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The Top 15 Instagram Font Generators to Check Out

One of the biggest challenges on Instagram is getting noticed. Being unique, especially if you want to be an influencer or promote your brand, isn’t always easy because the field is so crowded. However, it’s important to do something “brand forward” if you want to stand out on Instagram, whether it’s staying consistent with brand voice or building a brand from scratch.

Ever wondered how to stand out on Instagram? Just like many use emojis, have you considered making your fonts look different from the others or using symbols that aren’t included in standard emoji keyboards? If so, read on! Using an Instagram font generator is one of the best ways to be unique.

What are Instagram Font Generators?

Have you ever seen cool-looking fonts or weird non-emoji symbols on Instagram and wondered how on earth they were created when they are using fonts or symbols not included on your iPhone or Android smartphone? There are some alternative keyboards out there, but they are still relatively limited in terms of fonts.

These special fonts are probably created using an Instagram font generator, a free tool that anyone can use to add some spice to their Instagram content. However, they aren’t available as an “app” for your smartphone. Rather, they are third-party items that are browser-based. For that reason, most can be used regardless of what operating system you’re using. In addition, you can use an Instagram font generator on a computer. 

How to Use Instagram Font Generators

It’s really easy to use Instagram font generators. Simply enter the desired text and the output will be the same text in various cool-looking fonts that you can cut and paste into Instagram and any other social media app or website. While some font generators work mainly with Instagram, the bulk of them are useful for any situation on the Web where you need special fonts and can’t get them easily any other way.

What’s so awesome about these generators? In general, you can take the same font and use it again and again. This way, the font becomes a consistent part of your branding. And, if you use some text that’s generated more than once, you can paste it just about anywhere.

How Do Instagram Font Generators Work?

Instagram font generators produce Unicode symbols. In short, Unicode is an old-school way of displaying fancy fonts. While word processors don’t usually need them, Unicode helps display non-Roman fonts along with symbols of other types. In other words, the Unicode produced by these generators are not real Instagram fonts, but symbols displayable on Instagram. 

But why do they work? The Unicode standard actually supports more than 100,000 text symbols such as those fancy-looking cursive alphabets to strange emojis that don’t exist on your phone’s keyboard. Many emojis and such were originally based on Unicode, and most mobile devices support this universal standard.

Finally, note that there is a chance that even when you copy and paste the symbols created by these Instagram font generators it doesn’t work. That’s because not all devices support all of the Unicode characters yet because the Unicode standard is so huge. You’ll need to experiment a little bit and find out what works best for your devices.

Here are the Top 15 Instagram Font Generators

With all of the above said, here are some great Instagram font generators. You can see some of these in my Twitter generators post, but many of these selections are also new. Keep in mind, if you write a post that’s appropriate on both networks, you can use the same text for each.


LingoJam Font Generator

Ligolam is an easy-to-use Instagram fonts generator. Simply type your text into the box on the left, and the generator will automatically display options in “fancy” font. Some are cool scripts, while others add in symbols or emojis to mix in with the letters. Pick something you like, then copy it. In addition, Ligolam has a DIY feature that lets you choose a second font or certain letters. Access this by clicking at the bottom of the text box on the right.


Fsymbols Instagram font generator

With Fsymbols, you get more than just a font generator. To get the fancy font, you type the text in a box at the top of the page. Then, you can see options at the bottom. This generator doesn’t insert emojis and symbols automatically. Instead, you’ll have to add these separately. Fsymbols has a wide variety of options to choose from.


FFonts Font Generator

FFonts works similarly to FSymbols, but it has a much wider variety of fonts. You can even pick between different font themes. For instance, you can select “90s fonts” from the list on the left. This gives you a choice of fonts with a 90’s theme. Similarly, you can pick fonts that have symbols in them or that feature a 3-D effect. Those unusual fonts are the kind where you might have compatibility issues to deal with, but if you can use them, they can be a great branding tool.

Cool Fancy Text Generator

Cool Fancy Text Generator

This Instagram font generator is part of the “cool symbol” family. It includes an option to type out a message, like the other generators. However, you can also “decorate” the text with extras like rainbow hearts and other symbols. You can see these decorations for other generators, but with Cool Fancy Text, you add them separately. In turn, this means you can combine them with any font and not just the ones which are chosen beforehand.

Meta Tags

Meta Tags Font Generator

Meta Tags works like most other font generators insofar as you type in a message and get options in a scroll-down list. However, Meta Tags enables you to use the fonts for your social media profiles, rather than just the posts. In addition, they have a new app that brings their Unicode fonts to a keyboard so you don’t need to visit the website.


Bigbangram Font Generator

Unlike some, this Instagram font generator is a free tool used as content marketing for paid services. It also works in the standard way: type in your text, get fancy fonts. However, they also give you the name of each font. Naming works well because it lets you use the same font more than once, without having to remember what the first one looks like. In addition, the site is mobile optimized.


FontGet Font Generator

FontGet works at its basic level like most of the others: type in the text at the top of the page, and get fonts for it. Then copy and paste as usual. You can also get text faces and emojis that aren’t available on your phone. Use them to have everything in Unicode, or just to add variety. Either way, it’s easy to do. Font Generator

IGFonts is similar to the others because you can type in plain text, then get a variety of fonts. Many of the fonts on IGFonts have symbols, such as bows and rainbows, that are very informal. This one is therefore great for personal accounts. You’ll also get the chance to change some letters to a different font.

FancyText Pro

FancyText Pro Font Generator

This one has a very large variety of fonts. Some are fancy lettering, others have symbols inside of them, and a third group includes embellishments alongside the lettering. In addition, the Instagram font generator breaks the fonts down into categories, such as strikethrough fonts. Finally, you can copy a link to the typed fonts and send them to other people.


FancyFonts Font Generator

Fancy Fonts has an Instagram fonts generator, but also one for Facebook and Twitter. They each work the same way: type in the text, then scroll down until you find something you like. The difference from other generators though is that you don’t have to click and drag in order to copy. Instead, they have a clickable button that says “copy,” making it easier for many smartphone users.

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FontsForInstagram Font Generator

With this font generator, you get a no-frills experience. Below the typing, you’ll get the fonts broken down into categories. Just click on each text box and it copies the text to the clipboard. Also, you automatically get a link to the results. This is handy if you post the same text on occasion because it saves time. You can also share the results through the link.


Seekmetrics Font Generator

Seekmetrics is a series of social media and web tools, most of which are free. The Instagram font generator is easy to use because you type and get results. However, you’ll need to click and drag in order to copy text to the clipboard. Smartphone users might have trouble with that.


Fancy-fonts Font Generator

With fancy-fonts, you can get results for Instagram and other social networks. It works like most generators, with a click-to-copy feature that’s great for smartphone users. However, unique to the Instagram font generators, you can get a font that includes Chinese. If you run a business in Asia or have Asian clients, this could be a great advantage. Instagram fonts

With IGFonts, you get type to generate and click to copy. This easy-to-use Instagram font generator is very mobile-friendly and doesn’t do much more than generate fonts. However, it’s the best option I’ve seen so far if you like to have emojis or icons included in your font because it has the widest variety. In other words, there are graphics-heavy fonts for every sense of style and personality. 

IG Fonts Generator

IG Fonts Generator

Finally, there’s IG Fonts Generator. Unlike most of the other generators, this one doesn’t have a lot of “fancy text” options. You also can’t copy the text with one click. With that said, this is a good choice if you need a font that has a lot of emojis and icons for every mood. In addition, it has an Instagram-symbol wallpaper and might not be as mobile-friendly.

No matter why you post on Instagram, at some point you might find that the plain text of your native Instagram app isn’t enough. Sometimes you want a special font for a special message, and in other cases, it’s a branding thing. Either way, check out some of these Instagram font generators to find your favorites. Then, have fun playing with them.

Now that you found your Instagram font generator, here’s some further advice on how to best leverage Instagram for your business or influence or both!

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