7 Smart and Useful Facebook Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business

7 Smart and Useful Facebook Marketing Tools to Grow Your Business

The only way to outsmart every Facebook algorithm change is to leverage Facebook marketing tools in a smart and effective way.

Despite competition from visual social networks, Facebook is still the king of social media, with more than 2.7 billion monthly active users. And believe it or not its popularity continues to increase, as more users join along with brands and marketers choosing Facebook as their preferred platform.

Facebook is also continually evolving to build a better community for its users while brands are trying to keep up with the frequent changes to Facebook’s many features. Advertisers are always looking for a way to overcome the barriers that come with each new algorithm update. They’re struggling to get more engagements, interactions, and of course, more return on investment (ROI). For this reason, marketers are always looking for Facebook marketing tools that help them in managing their Facebook marketing. Let me introduce you to some of the most useful and smartest Facebook marketing tools that can save you a lot of time and energy.

Analyze Headlines

One of the significant ways to gain more engagement from your posts and ads on Facebook is to write captions and headlines that are compelling. Headline Analyzer is a straightforward tool that uses artificial intelligence to analyze and suggest the headlines for an article. Analysis of headlines is an essential part of content marketing. In fact, most marketers believe that more time should be spent on writing compelling marketing copy and comparatively less time in the actual writing because it’s the headline that forces people to visit a website or to read a post.

headline analyzer tool

Once you enter your headline, the tool provides you with suggestions about improving that piece of Facebook content. It also looks into its database to find the headlines that worked previously well for other users. This method will help you create well written, SEO optimized, and eye-catchy titles. So, if you’re looking for a captivating enough piece of writing that can drive a lot of traffic or engagements, you must use some headline analysis tool.

Ad Intelligence and Competitor Monitoring

Creating a marketing strategy is a tough job, but it becomes super easy when it comes to SocialPeta, which is one of the very best advertisement intelligence platforms. It offers a massive database and powerful search features with 73 ad networks across 45 countries.

SocialPeta Facebook marketing tools for Facebook Ads Analysis and Competitor Monitoring

This sophisticated marketing tool can help you not only in finding the ad creatives that your competitors are using, but it can also provide you with copywriting ideas for those ads. It can also provide you with the cost analysis, i.e., it can help you in estimating the cost of your campaigns based on your competitors’ experience. In addition it features many other useful modules such as ads intelligence, eCom intelligence, Audience Intelligence, Inventory Intelligence, Brand Intelligence, and KOL (Key Opinion Leader = influencer) intelligence.

The multidimensional market insight undoubtedly makes SocialPeta one of the best advertisement intelligence tools on the market. From ad creative to the analysis of their targeting, from brand promotion to finding influencers in your niche, you can cover all of your market research needs using SocialPeta to create a marketing strategy that actually works.

Discover Ad Creatives

Being one of the pioneers in digital advertising, Facebook offers a wide range of tools for advertisers to facilitate in getting a better return on investment. Facebook’s official ad library is an excellent example of one such tool.

Facebook's official ads libraru

It offers a collection of all of the ads currently running on Facebook. With the ad library helper, you just need to enter your desired keyword and the tool will fetch the results directly from the official Facebook ads library in a user friendly and easily understandable way.

The tool also displays a list of hot keywords to help advertisers in selecting better words for the ad copy or for finding a niche for their new products. Apart from well-sorted results, the helper also allows the users to star mark a particular page or an ad to add them to the collection. It’s a great way to track the progress of your competitors or any inspiration that you added to the collection.

Schedule, Publish and Analyze Your Performance

Social media scheduling is undoubtedly an excellent way to save time and effort. With everything moving to automation, social media managers surely need something to automate the process of posting to social media. Where there is a problem, there is always room for creating a solution. Many social media scheduling applications are available, which are all great in their own unique way.

schedule post and analyze facebook post performance by buffer

Buffer is one such social media scheduling tool that offers a wide range of services, but scheduling content has always been Buffer’s primary function. Utilizing simple drag and drop technology, you can easily publish your content over multiple social media platforms. Like other tools, Buffer also supports publishing to the second most popular social network, Instagram, assuming you have a business account. Publishing to Facebook is also pretty straightforward. You just need to connect Buffer with your Facebook account.

Another great feature about Buffer is that you can add your team members to the platform. So, if you’re hiring a freelance team or you need to included extended members on to your social media team, you can stay in complete control of your workflow using Buffer.

Track Your Competitor’s Strategy

Creating ads that help in generating sales and helping in great ROI is a lengthy process. It takes a lot of time and effort to do market research. Knowing your market is a proven way to get massive success because one needs to have a thorough understanding of your competitor’s strategy.

track competitors facebook ads bigspy

The main problem here is how can we find what our competitors are doing? And even if we find them, how can we track them?

BigSpy is here to help in this regard. With an astonishing ad inventory containing more than 650 million ads, Bigspy is your ultimate facilitator in researching your competitor. And guess what? the platform has already more than 320,000 happy customers.

The tool supports almost all the popular networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Admob, Twitter, Pinterest, and Yahoo. So no matter which is your publishing network, Bigspy is always there to help. A notable feature of the tool is that it can also track the progress of your competitors in three ways: Tracked by the tool, tracked by other users, and tracked by you i.e. you can add some competitors in your tracking list to know what they are doing on a daily basis.

Make Use of Real-Time Analytics

Analyzing your campaigns from your customer’s data is a great way to optimize them better. An intuitive digital marketing platform, ShortStack enables you to optimize the success of your marketing campaigns by allowing you access to valuable real-time insights on traffic sources, views, shares, device types, and more. Using this data, you can learn what works for you and make the relevant adjustments to your promotion tactics.

shortstack facebook real-time analytics

ShortStack provides you the tools to build your very own personalized and effective marketing campaigns for Facebook and other social media platforms. Create a lot of fun and interactive landing pages, run social media contests, giveaways, quizzes, and send emails– all within a matter of minutes with the provided templates. Increasing engagement and follower count more to better connect with your customers

You can even export data collected from ShortStack to any third-party services (like Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel code, etc.) for further analysis. Moreover, the platform makes working with your team a breeze – all coworkers and clients have their own logins that facilitate collaboration.

Use Facebook Timeline Contests

A versatile social media management platform, Agorapulse provides all the tools you’d need to effectively manage content on multiple social media platforms for multiple brands. It streamlines all of your social media, allowing you to schedule and publish content, respond to messages, and identify key influencers, all in one place. More specifically, the Agorapulse’s Timeline Contest Manager lets you create and launch an unlimited number of contests on your page’s timeline, ranging from quizzes to photo contests to sweepstakes.

agorapulse facebook timeline contest example

Agorapulse also offers additional services to help empower your marketing. With extensive reporting and analytics (delivered in both PDF and CSV formats) provided by the service, you can monitor your social channels with minimal effort and maximum ease. The dashboard is also extremely user friendly, making it ideal for beginners.

I hope that this article has helped you in finding some of the best techniques for Facebook marketing along with the smart Facebook marketing tools that are required for making those techniques work. While I only outlined 7 tools, it’s important to note that many of them have additional functionality that can be used outside of Facebook as well.

Which of these 7 Facebook marketing tools do you use? Did I miss any important ones that you would include? Let me know in the comments below.

This is a post written on behalf of one of my marketing partners. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Facebook Marketing Tools FAQs

What are marketing tools in Facebook?

Marketing in Facebook has incredibly grown as time went by. As of 2022, some of the marketing tools Facebook offers are:

1. Content curation
2. Paid Ads
3. Campaign Building
4. A/B Testing
5. Reporting
6. Hashtag Targeting
7. Campaign Measurement

What tools does Facebook use?

What are the 4 marketing tools?

These are the 4Ps of marketing tools:

1. Product
2. Promotion
3. Price
4. Place

How good is Facebook as a marketing tool?

Facebook will not be hailed as the King of Social Media for no reason. 60% of Internet users use Facebook, making it a perfect place to reach a wide audience. In addition, product discovery also works well on Facebook. 78% of consumers have bought products after they saw them on Facebook. Better yet start posting your products and services on the platform!

What are social media marketing tools?

Here are some social media marketing tools:

1. AgoraPulse
2. CoSchedule
3. Buffer
4. HubSpot
5. HootSuite
6. Promo Republic
7. Sendible

Facebook is still the king of social media, but algorithm changes challenge us. Don't work harder - work smarter with these 7 Facebook marketing tools.
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