Best 25 Instagram Bio Ideas to Help Improve Yours (with Examples)

Best 25 Instagram Bio Ideas to Help Improve Yours (with Examples)

Everyone loves Instagram and the community of 2 billion monthly active users is proof.

The competition is high and people get bombarded with new content and accounts from all the sides, so users have to be creative to grab the attention of their target audience, especially if they use Instagram for business growth.

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people will see when they land on your page.

Like a first impression, a bad Instagram bio can discourage visitors from scrolling further, while a good one can push them to engage with your brand. However, many fail to recognize its importance because of its limited space of 150 characters, so the importance of Instagram bio ideas appears.

About Instagram Bio in Brief

The Instagram bio is the small space just above your main feed. It’s one of the first things you need to fill out when you create an Instagram account, whether you want to run a business profile or personal one. Since an Insta bio just gives a tiny space to describe your business, many don’t know what to do with it.

Many people associate the bio with the short description, but it’s actually composed of multiple parts:

  • Your name. Not to be confused with your username, this is the bold text right below your profile photo.
  • Category. Instagram has over 1,500 business categories you can choose from.
  • Description.150-character space to describe what your business is all about.
  • Pronouns. An optional section where you can show your gender identity in your bio. This should appear next to your name in light gray text.
  • Links. Instagram now allows you to add up to five links to your bio. This is the only part of your profile where clickable links work.
  • Contact options. You can choose to add contact buttons on your profile, which can include your phone number, email address, WhatsApp number, Instagram calling, and business address.
  • Action buttons. Instagram currently has three action buttons available: Order food, Book now, and Reserve.

To edit your bio, simply tap on the edit profile button on your page.

The Importance of Instagram Bio for Growth

Whether your target audience is coming from an external link, through search, or a follow ad, the first thing they’ll see is your Instagram bio. Just as a book is often judged by its cover, your Instagram bio can make or break your brand for your Instagram audience.

That small space can:

  • Showcase what your brand is all about
  • Inform your audience what actions they must take
  • Share essential contact details about your business
  • Help your ranking and visibility in search

Your audience should be able to take a quick look at your bio and decide whether or not you’re worth following. With strategic keywords and hashtags sprinkled into your description, name, and category you can appear as a suggested profile on Instagram search as well as on Google.

What Makes a Good Instagram Bio?

There’s no single way to create a good Instagram bio. However, there are a few elements that can help contribute to your success:

  • Clear profile picture. Your photo should be high-resolution and follow Instagram’s 110×110 rule. A low-quality profile photo can make your business appear untrustworthy.
  • Keywords. The keywords you choose will, of course, highly depend on your niche and industry. Adding strategic keywords to your bio can help you appear in organic searches.
  • Emoji. Adding emojis to your bio is an excellent way to make a creative Instagram bio and show your brand’s personality as well as an easy way to describe your products and services without going over the character limit.
  • Strong Call-to-Action. Call-to-actions are extremely important in any section of your Instagram page because it’s a simple way to drive conversions. Plus, the rule of thumb for any brand on social media is: if you don’t ask, you shall not receive.
  • Website Link. As mentioned above, you only have five clickable links allowed in your bio—you can’t add a link anywhere else. Use this link strategically by changing up landing pages depending on your campaign goals.

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Best Instagram Bio Ideas with Examples

Your audience has an incredibly short attention span of 8 seconds. Without photos and videos at your disposal and a small space to play around with, you need to get creative with your Instagram bio to make the best first impression. No matter what is your goal of using Instagram, whether you want to promote your event or your business, get influence as an opinion leader, or simply stay in touch with your friends, having a well-written Insta bio is a must. And in this article, we’ve collected the best Instagram bio ideas, divided into five sections. Let’s dive in!

1. Professional Bio Ideas

Your bio style will always depend on your industry, niche, or target audience. If you’re a B2B company or a content creator looking to partner with “serious” brands, then your Instagram bio has to be more corporate or professional.

Take a look at this example by photographer Jose Villa (@josevilla):

@josevilla on instagram

Why it works: The bio instantly highlights what differentiates his services from any other photographer in the business. By listing his accolades, people who land on Jose’s page know exactly what to expect.

Instead of simply using his given name in the name field, Jose used “Fine Art Wedding Photographer.” This helps him appear on searches that include both “wedding” and “photographer” and therefore find potential clients.

Since most people in the research stage of the buyer journey won’t have specific brands or people in mind, they will use Instagram the same way they use other search engines—choose your keywords wisely.

Take a look at this example by Author and Entrepreneur Marie Forleo (@marieforleo):

@marieforleo on instagram

Why it works: People don’t like looking at big blocks of text. Marie used keywords to describe what she does and included the job title, while using brand hashtags and breaking down important facts into digestible bullets. She also added emojis to separate the points of her bio, which is a subtle way to show her personality.

And here several Instagram bio ideas for professionals and businesses:

  • I’m a fitness enthusiast who helps people fall in love with sports
  • Top 10 marketer by Forbes. Founder of
  • (your local business) in (your town). (opening hours). Reserve your place below!
  • Expert pet advice & science-backed dog supplements 🐶 Discover our range now ⬇️
  • Wife, mama, co-founder + CEO, multiple sclerosis warrior, and advocate for mothers because when mamas thrive, families + the world thrive.

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2. Short Instagram Bio Ideas

While the allotted space is already short, you don’t have to maximize the character count to leave a strong impression. Sometimes, all you need are a few words and emojis to get your message across. And it can make your Instagram profile unique.

Streaming service Netflix launched a new food concept related to its most popular shows called Netflix Bites (@netflixbites), check out its short but sweet bio:

@netflixbites on instagram

Why it works: The brand did not fill out all the given elements in its bio, but its straight-to-the-point style makes it so impactful. The fact that there isn’t anything else written but a four-word-no-explanation-needed tagline is exactly what makes it work.

You may think that this would only work for big or famous brands because people already know who they are, but it can also work for small businesses or new content creators.

Take a look at this bio by Carlo’s (@carlos.philippines), a brand-new Manila-based restaurant:

@carlos.philippines on instagram

Why it works: While Carlo’s bio isn’t as short as the previous example, its description is technically only four words plus two emojis, which tells you exactly what it’s all about. People who land on the profile will immediately know that it serves Pizza and Pasta, without having to use up all 150 characters.

Listing down its business hours is also an excellent idea as a lot of its page visitors may be people wanting to visit the restaurant.

More short Instagram bio ideas:

  • Making history
  • Beauty is simplicity
  • We broke the code 🐰💕
  • #LiveInLevis
  • Stuffed full of awesome✨🍕 🧀 🥨 😎✨

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3. Instagram Bio Ideas for Influencers

There are easily a couple of million of influencers on Instagram, your bio can help you differentiate your content and highlight your unique selling point (USP). Moreover, your Instagram bio should include information on how to get in touch with you for collaboration.

Let’s take a look at several examples:

Fitness influencer Kristina Lopez (@kristinaluisa) shows what makes her different in less than 150 characters:

@kristinaluisa on instagram

Why it works: There are tens of thousands of fitness-focused Instagram influencers. A quick scan of Kristina’s bio lets you know that she isn’t just a fitness influencer, she’s also a mother. This fact quickly tells you who her target audience is and what type of content you can expect from her.

Beauty is one of the most popular niches on Instagram, which also means there are tons of beauty influencers trying to compete in such an oversaturated market.

@beautybaesics_ on instagram

Why it works: To stand out from other beauty influencers, Paula B. (@beautybaesics_) included her skin type and makeup shade in her bio. This information immediately makes her relatable to a specific audience.

Instagram bio ideas for influencers and public figures:

  • Coffee lover. Bookworm. Dreamer. Welcome to my world!
  • TikTok/YouTube: (number) of followers. Business enquiries: please email me at (name.surname)
  • Welcome to my Instagram profile, tap on the link below to learn more & collaborate
  • Girl-boss Forbes 30 under 30. 📨 @IG_forcollab
  • Professional stylist. Your daily dose of style. Follow for daily outfit ideas.

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4. Fun Bio Ideas

Humor has always been one of the emotions that evoke response. Thus, implementing funny Instagram bio ideas is lucrative for different audiences. Again, how you write your bio will depend on your audience. So, degrees of “fun” may vary per industry and niche.

Here are some great examples:

Comedy Central on Instagram

Why it works: Since Comedy Central’s entire brand identity is all about being unserious,calling its audience “cowards” on its bio is definitely on-brand. Showing your unique personality is a great way to have fun with your bio.

Another fun bio idea is to change up your bio regularly. Take a look at how Headspace does it:

Headspace on Instagram

Why it works: Having a themed bio per month or season gives your followers reason to check out your page regularly, which can improve your visibility in the algorithm.

Additional funny Instagram bio ideas:

  • Professional napper 😴😸
  • Pits 👍🏼 Chest 👍🏼 Toes 👍🏼 Down Below 👍🏼
  • Live Mas
  • Food lover by day, meme checker by night
  • Running on caffeine and humor!

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5. Inspirational Bio Ideas

Having an inspirational bio can help you form deeper connections with your audience. Inspiration can come in the form of quotes, listing down your beliefs, sharing your goals, explaining your key to happiness, or just having a totally unique description that gets people thinking about their life and dreams.

Check these out:

Bet Macri Jewelry on Instagram

Why it works: Beth Macri Jewelry describes what it is in such an abstract yet beautiful way, clearly showing how it’s not just any other jewelry brand or designer.

Rare Beauty on Instagram

Why it works: In just two sentences, the brand is able to show its values and promote its cause. By reading the Rare Beauty bio, profile visitors can fully understand what the brand is all about and what it stands for.

Inspirational Instagram bio ideas:

  • “Failure is success in progress” by Albert Einstein
  • Time is precious, waste it wisely
  • Mistakes are good, but improved mistakes leads to Success✌️
  • Celebrating 20 years Changing Beauty and helping to raise self-esteem in the next generation 💙 Let’s #KeepBeautyReal
  • In the pursuit of excellence and achievement

In a Word

Today, it’s important to be creative if you want to grab the attention of your potential Instagram followers. And since IG bio serves as a visit card for any profile, you need to experiment with various Instagram bio ideas to find the best fit that describes your profile. Hopefully these bio examples will help you revise yours. Remember that it’s easy to change an Instagram bio with a few clicks, so don’t stick to one bio–stay creative!

Hero photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

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