5 Boards to Create for Your Business on Pinterest

5 Boards to Create for Your Business on Pinterest

There is no doubt that businesses, especially ones that sell their products or services online, should be exploring Pinterest as a major weapon in their marketing arsenal. As with any online marketing tool, you should be using Pinterest strategically, with an eye on achieving your business goals. An effective Pinterest account for business starts with great Pinterest Boards.

Pinterest boards give potential followers a glimpse into your business. They are the first items that potential followers see when visiting your Pinterest account and making the decision to follow you.

How to Create a Pinterest Board:

1)     Log in to your Pinterest account and find the + button in the top right, next to your photo.

2)     Click on Create a Board.

3)     Name your Board. This part is key because people will often make the decision to follow or not follow a particular Pinterest Board based on its name. Make it descriptive but not too long.

4)     Add a Description. Make sure you use keywords for your business and for the Board in order to be found more easily in Pinterest search. Be succinct but let potential followers know what to expect and what you plan to pin here.

5)     Choose a Category. This is very important to be found when people are searching for your product or service. Pick the category that fits your Board closely.

6)     Make it Secret. I always make my Boards secret (meaning no one can see them) until I amass at least 4-5 pins on the Board. You can easily edit the Board at any time and unclick the Secret button.

What Pinterest Boards Should I Create for My Business?

The technical act of creating Boards is easy. Figuring out what types of Boards to create and how they fit into your overall marketing strategy is much more difficult.

Here are 5 ideas for Pinterest boards that can benefit your business.

1) Your products

Sort your products depending on the categories you chose on your website. For example, Pinterest powerhouse Real Simple magazine has several categories listed at the top of its website and has created Pinterest Boards accordingly – Food & Recipes, Home & Organizing, Beauty & Fashion, Holidays & Entertaining, etc.

2) Featuring [your city]

Think about your location. If you are a small business with one or two locations, create a Board all about your city or town. Pin news articles, feature other businesses in the area or partner with local charities and pin their content.

3) Popular blog posts

If you have a blog (and you should), create a Board or Boards based on the most used tags from your blog. Pin your blog posts but also pin other relevant resources that your followers will find helpful in that category.

4) Express yourself

Show your personality! You don’t have to only have Boards about your products and services – showcase a hobby, an interest or a passion. Social media is about people connecting with people. Your business will benefit if your customers can see the human behind the Pinterest account.

5) Reading List

Create a Board with articles and books that you have read or want to read that relate to your business and industry. Pinterest is the perfect place to establish authority on a topic and become a go-to resource.

NOTE: You are not limited to just 5 Pin Boards (I have 88 Boards myself). There is no hard and fast rule for the best number of Boards to create for business – I suggest creating at least 10, to provide your customers with a variety of content and to demonstrate that you are committed to participating on Pinterest.

Keep in mind that people may not follow all of your Boards – that’s fine. As long as you are continually posting fresh content, linking back to your website, sharing others’ pins and contributing value to your online community, you will succeed.

Looking for more Pinterest advice? Check out this video below:

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5 Pinterest Boards You Should Create for Your Business on Pinterest
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