The 11 Best Ways Bloggers Get Paid $$$

The 11 Best Ways Bloggers Can Get Paid $$$

Interested in knowing how bloggers get paid?

Everyone online is looking for a way to earn a full-time income and even bloggers are trying to figure out how to best monetize their blog. That’s why when we talk about making passive income online, the first suggestion you get from many people is to start a self-hosted blog that gives you full control.

Starting a blog is a great way to earn money while staying at home. But many individuals make the biggest mistake by waiting to grow their blog first and then monetizing it because they believe that advertising on their blog is the only way to earn money.

While in reality, it is not the case, your blog doesn’t solely have to depend on advertising. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of ways to make money blogging. For instance, you can set up an online store to sell your products or promote affiliate marketing programs, etc.

And in this article, I will share 11 methods pro bloggers use to increase their monthly revenue.

11 Methods Bloggers Use To Get Paid

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a huge opportunity for bloggers. It allows bloggers to earn money just by recommending their favorite products/services on their blogs. Best of all, there are many affiliate programs available for beginner bloggers with no minimum traffic requirement.

An active blog and a few engaged audiences are all you need to get started.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate programs pay you a commission for referring clients to other businesses, and that’s something anyone with a website or sizable social media following can do.

When readers click on your affiliate link, you earn a percentage of the product they purchase. 

There’s no ongoing work required with affiliate marketing. Once you sign up for a program, it’s just a matter of building an audience that will click on your links when you recommend certain products.

To get started, check out Commission Junction, ShareASale, and ClickBank.

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2. Freelance Writing

Have you ever written a post and said, I wish I could just get paid for every time someone reads that? If so, becoming a freelance writer is something you may want to pursue.

Freelance writers don’t work at one company; they contract their writing services out to different publications and outlets. And yes, they can make quite a bit of money from it too.

In fact, most freelancers consider writing a side gig rather than a primary source of income because they enjoy the freedom to choose when they write without being locked into a set schedule with a 9-to-5 job.

Upwork and Freelancer are the best places to start as a freelance writer.

3. Generate Ad Revenue by Joining (CPC) Ad Networks

CPC (cost per click) ad networks are a great opportunity for new bloggers to step into the advertising industry. As opposed to RMP (revenue per thousand impressions) ad networks, CPC (cost per click) ad networks don’t require a large number of monthly page views on the website; a few engaged audiences are sufficient to get the application accepted.

How do CPC ad networks work?

(CPC) advertising networks pay bloggers when their audience clicks on and buys an advertiser product or service. It is a relatively simple transaction. No muss, no fuss, just business!

Some of the best (CPC) ad networks are RevenueHits, Pop Ads, and EvaDav.

4. Publish An Ebook

Writing an ebook is one of the several ways bloggers use to get paid. While others use it as a bonus on their blog or website to gain more subscribers, for some bloggers, it is their only revenue stream.

The idea is that you combine all of your best blog posts, convert them into in-depth chapters for your ebook and sell it online. You can have readers buy your ebook directly from your site, or you can publish it on platforms like Amazon and allow them to purchase it there.

Either way, you will receive your payment for each sale.

Bonus tips:

  • A good starting point for creating an ebook is to examine some famous author’s ebooks. The works of Neal Schaffer are a good example
  • It is better to publish it on Amazon if you are a brand new blogger because this will help you build your credibility as an author

5. Sell Courses

Selling online courses is one of the favorite ways of many bloggers to make a full-time income from their blogs. If you are an expert in the blogging field, you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity and create an online course.

It is common for bloggers to sell courses on their blogs rather than using platforms like Udemy or Teachable. But, selling on these sites has advantages, such as getting professional help from the industry to edit the course material, attracting a new audience, etc.

The charging prices of courses typically start from 20$ and can go up to 150$ or even $1,000 depending on your niche, program, and credibility.

6. Become a Blogging Coach

If you are already involved in an industry related to blogging or can network with bloggers to help you set up a coaching program, you can make a decent amount of money by coaching beginner bloggers.

By offering useful strategies and tips, not only will people respect your expertise, but they will also be willing to pay for that knowledge.

And of course, once your name gets around as someone helping others grow their blogs into profitable businesses, you’ll always be able to develop products around that.

Creating a product people will pay for should be part of any blogger’s long-term strategy.

7. Launch a Membership Site

Not all bloggers create a membership site but those who do earn a great amount of money with it.

How do membership sites work?

Membership sites typically require a monthly subscription for access to all or part of a website’s content.

These sites offer subscribers more in-depth information than is available on a public website. Apart from generating income, membership sites also assist bloggers in building email lists and online communities.

Bonus tip: It is always better to create a free site first instead of paying one to gain the audience’s trust. Once your blog becomes reliable, you can turn it into a membership one.

8. Review Products

Product reviewing is one of the easiest ways for bloggers to earn money. Because there is only one requirement to write an honest long-form review of the product.

How to get paid for product reviews?

There are several ways that bloggers use to get paid for reviewing products, but two are the most famous methods:

  1. One way is to write a review and mention an affiliate link of an online store where visitors can purchase it
  2. Another way is to receive free products or coupons in exchange for reviews; another form of compensation might be paid directly by the brand itself (either in cash or in-kind, for example, free samples)

Getting paid to write a review on a product is probably one of the most straightforward ways to make money blogging. But, if you’re thinking about doing it yourself (without a manager), be prepared for lots of emails from brands willing to send you free products. 

Thanks to social media channels like Twitter and Pinterest, it’s easier than ever for them to reach out.

Bonus tip: Create a blog disclosure policy before working with brands to avoid any issues.

9. Host Webinars

Webinars are a great way to monetize your content. Your free content (blogs, podcasts, videos) helps you build an audience that can generate income with webinars. Look at how other bloggers do it and implement it on your site.

You can also add webinar-participation offers into your regular funnel traffic (email autoresponders or special popups).

As a blogger, your content is valuable and will benefit others for years to come, so charging a small fee for webinars makes complete sense. Additionally, you can sell your products and services via your webinar.

You can either create monthly or yearly packages for your webinar sessions.

10. Create an Online Product Store

Opening an online store is a great way to make money blogging; you can sell physical products, your digital products, or affiliate products. And, it’s not hard to do either. Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon make it easier for bloggers to get more eyes on their products.

Here are some great tips for how you can sell products to your readers and get paid:

  • Mention the benefits of your products in the post (only related ones)
  • Create a separate Pinterest board and share your product images with a link on it
  • Share some of the samples in your op-tp and then add the link (this will only work with digital products)

As you see, these are just a few methods; if you are interested in knowing more, read some articles or interviews from experts.

11. Build a YouTube Channel

Have you ever thought of creating a YouTube channel for your blog? You may not know it; you could be missing out on a great opportunity to increase your income.

In fact, many bloggers are using Youtube as an additional source of income to pay for their domain, hosting, email marketing, etc.

How to use a Youtube channel to get paid as a blogger?

  • Set up a Youtube channel, upload tutorial videos or informative videos, and sign up for Google Adsense
  • Include affiliate links in the description box
  • Engage in collaborations with brands in your niche

Bonus tip: Try adding your Youtube channel link in your blog to increase your subscriber’s list.

Final Words

So, we reached the end. If you are looking for the best ways to make money as a beginner blogger, then this is the post you should read. In this article, I shared 11 methods bloggers use to get paid and some tips to help you increase your monthly income.

One thing to keep in mind is that making money blogging is not an easy task. It is not like this that you monetize your blog today, and tomorrow you will have 1000$ in your bank account. It takes time to establish a blog presence, increase traffic and build trust with the audience.

Once you achieve these goals on your blog, you will earn 1000$+ every month just by staying home. Anyway, I hope this article helps, and if you have any questions or suggestions, comment below.

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