content. 

Some of the messaging tools on this list also provide suggestions on how to improve your copies. These incredible platforms can assist you with different aspects of the email writing process, ensuring that your massages are top-notch and on point. You can also integrate them with sales tools and other platforms to track the performance of your email messages. 

Similar to other AI platforms I’ve used, email writing tools aren’t the perfect solution. There’s still much to be desired in terms of content quality and personalization. Nevertheless, the fact remains they can create catchy email copies and automate the cold email process. 

Why Would I Want to Use One?

Unlike typical AI writers, email generators are much better for this type of content. Aside from creating emails from scratch, top-tier platforms also allow you to scrape contacts’ information, eliminate grammar mistakes, and automate other repetitive tasks.

Here are a few scenarios where a sales rep can benefit from email tools:

  • These platforms are optimal for cold emails. Not only do they scrape relevant lead information, but they also strategically introduce it throughout the titles and email intros to create a perfect message
  • Email generators have huge potential for email marketing campaigns. The messages made this way commonly provide much better performance and conversion rates than the standard email templates
  • Top-tier platforms also have scores that help you optimize emails. You can assess different elements of the message making sure every sentence and every word hits its mark 
  • Perhaps the most exciting thing about these platforms is that they can generate customized emails in bulk. You can create a personalized message for every recipient with a click of a mouse and send hundreds of emails simultaneously 
  • Email software can significantly reduce email writing time. Most of them can generate entire emails within seconds, with minimal human input. So, all you have to do is slightly polish the email draft to maximize marketing efforts 

Whether you’re looking to send cold emails or contact recipients from your email list, these generators can help you execute the task at the highest level. 

The 15 Best AI Email Writers

AI email software can be categorized into general AI writers and email-specific tools. While general tools can create any type of content, including emails, custom platforms have certain features that make them better for email generation.

Email-Specific AI Writers

As the name indicates, this type of software has specific key features geared toward email generation. Most can scrape recipients’ online info to create customized messages and have comprehensive analytics to track your outbound campaign performance. 

1. SmartWriter.ai


SmartWriter.AI is one of the best email generators for adding a personal touch to email automation. The tool scans the web to find relevant data about the prospect. It will go through various blog posts, user’s LinkedIn profile, and case studies, to accrue relevant information. Then, it uses the data to create a personalized yet professional email for that target. 

With SmartWriter.AI, you can make just about any type of email content within seconds. Most people I know use it for sales outreach emails, but it can be every bit as efficient for customer retention. SmartWriter.AI is an excellent choice for any cold email campaign, as it helps you quickly build trust with a prospect. 

2. Lavender


Unlike some other entries on this list, Lavender doesn’t necessarily generate email templates. Instead, this fantastic tool provides suggestions for improving your existing copies. 

The platform uses AI technology to provide suggestions that will help you optimize email length, tone, and formality to be more suitable for the recipient. The platform puts emphasis on email subject lines, so you can maximize your open rates. You can also access recipients’ info to create personalized emails with minimal effort. 

Although the tool can’t make an AI-generated email copy, it has integrated copywriting tools that can help you modify text on the fly. The email assistant comes with an analytics suite that helps you track opens, relies, and overall performance over time.  

3. Lyne

Lyne AI

Lyne.AI has a few helpful features that will simplify and automate your email communication. First off, you can use the platform to scrape any business email address from LinkedIn, or you can use your own mailing list. The scraping functionality makes it perfect for cold emailers as it automatically generates a list of targets.

After that, you can generate email opening lines by setting a few parameters. The email writing assistant can access targets’ personal data to create custom opening lines and email bodies. After that, the email copywriting tool can instantly generate quality content customized for everyone from that email list. 

Overall, Lyne.AI can be of tremendous help in creating custom opening lines and custom blurbs to help engage with leads. 

4. Flowrite


This AI-powered email writer provides access to a wide range of templates. Aside from the general form, you can also try demo invitations, investor replies, sales templates, business inquiries, and more.

If you don’t like using outreach templates, you can instruct Flowrite on how to generate compelling emails based on your specific requirements. All you have to do is type in a few lines or provide a thorough description. After that, Flowrite will do all the heavy lifting and pump out a copy according to your guidelines. 

Like other powerful tools on this list, Flowrite has its fair share of customization options. You can add information about the recipient that will help you create a perfect marketing email copy. Aside from that, you can use Flowering to track click-through rates, reply rate, and other performance stats. 

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5. WriteMail


WriteMail is a straightforward platform that you can currently use for free without leaving credit card data. It has two key features email writer and email replier. Although it’s not the best choice for high-converting email campaigns or automation, it can still improve your email game. 

Before generating a text, you can play around with a few features that can improve the email output. You can change the tone, mood, language, email length, and a few other things. The thing I really liked is that the platform allows you to add emojis, which can be fantastic for impersonal communication.

The email reply feature analyzes the received text and creates a response according to it. Interestingly enough, you can use this function for both emails and replying to social media posts and messages.

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6. GhostWrite


This is probably one of my least favorite email writer tools on the list. However, the good thing about the program is that it allows unlimited sales email creations without paying a dime. 

Similar to other entries, Ghostwrite can create effective sales emails based on your description. All you need to do is provide a few key details, and the platform will generate quality output. Although Ghostwrite can’t perform many email tasks, it’s still a good solution for a user who needs a few quality emails with proper grammar.  

7. Mailr


Similar to Ghostwrite, Mailr is software with basic functionality. The tools can generate effective emails within seconds but don’t provide much in terms of customization. You can change the tone of your message to create more professional or personal emails, but that’s about that.

The good thing about the software is that it has a Google extension that will make things easier for you. Still, if you’re looking for a platform for comprehensive email outreach, there are much better solutions on the market. 

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General AI Content Creation Tools

General AI tools can be used for just about any type of content, including emails. While they might provide subpar results for email campaigns, some marketing agencies prefer these platforms to email-specific writers because of their versatility. 

8. Copy ai

Copy AI

Besides improving your website content and social media presence, Copy.ai can be an effective tool for email campaigns. The platform can generate incredible copies with minimal input, and you can use it for cold outreach, follow-ups, lead nurturing, lifecycle emails, and various events and promotions. 

9. Jasper

Jasper doesn’t have the standard email-generating feature. Instead, users have to switch to a workaround,  where they’ll provide instructions to the robot so it creates a custom email copy. Keep in mind that this approach might be a bit tedious, requiring several attempts on your side. 

Although I still prefer email-specific tools, as they’re better for customization and automation, Jasper can still do the trick. And they do have a nice Email Subject Line template, pictured above.

10. Rytr


There are a few things I dig with Rytr’s email functionality. This awesome platform presents a surefire solution to your customized messaging, and I use a few tricks to dazzle my leads. 

Unfortunately, like other software from this group, Rytr isn’t the best choice if you’re sending out custom-made massages. For example, it won’t add recipients’ names, which is a common feature for email tools. 

11. Smart Copy by Unbounce (also known as Snazzy.AI)

Smart Copy

Smart Copy relies on a vast library of templates to create different marketing materials. Among others, you can use the platform to create custom subject lines, sales outreach emails, and pitch and investor emails. Each email is customized to fit a specific style and format, so you don’t have to worry about how recipients will perceive the message. 

12. Botowski


Another comprehensive platform on this list, Botowski can be used for different marketing campaigns, including email outreach. The email generator has basic functionality, only allowing you to modify the tone. After inputting basic instructions, the software will generate a piece according to the standard email format. 

13. Hyperwrite


Hyperwrite has numerous functionalities that your emails can directly or indirectly benefit from. For example, it has an elevator pitch generator that can be perfect for sales copies. Its simplifier tool can also break down complex topics, while its improver feature can boost existing copies.

Aside from these general formats, you can also try the marketing email generator, the email subject line generator, the email responder, and a few other email-specific generators. 

14. Writesonic


One of the fantastic things about Writesonic is that you can integrate with Gmail. The platform works by utilizing basic descriptions to generate various sale-oriented copies. Although it doesn’t have specific features that would help you with email campaigns, it can still be a powerful tool for content generation.

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15. Wordtune


Similar to Writesonic, Wordtune has Gmail integration. Unfortunately, this platform provides limited usefulness for email outreach. Its main purpose is to rewrite, summarize, and expand content. In that regard, you still need a good content writer to get the ball rolling.

Still, Wordtune could provide value if you have a good copy on your hands and want to repurpose it for different users. 

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The fantastic thing about an AI email writer is that they can automate and simplify tedious tasks. Top platforms can scrape relevant information within seconds and implement it in the copies. That way, you get highly-customized marketing messages that can connect with the audience. 

AI email writers can also improve engagement. They can make your sentences juicier, more enticing, making a person go through the entire email. So, if you haven’t tried any of these platforms, I suggest you do so in the following weeks. 

Hero photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

AI Email Writer FAQs

Is there an AI that can write emails for you?

AI is becoming increasingly adept at composing emails on your behalf. This revolutionary technology has the ability to understand the context, tone, and even the recipient in order to craft a personalized email that sounds like it came straight from you. Wouldn’t it be great to have an AI assistant who can write emails for you while you focus on other important tasks? Having an AI to write your emails can save you valuable time and make your workload much more manageable.

Is AI email writer free?

Although there are AI systems that can generate email content, they are usually part of paid marketing and sales software. However, some AI-powered email tools offer free trials or a limited version with minimal features. It’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks before diving into any free or paid AI email writing services, and most importantly, finding the one that best fits your needs.

Which is the best AI for email writing?

There are a few standouts for best AI for email writing that are worth considering. Programs such as Grammarly, Boomerang Respondable, and AI Writer are all designed to make the process of writing emails quicker and more efficient. Each has its own unique features and benefits, making them great choices for those in need of a little extra help when crafting the perfect email. So, which is the best AI for email writing? Ultimately, this depends on individual needs and preferences, but one thing is for sure: with the right tools at your disposal, composing professional emails has never been easier.

Is there a free AI writer?

The good news is that there are indeed free AI writers out there, though they may not be as advanced as paid versions. For those who are looking to try out AI writing for the first time or for those on a tight budget, free AI writers can be a great way to delve into the technology and see how it can benefit them. However, it is important to keep in mind that free versions may not have all the features and capabilities of the paid versions, so it may be worth considering an investment in a paid version for businesses or individuals who require more advanced writing tools.

Can chatbot write emails?

With advancements in artificial intelligence, chatbots have come to the forefront as the latest technological innovation that can take over the responsibility of writing your emails for you. Imagine that! A chatbot that can seamlessly engage with your contacts and correspond in a professional manner, saving you both time and energy. This may seem too good to be true, but with the ever-evolving technology, the possibility of chatbots writing emails looks set to become a reality.

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