Why You Should Create Infographic Designs For Instagram To Reach Out To Millennials

Why You Should Create Infographic Designs For Instagram To Reach Out To Millennials

Not too long ago Instagram released an update that allows users to move away from the square-framed restrictions of the platform, and post portrait and landscape images. It may be a seemingly small step for the image sharing tool, but it opens the door to a wide range of potential image types. For any company trying to maximize their social reach, this is great news since it eliminates the need to produce images that fit within limited parameters. It has also opened the door for infographics for Instagram.

If you’re a marketer, then you realize the importance of finding the content creation and curation sweetspot. According to one study, the most popular forms of content are either list based articles or infographics. The reason this is important to note, is because with the new advantages of Instagram, it is now easier to post slightly longer infographic designs on the tool.

One of the most common questions in marketing right now is that which addresses how companies can target millennials. What is it about this young generation that makes it so complicated to get through to them? Well first of all, between the years of 2011 and 2014, most youth between the ages of 13 and 18 completely abandoned the use of Facebook, and adopted Instagram as their primary means of social sharing.

Millennials predominately share visual content because of how easy it is to relate to and digest. How can companies share data and statistics that are engaging but also informative? By leverating infographics. Here is an example of a brand who does a great job at targeting their visual content to a younger crowd. Below is an example of and infographic design that depicts a simple statistic in an engaging format.

the human mind can maintain social relationships with 150+ people infographic created by infographicly and published on instagram

There is no doubt that it is crucial for growing businesses to integrate infographics and Instagram into their business strategy. Many businesses still consider Facebook the best option for social sharing, however the truth of the matter is that if you’re hoping to grasp the attention of a younger and more influential crowd, you need to be able to appeal to their interests.

A study by Iconosquare indicated that 73% of the users on Instagram are between the ages of 15 and 35, and if a vast chunk of those users (those between the ages of 13 and 18) don’t even glance at Facebook, then there is a very large market being over-looked.

Another thing to consider about millennials is that they generally have a very large disposable income. This is the age group that is not bogged down by mortgages and children, and they are far more open-minded than the baby-boomer generation.

So the next question is how can you create infographics using online infographic software geared towards this age group? The trick is to ensure that the content you create touches on subject matter that interests this generation. On average, Instagram users prefer posts that cover topics such as Fashion (80%), Decoration (67%) and Culture (65%). Furthermore, the reason that a user will choose to follow a brand on Instagram is 62% because they love the brand, 54% in order to discover new things and 48% because they find the content interesting or funny.

What you can take from this tidbit of information is that by creating content that teaches something in a funny or interesting way, you have a much better chance of attracting more followers. Consider this Instagram post by Venngage. Sure it’s an infographic, but it’s not done in a conventional way. The use of real, tactile material used to represent data visualization is a “funny” or “interesting” bit of content.

venngage candy graph example infographic for instagram

This brings us to the next point- juxtaposition in your visual content is likely to appeal to a younger demographic. Millennials enjoy being presented with contradicting viewpoints, contrasting themes or relatable comparisons. Here’s another example by Infographic.ly:

infographicly how women choose shampoo vs how men choose shampoo instagram infographic

This image, does not only represent the factors that determine how men and women choose shampoos, but it also suggests the complexities that make up the female’s mind through the variety of color that is used.

Many marketers struggle to attract a millennial following. In order to appeal to the younger generation of Instagram users, small business owners need to be able to translate their work through visual content creation and curation. Infographics allow marketers and business owners to transform sophisticated and intricate ideas and data, into simplistic designs. After all, if a millennial likes your content, there is a strong chance that they might just become your biggest advocate.

Photo by Kerde Severin on Unsplash

Infographics For Instagram FAQs

How do you make an infographic on Instagram?

There is no feature on Instagram yet where you can create infographics on the app. There are free and paid infographic and graphic maker apps you can use online. These apps have templates and layouts readily available to use by its users. Simply choose a template/layout then edit other elements to fit your liking.

Are infographics popular on Instagram?

Yes, infographics are popular not just on Instagram but on most social media platforms. In fact, it is proven that infographics are the most popular content type. If you want to place high on Google rankings, use infographics. They are popular because they allow consumers to easily digest information without reading too much. Moreover, they also capture consumer’s attention effortlessly.

How do I create a social media infographic?

Here are the things to keep in mind when creating infographics for social media:

1. Determine the platform you are creating infographics for as there are different dimensions and sizes best for each platform
2. Choose light visual elements in portraying your message and data
3. Make sure to layout the information for your infographics in a visually appealing manner.

How do you do an informative post on Instagram?

In creating an informative post on Instagram, it is critical to know the essential parts of an infographic. An informative graphic consists of:

1. Powerful intro
2. Well-structured body
3. Professional images, icons, and other visual elements
4. Consistent theme
5. Your brand logo and social media accounts

Can you post infographics on Instagram?

Ye, you can post infographics on Instagram. The app is originally intended as photo-sharing app and infographics are images. As long as you use the correct format and sizing of the infographic, there shouldn’t be a problem. It will be helpful to know the different types of infographic and when to use them.

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