15 Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Look Gorgeous

15 Tips to Make Your Social Media Posts Look Gorgeous

Recently, social media marketing has turned into one of the most efficient ways to generate more leads and increase the ROI of your business. However, a large number of methods available to boost your social media impact may make you feel daunted. In this post, we’ll cover the top 15 tips to make your social media posts look gorgeous. What’s more, we’ll sprinkle in some web design materials that will help you on the way, including social media templates, banners, infographics and more.

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Tip #1: Double-think the ‘Faces’ of your Social Profiles

Double-think the ‘Faces’ of your Social Profiles

Your social media profiles often form the first impression of potential customers. That’s why it’s important to present your brand as professionally as possible. You won’t strike the maximum user engagement if the social media profiles that users see are inconsistent or incomplete.

Working on your social media presence, set one profile per network and make sure you use the same profile name across different networks. Pay special attention to the cover imagery you use. It should go in line with your logo and can be re-used across a number of social networks for consistency. Not to mention, if you feel like you need a professional cover art for less money, you can simply find a befitting cover imagery pack among social media templates and simply adjust it to fully reflect your brand identity. A couple of cover imagery pack examples come below:

Tip #2: Employ User Generated Content

Social media networks are the place where businesses get their voices and become more ‘human’. In this regard, employing user-generated content (UGC) is a very effective strategy to connect with the emotional side of your audience. It’s similar to using testimonials on your website, but way better, as social media networks make user feedback more tangible and relatable.

Let’s see how you can benefit from UGC with Instagram. Instagram users often feel like sharing their adoration for a brand or product they love in their Instagram accounts. To survey such posts that relate to your business, come up with a hashtag that users may use to connect their posts to your brand. Add the hashtag to your account’s bio and follow it by a CTA.

Then, regularly survey new posts marked with your hashtag and feature the ones that tell the most compelling stories. Seeing some hashtagged UGC content featured by your company account is a great motivation for your clients to further generate the content that you can take advantage of.

Tip #3: Use UGC For Creating Relatable Social Media Ads

Once you have enjoyed a great bulk of excitement-filled UGC, you may now use some highlights for in-app promotion. Canva does a great job in this regard as pictured below:

Use UGC For Creating Relatable Social Media Ads

Tip #4: Make Your Team Social Media Stars

Clients love modern, innovative and open-minded companies. Social networks are the best place to show your company culture. And also emphasize that you share the same values with your clients.

Feature variegated scenarios and mix day-to-day operations with some corporate events, as well as off-the-clock employee achievements. If done right, all this would foster an upbeat and inspiring voice of your company and would encourage a number of companies to opt for you over the competition.

Tip #5: Use High-Quality Visuals Only

Most of the users scroll past an immense amount of content. Oftentimes, these are the visuals, not text, that gain their attention. They get caught by the stylish photos and visual designs that trap them with bold color choices, minimalist designs, and sleek shapes. That’s why it’s important that you care a lot for what imagery you choose for your posts and social media ads.

If you don’t have extra time to hand-craft the tempting imagery for visual social media marketing, you can simply go for a ready-made social media imagery pack that brings you a bulk of niche-related banners and images that can be easily customized with Photoshop. In addition, if you want to see an example, check the Gravity & Modern Photographer social media packs below:

Tip #6: Don’t Shy Away From Infographics

Infographics are the icing on your social media marketing cake. Creating a great infographics takes a lot of painstaking data collection and a bulk of time to put it together in a comprehensive and visually appealing manner. However, if you promote it right on social media, it has the potential to take your social media marketing game up a notch.

Creating the infographics-based social media posts may be a tricky matter if done from ground zero. Instead, use ready-made infographics templates that simplify the job you’ve got to do for a reasonable among of money. Here come a couple of samples:

Tip #7: Cut infographics To Fit Horizontal Social Media

To boost the impact of your infographics posts in social networks, you’ve got to keep in mind the specifics of every single network. The Pinterest platform is the king for sharing vertical images. Uploading your infographics there is likely to get you a lot of traction and re-pins. However, your infographics might not look that good if you’re sharing them directly on other social media platforms, for example, on Facebook:

Cut infographics To Fit Horizontal Social Media

If your Facebook followers get to see stunning infographics this way, it will ruin the whole experience for them. You can solve the problem in two ways: you can either share a link to your infographics on Facebook or SlideShare with a catchy caption or cut the infographics in a number of horizontal pieces. If you do the latter, then take advantage of Facebook and Instagram carousel posts to make seeing it as convenient as possible.

Tip #8: Use Geo-filters

A number of social networks let you currently attract new followers with geostickers, location features, and geo-hashtags. Facebook and Instagram are the networks to prioritize on first of all. Skillfully employing geolocation features in these networks helps you get a larger traction in a certain area or country and attract new clients from this area. Additionally, this allows you to associate your business with certain locations and events.

Tip #9: Use Custom Hashtags

With Instagram introducing hashtag subscription options, hashtags gross larger traction. Introducing a number of your custom hashtags, you may use them to tell compelling stories not in one post, but in a series of posts. Follow each post in a given series with a corresponding hashtag, to let people discover the whole story by simply clicking on that hashtag.

Use Custom Hashtags

Tip #10: Eliminate Landing Pages

Recently, social platforms like Facebook added CTA buttons to their ads. So, now you can get your customers directly to your store or website, eliminating the intermediary landing pages.

Why is this effective? If you skimp the landing page, you decrease the number of steps that lead customers to get what they want from you and increase your conversion rate in the long run.

Tip #11: Embrace Social Media Remarketing

Are you familiar with remarketing? It lets you target those users that have already shown interest in your product (e.g. added items to their carts in your store) but haven’t accomplished a purchase. Remarketing happens when the products they wanted to buy appear in front of them within an ad.

You can incorporate the same practice to your social media marketing strategy. Scrolling their social media feeds, users will be reminded about the products they liked but failed to buy for a certain reason. This reminder will get a number of them eventually convert.

Tip #12: Get A Multipurpose Social Media Bundle

Social media marketing may be rather time-consuming. To minimize the time spent on it, get yourself one of the multipurpose social media bundles that can cut the time spent on social media marketing in half.

Such a bundle contains a number of social media templates for different types of posts on different networks, as well as the cover/header pieces for next to all social networks you may be using. See an example below:

Tip #13: Run a Company YouTube Channel

Nearly 70% of YouTube users employ the service to inform their purchasing decisions. YouTube is also the second-largest search engine. So if you fail to foster a strong presence there you may be missing a lot.

To build a tangible YouTube presence for your business, you’ve got to start filling your channel with video content. This goes without saying. The next thing that’s no less important is that you’ve got to take care of the way your channel appears to its guests. Create a channel trailer, fill the ‘About Us’ section and, of course, use the coherent visuals. Also if you don’t feel like creating the visuals yourself, you can save your time going for YouTube Channel Art social media templates:

Tip #14: Take Advantage Of Live Broadcasting

Platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, let brands reach consumers directly and create an interactive experience with live broadcasting. Live streams create the sense of urgency and encourage people to log in and view. Moreover, even within a simple Q&A live broadcast, you may get all the questions of your clients answered and build a lasting connection with them.

Take Advantage Of Live Broadcasting

Tip #15: Go For Giveaway Posts

Running a giveaway is a fireproof way to create a hero post. Provided you make following you and referring friends the pre-requisites of a giveaway, such a post gets you a large number of new followers and avid fans.

To make your giveaway even more relatable and impactful, live broadcast the winner selection process to highlight how fair and unbiased you are and how much you love all of your audience.

Wrapping Up

Now you know a number of ways to make your social media posts look gorgeous. After all, we hope these tips help you drive your social media presence to new heights.

If you have any questions or comments on social media marketing, do not hesitate to address them in the Comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

Hero photo by Josh Rose on Unsplash

Social Media Posts FAQs

What are social media posts?

Social media posts are basically content that is shared and posted on social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others. It can be a simple paragraph or longer that may include images, videos, polls, and links. In most social networks, social media posts can be shared, commented on, and liked.

What should a social media post include?

A social media post should include:

1. Headline
2. Engaging captions
3. Hashtags
4. Visuals
5. Infographics

How do you write a social media post?

Here are the tips on how to write a social media post:

1. Know your audience’s language and needs
2. Do your research
3. Incorporate your brand voice
4. Keep it short, engaging, informative, and fun
5. Add call to action

What is the purpose of social media posts?

The main purpose of social media posts is to create or increase brand awareness. Make your brand more visible on the internet. Posting on social media, especially when done regularly and effectively, can help increase sales and drive traffic to your website because your target audience sees more of your products and services.

What are the 6 types of social media?

The 6 types of social media are:

1. Social Network
2. Social News
3. Microblogging
4. Bookmarking
5. Online Forum Sites
6. Media Sharing

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