How to Add an Email Subscription Facebook Sign Up Form

How to Add an Email Subscription Facebook Sign Up Form

Having a website and social media accounts are both necessary to get your business noticed. To stay in touch with potential clients email blasts and newsletters are your best avenue of communication. You have a sign-up form on your website, but where else can you add your subscription form to stay in touch and generate leads via email? Social Media, through email marketing Facebook integration!

Making it easy for Facebook visitors to sign up for your website email list. People like easy.

Giving people an easy way to subscribe to your email list on Facebook, dramatically increases the likelihood they will subscribe. I’m going to walk you through the steps of where and how to add subscription forms to each of those accounts.

Tip: If you open a window with your social media account and keep this window open, you can view them side-by-side. It will be easy to follow along and accomplish this task.

Adding a Facebook Sign Up Email Subscription Form with MailChimp

There are 3 ways to add an easy to use subscription email list area for your followers.

1. Pin a post to the top of your business page

The post needs to contain a link to your subscription form landing page. You can use your eepurl link or a link to a landing page with a subscription form on your website. Scroll down or click to see instructions on where to find your eepurl link.

Here are 3 examples to show the differences between how the landing page post renders and how the eepurl link subscription form renders and how inserting the cover art as a photo and posting the link renders.

How to Add an Email Subscription Form to Facebook
Link to landing via an add subscription to website link.
How to Add an Email Subscription Form to Facebook
Link to MailChimp native subscription form via eepurl link.
Inserted cover art as a photo.

The first 2 were easy. Just drop the link in Facebook and go.  But I’m not happy with either post.

While the landing page post has all my rich text the image of my book cover get the top and bottom chopped off. My landing page image was optimized for Facebook. I used the Canva Facebook post template to create the cover art image.

The eepurl link post doesn’t have my nice rich text and the image is still chopped off.

Adding my cover art as an image has a better result for my cover, but the image is HUGE! And there is no rich text.

You’ll have to experiment to see what your best result is.

How to Add an Email Subscription Form to Facebook and Twitter
  1. Click + Add a Button below your Page’s cover photo.
  2. Under Get in Touch use the Sign Up feature. You’ll need to add your eepurl link or your landing page link. I added my eepurl link here.
  3. Click Add Button.

3. Integrate your MailChimp account with Facebook

By integrating Facebook and your MailChimp account your subscribers will automatically be added to MailChimp. So basically you set up the form, then forget it. You won’t need to do any additional work to get your subscribers into MailChimp.

Part 1

1. Log into your MailChimp account.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts

2. Click your profile name to bring up the drop down menu and click on account.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 3a

3. Click on Integrations.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 4

4. In the Facebook area, click the Log in button.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 5

5. If you’re already signed into Facebook the integration happens instantly, otherwise, you’ll need to log into Facebook here. If you’re successful the Facebook f will become blue.

6. Now to configure the integration. Chose the page you want to integrate with MailChimp. Select the list to use. Decide if you’d like a form tab on your page sidebar.

Chose the form theme. Add your Tab label if you’re using it. This area only shows 25 characters, so keep it short.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 15

7. Test your connection. You should see your Facebook profile info here. If you do Congrats! You’ve integrated Facebook and MailChimp. Now all the email address entered on that form will go directly into MailChimp. BONUS! – Now MailChimp will post your email automatically to your Facebook page also!

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Part 2 – Build your sign up form in MailChimp

8. Click on Lists on the dashboard.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 1

9. Choose the list you want to add people to.

10. Now click on Signup forms.

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 2a

5. Click on General forms

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 6

6. Build your subscription form landing page. This page will appear when people click on the subscription tab in your Facebook account. Need help with this? Here’s a MailChimp tutorial on creating a subscription form landing page.

(Here’s how to find your eepurl link.)

How to Add Subscription Forms to Your Social Media Accounts 7

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Final Words on Email Marketing Facebook Integration

All these steps may look overwhelming but if you take it one at a time, you should be able to have the sign-up form working on Facebook in less than 10 minutes.  This will make it much easier for fans and followers to connect with you. No more worrying about missing subscribers because someone can’t find your website or doesn’t take the time to leave social media to sign-up.

Offer an incentive to sign up, like a free educational pdf or discount coupon. People like easy, and they also like getting valuable information for free. That’s the secret to email marketing Facebook integration.

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Email Marketing Facebook Integration FAQs

How can email marketing combine with Facebook?

Email marketing and Facebook go together like peanut butter and jelly. By combining the two, businesses can reach a wider audience with their message and engage with their customers on multiple platforms. One way to combine email marketing with Facebook is through targeted ads. By using email addresses to target specific individuals on Facebook, businesses can create customized ads that speak to each person’s interests and needs.

Does Facebook use email marketing?

While the company hasn’t shared any official information about its approach to email marketing, it’s safe to assume that given its history of innovation and commitment to connecting people, Facebook likely leverages email marketing to some extent to stay in touch with its users and keep them engaged.

What is email marketing integration?

Email marketing integration refers to the process of seamlessly incorporating email marketing campaigns into your overall marketing plan. This can involve integrating your email campaigns with your website, social media accounts, and other marketing channels to ensure your message is consistent across all platforms. By integrating your email marketing efforts, you can maximize the impact of your campaigns and increase your reach, engagement, and ultimately, your conversions.

How do I link my business email to Facebook?

If you’re looking to connect your business email to Facebook, the process is relatively simple and can be done in a few easy steps. First, log in to your Facebook account and head over to your page settings. From there, click on “Edit Page Info,” and under the “Contact” section, you will see an option to add your email address. Once you’ve added your email, Facebook will send a verification email to confirm ownership. Once you’ve verified your email, you’re all set!

How do I combine social media and email marketing?

By incorporating social media into your email campaigns, you can increase engagement with your target audience and provide a more personalized experience for your subscribers. For example, including share buttons within your email campaigns encourages your subscribers to share your content with their social media networks, expanding your reach even further. Additionally, you can use your social media platforms to grow your email list by promoting your email campaigns and driving traffic to your sign-up page.

Actionable advice for your digital / content / influencer / social media marketing.

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