The Top 15 Pinterest Tools

The Top 17 Pinterest Tools You Need to be Successful on Pinterest

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Before we look into the top Pinterest tools, let’s first debunk the Pinterest myth.

Adobe Express

Fast and free editing for images, videos, and documents.

Pin Generator

Create visually attractive pins within seconds automagically.


Create better marketing in half the time.


Easy pop-ups make it easy for you to get new followers.

Even a few short years ago, Pinterest was a relatively unknown social media network.


Because it had a niche: young women with disposable income.

It wasn’t until recently that men started signing up in large numbers. Maybe that isn’t surprising: Pinterest is dominated by “planning” activities. That could be a craft project, or building that model ship you’ve wanted.

Alternatively, an exotic vacation or dream wedding could be the topic of a Pinterest board. Typically, women are targeted for this type of visual content more than men, as women may be more likely to take on the role of planner in families, friend groups, and even work settings.

However, that doesn’t mean Pinterest isn’t valuable to marketers. After all, Pinterest statistics show us that most Pinterest users make purchases after using the network. Plus, men and corporate decision makers are increasing their presence here.

Arguably, if you aren’t marketing on Pinterest you’re missing out on a lot of leads.

To help you with Pinterest marketing, a wide variety of tools are available. One of the most important things Pinterest tools can do is automatically post content while you’re busy with work. With the right tools, you can also make posts that really pop, and participate in Pinterest groups that help potential customers find you. Lastly, promotion and analytics tools help ensure you’re reaching the right audience. Let’s look at a few of these Pinterest tools that I highly recommend.

Pinterest Management tools

Making sure that you’re posting at the right time is a great way to ensure your pins get viewed, shared and re-pinned. At the same time, you want to make sure that the pins you post are effectively marketing your goods and services. Management tools are what you need to maximize your efforts.

1. Tailwind

tailwind pinterest management tool

For those who want to schedule an entire week’s worth of content in 15 minutes, Tailwind is a great tool. That’s because they have an easy-to-use drag and drop user interface that helps you really see how something is going to come out. And, it also monitors Pinterest to see who’s re-pinning your stuff, what they’re saying about you, and stuff you should discover to help your own efforts. Another Tailwind tool on Pinterest is the Tribes section. Tribes are online communities of marketers within the same niche. The idea is that you can compare notes with each other, and pool resources as appropriate. Think industry-wide collaboration. Lastly, there’s Smart Loop, which allows you to repost old content. For instance, you can use a New Year’s Eve ad the next year, automatically.

Pricing: free trial, then $9.99 monthly per account. You can also add a couple “power ups” at $4.99 each.

2. SocialPilot

socialpilot pinterest features

SocialPilot is an oft-used scheduling tool that allows you to seamlessly promote your work by developing schedules to maintain consistency across your brands and social media platforms. In addition to providing different scheduling tools, with easy-to-use interfaces, SocialPilot can be used to manage teams. The social media management tool allows both clients and employees to peruse company schedules, offerings, and expectations, which can help streamline workflows and make sure that all important parties are kept up to date and aware of pertinent information. SocialPilot also provides users with analytics tools to help make sure that their marketing tools are well-oiled and well-functioning. 

Pricing: Free 14-day trial, followed by 4 pricing tiers of $30, $50, $100, and $200 per month. 

3. SocialBee

SocialBee Pinterest features

SocialBee is another effective way to manage your social media platforms, with integrations that are commonly used to curate visual content, including Canva. With automation tools, and social media analytics tools, as well, SocialBee can be extremely useful for anyone looking to cross-post or share information and graphics across multiple accounts. SocialBee’s user interface is extremely easy to use, with simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop options to make sure that all posts are optimized for their respective platforms, but posted easily from a single dashboard. 

Pricing: Plans start with a 14-day free trial, followed by tiers of $29, $49, and $99 per month, depending on the number of accounts you need to use, and the amount of data and analytics you want to collect.  

4. Pallyy

Pally Pinterest support visulalization

Pallyy can help users (both free and premium users) develop a content strategy to implement across their social platforms by helping with scheduling tools and analytics tools. A marketing strategy is often not complete without the ability to schedule posts and manage social profiles consistently; Pallyy helps bridge that gap by providing a content planner from which to plan, schedule, and publish your content. The platform is set up as a literal content calendar, in which users create, then drag and drop the images or posts they are planning to post within the preferred day on that calendar. 

Pricing: Plans start at either free, for a basic version, or $15 per month, for a premium version of the social media marketing tool. Additional features can be accessed for stacked-on fees, as can additional users. 

5. Planoly

Planoly Pinterest support

Planoly allows users to schedule pins, plan their marketing materials, and complete making their pins in advance. Planoly is a great all-in-one social media management platform, because it allows users to sift through content ideas for their Pinterest page, create that content, collaborate with team members, and ultimately post marketing materials across numerous platforms. Planoly offers an easy-to-use interface that provides users with plenty of opportunities to build a marketing campaign for their Pinterest pages (and other platform pages) without having to go elsewhere to generate content, and allows users to manage pins and boards directly through the management tool. 

Pricing: Planoly offers a free 7-day trial, then has three different pricing tiers: $13, $23, and $43 per month. Pricing is based on the number of people using the platform, the amount of uploads being curated each month, and the level of support being offered.

Pin Creation tools

No compilation of Pinterest tools is complete without a few content creation aids. After all, these are what let us put our best face forward on Pinterest. And, isn’t great content the whole point of Pinterest marketing, anyway? Here are some great tools to help make those pins memorable, featuring both popular general graphic design tools together with some AI-powered software!

6. Pin Generator

Pin Generator

Pin Generator is an extremely easy to use website that allows virtually anyone to develop Pinterest pins in a matter of moments–provided that they have the credits, of course. The site makes creating Pins easy; simply enter a URL, select the image you wish to utilize as the face of your pin, and select your preferred action (Pin, save for later, etc.) to get going. This is the platform for making quick Pins, not the place for customization options. Preferred images should already be on the page in question to generate a pin. This is a useful tool for anyone looking to simplify their social accounts and make quick Pins without a great deal of time or effort. 

Pricing: $16.99, $29.99, and $69.99 for the three tiers, which offer 200, 1,000, and 10,000 Pin credits (1 credit is used per action, such as Pinning directly to Pinterest, schedule a post, and more).  

7. Adobe Express

adobe express pinterest pin templates

Canva beat Adobe to the social media graphics game, but Adobe has come back in a big way with its flagship product for non-designers Adobe Express. Formerly known as Adobe Spark, Adobe Express truly makes design easy for everyone, and what makes Adobe Express special, in addition to the sheer number of templates that it has, are its “quick actions” which allow you to in one-click do formerly complex things like remove a background, convert to GIF, or resize an image.

Pricing: For an Adobe product, Adobe Express is priced extremely competitively. You can begin on a free plan and that might be enough for you, but if you want extra functionality, the price is only $9.99 a month!

8. Canva

canva pinterest pin templates

Need a really great pin that really pops? Graphic design is a great way to achieve this, and Canva is a super easy program to help you succeed. They’ll help you make graphs, infographics, and logos for your business. There’s a huge clip art library, many types of document/graphics templates, and fancy fonts. In other words, within your brand standards there’s nothing to limit your creativity. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll like this program, there’s a limited free version. It won’t allow you to use branding, but if you get a paid subscription they’ll even keep track of that branded graphic content within your own special storage area. Other features in the paid version include collaboration tools and more customer support.

Pricing: the paid versions are per user, costing $9.99 monthly or $30.00 monthly, depending on what features you need.

9. Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create for Pinterest

This app is a strong tool for creating pins without prior experience with or a considerate understanding of Adobe Photoshop and other photo editing tools. Tailwind Create is similar to Photoshop, in that it allows you to create and manipulate images, but differs in its ease of use. Tailwind Create offers users different color schemes and options for their photos, giving users a chance to choose suggested designs, rather than having to come up with designs from scratch. Tailwind Create is tailored for people who may not have a background in design and who may be unfamiliar with graphics creation, and delivers polished, professional images with a few simple clicks. To create aesthetically appealing Pinterest Pins, simply enter a photo and watch as Tailwind Create constructs several different options you can select from.

Pricing: Tailwind Create requires you to have an existing Tailwind account. From there, you can upgrade to Tailwind Create on a free limited plan, or select additional plans priced at $12/month, $24/month, and $49/month.

10. Snappa

snappa pinterest pin templates

Marketing teams where more than one person designs the pins would love Snappa. The program is fully featured like Canva or Stencil, but Snappa has better collaboration tools. In particular, you can upload designs and fonts, and designate team colors for everyone to use. Need to adjust who works on what? Just push a few buttons.

Pricing: there’s a limited free plan, an individual plan at $10.00 per month, and a team plan that starts at $30 for 5 users.

Pinterest Group Boards

Are you the sort of person who likes to collaborate with people in other companies? Who likes to get ideas and share war stories from others in the same niche? Then you might enjoy these tools.

11. Tailwind Communities

Tailwind Communities (formerly called Tribes) is a part of the Tailwind tool discussed above. It allows you to join or participate in “communities” related to your niche and both find pins to curate to keep your followers happy and boards active while also allowing you to publish pins to the tribe that others can repin as part of their content curation efforts.

If you want to learn more about Tailwind Tribes, feel free to join my tribe: Blogging & Social Media Marketing Pros

12. PinGroupie

PinGroupie Pinterest Group Board Finder

This is a great way to find people with the same interests. With PinGroupie, you can look through the directory to find group boards that you’d enjoy. For example, there are group boards featuring pets, and others related to travel. Group boards are also a place to call attention to your brand’s less branded pins, hopefully gaining followers in the process.

Pricing: Freemium.

Pinterest Promotion Tools

What’s a great Pinterest pin or story without promotion? After all, what’s the point of doing this if everything we post gets lost in a sea of pins? Here are tools to solve that problem.

13. MiloTree

milotree smart pop-ups for pinterest

Let’s be honest with ourselves. No matter how good of a job we do with social media and content marketing, a large number of customers will come to our website and leave. That’s where MiloTree comes in. Use it to build what they call “the only popup you’ll ever need” for your website. These are GDPR compliant popups that collect customer information or direct them to our social media profiles, including Pinterest. Use them to get more social followers of all types. You can also use MiloTree to grow your email lists as it integrates with email clients.

For more info, listen to my podcast interview with the founder of MiloTree.

Pricing: $9 per month after 30 day trial.

14. Woobox

Woobox Pinterest Facebook Page Tab

If your audience is in Facebook, why not bring your Pinterest profile over to Facebook? That is the concept behind Woobox’s Pinterest Facebook Page tab, which allows you to add a tab on your Facebook account that lets people see content posted on Pinterest without leaving Facebook. Need to build a giveaway campaign or contest advertising your Pinterest profile? You can also do that with Woobox. One method you can use is a contest, with the price of entry being following your Pinterest profile. Advertise your contest on Facebook, for example. Overall, there’s a wide variety of methods to bring in subscribers within this one tool.

Pricing: there’s a limited-use free version, and the cheapest paid plan is $32 per month.

15. TastyPins


Are you trying to figure out how to publish pins on your blog posts but leaving them invisible but appearing only when people want to pin an image from your post?

The answer is TastyPins.

Pinterest Pins are large in size and can disrupt the viewing of a blog post, so many bloggers who are active on Pinterest decide to “hide” their pins but make them visible when someone decides to pin from their page.

The other advantage of TastyPins is that it allows you to create both an Alt-Text version for search engines as well as a Pinterest description for every pin that you upload. This ensures that your pin images are optimized for both search and Pinterest.

Pricing: One-time purchase at $29.00.

Pinterest Analytics Tools

It almost goes without saying, but all of us marketers need to keep track of our analytics. Sure, some of our social media managers will give us a lot of information, but you want to make sure you aren’t missing anything. As Pinterest is a free tool, native management tools do not come with a price tag attached. When planning your content, don’t forget to use these:

16. Pinterest Analytics (native inside Pinterest)

Pinterest Analytics

If you want an idea how your native pins are performing, nothing beats Pinterest Analytics itself. That’s because your social media manager mostly watches paid pins and ads. Not only that, but they offer you insight on the people that interact with your posts. Demographics information (or at least educated guesses) are pure gold.

17. Pinterest Trends (native inside Pinterest)

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest trends is a native (or found within Pinterest) tool that allows users to research trends and preferences. The visual content ocean that is Pinterest can be difficult to navigate and evaluate for trends, so this tool makes it easy to determine what Pinners are looking for, and where you should be placing your focus–or the focus of your brand. You can also evaluate where demand is currently growing, and develop a definitive marketing strategy based on what you discover. 

Pinterest trends allows you to set the parameters you want to work within, by setting your preferred dates, identifying what type of trend you are interested in evaluating (top monthly, top yearly, top growing, or seasonal), and even putting in interests, keywords, and targeted ages. Trends can also identify who and what your followers are currently searching for, which can be immensely helpful in developing further marketing campaigns, and making sure that your audience is being heard and appropriately catered to. 

What are your favorite Pinterest tools? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Hello, I have used Canva, and its a really great pin for Pinterest. I will surely try these amazing pins which are mentioned in these blogs. Thanks for the helpful article.

    • Thanks for commenting Priya! Yes, Canva is the default but there are other options which offer different templates, user interfaces, pricing, etc. that might fit your needs better. Good luck!

  2. Quite a list! Thanks for sharing, I use tailwind and tailwind tribes along with canva, pingroupie and picmonkey but as I understood, Pinterest no longer allows viraltag and viralwoot intergrations. Do you use them or know of people who do? Anything that can up the pinterest game needs to be considered. Love your site!

    • Hi Erika! I do believe that Tailwind and Tailwind Tribes – combined with Tailwind Smart Loop – are the golden standards. I have tried ViralWoot and some other questionable tools in the past, but I spend time today focusing more on my own content / analytics as well as Tribes. I am surprised to hear that ViralTag no longer supports Pinterest, though!

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