Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: How to Generate Leads with Bots

How To Use Facebook Messenger Bots For Lead Generation

Before we talk about how to use Facebook Messenger bots for business in terms of lead generation, it’s important to first look into this question:

What is the lead generation process?

Lead generation is all about attracting potential customers, often adding them into a CRM or marketing automation software tool, and nurturing them in hopes of converting them into a paying customer.

I am sure that we all have exchanged our email details on a website or landing page in exchange for something. That something would be a pdf downloadable, an ebook, a video, a trial into a software, or a newsletter subscription, all of these exchanges are what we call Lead Magnets. For the business owner, developing and creating a lead magnet is essential for you to grow your list.

Why grow a list?

Great Question.

All your Social Media and marketing should include a call to action, this call to action is the exchange, the exchange is the growth of your list. We need to develop a strategy like this because we don’t own the details on our Facebook Page, and 1000 subscribers will not pay the bills. We need to develop the strategy of sending all traffic from our social media footprint back to our website or landing page and exchange information for their email or use a messenger bot to gather their details.

This will ensure that you grow a list of people, that you own, that you can continue to market to and not be reliant on the social media platforms, as we know from time to time you can have your social media accounts deactivated or closed.

When directing this traffic from social media sites, we have two choices, use organic or paid. Paid is self-explanatory, we pay for advertising on that social media platform and organic is using our keywords, live videos, engagement to get the growth.

In my experience, I see many businesses not introducing this very effective, but simple strategy.

So how do you use Facebook Messenger Bots to generate leads for your business?

Before I share the secrets to this article, I would love to first cover the recent updates in Facebook and the use of Facebook Live strategy to grow your organic reach inside this social media platform, the benefits and how messenger will work hand in hand, to grow your list.

Let’s quickly have a look at these updates to help your creative ideas come when implementing a strategy for your lead generation.

The Updates include:

Audio Only Live Streaming – We have had the ability for the past few years to use Facebook Live streaming and as we know this is extremely effective on so many areas of your business and marketing, however many business owners may struggle with the concept of being live in front of the camera, they realise that this is a great opportunity to increase their exposure and organic reach, however, there are often fears that come with the creation of live content, and from my experience, these include fear of being on camera, fear of being judged and lack of confidence, with this in mind, one of Facebook’s new feature is the introduction of Live Audio, this is where the Page can now live stream in audio-only, like podcasting, however, live. This feature may help business owners feel more confident when using the live streaming function.

Access Your Messenger from your desktop – this new update brings the messenger app from your mobile device to your desktop, giving you all the features you have on your mobile device, however with a larger screen.

Let’s get into a room – With Covid-19 and self-isolation, many of us are at home working and using software like zoom, Facebook has released a zoom like a facility within messenger, this feature allows up to 50 people to chat in a room for unlimited time and at no charge. A great opportunity for those at home working.

Facebook Live Invites – We can now invite people to be with us on our Facebook Live events, another great way to build engagement.

Make money from your live streams – This would be my favourite, being able to hold a training or live event and charging for this through Facebook.

Now you are up to date with Facebook and the new updates, what d0es any of this have to do with your Lead Generation?

Great Question.

Using your Facebook live streaming and audio is a great way to increase your organic views, right?

Also if you attach a keyword from your messenger bot into your Facebook Live, This will increase your engagement and also grow your list.

When using a Facebook Messenger bot,  (I will refer to ManyChat as our go-to software), you have numerous opportunities to capture a lead and build your list.

Before I go into details, please make sure you check out my previous two posts that will help you get up to speed on Facebook Messenger bots for business:

The simple method that I have been using for the past couple of years, is creating a lead magnet this is often a cheat sheet, show notes, join my Facebook group or an ebook. Whilst using Facebook Live on that subject or sharing educational information on social media, I will create a keyword, when the user comments inside of Facebook with that said “keyword” this will activate the messenger bot to send an automatic message with the information that I promised, however, the win for my business is that the user is now on my list.

Each time someone users that keyword, they are exchanging their details with me for the lead magnet.

How do we set up our keyword?

Inside of ManyChat, we have a function called growth tools, this widget allows us to do many things. We can have overlay widgets for your website, embeddable widgets for landing pages and websites, and other growth tools.

For this example, we will use Other Growth Tools – Facebook Comments

ManyChat - Other Growth Tools - Facebook Comments

Step 1 – Select Facebook Comments

The first step is to name your widget, Try and use something in line with your lead magnet, eg. ebook, pdf notes, etc.

ManyChat - Growth Tools - Create Widget

Here we have the choice to have this keyword active on all our posts or just a specific post. If possible create a lead magnet that will work across all your Facebook Posts.

If you chose all posts, you will not need to select a post, however, if you chose a specific post, click on the blue button and this will connect you to your Facebook Business page and you can select which post for this keyword.

The last step is the keyword, in the section here – Only trigger for comments on these keywords, type in the keyword that you wish to use.

Select Next when you have completed these steps.

ManyChat - Customize Message

The Auto-Response tab will highlight green, this is where you can now personalise your message to the user.

Even though this is Artificial you can really create an impact with your human voice. Use emojis, their first name, and have fun with pictures, gifs, and videos.

This is the first message that they will receive after they have entered the Keyword on the Facebook Post.

  • It is best practice to ask the user to enter the keyword again, in this message, this helps Facebook identify that the user has chosen to opt into your messenger bot list, try not to add the lead magnet here.

Step 2 – Setup Your Keyword

ManyChat - set up keyword

Select the Automation tab on the right-hand side of your many chat dashboard.

Then select Keywords, this is where we tell the software that we have a specific keyword that will activate the message above.

In the top left-hand corner click on the blue button, new keyword.

In the above picture, you will see that my keyword for this article is “Testing Keyword” you will use the keyword that you have chosen from step one, the select channel will prompt you to use SMS or Messenger, in this case, it is Messenger, then select the Create Keyword button on the right.

You have nearly completed all steps, the last part of creating a lead magnet in Facebook Messenger is to create the final reply to the first message and attach your lead magnet.

Select create a new reply.

ManyChat - create new reply using Facebook Messenger bots for business

Personalise your message, use emojis, you can add a personal video message, whatever you feel is in line with your business and branding.

To add your pdf, just drag the paperclip icon (file) underneath your message and upload the pdf.

You are then done!

From the user’s experience, they will be watching your live stream broadcast on Facebook, enter the keyword in the comments of that live event and will get a message (from step one), asking them to re-enter the keyword, acknowledging that they did opt into your list.

A second message will be sent (step two) acknowledging their request and giving them your lead magnet!

The user has the choice to opt out of your list at any time, make sure that you check with Facebook guidelines on the best users for the messenger bot as many rules have changed over the last few months. We don’t want your Many chat account closed because you violated the terms and guidelines.

What I love about Many chat, is in this example I have demonstrated how to use Facebook Messenger to generate leads, however, this software allows you to set up messenger, emails, and mobile phone numbers.

As you get more familiar with the software you can explore the opportunity to grow your list with all three, this will allow you to best communicate with your audience, some people find messenger a little invasive and still prefer to receive emails, the great aspect is you can grow all three and communicate with your audience that is beneficial to them.

Start today to grow your list with Facebook Messenger, you can create a free account with Manychat.com and start growing your list today!

Let your creativity flow and grow your leads!

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to create Facebook Messenger bots for business. If you would like to discover how you can use messenger bots to grow your leads from social media or other sites, please feel free to message me.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Here's how to use Facebook Messenger bots for business for lead generation, a tested hack providing lead magnets when Facebook users enter a keyword.
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