15 Effective AI Email Assistants to Try Out

15 Effective AI Email Assistants to Try Out

Most marketers I know, myself included, utilize at least one AI email tool for their daily operations. This software category is perfect for marketing and sales teams, making outreach that much smoother. However, these tools are also fantastic for customer service teams, busy entrepreneurs, and just about anyone who is heavily dependent on this form of communication. 

What Exactly IS an AI Email Assistant?

If I were to simplify it, email assistants are powerful tools that can handle various tasks regarding all sorts of email communication. For example, you can use them to generate email subjects and bodies with minimal effort. You can also use them to personalize sales emails, track and automate responses, and they can even be integrated with other marketing tools. 

As you can tell by the name, email AI assistants utilize the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to make things much easier for you. Some of them can easily extrapolate valuable contact details and utilize them to streamline cold email campaigns. That way, you can deal with tedious tasks in a much more efficient manner. 

Why on Earth Would I Ever Want to Use One?

There are lots of reasons why you would be using an AI-powered email assistant:

  • Cut down the writing time
  • Send personalized emails
  • Generate perfect subject lines
  • Track open rates and conversions 
  • Streamline email responses
  • Fix grammar mistakes
  • Schedule tasks
  • Extract basic contact details 
  • Simplify collaboration 

Basically, these tools can boost your overall email marketing performance. Not only do they make it easier to pinpoint leads, but they also provide a variety of copywriting templates. As such, they are an integral part of bulk email campaigns. 

15 Effective AI Email Assistants

Finally, let’s take a look at the 15 best AI-powered tools for your email management process. I’ll specifically focus on their advantages, touch on their drawbacks, and explain why each tool should have a place in your marketing arsenal. 

General AI Email Writer

This category of tools is perfect for marketers with busy task schedules. They can write effective emails, manage responses, and even fix grammar with minimal human involvement. 



The thing I like about Flowrite is that you can integrate it with all major tools, such as Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, MailChimp, and so on. As such, the AI-powered writing tool is perfect for bulk email campaigns and just about any promotional strategy. The software can generate three written versions and all you need to do is choose the most suitable one. 

Personalization features are one of the Flowrite’s main selling points. Before sending an email message, you can insert the recipient’s company name, company description, and job title to get more email replies. The software also allows you to create templates, which are especially useful for companies that can segment their target audiences. 



Compose.ai comes in the form of a free browser extension that you can integrate with just about any communication software. Although the program does a fantastic job generating email content, it also works really well for blog posts and page copies. Even better, the tool understands what type of platform you’re using and what you’re trying to achieve, modifying content accordingly.

Most people utilize the tool to generate original emails from scratch. However, what separates Compose.ai is its advanced autocomplete feature. The software provides several real-time suggestions as you write, cutting down your creative process significantly. And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you can always rephrase them with a click of a button.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Grammarly. The writing tool is perfect for all marketers, regardless of their industry and niche. You can utilize the software to fix various grammar errors and improve your style. Among others, Grammarly can be used as an email writing assistant to polish your email messages before you send them.

Like many modern tools, this software integrates with many popular platforms. It works with Gmail and Apple Mail, but also Slack, Google Docs, Messenger, and other programs from this category. Recently, the company has added AI text generation, which can be used in conjunction with the grammar checker to create clean emails. 

AI Email Writer for Marketing

AI-powered email writers are a perfect solution for small companies that can’t hire full-time content experts. With these tools, you can circumvent writer’s blocks and save lots of precious time.



Copy.ai works for just about any format, from emails to product descriptions, blog content, social media posts, news stories, and ads. The software provides specialized email templates that will streamline the process. Within the message template, you can choose the subject, provide a description, and select the tone of voice.

The thing I love the most about Copy.ai is that it works at every project level. Aside from generating individual emails, the program can create sequences, introduce discounts, perform cold outreach for numerous recipients, and execute follow-up emails. Another cool thing about Copy.ai is that it generates several versions, so you’ll have lots of options to choose from. 



Rytr covers 40+ templates and use cases that can fulfill various marketing tasks. The tool is fantastic for international users, as it comes in 30+ languages. Besides generating email content from scratch, the software can introduce numerous improvements, such as shortening or expanding the text, rewording it, and adding formatting.

The email writing tool allows you to select the tone, use case, creativity level, and number of variants. You can also introduce your main keywords for creating more targeted messages. 

Plagiarism checker is one of its key features that will make your life that much easier. The software integrates with Gmail, Outlook, Messenger, and Slack, thus streamlining your communication.

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When talking about AI-powered writing tools, it’s hard not to mention Jasper. This extremely versatile software can fulfill all your content marketing needs and is particularly great for producing entire emails from scratch. 

Before generating content, you have several options that will make for a much more conversational email. You can introduce a company or product name, tone of voice, and brief description. On top of that, the software will generate content within the confines of a preselected brand voice, making it feel more genuine and in line with your company values.

As for advanced features, Jasper provides an incredible analytics suite that will track your performance. You can also choose from a long list of message templates and even modify content access for different team members. 

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AI Email Writer for Sales and Cold Emails

This software category is much better for specialized email campaigns. These programs can scrape social and other data to deliver customized messages and improve cold email conversions. 



Unlike previously mentioned tools, SmartWriter specializes in email marketing. Perhaps its best feature is the ability to generate large outreach lists by tapping into numerous social profiles. You can save data such as the lead’s name, company name, and email address, all of which will be utilized for content customization.

One of the SmartWriter’s best AI-powered features is the ability to interact with users’ social media posts. Furthermore, the software can tap into those same posts and utilize them when generating emails for those recipients. As if that wasn’t enough, the tool can also utilize data from Facebook and Google reviews as another method of boosting conversions. 

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Before you can start using Warmer.ai, you need to add your company name, website, and description, data that AI will refer to during outreach. After that, you choose a goal, which can be to book a meeting, make a person click a link, ask a question, or gauge interest. Lastly, you need to add the recipient’s LinkedIn profile or website ULR.

Based on your inputs, the software will instantly generate a customized message for your target. Unlike some other AI tools, Warmer.ai creates several versions of each paragraph, giving you more granular control of the email messaging process. There are also scores for each message, helping you assess how the recipient will react.



Lavender is an advanced AI software that analyzes past interactions to create perfect emails for your marketing campaigns. Like many other tools of this kind, it utilizes artificial intelligence to create the initial email. It also features a personalization assistant, which provides you with comprehensive data about recipients, including their work history, recent activities, and social media activity. 

However, what makes Lavender stand out is its optimization features. It breaks down the subject line length, body length, tone, formality, and potential errors. The software also provides a list of potential replacements, so you can create catchy emails with minimal time invested. 


Lyne AI

Before utilizing Lyne.ai, you have the option of uploading LinkedIn contacts and their emails or using a personal CVS email list. But the thing that I really appreciate was the tool’s ability to sift through recipients’ content. The software can go through their LinkedIn text, personal content, blog posts, case studies, website posting, and other materials to create more personalized messages.

During data extraction, you can choose which specific data to collect, whether it’s recipients’ first names, last names, job titles, company names, and so on. After you’re done creating a prospect list, you can utilize several email templates, including SaaS, SEO, link building, web design, outsourcing, and follow-up emails. 

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Snovio.io works as a plugin, scraping all contacts found on specific web pages. While this approach might take more time than some other scraping methods, it makes your lists that much more relevant. The software will track down contact details for each person and generate profiles with comprehensive info.

One of the better things about Snov.io is that it can easily detect invalid email addresses. Then, you can start creating a sequence that determines how the tool will react to positive and negative replies, thus automating the entire marketing process. Sales value is another bonus feature that allows you to monitor how much money you made from each lead. 

AI Email Inbox Productivity Tools

With this category of tools, you can significantly improve the performance of your emails. Although they aren’t that great for outreach, they provide numerous other beneficial features for your marketing campaigns. 



This email app is perfect for large teams that utilize different communication channels. You can use it to streamline all communication in a single dashboard while allowing access to all team members. Because of that functionality, Missive is a popular solution among sales reps, customer support teams, and link builders.

Besides shared inboxes for the entire team, the tool provides a few other fantastic features. For example, it includes templates, canned responses, and role assignments, making your outreach and other marketing and sales communication a breeze. 



SaneBox is one of the most unique and helpful email tools I’ve ever used. In fact, even if you’re not an email marketer, you can gain lots of value by installing it.

Basically, the software uses the power of AI to analyze the importance of emails within your inbox and list them accordingly. As someone who has a lot of followers, I can tell you this is a tool that can save the hide of every busy entrepreneur and influencer.



Mailbuter is an extension that works for Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail. It offers numerous great features for your inbox, allowing you to receive notifications whenever you receive an email. It also schedules email sending and gives you recommendations on the best time to send messages. 

Besides email tracking, which is a somewhat common feature, Mailbutler also allows you to create tasks, add info for each contact, and utilize templates. 

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang is fantastic Gmail software that allows you to optimize emails and increase conversions. The productivity tool is perfect for scheduling and setting up meetings. The thing I especially like is its writing assistant, which assesses every email and shows the likelihood a recipient will respond. 

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As you can see, there’s little AI email tools can’t do. These programs are fantastic for casual and professional users, making your cold outreach and other email marketing campaigns a major success.

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AI Email Assistant FAQs

Is there an AI email assistant?

Yes — these assistants use machine learning algorithms to analyze data such as keywords, language patterns, and user behavior to help manage email inboxes more efficiently. Some AI email assistants can even prioritize and categorize emails, draft responses, and schedule meetings.

Is there an AI that helps you write emails?

Through machine learning algorithms, AI can analyze the content of our emails and suggest relevant responses, saving us time and effort. Some popular email platforms like Gmail and Outlook have already integrated AI features to enhance their users’ experience. While there is still room for improvement, AI-powered email assistants have undoubtedly made a significant impact on how we compose and manage our emails.

What is the best email assistant?

While there are many email assistants on the market, the best one ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. However, some email assistants rise above the rest in terms of functionality, user interface, and helpful features. For instance, Gmail’s built-in Smart Compose and Smart Reply features use artificial intelligence to predict and suggest common responses to emails. Other top contenders include Microsoft’s Cortana, which can assist with scheduling and sending emails, and Boomerang, which allows you to schedule emails to be sent at optimal times.

How do I use AI in my email?

AI-powered email helps manage your time better than ever before. However, using AI in emails requires some effort on your part. You should ensure that your email inbox supports AI, enabling features such as Smart Reply and Quick Responses. Also, label your emails correctly so that AI can categorize them efficiently. With the right tools and features, AI-in-email can help you stay updated with the most relevant messages, minimize clutter, and save valuable time. Embrace its power to enhance your productivity.

Can you use ChatGPT on Gmail?

Although not directly integrated into Gmail, ChatGPT can be accessed through a browser extension or by visiting the ChatGPT website. The application offers a variety of features, including group chat, file sharing, and real-time translation. Additionally, ChatGPT is compatible with multiple platforms, making it a versatile option for those who need to communicate with colleagues or clients across different devices.

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