Why Blog on Medium? Should I Republish My Blog Content onto Medium?

Why Blog on Medium? Should I Republish My Blog Content onto Medium?

People are republishing their content more than ever. Linkedin. Facebook. Quora. Flipboard. Even sites like Business2Community and HuffingtonPost. My question, is why aren’t you? Especially when there’s a new social platform going full throttle with 800k+ visitors coming on a daily basis. Let me introduce to you, Medium and answer the question for you that is should I blog on Medium or not.

Compared with other platforms, Medium is the perfect place to share your stories — whether that’s for personal or for business. How so? Well for one, it’s free. Secondly, the engagement rate is impressingly high.

Now I can go on and on about all the amazing things Medium has to offer. But for your convenience, I’ve put everything in a nice nutshell about…

Should I blog on Medium? What you get from republishing your content on Medium.

More exposure

If you’re a small-to-moderate business, you’d probably kill to get 1,000+ daily visitors to your site. Because the truth is, most of them get about 100 unique visits a day. And how many daily views you get determines how many potential customers, users, or subscribers you can gain.

Now with Medium’s 800k+ daily viewers scouting around for something valuable or fun to read, wouldn’t it be a smart move to jump onboard to the fastest trending social media platform to promote your site? And just so you know, 800k+ daily views is about the same amount of web traffic Macy’s gets as the 10th leading retail website in the U.S. Think about that for a minute, before making your answer which should be


In fact, you can get just as much exposure on Medium as you do with Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

More traffic to your site

Medium is my site’s (Rabbut) #1 source of traffic, and it still amazes me to see how many of our sign-ups came from Medium. Not only did we get more users to try out our product, but we also got a 36% increase of subscribers for our Rabbut blog. This is all thanks to our republished posts on Medium. All you need to do is provide your site link at the bottom of your post to direct curious readers to your site.

It’s always a good habit to link back to the original article when you republish your content.

Anyone who reaches the bottom of your post obviously enjoys what you’ve written. So why not give them the opportunity to check out the work you do by adding your site link to your post?

Spreads your name

Medium isn’t quite flooded with content compared to Linkedin and Twitter. That’s good news for you because then you have a better chance of getting your content right in front of people’s eyes. As long as you use appropriate tags to describe what your article is about, you can gain a wider audience.

The more people see your name, the deeper it sinks into their head. And before you know it, everyone will start recognizing your business and what you do.

Why people don’t republish their content on Medium.

However, despite all of the amazing benefits you can get from republishing content onto Medium, people still don’t do it. In fact, they sweat with hesitation. And it’s because of this:

Google’s duplicate content penalty.

You can clearly see this fear by reading through the comments on Chelsea’s post, How to Get More Traffic from Every Post by Republishing on Medium.

People are afraid to lose content authenticity from their own site to another. They’re afraid Google will get angry and knock off SEO points from their site, bringing them down to the lowest rankings.

Well, let me break the good news to you:

“There’s no such thing as a duplicate content penalty.”

Take it from the very words of the Google Webmasters themselves. Even Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, said you should not worry about it.

You see, Google doesn’t care about you posting duplicate content as long as it’s not spammy or keyword stuffing. Google only cares about giving users the best possible results based on the keywords the user typed in the search box.

So if Google sees several webpages offering the same content, their algorithm will select the one that best offers the information required and list that. Usually, that requires having rich, unique, relevant, informative, and remarkable content.

For a better chance that Google will rank your site first, you can’t guarantee SEO. You’ll need to publish your content on your site first, and then wait until Google indexes it. A good way to check is by Googling your blog post URL in the search bar (see below).

Should I Blog on Medium? Should I Republish My Content on Medium? Look how fast your Medium content gets indexed in Google!
If you see your blog post in the search results after Googling it, it’s been indexed already.

Once your post has been indexed, it’s relatively safe to republish your content onto Medium and gain the benefits of exposure, traffic, and brand awareness.

So should I blog on Medium and republish my blog content onto Medium?


Now that you’re ready to blog on Medium, here’s instructions on how to create a Medium account!

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Should I Blog on Medium? Should I Republish My Content on Medium? How can you get more traffic to your blog? Try republishing your blog on Medium. Learn how to boost your blog readers by using this one trick for traffic.

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  1. Thanks Tiffany.. I like the idea of republishing. Not all content on my website is the same. Some blog posts get way more engagement and some just don’t show up in ranking. I can start with these not-ranking pages to see if I can get some traction on medium. Also, it can be great to pitch a product or online course.

  2. Definitely should, if the article is helpful definitely republish them so the whole world can see.

    • All I gotta say is, the more places you cover with your content, the more exposure you get for your name. :)

  3. great read and interesting to learn about Medium, so now I have one more SM platform onboard! :-)

    • Be warned, you might get hooked onto Medium the moment you start reading or typing. ?

      • Hello Tiffany,
        Can you please suggest more platforms like linkedin, medium.. Where i can republish my articles?

        • There’s Google+, Facebook (Notes), BlogLovin, Pinterest, Quora, Flipboard, Stumbleupon that you can try. :) And if you’re doing guest posting, some sites take your original post. Hope that helps!

    • Hi, Michela,

      What all SM platform you used till now?

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