How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

How to Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Business

Learning how to use Facebook Messenger bots is a great way to keep communicating with your customers, especially in consideration of the recent pandemic we are still facing.

Mid March this year the world as we knew if went into shutdown, for many of us this has been the most challenging life experience, most businesses where seeing a negative impact on their finances and increased emotional stress.

For the consumers, lockdown saw a massive spike in online retail sales, I know that I came out of lock down with far too many gadgets and useless items.

I honestly feel that many business owners where not prepared for what was happening, causing a struggle to  take a bricks and mortar business online, for some it was a steep learning curve and huge stress.

The fact remains true, the way we do business today has changed, from a business perspective and a consumer, let’s face it the consumer is now shopping online more.

Many businesses had to pivot and look at the way that they had been trading and implement new ways to sell their products, services online and continue to make ends meet.

Some business owners, had the ability to tap into their existing database or mailing list to share the “New” way of conducting business with them, others, had to quickly look at ways to let their clientele know, and this, for some may have resulted in an increase in their Facebook marketing, ads on Facebook, letter box drops, flyers, Tv Ads or similar.

The main focus as a business owner is to grow and profit, however I see many business owners neglecting the power of  your list, the list is your asset, in the event that your social media accounts get hacked, an employee leaves and doesn’t share the log in details (trust me this still happens) or for some other reason you end up in Facebook Jail, your business needs to share its message. Building a list whether it is email or bots you have complete control over your marketing.

So what is the difference with an email list and a bot list?

They are both lists, however one is delivered into the email of the client and the other is delivered straight into their hands on their mobile device. Statistics indicate that the open rate of an email is 10 to 15% and that of a messenger bot is 80 to 85%.

The power of messenger bot marketing is that you get to grow you list, nurture your clients, send out promotions and events, send out your monthly newsletter, specials, and increase engagement on your Facebook posts.

If you have been following the other articles here about messenger bot marketing you will know that I stand by my words and say that there is nothing, that I can think of that will not work, when using a bot for your marketing, with that being said and the recent opening of the restaurants in our City, I was tired of writing my details on paper as part of the Covid19 Safe Practices and not to mention the waste of paper that each of these establishments were using and the my concerns of the privacy of my personal data. I came home and created one of the easiest resources in messenger bots and that was a QR Code, I share the example below.

Keep in mind that you can use messenger bots for building your list, Call to Actions, complete shopping experiences taking them to the checkout, frequently asked questions and answers, booking a service, asking for a quote, subscribe to your newsletter, access your webinar, followup on past conversations, scan code for your dining experience post covid19, tap business card details, Create online quizzes and games, build your email list from messenger bot and many more….

Here is a list of widgets that can be created inside of Many chat, let’s start to break down their functions:

Overlay Widgets:

I am sure that we have all been onto a website that has the pop ups or pop downs appear. These widgets are the exact same except they are created in the messenger bot software. Once the client clicks the call to action, it will open up a messenger flow conversation, this is totally customised to how you would like that experience for the client/customer keeping in mind that you create the experience that your customers are looking for. Many chat does offer templates to help with the experience.

Embeddable Widgets:

Create a box or button for your website or landing page, once created in many chat you can now copy the html code and place on landing pages and your website, again a great opportunity to use with you lead magnet and deliver that customer the lead magnet straight to their mobile device.

Other Growth Tools:

Within the software you can create mini landing pages, if you have something that you want to launch a product or a call to action you can create a mini landing page and share to any site. Saves time of creating a landing page and adding copy, only effective for smaller products or call to actions.

Messenger Ref URL:

Messenger Ref URL:

This widget generates a unique url to activate the bot, can be used again on sites, in emails, I use this function to activate my paperless business card bot, I attached a NFC sticker to the back of my phone and the url is what activates the bot.

Click Here to try my Business Card URL

You can also use this link to get access to my One Page Social Media Plan :)

Facebook Ads JSON:

When creating a click to messenger Facebook Ad, you can activate the  JSON code in many chat that will activate your bot on a Facebook ad, this brings the lead from Facebook into your list.

Facebook Comments:

Create a keyword that activates the bot when the user on Facebook makes a comment. I use this all the time with my Facebook Live events, I create a specific keyword, say “show” while I am live I will often give a call to action, a lead magnet or similar and ask the audience to comment with the keyword “show” and this works two fold. It increases my engagement on my post (which we all know facebook loves) and the facebook user will receive whatever it is I am giving away. If you have a Pro account with many chat you can set one keyword to work on all of your posts!

QRCODE in your business from Messenger bots?

Qr codes have been around for a while, they really didn’t hit it off with the consumers, however I am seeing them being used more in marketing efforts today! With this widget you are creating a message that is activated once the code is scanned, and with the development of our smart phones, the instructions are easy,  open up the camera on your smart phone and hold over the code, this activates the message, the message can be anything that you wish, like mentioned above, I created one for restaurants to ensure they are using the safe practices of covid19, this message collected the details of the client and the establishment exports to a google sheet.

Just like that the clients are now part of the list and  you can follow up their dining experience by asking for a Google or Facebook Review.

Here is an example of the QR code that I have created for the restaurant owners to test! If you have an iPhone, just open up your camera and it will activate!

Another example of using the QR code was for a client that had a stall in a fair show, she enlarged the code and ran a competition, worked extremely well.

Customer Chat: This is what you can add to your website, using the artificial intelligence of the bot, you can ask questions, direct the clients.

Check Box: Create a check box to put on your website, this again will activate the facebook user to connect with you on messenger, can be used for your lead magnet, newsletter, wait list etc.

From the above many uses available in many chat messenger bots, the next step is to keep your users engaged, this is where many chat will allow you to create a flow, this is the automated ongoing engagement that is exactly the same as an email marketing sequence, a very powerful option to keep connect and keep your clients up to date.

Please note though, recently Facebook made some significant changes to the use of your bots, I strongly suggest you read these guidelines to ensure that you are working within the Facebook Guidelines.

I hope that you can now see the many benefits and opportunities that await you and your business when you understand how to use Facebook Messenger bots and then by implementing a messenger bot and how you maybe able to customize these tools within your Facebook, Websites and Marketing. If you found any of this information useful, don’t forget to let us know!

Happy Messenger Botting!

Here’s some more advice on how to use Facebook Messenger bots for your business:

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Trying to figure out how to use Facebook Messenger Bots for your business? Learn the many benefits and opportunities that await you and your business.

How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots FAQs

How do I add bots to Facebook Messenger?

Adding bots to Facebook Messenger is a surprisingly simple process. Open the Messenger app and search for the bot you would like to add. Once you select your desired bot, it will be added to your contacts list in Messenger, and can be selected just like any other contact or group chat. Most bots have options that allow you to customize their responses, allowing you to find a chatbot that fits your needs perfectly.

Does Facebook Messenger allow bots?

Facebook Messenger allows bots to reach out to people who interact with them in a variety of ways. It can help businesses automate customer service inquiries and deliver timely information quickly and consistently. The use of bot technology is also beneficial to those looking to maximize their reach and engagement on Facebook by allowing it to deliver tailored messages based on user data. Additionally, Messenger bots are not limited to just chat; they can also be used for other things.

Are Facebook Messenger bots free?

In most cases, the use of Messenger bots will require some kind of set up fee or ongoing subscription – so one of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds is whether or not these types of services are free? The answer is mostly no; however, there are some services that offer limited usage plans where you have access to basic features at no cost. These include AI-powered customer support bots or simple “chatbots” used to start conversations.

How does Facebook chat bot work?

Facebook chat bots are automated programs that allow users to interact with services provided by businesses through instant messaging. Facebook chat bots use natural language processing (NLP) to simulate a human-like conversation so that customers can ask queries and receive an immediate response. Customers can even purchase items directly from the bot itself, making it easier to complete transactions.

How do I activate bot?

Activating a bot for your website or software application is generally an easy process. First things first, though, you will want to find the right one for your needs by determining what it is you would like the bot to do. After that is established, all that’s left to do is input the necessary information and configuration details. This should involve setting up permissions and parameters so that the bot knows to recognize when and how it’s supposed to take action in different scenarios.

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