5 Boards to Create for Your Business on Pinterest

19 Pinterest Board Ideas That EVERY Business Can Use!

Long gone are the days in which Pinterest was used primarily as a way for people to save images and articles to cover their interests and provide inspiration. Instead, Pinterest is now used as a way to encourage more followers, connect with audiences and peers, and generate revenue. Although the basic structure of Pinterest hasn’t changed, as an online pasting board with a variety of boards and sections from which to choose, the uses for the site have grown exponentially, and businesses would do well to sit up and take note. I’ve put together 19 board ideas that every business can use to their advantage. 

The Role of Pinterest Boards

Pinterest boards help organize all of your pins, similar to how blog categories help organize your posts or playlists can help organize your YouTube videos. 

A Pinterest user will not come to your board out of nowhere because they will only see pins in their feed or when they search. But if they do find one of your pins interesting, they just might jump to the board where it was pinned or go to your profile and check out what boards you have.

That’s why, as a basic Pinterest marketing strategy, you should be starting with Pinterest boards before pins.

But what if you don’t have any Pinterest board ideas?

I can help!

19 Pinterest Board Ideas for Any Business

I have done my best to come up with ideas that ANY business can use, regardless if you sell a product or service, D2C, or B2B.

As many people go to Pinterest for inspiration, I will divide these board ideas into the obvious topics describing your business as well as the not so obvious indirect ways in which you can turn your Pinterest audience into followers and ultimately customers.

Let’s get started!

There are different ways to utilize popular boards, and an important distinction lies here: whether boards directly relate to your business, or relate to your niche. Coming up with board name ideas that help further your specific brand or company and services will go a long way in making sure that your Pinterest boards are being seen and utilized by as much of your target audience as possible. Some ideas for business-related boards include: 

1. Your Own Product (Or Services)

With some high-quality photos and a few graphics, you can easily promote your own products or services on your Pinterest boards. These can be grouped together in a single place (board name ideas can be simple, including “products” or “services”), or can be grouped according to relevant keywords and similarities. However you choose to organize your profile, be sure to include your own products and services to maximize exposure and give potential customers an easier time finding what you have to offer. 

2. How-tos | Customer education

This is often in the form of blog posts, but this is a very important board that will help convert users into customers in no time. For instance, if you are a beauty brand, do you have content showing the best way to use your product? If you sell a food item, what about recipes? A fashion board would be remiss without some ideas for putting outfit ideas together, right? You get the picture! Education and how-tos are vital to any Pinterest board, and board name ideas include these simple descriptors (i.e. “how to,” “learn more,” etc). 

3. Video Posts

This would include Idea Pins, but if your business is already doing TikTok videos, Instagram Reels, and/or YouTube Shorts, there’s no reason why you can’t bring them over to Pinterest. You might want to pin with long-form, horizontal YouTube videos, as well. By linking your videos, you are making sure that your Pinterest board has plenty of different mediums to offer, in order to appeal to a broader variety of preferences and even demographics; after all, some people prefer reading to watching, and others prefer listening. Give everyone something to sink their teeth into! 

4. Feature your clients | Customer testimonials | Case studies

If you can get testimonials from your client that also are educational, which would include their specific advice, this is another way of converting your target audience into customers. You can build this section of your Pinterest board slowly, or wait to implement it until you have a solid base from which to choose. 

5. Q&A | FAQ Posts

What questions do you often get asked? Do you have an FAQ section on your website? Link them here! Popular boards are often those that provide the greatest number of resources and answer the largest number of questions customers and potential clients have. Content suggestions can be pulled from email inquiries, common comments on social media, and any existing FAQs you may have on your sites and professional social media accounts. 

6. Freebies | Exclusive Offers

Freebies and exclusive offers also have a place as a board category, because they can help draw people in. A fashion board, for instance, might offer exclusive discounts on partnerships. A business focused on software solutions may offer a 7-day trial. With a few eye-catching images and graphics, you can draw more prospective clients in.

7. Before and After Photos

Do you have before and after photos of people using your product? For instance, if you offer a fun crafts product, you can have a picture of before people started using your product and then what the final outcome looks like.

8. Behind-the-Scenes Posts

Everybody loves behind-the-scenes, especially if you can make the pin images educational in nature! A board description detailing the day to day operations and highlighting employees can help personalize your company or brand, and help bring in a wide variety of interested parties. 

9. Contest and Giveaway Posts

Like freebies and exclusive offers, contest and giveaway posts with beautiful images and eye-grabbing headlines can help bring in a new group of people. Involving popular topics in your giveaway will help garner a wider audience, and many people will click on a pin showing a contest or giveaway just out of curiosity–the hope being that they might stick around long enough to peruse a separate board and engage further. 

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If you are just selling on any given social media platform, people will tune you out. There are lots of 80/20 type rules when it comes to self-promotional content, but I have included these board name ideas because it is best to have a variety of boards that can engage the Pinterest user and attract them to your brand.

10. Inspirational Quotes

These do not have to be directly related to your brand, but can be somewhat related to your niche. Let’s say, for instance, you work in the health and wellness sphere. This type of board often focuses on self-empowerment and taking charge. Inspirational quotes in this arena can help bring a wider audience into your profile. Inspirational quotes can be used on a separate board from those directly related to your brand, products, or services, or can be included throughout to help maintain interest. 

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11. Books

Are there any books that you recommend to your customers? From affiliate products from partnerships with ebook offerings to compelling books specific to your niche, to favorite reads from employees, don’t be afraid to create a few pins that focus on books. Style boards might include books regarding color. Tech boards may include books that detail how to use a specific type of product. The options are endless here! 

12. Seasonal Content

Seasonal content is often attention grabbing–especially if it has some type of time stamp on it, or it brings up a sense of nostalgia. Seasonal content can be cross-referenced with motivational quotes or aspirational interiors–think a warehouse all decked out for Christmas, or a quote about spending time outside in the spring–to help give a better feel for what your products or services are all about. 

13. Infographics and data

Can you visualize things about your product or industry? From time management to healthy recipes, infographics and data are excellent sources of pin content. These types of pins offer both visually appealing layouts and valuable information, which can make them an excellent addition to both business boards and marketing boards. 

14. Culture

What is your company’s mission statement? Is there anything that your business stands for? Do you have a unique culture? Pin it! You can pin images of the ways in which your company gives back, or repin content that simply aligns with your company culture or brand mindset. 


15. Gratitude and Mindfulness

No matter the exact nature of your product pins, your audience can likely appreciate gratitude practices and mindfulness habits. Bringing these into your product pins and business boards can help humanize your brand, and foster a bit of creative inspiration for a variety of topics and niches. Appealing to a broader audience through this kind of content can even expose your brand to someone who might not typically be using a search bar to find content in your niche. 

16. Products Similar To Your Own

Not competing products, but products that would complement yours and actually generate demand for you! Online business is often reliant upon other industry leaders, and there are plenty of business reasons to actually promote other products that can be used alongside your own or as a complement to your own. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these types of products, and apply captivating content with specific goals in mind to your boards. 

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17. Influencer Collaboration Boards | User-Generated Content

If you work with influencers or you have customers posting about you in social media, this is a perfect board to have to promote them. Influencers typically deliver high-quality images to promote themselves as well as their brand, and they can often cover a variety of different boards and interests, from travel boards, to boards involving fashion magazines, to those focused on conservation. Because influencers frequently have a greater number of interests they work within, they may be able to offer greater diversity in the different types of content being posted to board covers. 

18. Top 10 Lists

Everybody loves top 10 lists! These should be relevant to your business, of course! Whether an influencer is delivering a breakdown on the best affiliate products and includes you, or you have a great top 10 infographic on time management, or you have top 10 lists related to the best motivational quotes out there, everyone can get behind a good top 10 list. This type of content is easy to read, easy to pin, and therefore easy to spread.

19. Industry News

Any news about your industry that is worthy of sharing? Create or share a pin about it! Business owners are frequently at the forefront of industry news, and marketing boards can take advantage of this by sharing news related to a specific product or industry. An online entrepreneur has to stay on top of the latest trends and fresh content, and industry news certainly falls under that heading. While it may not be evergreen content, it can still drive monthly views and a dedicated board for news can encourage followers to keep coming back. 

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Cultivating inspiring content board ideas can be an important part of marketing your brand, product, or service on Pinterest. While many people focus on product management across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, you can market a variety of products and services, including announcements for an upcoming product launch event, and collaborations with influencers. Pinterest is, in part, so useful because it may have a wider target audience than other platforms that focus largely on a single type of audience.

Pinterest pins can be used to house numerous thoughts and ideas, some of which fall within people’s usual wheelhouses, and some of which fall outside. It is there that you can take advantage of the different professional and personal reasons that people utilize the Pinterest platform and get your products or services on more platforms and across a greater number of dashboards.

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