Four Seasons Social Media: Setting a High Bar for the Hotel Industry

Four Seasons Social Media: Setting a High Bar for the Hotel Industry

Four Seasons has done an exceptional job integrating social media into their website and general marketing, and constantly continues to expand its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo and Pinterest as well as TripAdvisor. Their corporate Facebook page has over 800,000 fans, while their Twitter feed has over 200,000 followers. It’s evident the brand places a lot of focus on engagement with guests and those tweeting about their hotels.

In addition to corporate pages and handles, Four Seasons also maintains individual hotel, resort and restaurant pages and handles as well as interest-specific interactive blogs and sites that are also connected to social media, including YouTube, Instagram, Yelp and OpenTable.

The corporate Pinterest account is also a stand-out amongst other businesses, hospitality and otherwise. They use the opportunity to showcase a lot of personality with their boards, with names including “chill out” featuring winter-related items, “wish you were here” showcasing various locations, plus “pinspiRED” featuring a variety of pins with the color red.

Staff members are also reaching out in new ways. For example, the concierge team at Beverly Wilshire, A Four Seasons Hotel, recently launched their own website and Twitter feeds, with direct connections to individual team members through social media and email.

Taking home various awards in the social media space last year confirmed the level of excellence the hotel brand has been able to convey. The Four Seasons corporate Facebook page won Best Facebook Page in the inaugural Social Hotel Awards presented by HOTELS Magazine, as well as accolades in Travel + Leisure’s Social Media in Travel + Tourism Awards (SMITTYs) for Four Seasons Hotel Austin and Four SeasonsResort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo.

“We pride ourselves on staying ahead of our guests’ needs and expectations, and that same approach extends to our digital and social media philosophy,” says Susan Helstab, executive vice president, marketing, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. “There is no limit to the virtual footprint of Four Seasons. From the blogosphere to the Twitterverse and beyond, we are continuing to grow and evolve the world of Four Seasons to foster dynamic, highly customized conversations with our guests and brand enthusiasts.”

Last year, Four Seasons launched a new website to more adequately incorporate its social presence. The new website provides an immersive, highly-personalized user experience where guests can transport themselves to a distinctive Four Seasons destination with just a click.

Four Seasons is also the first hotel group to feature TripAdvisor comments directly on its website, highlighting the integration of social media with rich global content and impactful design.

An article on LuxuryDaily notes that Four Seasons has found, through various initiatives, that social media can be used to shape and enhance positioning and perception, increase sales, lead to conversions, extend the service model, protect the brand reputation, build loyalty and activism as well as create a personal experience that mirrors the hotel experience.

The brand’s social media strategy comes out of its Toronto headquarters, but each property is integrated.

By visiting the new website’s “Social Media at a Glance” page, users can easily identify full lists of each Four Seasons’ properties on each channel, thereby making it easy for travelers to locate the social networks for the Four Seasons hotel in the exact destination they may wish to visit.

The goal across all channels is to convey a genuine culture, distinctive personality along with extremely customized service, and they’re definitely on the right track.

What stands out most about Four Season’s social media presence? How does Four Seasons excel compared to other social media for hotels case studies you might have read?

Hero photo by Marten Bjork on Unsplash

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Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    It is great to see that the hospitality industry itself is beginning to recognize social media in a bigger way as it really is a crucial part of a hotel’s integrated marketing mix.

    We are at a very exciting time when a lot can be learned from watching how different hotel brands experiment on social media, to find out what works (and what doesn’t). We recently, put together an infographic that showcases the top Hotels & Resorts on Facebook (by fans) that you might find interesting:

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  2. I’d be comfortable wagering that a very (very) small percentage of their likes and followers have actually stayed at a Four Season’s property.

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